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Njoroge is a journalist who formerly worked for the Kenya-based People Daily. He was Africa Correspondent for the Science and Development Network (SciDev.net), a UK-based web site highlighting science and technology issues from developing countries. He also freelanced for the Switzerland-based Bulletin of the World Health Organization (WHO). Njoroge was a press fellow at the Wolfson College, University of Cambridge for four months in 2003, where he researched the role of alternative press in the democratization process in Africa. Njoroge currently lives in the U.S. He has studied Journalism and Technical Communication at the graduate level. Close.

Njoroge Wachai


Njoroge is a journalist who formerly worked for the Kenya-based People Daily. more »

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Hold South Africa Responsible for Zimbabwe's Mess

South Africa stands in the way of Zimbabwe’s salvation.

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Deng Mading:

You don't have to blames South Africa for humanity being execise in Zambabwe by Mugabe, really you should blame Braitain who brought a lot of uncertainity in Africa and every where so shame on you if you blame any African country for the mess by which Braitain and the coward Morgan Tsvangirai is responsible.


I agree with this writer. South Africa'a attitude is disgusting. "Quiet Diplomacy" what a joke. At best it is misguided policy; at worst, it is implicit if not outright support of this horrible frightful man who should go immediately and since that seems impossible, should be forced to go. What is the UN good for if not for this very situation???? I am horrified and revolted every day I hear or read about this and South Afica`s attitude is to me unbelievable. It reflects very badly on Mbeki; he should go to and South Afica should also be censured publicly and sanctions imposed on it because of its flagrant disregard for democratic process. All I can say is SHAME ON YOU Mbeki.

Deng Mading:

George Manuelian, people like you with concept of white being smart over blacks are the reason our dear president, Mugabe acted that way, and I totally agreed with him to death becuase white Zambabweans are all criminal under humanitarian laws, they killed a lot of Africans then our hero Mugabe, this time that traitor Morgan Tsvangirai who is manipulated by criminal government of Braitain can not be a president of Zambabwe during our life time. And is a whiteman smarter becuase a man can marry a man? My Africans president please it's wise not to interfere in Zambabwe politic becuase there is no good candidate to change our father Mugabe.

George Manuelian:

I totally agree with Frank Collins.

They were fools to eject the whites from the country, they were the only ones smart enough to lead, produce, organize or maintain. If the country, and all of Africa for that matter, is to return to prosperity, they MUST bring whites back and give them control again. Like black governments in other states, they're too incompetent to maintain the complexities of a modern society. Primitive tribalism and savage rule doesn't work in the modern world. The sooner Africa understands this, the sooner they can be saved.

George Manuelian
Atherton, CA


Can it be that the Southern African leaders who failed to criticise Mugabe actually agree with him? That they would like to have similar positions of unbridled power? And are happy to see similar systems of sham-democracy?

frank collins:

it's time to realize that western concepts of how a civilized sociate should work will just not work in africia.
does anyone find it strange that all of the systems set up for economic growth dont work in africia?
that every africian country lives on the edge and they all fall back into tribal warfare at every opportunity?
not one africian nation now how the prosperity that existed when they were colonies. lets just accept that africia enjoyes being tribal. that a chief will rule until he dies and he will, with the only thing that africia accepts from the modern world, modern weapons, will continue to hold power until it is taken from him by force.
it is the africian way, the tribal way, war, death, starvation, rape and torture.
in africia might makes right and european rules do not matter.
africia was given a massave headstart in reaching industrialization and they tossed it away. with some limited exceptions, the average africian lives much like his ancestors 2 thousand years ago. carrying water from a river. taking what they want when they can. if they want to live that way let them alone. don't let them export it but if they want to live that way - its their choice.
if they want a charge a power based on force and violence then so be it.
if someone has a resource to sell we will buy it from them and not worry about how they got it.
africia for africians is the call i remember. be careful what you wish for you might get it. well you got it. so dont expect non africians to come in and try to fix a problem that can't be fixed. africians act they way they do because that it the way they are. they will have to make any changes, if they want to change, internally.
good luck.

Ian Goddard:

Absolutely correct! The African Union must take strong and united action now. Economic sanctions are effective even though only symbolic in this already destroyed country. Treat Mugabe as the pariah he is. And considering similar action against Mbeki is not out of line. South Africa continues to support the Mugabe regime with power, fuel, and, it is rumored, weapons. Mbeki has squandered Mandela's legacy!

By demonstrating that they can rid themselves of despots and dictators these desperate countries can at last join the community of mankind. They need help from Africa and strong encouragement from the rest of the world. Millions are suffering terribly!

Tigan Tongadi:

I admire the logic of your argument as well as its underlining intellectual quality. While I disagree with Mbeki on so many things concerning Zimbabwe, I share with him that what we need is not any external intervention from outside of Africa, and much less of Britain, US or China. It is high time our Westernized minds realize that out fate lies in our hands. What gives Njoroge Wachai the impression that there is lasting peace in those countries where world powers had intervened? one decade is too short to make any such assumption. I am sure that if Britain hands off Zinbabwe, peace will resume. The mere suspicion that Britain is eyeing the country as a centre to showcase to the world that it is feeding Africa is the very begining of the crisis.
Nobody talks about British involvement in the sponsorship of Morgan Tsvangirai, all focus is on Mugabe. If the so called world powers genuinely want peace, let them stop their involvement and all that fuel the crisis, that will immediately stop the crisis rather than intervention.
Mugabe never said he would not hand over power, but he would not, to anyone like Morgan Tsvangirai, suspected to be puppet in the hands of the West as a ploy to economically and possibly politically colonize Zimbabwe once again. Let us not be easily fooled by propaganda.
This note is from a honest Zimbabwean. I do not belong fanatically to any political party, I am very opposed to the violence of Mugabe and I simpathize with those of use who have lost their loved ones to the crisis. At the same time, the truth, and truth alone will set Africa free.

Life was better under Britain:

Colonialism is a dead horse, thanks to Mugabe beating it over the head for the last 20 years. Mr Mugabe should to come up with a more original enemy as he's just a washed up old "freedom fighter" (read "terrorist" in post 2001 lingo) with no new tricks and a rabid bite. His is trail is littered murder victims that should make for at least a 20 year-long trial at the Hague...


South African president,Thabo Mbeki, is no better than a former white Afrikaner in denial about apartheid. To see a black South African president, (acting more like his former white Afrikaner masters) give quiet support to Robert Mugabe, a filthy savage who has reduce Zimbabwe to it's current state of horrors is abominable. Robert Mugabe has robbed Zimbabwe of its once prominent and productive role as a bread basket of Africa. Mugabe and his followers seem to be no better than Pol Pot in Cambodia or Ceausescu in Romania whose people killed him with a pick axe through the head. Can Mugabe be that far behind this former Romanian savage? As for Thabo Mbeki, he needs to follow in the foot steps of Nelson Mandela and disavow support of Mugabe; savages black or white are still just savages who deserve the worst regardless of their race, color or creed.

Deng Mading:

Dear Africans, I don't understand why Nelson Mandela is held as a hero but has not brouht justice to victims of racial a busy in his own country and he forgive those who killed thousand of Africans from South Africa to Zimbabwe, so if Nelson Mandela is a real hero in Africa why can he forgive a mother of his children? It's sad my fellow Africans to believed in weakness that Mandela who cann't forgive a mother of his kids but forgive murderers in South Africa should be held a hero, for me Mugabe should be held a hero in Africa then Mandela, becuase Mugabe help brouht freedom in many Africa countries e.g South Africa.

Deng Mading:

Dear Africans, I don't understand why Nelson Mandela is held as a hero but has not brouht justice to victims of racial a busy in his own country and he forgive those killed thousand of Africans from South Africa to Zimbabwe, so if Nelson Mandela is a real hero in Africa why can he forgive a mother of his children? It's sad my fellow Africans to believed in weakness that Mandela who cann't forgive a mother of his kids but forgive murderers in South Africa should be held a hero, for me Mugabe should be held a hero in Africa then Mandela, becuase Mugabe help brouht freedom in many Africa countries e.g South Africa.


>>What a flawed argument. What do relics of colonialism have to do with Mugabe’s refusal to accede to an electoral defeat?>>>

I totally agree with the author. Mugabe uses the fear of Britian taking control again which is complete idiocy and Mugabe knows it.

Mbeki is a failure and most of this mess rests on him. Such a dissapointment after Mandela. You get the sense that as long as his stomach is full the starving, beaten Zimbabweans(beaten and killed by South African blacks) in his country are not of interest to him. A quarter of the polulation of Zimbabwe are refugees in South Africa but he does nothing.

Dom Nardi:

"Had the world listened to Mbeki and Mugabe, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Liberia, Sierra Leone, Bosnia, and Haiti -- all of which owe their political stability to outside intervention -- would still be burning today"

Very true. Finally, someone who can cut through the so-called moral relativisim. One addition to the list - South Africa - highlights how sad Mbeki's position is. Had the outside world not intervened in South Africa, Mandela would still be in jail rather than celebrating his birthday at a rock concert.

Maria Munda:

People have been wondering why Mbeki is treating Mugabe with kid gloves. Apparently Mbeki, like Malawi' Bingu wa Mutarika was long silenced by Mugabe and given two gold mines and a farm in Zimbabwe. So what else can Zimbabweans expect from such bribery.

F Jamieson:



Will the fifa worldcup still be held in South Africa? Please!!!!
Will Mugabe be invited to attend the worldcup and sit in the VIP box holding hands with Mbeke?

High Priest:

Why is everyone calling Mugabe names. There has been no independent investigation that has found evidence that the political violence is perpetrated by ZANU PF only. Most individual who have been at the forefront of these accusations are people or organizations that have been sponsoring MDC or Tsvangirai in person, hence one would find it difficult to at least consider their opinion about the Zimbabwe situation now as being fair. The author of this post must try concentrate on the resolving issues in Kenya where a similar situation took place, with dire results.

gary :

thats what commies do,help other commies. from apartheid to stalinism. mandela,what a great man.

Lart from Above:

Of the many suggestions on how to deal with the crisis, this is the most useful. Zimbabwe is seeing the first stages of humanitarian tragedy such as we have seen in Rwanda, Uganda, and elsewhere. If South Africa takes action, the West will offer support; if it does not, it will have to pay the price of feeding more refugees and watching more blood on its doorstep.

This is not just a question for Thabo Mbeki. If South Africa is a democracy, the people can make their will known. If the people of South Africa allow their leaders to do nothing, then the disaster in Zimbabwe becomes their collective responsibility and shame.

Zimbabweans want democracy. South Africa has it, and should share the benefits with its neighbors. The people of Zimbabwe don't have enough guns to fight their government, but if the democratic forces in Zimbabwe had help (as Americans once had from French and other allies during their revolution), they would be able to rebuild their government so that it would serve the people.


I'm afraid the author doesn't understand sovereignty means other countries sometimes do things you/we don't like.

While I agree Mbeki has been a coward, and should do more, to blame him for Mugabe's evil is rubbish.


I'm afraid we must reckon with the fact that neither Zimbabwe's leadership nor South Africa's acts alone.

Mugabe, a man in his eighties, could not organize this level of government-sponsored violence by himself. Almost all the work would need to be done by much younger men, men who will burden Zimbabwe for many years after Mugabe is dead.

Thabo Mbeki, as well, does not back up his fellow Big Man out of his individual choice only. Zimbabwe's fall out of the light has been going on for years without the ANC saying a word against it. Even the much overpraised Nelson Mandela, after all this time, cannot bring himself to mention Mugabe's name when he speaks of the country Mugabe and his supporters have ruined.

South Africa, the only country in that part of the world with any real strength, has chosen to pursue a policy of weakness with respect to Zimbabwe's outlaw government. There is no reason not to expect this to continue. Zimbabwe's suffering people might have expected more help from the National Party government of 20 years ago than from the Big Men who have run South Africa since.

Colin Johnston:

The author does not make the connection between Mbeki and his appointed Armscor personnel authorising the sales of tons of weaponery, aircraft spare parts (ie DC3 (Douglas Dakota) engines and Alouette III Helicopters)and ammunition to shore up Mugabe since the early 2000's. The close military connection extended even into the DRC foray. Follow the money trail and you will find out the true meaning of "silent diplomacy" and Mbeki's personal gain in the affair.
Now that would be investigative journalism!!!

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