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Lessons from the Lawyers' Movement

Want to understand Pakistan's challenges? Don't look at the Swat Valley. Look at the lawyers' movement.

Time for Peace in Kashmir

The political stars are finally aligned for India and Pakistan to end this conflict.

Pakistan's Biggest Threat Isn't Foreign

Pakistan fears a foreign threat to its nuclear program, but domestic problems could bring the country down much more swiftly.

The U.S. Plan for Pakistan

Here's how the two sides plan to improve their tenuous friendship when Zardari visits Washington this week.

Pakistan's Zardari Goes to Washington

He needs a bold course change before his upcoming U.S. visit if he wants to resurrect his country. Here's how.

India's Promising Momentum: David Ignatius, April 9th 9:15am

India feels like a country confidently embracing the future and well on its way toward getting there; Pakistan feels wracked by the torment of becoming modern.

Pakistan Needs A Coalition Government

A positive step, but not the solution to Pakistan's problems.

America Must Talk With All Players

The issue of reinstatement is not about whether Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry is corrupt or not, but simply a matter of what is constitutionally right.

Pakistan on the Brink

With President Zardari forced to reverse his bans on political opponents, is Pakistan on the brink or is this a positive sign? What, if anything, can the West do to help maintain stability and democracy?...

The End of the Experimental Nation-State Era

Who or what is the so-called “West” and how can it “help” Pakistan when it doesn’t understand how the country really functions?

A New Dawn in Pakistan

Reinstating Pakistan's judges is a good start. Here's what's needed to make that kind of change last.

David Ignatius March 2 09:18

PostGlobal is launching a series of daily video discussions with moderator and Washington Post columnist David Ignatius. Check this space each day for David's three-minute thoughts on the day's most pressing foreign story, or this week's critical issue he thinks...

The Veil Vs. The Suicide Belt

Not all Islamic militants are global jihadists.

What Pakistan Doesn't Need From America

Stop throwing money at Pakistan. Start encouraging it to fight its own war.

Bhutto's Pakistan, A Year On

Pakistan looks to the world to bail it out of its turmoil - but it must clean up its own house first.

India's Greatest Ally: Pakistan

The two countries are ultimately an extension of one another and therefore must recognize that attacks and counterattacks will reverberate across their borders.

Pakistan's, and India's, Terror Trap

We must understand and appreciate that militant attacks of this sort are a problem for both India and Pakistan, and that dealing with them by more saber rattling will achieve nothing but tension.

India's Options Are Limited

Whether justified or not, India shall be hard-pressed to adopt an American-style, "Bush Doctrine" posture of preemptive strikes against terrorists, or a policy of hitting back at any cost similar to adopted by Thatcherist Britain during the Falklands Episode.

India's Rough Neighborhood

Every nation has the right for self-defense to deflect real threats coming from any other nation. India, however, knows that it cannot emulate America because Pakistan is not Iraq or Afghanistan.

How Should India Respond to Another Mumbai?

If India discovers that another Mumbai plot is on the way from Pakistan, what should it do? What right of unilateral self-defense should international law allow?

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