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Olivier Roy

Paris, France

Olivier Roy is a senior researcher at the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research). He currently lectures at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) and the Institut d'Etudes Politiques (IEP) in Paris and has acted as consultant to the French Foreign Ministry (Center for Analysis and Forecast) since 1984. Olivier Roy was also a consultant with UNOCA on Afghanistan in 1988, special OSCE representative to Tajikistan (August 1993 to February 1994) and headed the OSCE Mission for Tajikistan from February to October 1994. He is also the author of Globalized Islam, published by Columbia University Press. Close.

Olivier Roy

Paris, France

Olivier Roy is a senior researcher at the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research). more »

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Regional Powers Cannot Achieve Victory

Paris, France - The war is making the world more dangerous because no protagonist will achieve any of its goals. Moreover, each might be tempted, at worst, to extend the war or at best to achieve a temporary peace agreement...

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Eleanor Rosales:

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I agree. Instead of spending so much money on the Iraq war (340 billion) and the US military (420 billion), Americans should be spending at least some of this on global poverty in order to discourage more terrorism and wars. In reality only .16% of the US federal budget is spent on poverty reduction, the least among wealthy nations.

khuda dad azara:

Invitation for perpetual peace

Though it is looking a mad's dream to talk about a global invitation for a perpetual

peace in the climax of conflicts and in worst fall of civilizations but being part of

a global community with a sense of humanity, I believe it is my duty to invite my

fellow human beings for a dailogue on a issue that is the ultimate goal of all human

acheivements, directions and dimensions and that is, "perpetual peace".

Mecheiveli, defined the politics as,"perpetual conflict" but neither he defined the

conflict nor he told the end result of the conflict as he might thought that in

presence of perpetual conflict there would be no perpetual consensus or in other

phrase, "perpetual peace". But I must add that when there are ranges and varieties of

equilibriums in ever spreading universe why there couldn't be ranges and varieties of

"peace" in ever increasing and growing conflicts?

We know that equilibriums are evolving to attain the perpetual equilibrium or

universal equilibrium or simply, "end result of big bang", so why we can't consider

that the conflicts are also evoloving to attain the perpetual peace, that is the end

result of barbarianism" or "excellence of humanity"..........?

I accept that conflicts never end and will always be on work a, "hub of evolution"

but I also believe that, "conflicts are also evolving" and this evolution would

distinguish us from the "perpetual conflicts of beasts". What I mean by peace is not

end of conflicts but evolution of conflicts from beastly competition to human

Competitions. Competitions that ensures "freedoms of human consciousness" which lead

us to huaman excellence". What human consruct are "civilizations" and what human

compete each otherin conflicts is vision of human on,"civilizations". It is inhuman to

destroy a civilization. It is just expression of shallowness in level of evolution or

more clearly,"expression of beastly conflicts".

I accept that conflicts never end and will always be on work as "hub of evolution" but conflicts

are also evoloving. It needs a serious global consideration, debates and consensus to make people

around the globe aware of the mechanism of "evolution of conflicts" that make us more close to the

perpetual peace.

I have a very clear vision of "evolution of conflicts" but I want to hear the global voices of the

deeplydivided world indulged in shallow conflicts. May be they themselves rech to the result. I

am looking forward a shift of mechanism from "profitism" to "humanism".

I know that this topics do not match your policies that are based on profitism and hence all these

would look utopian and impractical in these dark ages.......yes.............oh....yes?????????

But I am just doing my duty.......as I am in debt to humanity that they taught me by their mistakes.

Mistakes that perished lives and perishing lives..........................................

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