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Russians: Palin Who?

By Maria Stoyadinova

Americans aren't the only ones smirking at Sarah Palin's claims of expertise in Russian affairs. The Russians are cracking a smile, too.

The authors of a recent article in the Russian daily newspaper "Izvestia" questioned the dubious logic linking the Alaska's proximity to Russia with Palin's foreign policy know-how. They concluded, rather sarcastically, that the former alone is enough to qualify the Alaskan governor as a global politics 'specialist.' The article further discussed Palin's publicity stunt of visiting the Minneapolis Museum of Russian Art in early September and noted that journalists present at the scene somehow failed to probe her familiarity with Russian artwork.

Another highly unflattering article in the daily Moscow paper "Pravda" was even more scorching in its discussion of the Alaskan governor, calling her "A Mrs. Nobody Know-it-All" and classifying her threats of initiating war with Russia as "the most irresponsible thing anyone could do at this moment in time."

What's worse, journalists aren't the only ones in Russia expressing concerns about Governor Palin's foreign policy credentials. The Moscow Times quoted a statement by Sergei Markov, a representative from the Russian Duma, who called a potential win by the McCain-Palin team in the elections this November a "catastrophe" and referred to the vice-presidential candidate as a "housewife, chosen by mere chance."

In fact, Russians feel so strongly about her that their criticisms have spilled over from foreign policy into other arenas. At the end of last week, the Russian daily newspaper Izvestiya published an article deriding the VP candidate claims of belonging to the American middle class. The article discussed in detail Palin's family financial resources and concluded that the Alaskan governor must have been "modest" when she placed herself as part of the working class. A few days later, the same newspaper published another piece related to Palin's claims that Barack Obama had ties to terrorists. The author commented that the Republican vice presidential candidate had embarked on a personal attack against Obama because she was unable comment on the crucial issues facing America today, like the ongoing financial crisis.

Unsubtle as these comments are, they do point to an important implication for Palin: she needs to back up her claims with facts if she expects to be taken seriously in the U.S. or abroad. Unfortunately, to date the governor has done little to quell concerns. When Katie Couric confronted Palin in what became a proverbial interview, about Palin's claim to understanding Russia, Palin's response was vague and elusive: "We have trade missions back and forth."

That kind of elusiveness, if it continues, will only exacerbate powerful wave of outrage and sarcasm that Alaska's close neighbors--the Russians--have been exhibiting lately.

Maria Stoyadinova is a graduate student in the IR/International Law program at the Johns Hopkins University Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Washington, D.C. She is a Bulgarian national.

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The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Johns Hopkins University.

Comments (115)

reuelt Author Profile Page:

The author, Couric etc and many mockers should look at their own misjudgement of Palin by searching google using:-
"Alaska + Russia + Bombers + Nato"
Results of the search will show that Russian enemy bombers are often flying near or over Alaska and Nato planes have to keep them away.

Many in the lower 48 states think they are wise but are actually fools (Obama and Biden included).

Gov. Palin is just the people's VP candidate because she is willing to serve rather than to dominate. it doesn't mean she is stupid. She just have a much higher morality and prefer to be and be with "common people".
"Common people" are the best because the Good Lord made so many of them" - said Abraham Lincoln.

Russians obviously fear Palin. That's way they mock her. Remember Palin's words. "No looking for a fight but not afraid to fight either".

Americans should be very afraid of Obama because the Russians and Iran and the "terrisists" love him. Obama is just a commander who commands retreats & surrenders.

el-bombero Author Profile Page:

I don't see how people can point out that Russians shouldn't criticize Gov. Palin, then in the same sentence go on to bash Putin. Have you stopped to consider that, just as some Americans have legitimate reasons to support Gov. Palin, some Russians have good reasons to support Putin?

That said, Gov. Palin's comments about Russia have been incredibly stupid.

rosecomet Author Profile Page:

Russia, Спасибо и я любим Вас (translation "Thank you and I love you!) Thank you for seeing her for who she really is.

ItsAdo Author Profile Page:


mtnmanvt Author Profile Page:

JIMWHITE1 wrote:
Why are we so worried about the Russians? I was wondering if Acron had them resigtered to vote?

Jim have you ever heard of the concept of global community? Believe it or not, what happens in one country affects people in other countries, so it makes sense that Russians to have a vested interest in keeping warmongers McCain & Palin out of the Whitehouse. In case you haven;t noticed the WHOLE WORLD has come out for Obama and against McCain/Palin because, after 8 years of monkeyboynazi Bush, the world knows that more republicans in office can only be bad for the world.

The world...a finite planet we all share...keep that in mind. National identities are illusions, we are all Earthians and need to learn to live together peacefully, something the republicans are incapable of, the proof is the last 8 years.

buzziea Author Profile Page:

But why ain't the commie ruskies afeard of Palin, by golly? She's a next door neighbor of Russia, after all. Putin ought to pick up on that and start shaking in his Siberian mukluks. Not.

moemongo Author Profile Page:

the Russians have it completely right. She is a complete idio-t.

leah1946 Author Profile Page:

Russia is the subject of this article, however the point is bigger than one country. Russia and China are two staunch supporters of Iran. Neither Russia or China will allow Iran to suffer bigger/deeper sanctions and in so doing have halted the power of the USA to successfully succeed in our push for deeper sanctions. China and to a much lesser extent, Russia have helped pay interest on our national debt. If some dumbnut in our administration should actually decide to bomb Iran, we would have to face Iran's coalition that will include most probably China & Russia. The first line of battle by China could very well be pulling their fincncial support, which would end this war quicker than any battle. Russia would have no problem bypassing any UN sanctions to help Iran with war supplies. If anyone is dumb enough to dismiss Russia's power in this world, they could find themselves with a big negative surprise in the Middle East.

jimwhite1 Author Profile Page:

Why are we so worried about the Russians? I was wondering if Acron had them resigtered to vote?

mediaskeptic Author Profile Page:

When Izvestia **praises** Palin, now that's when we'll worry.

ZZim Author Profile Page:

Bill, Canada isn't really a foreign country. Think of it as a sort of adjunct semi-autonomous state.

billmosby Author Profile Page:

This is a very small point, but I believe that "Alaska's closest neighbor" would be Canada, as no water separates it from Canadian territory while about 2.4 miles of water separate Alaska and Russia. Of course, Sarah can't see Canada from her house (can she really see Russia either?), and most Americans think more about Russia than we do about Canada.

MarkFoxenberg Author Profile Page:

Might I suggest that the very intensity of these former apparatchiks in Moscow suggests that they take her very seriously indeed?

Sarah Palin represents the side of America that is still confident in this country, and who still believes in God. Atheists and self-doubters on both sides of the Atlantic are bothered by that. So Madonna, the Washington Post and Izvestia don't like her. All the more reason to like her.

Steamboater Author Profile Page:

As much a laughingstock as Palin is, the Russian media should start telling the truth about their own government before criticising others outside Russia. What cowards they are. Putin is a small-minded thug and the media in Russia have caved into his Stalinist type control of Medvedev and the rest of Russian society. There comes point when no when can help the Russians except themselves and that point is now, if not yesterday.

ronn2 Author Profile Page:

Good writing Miller, albeit somewhat less defined with detail that a comment of that length should be. But good.

JD 14 you mention the Russians want Obama in. The WORLD wants Obama in, if mainly to get the Republican out.

Your suggestion about the state of the world is apropos.

Republicans are pro big business, and there is no bigger business than war. Just check the financial states of the arms manufacturers, and see how they fare and come through every time of crises.

It would be far more appropriate to say: "throughout the last decades the republican leadership has been, and continues to pal around with arms manufacturers, AKA dealers of death".

The world has grown wary of our treating it with a sort of noblesse oblige and coercion on the other. And socially too, we are so far behind Europe, which has guaranteed minimum income for EVERYONE, not just the unemployed; free universal healthcare for EVERYONE and where gun ownership is extremely rare.

Yes they pay higher taxes, but comparatively speaking their streets are very safe, there are almost no homeless and everyone knows if a bad day comes they will have a minimum income or be treated in hospital almost free of charge.

We are no longer ahead of everybody else, we are lagging behind. We will soon become the laughing stock of the modern world, as the rest of the modern world sees more and more through the BS we try to pass off with slogans only we, as Americans still tend to believe.

AnjuChandel Author Profile Page:

The whole world is wondering at John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate! ... God save America.

stlmovoter Author Profile Page:

Now I feel bad for picking on a high schooler. I don't know what I would have been able to say about world leaders when I was in high school.

Luke75 Author Profile Page:

yeah stlmovoter I'm still in high school, and I'm shocked so many people here are less informed than a teen and can't provide a substantive counter argument.
Be ready for november and be ready for reality.
g nite and g luck.

stlmovoter Author Profile Page:

spidermean2, I completely disagree with your opinions, but at least you are able to state them coherently.

Luke75 Author Profile Page:

Spiderman2, thanks for the name calling. That just proves my point.

The good news is you were finally able learn how to spell Medvedev and write it for the very first time. Hope you also know who he is...

Good night.

Luke75 Author Profile Page:

Hey stlmovoter, I was not vouching for intelligence but challenging whiner's ignorance. There's a difference.

Great you're voting for Obama.
Remember, headlines will be soon something like "presidents Obama and Medvedev to meet in..." or "Obama Medvedev summit likely".

Good night.

stlmovoter Author Profile Page:

Luke75, I am voting for Obama, so I am not going to vouch for the intelligence of McCain-Palin voters, nor for the intelligence of certain other people posting about this article ....

Luke75 Author Profile Page:

stlmovoter said: "Putin is the real power in Russia."

Yeah. And Wall Street is the real power in America.

The point is, no Palin fan was able to name Russia's current president when whining about the note.

Everybody abroad knows WS is the real power in America, yet they can point Bush is the president. Regardless of any spinning on who has power or who drinks more beers.

stlmovoter Author Profile Page:

Luke75, I hate to break it to you, but Putin created the office of Prime Minister for himself so he could appear to be obeying the Russian constitution, which said he had to step down as President after two terms. He created the Prime Minister office so he could continue to be the one in charge. Putin is the real power in Russia.

Luke75 Author Profile Page:

Hey Spiderman, just count on how many times Putin was named here... and how many times Medvedev.

It's just plain ignorance. And you are in. Even if you "put lipstick in the pig".

When the US president is named abroad, people always say Bush, not Paulson or whoever may command whatever you want to spin.

Luke75 Author Profile Page:

I'm just amazed at the way so many paranoid Republicans lose their minds when the word "Russia" appears that they can't properly recall its current president. These fanatics keep on proving how ignorant old-fashioned they are and why they support a look-a-like undereducated person like Palin.

Russia's president is not Putin any longer. It's Medvedev, stupid!

Reagan's 80s are over.
If you are going to spread BS, at least keep informed and updated.

bartedson Author Profile Page:

By choosing sassy hockey-mom Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate, John McCain and the entire Republican party have forfeited any claim to putting country first and being strong on national defense.

McCain could be the oldest president in US history.

We are in the most dangerous times imaginable, both militarily and financially.

And lo and behold, John McCain picks the most inexperienced and untested Vice Presidential candidate in US History.

Go home Republicans, your days are over. Way, way over. Please just let the Democrats save you from yourselves and get this country out of the ditch that "W" and his supporters drove us into.

IpiTombi Author Profile Page:

Sarah, Sarah... clueless at home and abroad. I truly pity the good ol' US of A.

EliPeyton Author Profile Page:

Democrats = mainstream media. Drivebys = Russian media = Putin = dictator. Therefore, donkeycrats are dictatorial communists.

xpurgation Author Profile Page:

THIS is Sarah Palin, Russia.

Better get use to her.

usapdx Author Profile Page:


agolembe Author Profile Page:

I just love it when foreign governments get involved in American politics. Every red blooded Republican will now believe they must support McCain/Palin just to keep those Ruskies at bay.

AmericanforChange Author Profile Page:

I think that Maria did an excellent job of portraying Palin! Bravo! At least most of us Americans are not the only ones who see her inexperience and inadequacies! Palin is all "fluff" and no "stuff"; she does not even have a clue about "middleclass" America....with her designer suits/glasses/shoes! McCain should be ashamed of himself for choosing her!

Luke75 Author Profile Page:

dummy4peace said:
"Russia has produced many great scientists, mathematicians and other scholars. How can these smart people tolerate Putin's tight grip for this long?"

I'll tell you how:
By a similiar standard upon which America -- who has also produced a lot of smart people, great scientists, mathematicians and other scholars -- tolerates Bush/Cheney's tight grip for the same long.
(Deadly wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, Patriot Act, Halliburton, economic bankruptcy, Guantanamo, etc)

Arminius Author Profile Page:

Gromeri -

I just googled as you recommended. I ran down the list for a while, and found that the sites slamming McCain on this issue outnumbered neutral sites about 20 to 1. There were no sites listed saying that the claims agains him were bogus. I then checked Snopes and Urbanmyths sites, and they have nothing on this issue. So you are scaring the hell outa me. Tomorrow, when the sun is out, I will pursue it. But I want to be able to sleep tonight.

God help America and the world if this is true and he wins.

MILLER123 Author Profile Page:

Supreme Court won't block Troopergate inquiry


(10/09/08 13:06:04)
The Alaska Supreme Court today rejected an attempt by a group of six Republican legislators to shut down the Legislature's investigation of Gov. Sarah Palin.

The ruling means that Steve Branchflower, the investigator hired by the Legislative Council, will release his report as scheduled on Friday. Branchflower is looking into Palin's dismissal of her public safety commissioner, Walt Monegan, and whether she improperly pressured him to fire a state trooper divorced from her sister.

The state Supreme Court rejected an appeal by Texas-based Liberty Legal Institute and Anchorage attorney Kevin Clarkson, who filed the lawsuit on behalf of the Alaska Republican state legislators opposed to their colleagues' investigation.

The state legislators whose names appeared on the appeal attempting to stop the investigation are Wes Keller, Mike Kelly, Fred Dyson, Tom Wagoner, Carl Gatto and Bob Lynn.

Their lawyers argued that allowing the investigation to proceed would threaten the right under the Alaska Constitution to a "fair and just" investigation by the Legislature. They allege bias among the legislators who are leading the investigation, and that the Legislative Council lacks the authority to order the probe.

Anchorage Superior Court Judge Michalski ruled last week that the conduct of the investigation did not violate the right to fairness. He found the Legislature has the right to investigate and issues like whether it happens through a council or committee are not for the courts to decide and is "business to be left to the legislative branch."

The Alaska Supreme Court today upheld Michalski's ruling in a two-page decision. The court clerk, Marilyn May, wrote that a full opinion explaining why would be coming.

Find Sean Cockerham online at or call 257-4344.

Copyright © Thu Oct 9 23:00:12 EDT 20081900 The Anchorage Daily News (

gromeri Author Profile Page:


if your heart truly bleeds for the soldiers, and if you're truly worried about Obama's connections, then you should really do one thing.

Google "McCain POW MIA"

What you'll find is that McCain has been fighting the families of POW/MIAs for 30 years.

Countless soldiers were left behind as a result of his acts.

And former POWs, Vets and broken families of MIAs have been silenced.

Why? Because he collaborated with the vietcong. How's that for 'Country First'?

Please don't take my word for this: google it, watch the videos of POW families, & look up pulitzer prize-winning author Sydney Schanberg's documentation of McCain's acts.

But you won't find this on mainstream 'liberal' media, because there is no such thing.

you will find it in the series of tubes known as the Internets.

i was devastated when i discovered this. i was under the mistaken impression that either candidate was better than W.

i was wrong. very.

Arminius Author Profile Page:

Bartedson said,

How you vote will reveal your intelligence level quite clearly.

And right you are.

If McWorse and the Moose Slayer win, they will surround themselves with party hacks selected for loyalty and belief (sound familiar?). And night will descend on America.

When Obama and Biden win, they will surround themselves with the best and the brightest, selected only for ability. And the sun will come out once more over America, after eight years of falling dusk.

isabella3 Author Profile Page:

To the person who suggested selling Alaska back to the Russians: ummm, maybe not while I still live here, OK?

The best excuse I can come up for her is that maybe Palin is being blackmailed for something. She has done a complete 180 from her gubernatorial debates, and I barely recognize her now when I listen to her speak. FWIW, I voted for her for governor because she had the potential to grow into a good one. I will absolutely not vote for any Palin ticket for national office; she isn't ready. It's too bad she didn't just say "thanks, that's very flattering, but why don't you look me up in four years?" when she got the call. She has so many scandals brewing up here now that her back is against the wall and she almost has to become vp. Because her honeymoon up her is over.

bartedson Author Profile Page:

What the Republicans are offering:
An angry old troll, and the Avon Lady.

What the Democrats are offering:
John F. Kennedy, the next generation.

How you vote will reveal your intelligence level quite clearly.

norcalworm Author Profile Page:

Can any of the neo-fascist McCain supporters tell me how much Sen. Obama's association with Ayers, Wright, and Rezko has cost the taxpayers?
Or maybe you could tell me how much Sen. McCain's association with Charles Keating has cost the taxpayers?
I know you folks aren't very good at ferreting out the facts so I'll do it for you.
Obama's association with Ayers, Wright, and Rezko has cost the taxpayers ZERO dollars.
McCain's association with Charles Keating has cost the taxpayers 150 BILLION dollars.
A little more reality. McCain and Palin are not just the laughing stock of America. The whole world is laughing at these idiots. Well, except the ones they have already alienated. Like Russia.

spidermean2 Author Profile Page:

Ayers is an intelligent person, isn't he. The problem here is not intelligence but beliefs. Putin is very intelligent also but as I've said, the problem is beliefs.

Palin has the right beliefs while Obama's beliefs are similar with Ayers and Jeremiah Wright.

Wrong belief make a person very idiotic and Im afraid what would happen between Russia and the U.S. if Putin and Obama are the ones pullingthe strings.

Two idiots inside a boxing ring.

gtoney55 Author Profile Page:

Couldn't she at least read a book about Russia? It used to be that candidates were among the best and brightest. Now they brag about being simple-minded (i.e., G.W. Bush). No wonder the world is concerned.

spidermean2 Author Profile Page:

They are making an issue about Palin's firing of a trooper which was just pure speculation. But they are turning a blind eye to Obama's very close relationship with Ayers who just escaped conviction because of a technicality. Imagine, a bomber who is let loose because of a mere technicality. Investigations by Dick Morris have shown that Obama and Ayers are more than neighbors. They are almost identical in their beliefs. No wonder Michelle Obama hated America. They were rubbing elbows with the bomber, Ayers, who only escaped prison for a mere technicality.


Arminius Author Profile Page:

Oh, yeah, Spidey also spams.

mharwick Author Profile Page:





Published on on October 7, 2008

In the best tradition of Bill Clinton's famous declaration that the answer to the question of whether or not he was having an affair with Monica depended on "what the definition of 'is' is," Barack Obama was clearly splitting hairs and concealing the truth when he said that William Ayers was "just a guy who lives in my neighborhood."

The records of the administration of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC), released last week by the University of Illinois, show that the Ayers-Obama connection was, in fact, an intimate collaboration and that it led to the only executive or administrative experience in Obama's life.

After Walter Annenberg's foundation offered several hundred million dollars to American public schools in the mid-'90s, William Ayers applied for $50 million for Chicago. The purpose of his application was to secure funds to "raise political consciousness" in Chicago's public schools. After he won the grant, Ayers's group chose Barack Obama to distribute the money. Between 1995 and 1999, Obama distributed the $50 million and raised another $60 million from other civic groups to augment it. In doing so, he was following Ayers's admonition to grant the funds to "external" organizations, like American Community Organizations for Reform

Now (ACORN) to pair with schools and conduct programs to radicalize the students and politicize them.

Reading, math and science achievement tests counted for little in the CAC grants, but the school's success in preaching a radical political agenda determined how much money they got.

Barack Obama should have run screaming at the sight of William Ayers and his wife, Bernadette Dohrn. Ayers has admitted bombing the U.S. Capitol building and the Pentagon, and his wife was sent to prison for failing to cooperate in solving the robbery of a Brink's armored car in which two police officers were killed. Far from remorse, Ayers told The New York Times in September 2001 that he "wished he could have done more."

Ayers only avoided conviction when the evidence against him turned out to be contained in illegally obtained wiretaps by the FBI. He was, in fact, guilty as sin.

That Obama should ally himself with Ayers is almost beyond understanding. The former terrorist had not repented of his views and the education grants he got were expressly designed to further them.

So let's sum up Obama's Chicago connections. His chief financial supporter was Tony Rezko, now on his way to federal prison. His spiritual adviser and mentor was the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, of "God damn America" fame. And the guy who got him his only administrative job and put him in charge of doling out $50 million is William Ayers, a terrorist who was a domestic Osama bin Laden in his youth.

Even apart from the details of the Obama/Ayers connection, two key points emerge:

a) Obama lied and misled the American people in his description of his relationship with Ayers as casual and arm's-length; and

b) Obama was consciously guided by Ayers's radical philosophy, rooted in the teachings of leftist Saul Alinksy, in his distribution of CAC grant funds.

Since Obama is asking us to let him direct education spending by the federal government and wants us to trust his veracity, these are difficulties he will have to explain in order to get the votes to win.

Now that Obama is comfortably ahead in the polls, attention will understandably shift to him. We will want to know what kind of president he would make. The fact that, within the past 10 years, he participated in a radical program of political education conceptualized by an admitted radical terrorist offers no reassurance.

Why did Obama put up with Ayers? Because he got a big job and $50 million of patronage to distribute to his friends and supporters in Chicago. Why did he hang out with Jeremiah Wright? Because he was new in town, having grown up in Hawaii and Indonesia and having been educated at Columbia and Harvard, and needed all the local introductions he could get to jump-start his political career. Why was he so close to Rezko?

Because he funded Obama's campaigns and helped him buy a house for $300,000 less than he otherwise would have had to pay.

Not a good recommendation for a president.

spidermean2 Author Profile Page:

My heart bleeds everytime I see our young soldiers walking on foot on the very hot mountainous deserts of Afghanistan. What makes it worse is they don't know who are the enemies. They look like lost ducks wandering on waterless fields. I just wish Sparrow and Arminius were the ones on those boots so they can see the stupidity of the campaign.

We're losing the war in Afghanistan now because we are just tiring the soldiers. This is a crazy world and our soldiers should not be wasting their energy on some stupid invisible enemies.

It should be the Talibans who should feel the pressure and be tired avoiding our unmanned aircraft, the Predators.

If the Talibans want to play hide and seek, they should be the ones who must tire hiding while our Predators are seeking for them. It's another story if we are the ones getting tired looking for people whom we can't even distinguish as enemies if they leave their weapons somewhere else.

You two are idiots. You should be the ones on foot scaling the hot mountains of Afghanistan. You would die of heatstroke even before you have the opportunity to pull your gun's triggger.

Evolution make people dumb. Have you noticed that?

Arminius Author Profile Page:

To all, regarding Spidey -

I have had considerable experience trying to deal with this unfortunate person. He is totally right-wing religious, and I have read his posts condemning probably 99% of humanity to hell because they do not agree with his religious stance. He is a bigot, a creationist, probably a dominionist, his politics are neolithic, and he is horribly undereducated. He will never discuss, and will never answer questions. His usual technique, if pressed too hard, is to make a personal attack and try to change the subject.

In short, he is to be pitied.

buzziea Author Profile Page:

Ha, ha, ha. Palin can blab all she wants with her nonsense and even the Russians ignore her! What a mistake McCain made in choosing her as his running mate.

Nicester Author Profile Page:

Forgive me if I'm making the same point as other posters:

I find it odd, and more than a bit offensive, when people presume to know God's politics.

drivingsidewayz Author Profile Page:

TO Spiderman2. You said he will anger god... Well you aparently do not seperate Church and State which is the most DANGEROUS thing of all. If you think we have been winning any war in Afgan you are TERRIBLY MISTAKEN. All we are doing is pissing them off even more. Do a history report. We won in Afgan against the soviets by using covert operations.

ds2oo8 Author Profile Page:

This article calls into question Palin's experience (or lack thereof) on foreign policy issues. That, in turn, calls into question her ability to be a competent vice-president. To learn more about Palin's connection to foreign policy issues or her readiness for the vice-presidency, visit the Dailysource at either


spidermean2 Author Profile Page:

Toughcookies wrote "She can calm McCain down when he looses his cool and want to start an atomic war."

Reagan "lose his cool" when he bomb Libya's Gadaffy for planning terroristic acts against America. If Obama were president at the time, he would negotiate with Gaddafi while America is burning courtesy of Gaddafi's henchmen.

Arminius Author Profile Page:

Toughcookies -

McCain is old, and looks it. But he walks badly because of his Vietnam injuries.

I'm not voting for him, BTW.

Toughcookies Author Profile Page:

She can calm McCain down when he looses his cool and want to start an atomic war. Read this:

He is an old...did you notice his stride in the debate. He walks his age.

tarheeler Author Profile Page:

Apparently the Russians cannot see Palin's house from Russia. A kind of sad humor in this... a potential VP just across a narrow straight and even then didn't think enough of her to even know she thinks she's the next Reagan.

spidermean2 Author Profile Page:

When our enemy who are rearming fast in preparation for a future boxing match WITH US loves our future "boxing coach" (Obama), SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG. We might as well elect Putin to be America's president.

America would be ready to burn if Obama becomes president.


I've said it before that once Obama become president, America is ready to burn. I liken it to the spraying of high octane gasoline over a certain house. Why?

First, his choice of judges will anger God. Surely he will put very liberal judges in our courthouses.

Second, he could antagonize many countries because of his trade protectionist tendencies. Democrats are very hard ball players in matters of trade. Good for America in the short term but it could backfire in the longer term.

Third, Democrat's foreign policy are idiotic. Look at how they treat Pakistan. He is not president yet but I can sense that Pakistan is already very wary about him.

Fourth, I believe that part of the reason we had many casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan is because of democrats' inputs about how to conduct the war. We've seen Obama complaining about air strike and suggest that we put foot soldiers. That's a VERY BAD strategy. That should be the job of Afghan soldiers. We've won the Afghan war easily thru air power side by side with very few Special Forces Operatives with the help of Afghan accomplices and ragtag Afghan freedom fighters.

Bush and Obama represents TWO BAD EXTREMES.

Bush is too accomodating to many people that he ends up being stupid. Obama stands on the other extreme.

McCain seems to be the man in the middle. He is the one who is proposing to bailout the people whose houses were foreclosed. That act would FIX the financial market meltdown from the BOTTOM TO UP and NOT from UP TO UP. He put sanity to the Georgian crisis when he stood firm very early against a dangerous aggressor. The list goes on.

csintala79 Author Profile Page:

It has been said lately that McCain missed this opportunity or that opportunity. It is true that he has made several bone headed decisions lately, but his greatest missed opportunity was to lose the chance to give women the hope that the glass ceiling would be shattered, while at the same time taking the race card off the table. If John was looking for a female running mate to attract independent women voters, he didn't have to look far. Condi Rice would have provided a highly qualified and loyal running mate, and choosing her would have mooted racist bigotry's influence in the election. McCain and his party would not have had to create an illusion of competence in his running mate; Condi has not only seen Russia, up close and personal and not from an ice flow, but she can speak Russian; Palin doesn't even speak standard English. John could have included himself in the hall of fame of American politicians. He would have been credited with delivering the final to institutional racism began by Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation and furthered by Johnson's Civil Rights act. Instead, McCain is in danger of being inducted into the hall of shame of American politicians, along with George Wallace, Jesse Helms, Father Coughlan and others of their ilk. Is John to go out being known as a race baiting bigot? You know, That One.

ssanford00 Author Profile Page:

Whew. Thank god we are not the only ones to see that Palin is unfit, unqualified to serve as VP of this country.

They hit the nail right on the head with the random house wife comment.

She may be good for Alaska (or Wasilla) but that's about it.

qman54 Author Profile Page:

At least we have options in this country. I wish the Russian press would be as hard to their presidential election where only certain people are allowed to run. Did Putin get elected with 90% of the votes being the only candidate? I'd rather have our system anyday

hakafos44 Author Profile Page:

In a prior comment regarding her performance at the debate I said that European leaders would politely leave the table if she sat down and presented herself as a foreign policy negotiator. I was accused of being an elitist. This article supports my statements. Ms. Palin needs to check her arrogance at the door and attend a few classes on the subject.

wwwbeyazrenklerorg Author Profile Page:

The United States had also angered Moscow by lending its backing to pipelines bypassing Russia as they carry oil and gas from Central Asia and the Caucasus to the Mediterranean -- such as the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan, which came into service in May 2005. Such pipelines are a challenge to Russia’s ambition to be Europe’s main energy supplier.
It was beyond ironic, then, when Palin said she was taking the gloves off the other day and accused Obama of "palling around with terrorists".

If you exclude Chechnya, which Russians have always regarded as part of Russia, then neither Putin, nor Medvedev, had sent troops outside Russian borders before this point. As for the idea that Putin wants to restore the Soviet Union – derived from his remark about the Soviet collapse being "among the greatest catastrophes" of the 20th century – nothing could be further from what he did. Far from hankering after a lost empire, Putin used his years as president systematically to fix Russia's post-Soviet borders, signing treaties with every neighbouring country that would agree – including, last month, China. Of course, Russia does not like the idea of another Nato member on its borders. But this is not the same as wanting to restore "ex-Soviet space". It reflects Russia's view of its legitimate security interests.

Perhaps the most pernicious assumption over the past week, however, is that Russia wanted to effect "regime-change". Russian officials categorically denied this, insisting that they had no business overthrowing an elected leader. You might scoff, but Russia has done nothing that would contradict this. The Kremlin would probably be delighted if Georgians eventually punished their President for his misguided enterprise, but Russia seems to accept that Georgians decide what happens in Georgia.

RussianCommy Author Profile Page:

As for me I have no quarrel with McCain and Sara Palin's being elected. It would be the best choice for the entire world. The tougher is USA policy towards Russia the sooner Russian politicians will be disabused of naive notion (which stems from Yeltsin's era) of "democracy" / "free market economy" / "partnership with the USA" and similar rubbish.
On top of that Sara is very attractive woman and it would be a pleasure to watch her on TV spouting drivel about Russia.

TerrifiedCitizen Author Profile Page:

If someone takes poor Palin seriously, they should indeed be examined before mixing with others.

dummy4peace Author Profile Page:

I am sure Putin prefers Obama to McCain in the White House, especially after their invasion of Georgia. Although Russia's stock market dropped like a rock as foreign capital escaped Russia, they are making more money by selling more weapons to other countries.

Russia has produced many great scientists, mathematicians and other scholars. How can these smart people tolerate Putin's tight grip for this long?

jjedif Author Profile Page:

Vladimir Putin has to be beside himself with the thought of a McCain-Palin administration. Russia is certainly on the rise toward becoming a superpower again regardless of who wins, Obama or McCain. But if McCain-Palin are elected, Russia is literally going to kick our collective buttocks: their de facto president will be the ex-head of the KGB, our heads of state will be a old man with diminishing mental capacity (our own version of Boris Yeltsin) and a woman who claims that being governor of Alaska means she defended US airspace against Russia.

Arminius Author Profile Page:

Ah, yes. St Sarah the Moose Slayer, the Trailer Trash of the Tundra, the Neanderthal of the North.... even many republicans are starting to wonder if McWorse had a stroke or something.

At any rate, the Russian media seems better at journalism than Fox.

And for all you republicans claiming that Obama has had no experience - his experience record is on a par with Lincoln's. Go figure. And, oh, yes - Jesus was a community organizer, and Pontius Pilate was a governor.

pgr88 Author Profile Page:

The Soviets released documents showing that Biden, in Salt II talks, undermined the US position by saying that the US wasn't terribly concerned about political repression, and that the US would make a deal to the exclusion of our Western EU allies, if necessary.

No wonder Putin likes Biden.

akula Author Profile Page:

I have no doubt that these views express 'official opinion'. I also think that they highlight the official recognition of the US as Russia's strategic partner and confusion by the prospect of dealing with somebody who does not appreciate the complexity of US-Russian relations. Trade mission is hardly a surrogate for the situation that our countries are dealing with right now.

motownlivs Author Profile Page:

Of course they want Obama to win. They're gonna roll right over him just like the moderators in the debates. Obama can't even get himself some rebuttal time unless it's given to him. What do you think is going to happen in Global Politics? The Russian media won't be as fawning over him as ours has. Sheesh

dmls2000 Author Profile Page:

Elizabeth 6:

If it wasnt for the Americans (and Canadians) you and your English co-wankers would be Germans right now.

Now that I think about it, even that would be better than being an American subject!

Buck up, chav and watch what I wish for.

mackiejw Author Profile Page:

It's not only the russians. I happen to speak 4 languages and I read a lot of European Newspapers.

the consensus: nobody understands McCain chose an airhead like Palin

practica1 Author Profile Page:

The Russians have gazed into her eyes, and they see Vladimar Putin.

Those Russian people are ones who know puppets and evildoers.

blevins20061 Author Profile Page:

Liberal rag journalist who crawled under a rock to make up a story.

Who Care???

How about writing about ACORN???

jhbyer Author Profile Page:

What was truly stupid about her comment about trade missions is she's declined every opportunity to attend meetings on such missions and never participated in a mission.

Argylle Author Profile Page:

There are certainly some very rabid "Rednecks" hiding out there and these are the very people Sarah Palin is aiming her racist and very dangerous rhetoric at. Palin maybe brainles and she certainly knows how to stir up a crowd with her well rehearsed speeches, but then so did Hitler. This brainless Bimbo is no laughing matter in fact she is extremely dangerous, she comes across all cute and cuddly, however so does a Polar Bear! God help us all if the American people vote this trailer trash in.

msbhong Author Profile Page:

Sarah Palin is simply a great embarrassment to America and the world, as if America isn't embarrassed enough. What more is there to say about her as a vice-presidential candidate or, even, as an American?

dorklord Author Profile Page:

donmac1 Author Profile Page:

Russian press? Now thats a real oxymoron! If I were an ex KGB thug like Putin I wouldn't want McCain or Palin to get in office either. Didn't the leader of Hammas also endorse Obama?

If I attended a racist anti-american church for 20 years and was pals with the Weather Undergrounds Bill Ayres I "betcha" the Russians would love me too!

Why don't all you socialist libs who are in love with marxian theory move to Russia or North Korea and enjoy the good life comrades?
The article was to point out how the rest of the world (what foreign policy addresses) thinks Palin and her supporters are extremely ignorant on foreign issues. Your statement just proves their point. Keep it up....Obama needs more people stating ignorant comments. It just helps him get in to office. So far...he is winning.

fleurdelis Author Profile Page:

The fact that most readers do not know the name of Russia's president (hint: it's not Putin) suggest that we all could learn a bit more about that nation. Otherwise, we will get the president we deserve.

donmac1 Author Profile Page:

Russian press? Now thats a real oxymoron! If I were an ex KGB thug like Putin I wouldn't want McCain or Palin to get in office either. Didn't the leader of Hammas also endorse Obama?

If I attended a racist anti-american church for 20 years and was pals with the Weather Undergrounds Bill Ayres I "betcha" the Russians would love me too!

Why don't all you socialist libs who are in love with marxian theory move to Russia or North Korea and enjoy the good life comrades?

gromeri Author Profile Page:

the truly sad thing about our media is, well, almost everything. we're turning into china, our electoral process has been hijacked, and some of our population actually prefer propaganda.

for example, if you want to know McCain's true character, & what he really did both as a POW and to other POWs, MIAs, and their families, from his seat in the senate for the past 30 yrs, our media won't tell you. But the series of tubes will:

Google "McCain POW MIA" and see for yourself.

I hope the rest of the world will pray for US.

patriot16 Author Profile Page:

They should be careful with this. Remember how Bush's approval ratings shot up for a few days after Chavez called him the devil. When your campaign is built on milking xenophobia, this can be useful. - I'll show them commies, I'll lift up my skirt and wink at them until they get rid of those loose nukes. I just know Putin will melt and let me have my way. And when Alaska is independent, Vlad and I can cozy up to an even sweeter energy deal

elizabeth6 Author Profile Page:

DMLS2000 :
Based on all the BS coming from the US these days, I think it would be great if Russia invaded the US.
And I'm from Canada.

Be careful what you wish for, Canada. If Russian invaded the US guess who would be just over the border?

I'm from England, and incidentally, that was a dumb thought you had.

ejgallagher1 Author Profile Page:

No one yet has said she was Moscow educated -- that's Moscow, Idaho where the University of Idaho is. Mother Jones just had a summary of her foreign policy experience --20 meetings and about 12 hours, most of which are receptions. She had forgotten about meeting the head of the Icelandic government, but he's probably more worried about their economy as it looks even worse than ours now.

studentkt Author Profile Page:

the irony of the russian media doing a better job of calling palin out on her lies and demagoguery than the american media makes me laugh hysterically (cause otherwise id be crying). in the western world, the russian media is derided as a propaganda tool of the kremlin, while our constitutionally-enshrined freedom of the press is held up as the golden model that all should aspire to. and yet the US media has been muzzled by the GOP thanks to baseless accusations of sexism and liberal bias, lacking the balls to stand up and say: 'its not biased or sexist to call a moron a moron, or a liar a liar.' thank you, russian media, for calling sarah palin out. god knows our media is too spineless to do anything but show clips her abhorrent oral diarrhea, mouth pseudo-analyses concerning the latest horse-race measure, and wring their hands in fear that their meaningless words might inciting bellows of 'bias! sexism!' from the republicans.

mibrooks27 Author Profile Page:

Sarah Palin is a toxic little Bimbo who was chosen becasue she was "prettier" than the cows that normally pass as Republican wives. He entire life, going back to her election as mayor, is based on negative campaigning, hate, and fear. She is one of the most divisive figures in American politics and I cannot wait until after the election and she is sent back to Alaska (where the polls show the citizens have figured out what they have for a governor and will toss her as the first available opportunity).

ProfessorWrightBSU Author Profile Page:

evangel7: What do you call a proposal for the government to purchase the mortgage to your home? Isn't that communism? Isn't it odd that John McCain supports Government purchases of private citizens houses? Is that not the very definition of BIG Government that the Republican Party use to despise? So if the Government suspects you of being a citizen-terrorist and then discovers that it owns the mortgage on your home, can it force you evacuate said dwelling? I mean you can't have a suspected terrorist living on federal land, and your house being owned by the government could quickly be considered federal land.

Republicans for Obama!

dmls2000 Author Profile Page:

Based on all the BS coming from the US these days, I think it would be great if Russia invaded the US.

And I'm from Canada.

elvera38 Author Profile Page:

People from other countries are too kind to Sarah Palin. In my opinion, Palin is an intellectually-challenged, arrogant, and hateful person. I am a 65-year old business owner; I would not hire Sarah Palin to be my receptionist much less a manager. How in the world she was elected a governor? It is a mystery to me. I think it is about time to throw the McCain/Palin ticket into a history dumpster.

rmorris391 Author Profile Page:

You have to recognize that Sarah Palin has likely visited Sitka Alaska, that has a Russian heritage, and many beautiful buildings left by Russian governors of Alaska. This rich Russian heritage in Sitka has undoubtedly influenced Sarah Palin's love of Russian Art.

And remember Seward's Folly? According to Wikipedia: Russia was in a difficult financial position and feared losing the Alaskan territory without compensation in some future conflict, especially to their rivals the British, who could easily have captured the hard-to-defend region. Therefore Emperor Alexander II decided to sell the territory to the US and instructed Russian minister to the United States, Louis Baydalal, to enter into negotiations with Seward in the beginning of March 1867. The negotiations concluded after an all-night session with the signing of the treaty at 4 o'clock in the morning of March 30, 1867[1] with the purchase price set at $7,200,000 (about 1.9¢ per acre).

This might be the trade with Russia that Sarah Palin is referring to: Russia sold Alaska to the U.S. The great irony here is that now the U.S. is experiencing a finacial meltdown, Sarah Palin could help by SELLING ALASKA BACK TO RUSSIA! I think I read somewhere that "THE FIRST DUDE" wanted to break away from U.S. possession. So here is a perfect opportunity to come back to Russia (back in the U.S.S.R., that is).

midwester1 Author Profile Page:

I agree with the main point of the article, that Palin's foreign policy experience is laughable both here and abroad. However, I'd have to argue that Canada is Alaska's closest neighbor - not Russia.

DrWho2 Author Profile Page:

Did you I am an expert in foriegn policy? From my apartment in Arlington, Virginia, I can see the Washington Monument (truely, I really can).

red2million Author Profile Page:

zzim, there could be another reason that the media WORLDWIDE is mocking palin. let's see, maybe it's because that's what they actually believe? I don't let the media tell me what to think, unlike most repuglicons who rely on rush and sean to tell them what to think. I've seen palin speak, she is as pathetic as the claims say she is and worse. She is even more unqualified than bush who is thus far the most unqualified person in the history of the universe to hold a postion of power such as he has. Whether the media says it or not, she's a joke. Would you prefer that they lie and say she's great and qualified? They'd be the target of a whole lot more ridicule than they're getting now. Now, the only people who complain about the negative commens about palin, which people like me who have a brain call TRUTH come from ideologues who are so desperate to believe that it's all lies and smear that they invent reasons in their heads. Just like what you have done here. What has been written about palin is true, you're going to have to face it at some point. Just like most who supported george bush now have to admit that gee, as it turns out that evil left wing MSM was right! Palin is pathetic. A tree stump is more qualified than her brainless a$$.

JD14 Author Profile Page:

Why is Russia rearming? Why is Pakistan wary? If I were a foreign nation I would be TERRIFIED of American imperialism in the Bush age. Remember the "Evil Axis" statement?
Why does Russia want Obama to be President? Because the world has seen where the "Hawks" have gotten us all with the "Bush Doctrine". The world is praying that we don't replace our "retarded cowboy" President with a short-tempered maverick and his vapid back-up.
I believe Democratic administration will at least TRY to be a peace-seeking one. I believe the Republicans will continue to involve us in ill-conceived wars.
America under the Republicans has been a BULLY.

PayAttention Author Profile Page:

I tend to favor imported beers, which demonstrates my knowledge of the import/export business. It also highlights my expertise in foreign policy issues regarding these foreign countries where forneers live who produce these fine beverages that we then import. One heartbeat away, good googly.

evangel7 Author Profile Page:

What do you expect communists love liberals.

msreginacomcastnet Author Profile Page:

Regardless of what some think of Russia, or any other country, it is clear that Palin has offened and insulted the Russian citizens intelligence. This alone disqualifies her as knowing "foreign deplomacy". She alone will start WW III.

A cry from AMERICA is to get Palin out of politics and back on the hocky field forever.

DrWho2 Author Profile Page:

NEWSFLASH - Refugee polar bears are swarming into the Russian tundra, followed by moose and wolves; all of them telling the same terrible tale of the Winter Queen, whose cruelty is barely hidden beneath her frosty good looks.

MILLER123 Author Profile Page:

Ask the folks in Ireland:
Away from her friends on Fox, Palin folds like a cheap suit
KEVIN CULLENMEDIAWATCH: MIDWAY THROUGH her debate with Joe Biden, Sarah Palin began dropping her Gs and channelling Marge Gunderson, the plain-speakin', pistol-packin' pregnant police chief in Fargo.

Palin declared, in no uncertain terms, that she needn't answer questions put to her by the moderator, that Obama-lovin' Gwen Ifill, who works for the ultraliberal Public Broadcasting Service, or anybody else in the mainstream media. She was gonna talk straight to the American people.

It was great theatre, but in a Beckett-like absurdist way. It is a tried and true tactic of the American right to blame any and all their problems on the "mainstream media". They even have an acronym for it: MSM, as if it's some malevolent Chinese food additive. According to the right, the only place the American people can get fair and balanced news is from the likes of Fox, Rush Limbaugh, and the rest of the right-wing ideologues who clutter the airwaves on talk radio.

The truth is, Sarah Palin and John McCain should thank their lucky stars for the dreaded MSM because, aside from the aforementioned ideologues, it is only those members of the MSM who uphold minimal journalistic standards of fairness and relative objectivity who are looking at Palin these days for anything but a punchline.

Even some right-wing pundits have had the temerity to point out that the nice lady from Alaska is an empty suit. Peggy Noonan, Ronald Reagan's speechwriter, got into trouble with her fellow Republicans when, while commenting on McCain's cynical sop to the religious right, she described Palin's selection as "political bulls**t" into a TV microphone she didn't know was on. Noonan's dismissal of Palin as a serious politician in a Wall Street Journal column after the debate was even more devastating, because it came with time for reflection, and after Noonan had withstood withering attacks from Republicans who accused her of aiding and abetting the enemy.

The McCain campaign is blaming the MSM for Palin's steadily sinking poll numbers. An interesting tactic, given that Palin's handlers have steadfastly refused to let journalists from that mainstream media question her. They are especially wary of letting newspaper reporters have a go at her. She has done only a few sit-down interviews with handpicked TV presenters.

One of the interviews, with Sean Hannity, a right-wing pundit on Fox, was cringe-inducingly obsequious, like watching Ryan Tubridy interview Jesus Christ.

The interview with Katie Couric, an avowed liberal who gets paid $15 million a year to read the news on CBS, shouldn't have been much harder for Palin, but Couric asked a couple of questions that required speaking beyond rehearsed talking points, and Palin folded like a cheap suit. Palin fumbled around like a child caught stealing biscuits. At one point, she rambled on for more than a minute in a stream of consciousness that sounded like a cross between a paragraph in Finnegans Wake and Robert De Niro's last, apocalyptic words as he sank beneath the water's surface at the conclusion to Cape Fear.

So worried were Palin's handlers about how she'd perform in the debate that, just days before it, they launched a pre-emptive strike on Ifill, a widely-respected journalist who just happens to be black.

You know, like Barack Hussein Osama. Wink, wink.

The conservatives had a point: Ifill is writing a book called The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama , so she has a personal and financial stake in Obama getting elected.

But when Ifill was selected as moderator two months ago, she disclosed that she was writing the book, and no one complained then. Of course, McCain had not yet selected Tina Fey as his running mate. As it turned out, no one beyond the loony right-wing blogosphere suggested Ifill was anything but impartial during the debate.

It's sad but true that the mainstream media will carry on with the charade, all the way to November 4th, that Sarah Palin is a serious candidate, that she resonates with ordinary voters because she's just so gosh darn ordinary, even if the Republicans have no intention of letting said ordinary voters hear what she has to say in anything but a stage-managed interview. Objectivity is a beautiful thing.

It was beyond ironic, then, when Palin said she was taking the gloves off the other day and accused Obama of "palling around with terrorists".

As her indisputable source for this specious accusation, she cited none other than the New York Times , America's greatest newspaper, which she and the rest of the right constantly deride as a biased, bigoted mouthpiece of the liberal left.

Apparently, Governor Palin didn't read the article in its entirety, because the exhaustive piece concluded that Obama and William Ayers, who was a member of a violent radical group opposed to the Vietnam War, are acquaintances at best, and that Ayers became a respected professor of education after his radical youth.

In a media week when, aside from the more mundane news that the American economy is collapsing, it was all Palin, all the time, the best description of Sarah Palin's utter cluelessness about anything outside her own small, provincial Northern Exposure existence came from a caller to a talk radio show, albeit a show not typical of the usual American talk radio fare.

National Public Radio's " On Point " is one of the more thoughtful call-in shows in America, and one caller told host Tom Ashbrook that after listening to the debate she had come to the conclusion that Sarah Palin is George Bush in a skirt.

No doubt, Governor Palin would find comfort in her belief that anyone who listens to NPR is a God-hatin', Obama-lovin' commie.

Kevin Cullen, who will be writing a weekly media column through the elections, is a columnist for the Boston Globe.

© 2008 The Irish Times

This article appears in the print edition of the Irish Times

ronn2 Author Profile Page:

I think Palin is a Russian agent. Her evident expertise on the country is so striking, deep and thorough nobody would ever question her qualifications.

And, she is still alive. Why has she not been assassinated with a poison umbrella when she speaks ill of the Russian leadership? Because she is an agent!

her well rehearsed slang is far too perfect to be accidental. remember the nazis training spies in the art of normal people's talk? They specialized in baseball like batting averages, and other statistics. Just like Palin and hockey!

Oh she's a smart one. And why have the Russians parachuted her into the heartland of this freedom loving country?

Isn't it evident: they want Obama to win!!!

but let's not pull the rabbit out of the hat just yet, folks. Let her carry out her mission first....

helloisanyoneoutthere Author Profile Page:

I knew Sarah ignored Vladimir when he waved to her from his Dacha.

But then you don't want to lose the upper hand when Alaska is trying to negotiate those deals with Russia.

ZZim Author Profile Page:

I don't understand why we should care that Putin ordered the Russian press to mock Governor Palin. What signifinace does this hold for us?

Does Putin believe this will influence the US election? If so, why does he prefer to work with President Obama instead of President McCain? Does he feel that Obama is softer than McCain? I think so.

This has to do with the war in Georgia. McCain and Palin took a hard line. This worries Putin. Obama took a soft Cater-esque line. This reassures Putin. Enough that he ordered the Russian press to mock Palin.

bradley-charles Author Profile Page:

When I was growing up just outside of Boston, MA USA in the 1970's, my parents always guided me to do well in high school and graduate, go to college and graduate, secure a decent job then maybe get married and then maybe have children. It seems Governor Palin has endorsed (and condoned) her pregnant daughter to do the EXACT opposite. This NOT only undermines unmarried, pregnant teenagers ability to reach their goals/ambitions, but sends an awful message from a "Hockey Mom" (by the way the father of the child in question is a star hockey player in high school) to millions of other teenagers as someone chosen to be the VP of the USA. Additionally, Governor Palin was directly responsible (in her state) for reducing funds for safe homes for unmarried, pregnant teenagers wishing to have their child. Palin is pathetic. I will eagerly vote for OBAMA!

jimwhite1 Author Profile Page:

Should I really be worried what the Russian think.. Good look Putian.. Ok everybody when have the Russian expressed anything favorible? Huh Is the Post looking to reestablish it's self as Pravda... Liberal drivel...

Spectator Author Profile Page:

Why don't we consider selling Alaska back to the Russians in order to gain some needed liquidity?

spidey103 Author Profile Page:

What's with these Russian elitists? All they have to do is look out their windows in Moscow to see Alaska.

elizabeth6 Author Profile Page:

The Russians no doubt have forgotten all about their little political burps. Such as their Disneyland obsessed priceless caricature of a President, Mr Kruschev. That was a howl for us, to watching his shoe stomping pre-school performance. However saying this with a tongue in the cheek humour they are right about Sarah Palin. They must wonder if there is a sane person left in America looking at her hyped up incendiary rallies. Hopefully those under her spell will come out of their catatonic trances before November 4th. How can one unravel this woman's thoughts and why waste the time trying ? Clearly she has a scrambled brain that makes Gracie Allen sound almost credible ( I know, our Russian friends probably have no idea who Gracie was), plus a critical case of verbal diarrhoea. Everyone knows t Palin is scary in those trooper boots and high in the air arm thrusts with her ability to arouse a crowd. If she gets into a position of influence with her beliefs she could for starters make a huge impact on women's rights and freedom. She is all for shoving us back into history when abortions were available but dangerous, performed in back sleazy rooms in unhealthy conditions by unqualified people. This will return if she gets her way because women will risk the consequences of illegal abortions. For decades those who witnessed this activity up close fought and won the battle to prevent internal organ trauma, unbearable pain and often death. Paulin without thought or compassion for her own sex would brutally kick away this progress and drag us back into the coat hanger past. She will give men power over our bodies and this is wrong. The world cannot feed the population it already has, why bring more unwanted mouths to exacerbate this tragedy ?

e9999999 Author Profile Page:

amazing that anyone in the media takes her seriously.

from the st. petersburg russia newspaper,

Bush’s neoconservatives ... believed that Iraq was ripe for
Western-style democracy and that Americans would be met with flowers on
the streets of Baghdad. The war’s supporters thought it would be a short
victorious campaign — a cakewalk. Now, 5 1/2 years on, open-ended
occupation has created cynicism and hypocrisy among Americans who shrug
off evidence of torture of “enemy combatants,” ignore massive pilfering
and war profiteering going on in Iraq and pay sanctimonious lip service
to the wanton deaths of U.S. soldiers.

Whether moral turpitude or the economic impact of the war will be more
damaging in the long run is for historians to decide. In many ways, the
current economic crisis is the result of the Iraq war. Iraq — and more
broadly, the misguided war on terror — has cost the United States
trillions of dollars in direct and indirect costs. It is the money the
country didn’t have and had to borrow from foreign investors.

aronmor Author Profile Page:

Dear Spiderman2:

If there ever were a time when the US needs liberal judges it is now and for next generation. The conservatives have destroyed the reputation of this country around the globe, our economy, and have driven nearly inseparable wedges between the classes, the races, the creeds, and generations. We need to be rid of the Neocon mentality of dropping bombs first and stripping away our right to privacy at home. We have a Bill of Rights that the Neocons no longer respect, except owning semi-automatic weapons to hunt moose in Alaska, because if there ever were creatures that needed killing, its American wildlife. Why do Neocons want to kill helpless animals? Oh, kill off the polar pears so they can drill in Alaska.

undecided95 Author Profile Page:

To spidermean2:

First of all, how will YOU know that any Obama choice of judges will in fact anger Gd????? How in fact do YOU know he's not laughing at our little petty political games????

Second, Warren Buffet not only does not complain about paying taxes, he said publicly that he is not taxed enough. He said, publicly, that given his wealth and his capital gains, he should be taxed more so his share of america would be fairer. That's what a guy like Warren Buffet thinks, unlike small minded americans that think paying taxes to maintain your roads and your public schools is unpatriotic (Sarah Palin quote!).

Get a grip and be an american and hang on with your fellow citizens!

TWilliams1 Author Profile Page:

Dear Russians,

Comrads, you don't know who Sarah Palin is? She's the "FOLKSY, DUMB AS A BAG OF LINT, HOCKEY MOM, IDIOT" that these Republican Morons want to become the so-called, leader of this here country if that CLOWN that they're trying to place in the Oval Office should happen to kick the bucket. You know her...."THAT ONE"!!!!


T. Williams


kengelhart Author Profile Page:

spidermean2 : "Why is Russia rearming?"

How would you respond if you knew a neighbor down the street hated you, intended to do you harm, and was conspiring with your nearby neighbors all around you?

patrxart Author Profile Page:

Distressing as the candidacy of "Sarah Who?" is to many Americans, we as a nation view cynicism as Anti-American. Why? Fear? Strong nostalgia for the innocence of Reagan days and denial of gullibility during early "W"Bush days? Folksy talk appeals to ordinary anti-intellectualism characterizing Americans? We don't want to say Sarah Palin makes us want to throw up lest we be shredded as left-wing liberals. While it is painfully obvious that this woman is clueless, we are afraid to be branded anti-feminist and easily shouted down by those who do not realize that women actually LIKE women who have and use brains. Seeing Russia from Alaska? I can see the danger of her cold, calculating, self-serving stupidity all the way from here.

spidermean2 Author Profile Page:

I've said it before that once Obama become president, America is ready to burn. I liken it to the spraying of high octane gasoline over a certain house. Why?

First, his choice of judges will anger God. Surely he will put very liberal judges in our courthouses.

Second, he could antagonize many countries because of his trade protectionist tendencies. Democrats are very hard ball players in matters of trade. Good for America in the short term but it could backfire in the longer term.

Third, Democrat's foreign policy are idiotic. Look at how they treat Pakistan. He is not president yet but I can sense that Pakistan is already very wary about him.

Fourth, I believe that part of the reason we had many casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan is because of democrats' inputs about how to conduct the war. We've seen Obama complaining about air strike and suggest that we put foot soldiers. That's a VERY BAD strategy. That should be the job of Afghan soldiers. We've won the Afghan war easily thru air power side by side with very few Special Forces Operatives with the help of Afghan accomplices and ragtag Afghan freedom fighters.

Bush and Obama represents TWO BAD EXTREMES.

Bush is too accomodating to many people that he ends up being stupid. Obama stands on the other extreme.

McCain seems to be the man in the middle. He is the one who is proposing to bailout the people whose houses were foreclosed. That act would FIX the financial market meltdown from the BOTTOM TO UP and NOT from UP TO UP. He put sanity to the Georgian crisis when he stood firm very early against a dangerous aggressor. The list goes on.

Just an observation. Warren Buffet is one of the riches in America. Why is he not complaining that he is one of those who will be taxed heavily by Obama. McCain should look into how this man is paying his taxes. I can see a lot of acrobatics and magic here. The same acrobatics that's happening in Wall Street.

spidermean2 Author Profile Page:

America's foreign policy with Russia is " don't trust them if they don't trust us".

Why is Russia rearming?

If there is somebody crazy in this world today, it is Putin. Russia should learn to laugh at their own stupid prime minister before looking outside of their fence.

I pity the Russians. One person is driving their country towards the gate of hell.

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