Panelist Shekhar Gupta from India and Ahmed Rashid from Pakistan discuss India-Pakistan relations, terrorism, and the road to peace.

Posted by Amar C. Bakshi on February 21, 2007 4:27 PM

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huma baqai :

indias conventional millitery build up continues to be pakistan specific.operations like cold start aimed at doing surgical strikes in pakistan are not very conducive to the peace fact there is no peace constituecy in india ready to accomadate or give any due concessions to pakistan

Vedapushpa :

Iam afraid as of now - It cant be any India-Pakistan Talk or Walk !! Both the region and the issues have got too very internationalized and multifaceted.
until and unless Pakistan gets out of the grip of its dubious military-arbitrary regimes as also the India govenment gets more properly 'political' - All Indo-Pak diplomatic democratic 'dialogues' are shere exercises in futitlity.

Bangalore - India

Anonymous :

Is not the entirety of the fight over Kashmir ultimately about water?

Tarik :

Pakistan is doing the thankless job of protecting India's western boundary for the last 60 years.
This is something even educated young Indians don't understand! Some I have met have low esteem of Gandhi and Nehru who consented to the division of the Subcontinent and creation of Pakistan.
When you are born free you think differently.
People in both countries born after partition know and feel diferently.
New dynamics have taken place for example Karachi now the 3 biggest city in the world by some estimate is <1% Hindu where as in 1948 it was 56% Hindu.
Iam sure similar changes have occured on both sides of the border.
I think it will take time perhaps another generation to heal the wounds.
There is just too much hate and suspicion so go slow.

nikath :


Aamir Ali :

They brought a nationalist indian and a Pakistan-bahser. What a rigged discussion.

Yousuf Hashmi :

The debate is so obvious and already so much talk about that I do not think that any fresh idea can be explored.

You watch any TV channel in India and Pakistan and invite any retired bureaucrat and he will be happy to talk hours on the subject and the same recipe that both nations having same culture and need peace and stability for the betterment of poor and all relations should be normalized immediately and so on


If he/she is Indian then cross border terrorism issue should be solved first and if he/she is Pakistani then core issue of Kashmir to be solved prior any meaningful dialogue.

The good thing is that the direct dialogue is continuing even at the height of tension. Some time they are composite some time frank some time back door and some time front door. What they are talking of course is not a common person buissness.

I was in school in 65 war and completing studies during 71 war. When joined professional carrier got an opportunity to work with Indian colleagues.

What I see is the suspicion developed in sixty years is the biggest hindrance in normalizing the relations between two countries.

If you are a blue or green passport holder and visit the embassy for a visa to another country then you will realize how difficult it is to get a visa for even bona-fide travelers.

Just watch their missile and defense related programs, each equipment is target specific leaving no doubt the intentions for each other.

I have a question that the religion extremism issue is just 20 years old. But our relationship is souring from the beginning. This is history that the majority of religious scholars were opposing the creation of Pakistan and Oxford return liberals were leading the movement.

So the problem is somewhere else. Are the leaders of both countries choosing a short term solution decided to create an enemy to divert the demand of masses for equal opportunity and better living standards.

No body will have a 2nd thought except the need of peace and stability for both nations. However again who will take the initiative and from where the job will start.

As a 1st step I think they should stop the propaganda from the national radio and TVs, remove the restriction of magazines and newspapers for each other and provide easy visa facilities.

And now at least please install the more sophisticated locks in Samjhota Express which in case of emergency can be opened from inside but can trigger an alarm.

Anonymous :

So what did this discussion accomplish?

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