Syria Israel peace talks
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Experts Respond

Sami Moubayed


Region’s Dynamic Will Change, Regardless of the Outcome

Peace isn't likely, but a regional shake-up is.  more »
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Soli Ozel


Missing from Talks: Sincerity

Neither Syria nor Israel is prepared or willing to make the necessary concessions.  more »
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Maziar Bahari


Talks Poised to Bring Iranian Rebirth

Iran will gain ground in the tug-of-war with the United States.  more »
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Daoud Kuttab


Talks Prove an Ideological Common Ground

The talks themselves represent a paradigmatic shift in the region.  more »
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Robert Lieber


Syria’s Murky Motives

What Syria really wants is to be closer to Europe and the U.S. more »
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Mustafa Domanic


Long-Term Solution Not Likely - Yet

Israel cannot make peace with Syria without first resolving Palestine.  more »
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Soli Ozel


The Middle East’s Passive Peacemakers

The middle-men in the talks stand to gain the most from their success.  more »
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Kayhan Barzegar


Syria Will Stick With Iran

The alliance will persist no matter what happens with Israel, because its roots are far more complicated.  more »
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Readers Respond

Turkey's Duplicity Needs to be Exposed

"...Turkey, itself an occupier of foreign land now wants to play the role of "honest" broker?..." - HGCSATO  more »

US Involvement Will Only Complicate Matters

"...Include the U.S and all of a sudden issues the U.S has with Syria suddenly appear on the table..." -  more »

Both Parties are Ready, Despite the Obstacles

"...Syria is no more likely to sever relations with Hezbollah and Hamas than Israel is to sever its own with the United States..." - DSARTHUR1  more »

US No Longer the Key to Peace

"...After Camp David and Jimmy Carter, nothing much ever worked out anyway. My question is how much Arab governments trust the Turks..." - TroutCor  more »

Water a Major Issue

"...a nation like Syria which bordered an inland source of water in 1967 would want access to that water restored in a final peace settlement..." - ripvanwinkleincollege  more »

A Hostile Peace Already Exists

"Israel already has peace with Syria. Why? Because WE control the Golan Heights..." - Yishai_613  more »

Land is the Obstacle, Not Water

"...the people of Israel have fallen in love with the Golan Heights. So do I believe there will be peace? NOPE." - PatrickBarry2  more »

Iran Will Suffer From Any Peace

"...If Syria moves away from its alliance with the Islamic Republic, there is no other Arab country giving its push for regional hegemony a semblance of legitimacy..." - AmirM1  more »

With Bush's Depature, Peace on the Horizon

"...With a new administration that is not paranoid about the prospects and in fact will work cohesively toward broader peace..." - MATVOX  more »

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