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Shim Jae Hoon is a Seoul-based journalist and commentator writing for a variety of international publications including YaleGlobal Online, The Straits Times of Singapore, The Taipei Times and Korea Herald. He was a correspondent for Far Eastern Economic Review in Seoul, Taipei and Jakarta. Close.

Shim Jae Hoon

South Korea

Shim Jae Hoon is a Seoul-based journalist and commentator writing for a variety of international publications including YaleGlobal Online, The Straits Times of Singapore, The Taipei Times and Korea Herald. more »

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Fight Taliban, But Not With Weapons

How do you negotiate a truce with scattered bands of thuggish bandits fighting not for secular objectives but for religious fundamentalism?

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There should be more comments, articles, and attention drawn to the lack of freedom of women under Islamic fundamentalism, so that those who celebrate multiculturalism (where is their common sense?) gradually realize that they would lose any options to choose how to live their lives under Islamic fundamentalism. This has become the most virulent attack by a political group on democracy since Nazism, and Stalinism, that in their day also captivated and brainwashed youth into believing their distorted idea of Utopia. The reason for the constant attacks by the Taliban and the like in Afghanistan and Iraq, is not because the Americans are there, but because any semblance to a settled normality in business and everyday life will lead the population to an appreciation to democracy and rejection to Islamic fundamentalism.

LTC David Lindsey, USA:

How do we win the hearts and minds of the people without a secure environment? All the economic projects in the world will be wasted if there is no change to their extreme ideology. Gaining popular support of the people is the key to long term victory. Information campaigns are important, but many times the media makes things worse. I’m not one that believes that media censorship is good, but in times of war, media censorship has its place.

The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of the Department of the Army, Department of Defense, or the U.S. Government.

Yuri Lipitzmeov:

You don't negotiate with these idiots. What you do is figure out where most of them are, and vaporize the whole area. So you end up killing so-called innocent bystanders, but the reality is that the innocents are not innocent at all. They are fully complicit in harboring the fanatic, backwards thinking goat buggerers that inhabit the whole pestilent third world.


Afghan government has categorically accused Pakistan of having complicity in the recent attack on the President Mr. Karzai. In such circumstances to invite Pakistan to come and fight Taleban in Afghan soil is ridiculous.
As said by the author Taleban and for that matter all the terrorists are bands of Thuggish rogues. They cannot be defeated in a conventional type of war. The root of these thuggs should be destroyed so that once those who are on the field is destroyed there will not be replacement. The hiding places should be destroyed. So also all those madrassas which are the training institutions for the terrorists should be closed.
If US really crack its whip instead of mildly rebuking Pakistan for not doing sufficiently for curbing Taleban, things will not go like this. Instead of talking sternly, if billions of dollars are given in aid the money will be swallowed by corrupt officials and others and nothing will happen.


This is an unrealistic, over simplied approch that clearly shows a lack of understanding of the subject matter by this author.


Actually, why not go directly to the source of the trouble and tell the Taliban that what they are doing is bad, very bad, and wouldn't they want peace instead? Give them the example of Turkey and tell them this could be you! Then show them what is really supposed to happen in soccer stadiums, I'm sure they will be enightened


Brilliant! Shim Jae Hoon's plans to have Pakistan fight in Afghans war will surely be welcomed with open arms by all. Kudos to you sir for thinking outside the box, and when the rainbow people from lollypopland come down to spread peace throughout Afganistan, I'm sure they will reward you with all the sweet candy you so justly deserve!


The taliban doesn't care how the rest of the world (including progressive Muslim countries) live or do things.
They have shown themselves to be as much an enemy to Islam as they are towards the west and it's values.
They live, and ONLY live for the day when Israel and the west in general cease to exist and a Muslim "extreme" government is put in place.

They are willing to do ANYTHING to achieve these goals, including martyrdom, which means thay would have no problem with detonating a weapon of mass destruction in a heavily populated western (or progressive Islamic) country or city.

To think that we can beat this type of brutal and barbaric mentality with information and no weapons is naive at best and could lead to a mentality that would welcome the downfall of western civilization and Christianity.

Gus virginia USA:

Pakistan has not abandoned it's duplicity with its past trained muajhadeens. Still keeping it open to trouble India. At the behest of china is aiding abetting Sikh terror, aiding guerrillas force in north eastern part of India.
Its intelligence team(ISI) and its armed forces have people with heavily indoctrinated jihad i mindset.
COuntry was came into existance after bifurcation of india, with some 15% minority all killed or converted.
This country has no future...


What a thoughtful, intelligent statement. Thank you for your insight.


What a thoughtful, intelligent statement. Thank you for your insight.


This is a very good idea, we need to show the Taliban and their supporters what they have missed out on. The Afghan interior is very poor, and with the Taliban mostly on the run now days, a new tactic of building is the best direction to go. Schools, power, water, roads and cheap tvs so they can see the rest of the world, not just what the Taliban wants them to see.
Confusion hides the facts, facts remove the confusion!


An enlightening opinion indeed although something puzzles me. Of course winning the hearts and minds of Afghan citizens is important in a war based on ideology but how do you accomplish such a thing when security is not adequate? Besides, even when winning hearts and minds it never has guaranteed success. The history of counter insurgency from Vietnam, Cuba, and many other ventures the United States engaged in have shown this to be true in the past. The bottom line is that there is no sure way to win such a war and any suggestion that only military/economic projects are needed seem unfeasible.


WOW..something without bunkerbusters or nukes as the answer,no sanctions,no midnight coups?? thank you mister hoon i was begining to think there was no common sense left anywhere an american,i ask you please run for pres. we need help badly and i see nothing on the horizon that is going to hell another six pack-n- pass the bullits everything will be ok....


I'd prefer a headline "Fight Taliban, But Not Only With Weapons." One of the most dismaying features of Bush's war on terrorism is that it has focused so exclusively on the military side. Unlike the Cold War, where we were quick to set up enterprises like Radio Free Europe, we have done remarkably little on the "hearts and minds" side. Not just in Afghanistan, but also in Iraq, throughout the Near East and elsewhere, we need to fight the kind of information war you want to see. We also need to provide a forum by which sane and moderate Islamic leaders, both secular and religious, can address the broad masses of believers in Islam. We also need something like the Marshall Plan for Iraq and Afghanistan, since what you call Islamo-fascism is the child of poverty and a sense of hopelessness. This was the formula by which the Cold War was eventually won, and we need nothing less now.

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