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February 12, 2007 4:34 PM

Debating North Korea's Nuclear Deal

Join a PostGlobal debate with an expert sub-panel on the successes and failures of nuclear negotiations.

Moderator: Chaibong Hahm, Professor, University of Southern California
Chung Min Lee, Professor, National University of Singapore
Jung-hoon Lee, Professor, Yonsei University
Geir Helgesen, Senior Fellow, Nordic Institute of Asian Studies
Reudiger Frank, Professor, University of Vienna
Andrei Lankov, Professor, Australian National University


PostGlobal is an interactive conversation on global issues moderated by Newsweek International Editor Fareed Zakaria and David Ignatius of The Washington Post. It is produced jointly by Newsweek and, as is On Faith, a conversation on religion. Please send your comments, questions and suggestions for PostGlobal to Lauren Keane, its editor and producer.