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Guest Voice

The Speech Netanyahu Won't Give

By Ori Nir

Here's what Benyamin Netanyahu should - but most likely won't - say in his much-anticipated policy speech on Sunday.

Bar Illan University President Moshe Kaveh, distinguished faculty, distinguished guests, dear Israelis:

In every nation's history, there are moments that call on its leader to face the truth and tell the truth to his fellow countrymen and women. This is such a moment. It is a moment of peril, but also a moment of great opportunity.

You have heard a lot from me in recent months about the peril. I am terribly concerned about the existential threats to our country. But you have not heard enough from me about the opportunity that we have today to devise a strategic, long-term approach to reduce these threats.

We have an opportunity - one that may not reoccur for generations to come - to reach the kind of regional security that we have been seeking since our parents and grandparents established this astonishing country sixty-one years ago.

Sure, there are many potential obstacles on the way to realizing that vision. In my recent public addresses, both as candidate and as prime minister, I have been focusing on the obstacles. I am still well aware of them.

Today, however, I would like to focus on the reasons for hope, on my reasons for making some bold choices. I have decided to pursue a path that may bring us security through peace with the entire Arab world, full normalization with all Arab and Muslim countries, a final settlement with our Palestinian neighbors, who will commit to an end of claims in return for an independent state in the West Bank and Gaza, and full legitimacy in the international community.

If we succeed, we will be in a position to find a reasonable resolution, with full regional and international support, to the Iranian threat. We will be in a much better position to tackle our domestic challenges. We will strengthen our democracy, our economy, our world standing, and our national moral integrity. We will be finally in a position to bolster the Zionist dream of our founding fathers: a just, secure, stable, prosperous democratic Jewish state in the Land of Israel.

We have an opportunity to achieve all that because we have a partner. I am talking about the partner we have in the White House, the leader of the United States, our greatest ally.

When I was in Washington last month, and in subsequent communications I had with President Obama, I realized that unlike his predecessors, he is truly determined to bring comprehensive peace to our scarred, cynical region. He is resolute, and if there is anyone who can lead a successful effort to get it done, it is Barack Obama.

President Obama has inspired not only the American public. He has captured the hearts and minds of hundreds of millions of people worldwide, including Arabs and Muslims. He is already empowering moderates and reformists in the Middle East, as we see in Iran and Lebanon.

Today, I am here to announce that the state of Israel, under my leadership, chooses to contribute whatever it can to this promising transformation. Israel chooses to work with the U.S. president, to form a partnership with him and with moderates in the region to seek stability, security and peace for our people. Israel chooses not to be on the side of the rejectionists. It chooses to say yes; to harness its immense optimism and creativity to the noble task of peacemaking.

It's an ambitious goal, yes. It is risky, of course. It involves sacrifices and internal strife.. But I believe that no Israeli leader can afford to turn down such an opportunity.

I am declaring today that I am willing to resume negotiations, in good faith and without preconditions, with the leaders of Syria and Lebanon, and - of course - with the Palestinian Authority and with any Palestinian leader who is willing to accept the two-state vision. And just as I demand that our Palestinian interlocutors come to the negotiating table having turned their backs on violence, so am I coming to the table in good faith. I have instructed my government to stop all settlement construction in Judea and Samaria - and in East Jerusalem - as long as negotiations are ongoing. It is something we can do, and should do, to show our interlocutors that we are serious. We will also promptly remove all the illegal outposts in Judea and Samaria. Those who continue to build illegally will be tried and punished.

My fellow Israelis, I am determined to do whatever I can to make this effort a success. It is my duty as a responsible Israeli leader. I urge you to demonstrate a sense of national maturity and responsibility and help me steer our country toward a better, secure future.

Thank you.

Ori Nir is the spokesman of Americans for Peace Now, and formerly covered Palestinian affairs for Israel's Haaretz and Washington for the Jewish Forward.

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Comments (91)

mikebustami Author Profile Page:

I was expecting any Zionist chieftain to have enough courage or integrity to apologise to the people of Palestine for the atrocities practiced upon them for decades. This apology is so important since the entire fabrication of the State of Israel was lacking any ethical or legal justification from the begining.
The usurpation of Palestine from its people and the terror strategy those imported European Jews had implemented over the years (before and after 1948) on its people were all acts of terror and barbarism.
I don't see why an artificial Israeli state can be recognised while the already established and recognised Palestine should disappear.
The Israeli PM can show some honesty if he remove his settlers from the occupied Westbank and start some real negotiations with the long-waiting Palestinians. Israel is a proven villain and an alien trespasser on Palestine and the region. The least thing it can do to admit regret is to show some honesty instead of fooling the world around. That will cost it nothing of importance. All the Palestinians are asking for is "Freedom" on what was occupied by military force. They don't think to build armies or invade others as the Zionists were doing along their short dwell over the region. "Freedom" and living with dignity are all what the Palestinians ask for . These are the abc of human rights.

yishai_613 Author Profile Page:


There's no suchthing as "Palestine". There could have been, but they chose war and terror instead- even when the "Peace Now" types were in power in Israel.

Oh well. That was their choice.

analyst72 Author Profile Page:

Israel for Israelis?
Palestine is for Palestinians!

ripvanwinkleincollege Author Profile Page:

How about this speech from an American president, in about the year 2020
"My fellow Americans. Our Chinese creditors have just advised me that they will be pulling the plug on their lending unless we cut military spending by 50% and reduce our entitlement spending by 10%. They have advised me that they will assume the responsibilities to policing the Persian Gulf. The US will continue to honor its comments to defend Israel and Japan to the best of its ability, within our limited means."
I think under the circumstances, facing that situation in the next 10 years (whether it is spoken or unspoken), Israel would be plenty smart to make peace with its Arab neighbors (and the Japanese with China) on whatever terms they can get, and plenty dumb not to. It is not our responsibility to bail out dumb people overseas. We have enough stupidity of our own right here in the good old USA.

i_go_pogo Author Profile Page:

It's disheartening to read so much heat and so little light on both sides. Anyway, here's where I think we are:

1. Israel is not being asked to give up real estate at this point. Israel is being asked to freeze new construction across the Green Line. This is completely reversible. Israel cannot be asked to do anything irreversible until we establish that there is a partner for peace on the other side.

2. Contrary to Mr. Nir, it is not important for Netanyahu to open his arms and sing "Kum Ba Yah" at this time. For political reasons, it is better if he is dragged kicking and screaming.

3. No matter how the process plays out, I consider it unlikely that the Palestinians, Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, Iran, Saudi and even Fatah will ever recognize Israel and accept her existence as a Jewish state. I think Mr. Nir and the Obama Administration are dreaming a fantasy. Most Israelis had enough of this fantasy back in 2000, at the start of the Second Intifadeh. However, I believe it is important to try once again. Maybe I'm wrong, and the Obama magic can actually create a reality of peace.

huntyrella Author Profile Page:

I hope Netaniahu says nothing of the kind...there is no point on Israel giving up Real Estate only to make Obama look good when really...the Palis won't be doing anything on their side...Israel gave up Real Estate on Gaza only to see Gazans send their fire every day through their rockets...Not again. And not without an agreement first.
If Obama wants advancement he should get on with the program and start negotiating out of the Media and being more supportive of Israel...He should give up on sending Carter and his anti-semitic rants and his declarations about "loving the Palestinians" to the ME...Obama should stop offending the Israelis who can see through him...He should demand the rethoric against Israel's existence to come to an end...I cannot see anybody making demands that Abbas says he agrees with Israel as a Jewish State. Abbas has not been asked to do anything....Israel should say it is waiting until the Palis stop their violence to act.
Until then Obama should think whether he wants to treat Israel as a proper country or of an American outpost...
It is funny Egypt gets almost the same amount of money from the US yearly and yet you never see the Americans go all upset about the Egyptians...but for the Arab oil I suppose....
Israel should give up on American money like we in South America did...and get back their sense of self respect that America always manage to minimize, disrespect or destroy when it comes to other nations.
Go Israel.

captn_ahab Author Profile Page:

Do any of the "pro Palestinian" posters realize that the so called Palestinian "resistance" is part of a 60 year old war to destroy Israel and deny it any share of UN designed 1947 partition to allow both Arabs and Jews a state in the remainder of the Palestine mandate not already Palestinian territory (i.e. Jordan)?

Have any of the pro Palestinian posters read the 1964 PLO charter in which the Palestinians specifically say they are not interested in a state in the West Bank and Gaza?

Have any of the pro Palestinian posters read the Hamas charter that accepts discredited anti Semitic propaganda?

Do any of the pro Palestinian posters know that the Palestinians rejected a state in 1948 and 2000. In 2000 they made no counter offer, but walked out and told the Israelis to drink from the Dead Sea?

Do any of the pro Palestinian posters realize that the longer the Arabs continue their futile war to destroy Israel the more land they lose?

Can any of the pro Palestinian posters get past their hatred of Israel, and wake up to any of the facts of the conflict?

FoothillWebDesign Author Profile Page:

Shomeir wrote, "Eretz Yisrael L'Am Yisrael."

My friend, that's a direct translation of Hitler's "Germany for Germans."

Do you seriously want to use that phrase is support of Israel?

FoothillWebDesign Author Profile Page:

The opportunity for peace is passing like a ship in the night, with the liberal Obama taking on the conservative Netanyahu. There might have been a chance if Palestinians hadn't elected Hamas, or Israelis hadn't elected Bibi. Considering the overwhelming win in Gaza, Israel isn't in the mood to make concessions. Nor will twisting the arm of a long-time ally win Obama any points, certainly not while Iran and Korea are playing nuclear roulette. Those who hate Jews and Israel will continue to do so, regardless of borders, until there aren't any Jews left.

Rocko1 Author Profile Page:

There was never a pales state-- no the so called land grab is BS. If they really wanted peace, they would stop firing rockets and stalling.. what do they think the isrealis will do when they are attacked? Sit back? Get real, we in the US wouldnt stand for that, why should they?

whistling Author Profile Page:

Enormous amounts of space were spent in the WAPO, last few days,

by Jews asking WHY? WHY? does everyone hate us?

Read the posts above. And the other posts in any discussion of ISrael or Jews. Obvious.

AND, it's SOOO insulting to have to read all the stuff about Israel wanting peace.

Israel doesn't want peace.
Israel wants Palestine, and everything else it can grab. It won't end well. And the world will cheer.

drainey32798 Author Profile Page:

This is exactly the kind of speech that is needed, except maybe it should be a bit more specific (i.e. borders should be drawn along the pre-june 1967 borders, with minor and mutual adjustments).

For those opposed to a two state solution, "naive" and "wipe Israel off the map" seem to be the words of choice. But if you had asked the American revolutionaries whether they wanted to wipe England off the map, I'm sure you would have gotten a lot of yes's. Being occupied by another country is not nice, and it incites hateful comments like that. Why not try ending the occupation and see where that gets you? The Palestinians certainly don't have the means to wipe Israel off the map, but Israel does have the means take back Gaza, the West Bank, and E Jerusalem if the two state solution doesn't work.

mcap52 Author Profile Page:

Americans and people around the world need to put themselves in the Israeli's shoes.Would we be willing to give up our nukes?Would we be willing to allow foreigners to take over our land?HELL NO!!!
Israel has been pummeled by rockets for years and never retaliated,then when they do we call them extremists.Israel giving up their nukes would be like flying a banner in the air that says"GO AHEAD IRAN,WIPE US OFF THE FACE OF THE PLANET".
If anyone thinks that by giving in to the palestinians will produce peace you are misinformed.Do a little research and find out exactly why they are there and what Israel has already conceded.

gilad1 Author Profile Page:

Lies and distortion of history:

Palestinians have never, ever, controlled Jeruslem, even for one day. In 1947 the UN voted to divide British Mandated Palestine. The Arabs rejected this and declared war on the Jews. The 1947 plan was totally biased against the Jews. Just look at the plan to see what I mean.
Today, in Israel, there is freedom of religion for all religions. When the Turks and the Jordanians controlled Jerusalem, Jews where banned from religious practices.
Muslims built mosques on top of the holiest site for Jews. This site has been holy for Jews for 3,500 years. Prior to 150 years ago, there was no nation called the Palestinians and anyone proclaiming differently is fabricating history. Palestinians, if serious about peace, must accept that Israel is the Jewish homeland. The reason they are not willing to do this can only result in the single conclusion that they want a solution as the expense of Judaism instead of accomodation and sharing.

elainekramer Author Profile Page:

I would love a Middle East that doesn't kill folks they don't like. Our new President is not the person to straighten this out. After all, he went to Egypt to cozy up to Arabs. And he spent time in many Muslim situation as his father was a Muslin too. I think that America dosen't like that there have been to little of too many promises made. We actually are not amused how much he has done in secret (he's hiding salaries) for his 20+ Czars. And how many American President's spent their time on Air Force every week of each month. He thought he was being elected The Leader of the World, and making the Americans public pay for all the plane fuel. He takes Air Force One and has four to six other planes he takes traveling with him at most times. Guess he really likes his privacy.

You folks who really bought everything the man was saying all need to be in a asylum.

cobradave Author Profile Page:

You're a wise man, where have you been all my life ?!?!?!?

kkrimmer Author Profile Page:

Justifying repression and killing by simply calling Israel a democracy is an insult to democracy. The zionist extremists have been in power in Israel for years. Even recently expanding illegal settlements at the displeasure of Washington (google it). Israel is a thug. Rabin was killed by a zionist extremist. Sadat was killed by a arab extremist. Extremism is bad no matter who it is. The right-wing zionist israel govt want to be attacked so they can strike out and prove they are protecting the people, it's safer than peace. (safer=job security).

magnifco1000 Author Profile Page:

From the Arab perspective, Israel really wants nukes if she is not ultimately satisfied with the land acquired from illegal settlements in the territories. Many in Israel envision a "greater Israel," which would incorporate parts of present day Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. That's the problem. Does anyone really believe this will stop at just the territories? To that extent, Iran needs nukes as a deterrent, and so do the other Arab nations in the region. Otherwise, they are going to be bullied to give up land, eventually. It's just a matter of time.

pkhenry Author Profile Page:

If Israel gave up their nukes, they would immediately be destroyed by their much larger and aggressive Muslim neighbors.

pkhenry Author Profile Page:

If there is an opportunity for peace, it is because over the last eight years Hamas has been beaten to a pulp. Terrorist attacks are down 90% in Israel since Clinton left office.

yishai_613 Author Profile Page:

It's late here in Israel, so I leave you with this:

Jews lived in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza for thousands of years.

Just because the Arabs ethnically cleansed all Jews in 1948 (1929 from Hebron, Gaza, parts of Jerusalem, etc.) doesn`t give them a "right" to keep these areas Judenrein now.

With 500,000 Jews over the so-called "Green Line" and growing, that`s just the way it is- and will be.

If the Arabs ***need*** to live Jew-free lives, they`ll just have to do it elsewhere- in their own lands. We won`t allow that here in ours.

We will keep building and planting, procreating and thriving here.

Better get used to it.

"Should Bibi Give in to Obama? Israelis Say 'No'"

Most Israelis do not believe that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu should buckle to pressure by U.S. President Barack Obama to freeze all construction in Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. A poll conducted this week by the Ma'agar Mochot (Brain Trust) survey firm showed that a decisive majority of the Israeli public believes there is no need to give in to America's demands.

Of the 503 respondents to the survey, 56 percent said Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu does not need to agree to the construction freeze, while 37 percent said he needs to give in. Another seven percent were unsure...


magnifco1000 Author Profile Page:

If Israel truly wanted peace, the first thing she would do is de-nuclearize, give up her nukes (now estimated at 200 plus). Then, Iran would no longer have to develop nukes as a deterrent. However, time after time, Israel has shown she is not interested in peace. From the illegal invasion of Lebanon, to the illegal settlements, Israel is under the control of those who simply want the Palestinians eradicated in order to seize their land. Many Israel's today have no qualms about calling for the eradication of the Palestinians, even if that calls for genocide. Meanwhile, the USA claims to want to broker pace, yet U.S. munitions (military aid) continue to flow into Israel. Israel must finally recognize the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, give up her illegal settlements, and then we can start to talk peace. Otherwise, it is impossible.

yishai_613 Author Profile Page:

Israel tried to do it Peace Now's way and got thousands dead and wounded in an Arab war of terror lasting years.

The simple fact is that the Philistines could have had a state in peace, but chose war on MANY occasions- INSTEAD:

The Philistines would have had a state IN PEACE in 1937 with the Peel Plan, but they violently rejected it.

They would have had a state IN PEACE in 1939 with the MacDonald White Paper, but they violently rejected it (and Jews would have even been restricted from BUYING land from Arabs).

They would have had a state IN PEACE in 1948 with UN 181, but they violently rejected it (and actually claimed that the UN had no such mandate!).

They could have had a state IN PEACE in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza from 1948-1967 without any Jews- because the Arabs had ethnically cleansed every last one; but they violently rejected it. In fact, that's exactly when they established Fatah (1959) and the PLO (1964).

They could have had a state IN PEACE after 1967, but instead, the entire Arab world issued the Khartoum Resolutions:

A. No peace with Israel
B. No recognition of Israel
C. No negotiations with Israel

They would have had a state IN PEACE in 2000 with the Oslo Accords, but they violently rejected it- as always.

The Arabs will just have to learn to "make do" with their own 99.9% of the Middle East- including all of the oil, and stop trying to steal OUR tiny 1/10th of 1% without oil. The Philistines won't have a state here in Israel, and if they don't stop their violence, they won't even exist here anymore. They will be gone.

And THEN there will be peace.

hariknaidu Author Profile Page:

If Netanhayu can embrace even the principal core of policy changes submitted above and announce acceptance of two-state solution, he'll have done a great service to Zionist cause.

The survival of Jewish State is the core issue for all its allies and supporters including US/EU.
So, in order to enhance its national security long term, Likud will now have to come out of its wood-works and admit its hitherto political failure to ultimately resolve the practical issue of two-state solution.

Once a sovereign state-of-Palestine is finally established and recognized globally it'd be incumbent upon US/EU and all other parties to actively tend to ameliorating inter-state relations with a fixed schedule of work programme and results on the ground. Neither side must or can be given a breathing pause to (re)consider its agreed upon rights and responsiblity to ensure the peaceful co-existence of the two-state solution.

A divorce is not an alternative any longer!

cleanthes Author Profile Page:

Natanyahu is no different from George W Bush: he is utterly useless without a war. Incompetent politicians need fear, war and chaos to rule because they can neither articulate nor pave a path to a brighter, positive future. Natanyahu's entire political existence relies on the fear and hatred of Palestinians. He has no cultural plan, no economic plan, no social plan and no guiding moral principles.

Natanyahu will soon find himself out of power, and we will be able to hear the views of a populist Israeli leader who represents the Israeli population at large, as opposed to the irrelevant ranting of a fear monger who achieved power through manipulation of the system.

Everybody seems to forget that Bibi didn't win a majority of votes. He wangled his position, and he knows is about to lose it. So, he will play up the Palestinian and Iranian cards as much as he can. He has nothing else to offer.

djfeiger Author Profile Page:

The comments on this page exhibits how the medias and lefts lies have become facts to brainwashed Americans. The Palestinian movement has nothing to do with occupation. It has existed from the time the Pals rejected their own state and the Arabs attacked Israel. They hate Jews and want them all dead. It's sad how ignorant American politicians, media and public are of the facts. What a waste of potential.

aridaios1 Author Profile Page:

The following was narrated to me by a Palestinian.
“I am a Palestinian Christian of the Eastern Orthodox faith. I was born in 1958 on a farming village in what was defined as the West Bank. My father worked hard tending to an olive-tree orchard and a few acres of cereal crops. He had a wife and four small children to support. My father was a peaceful apolitical man who would never hurt even a fly.
In 1969, when I was 11-years old, I was returning from school with my siblings and I saw a group of armed Israeli soldiers with a bulldozer poised to demolish our home. I led my siblings to a spot behind a wall and watched. My Mother was standing at the door wailing and my father, with his arm around her, was trying to console her while he was shouting to the soldiers begging them not to destroy our home which had stood there for five generations.
Just as one Israeli was advancing toward my parents, another Israeli soldier aimed his machine-gun at my parents and killed them both. With only a casual glance at the murderer, and without removing the dead bodies, the Israeli in charge ordered the bulldozer operator to proceed with the demolition. Some of the soldiers -including the murderer- were laughing while the bulldozer's tracks ran over the bodies of my parents which were mixed with the debris.
Fearing for our lives, my siblings and I ran to the house of my grandparents. In tears, I told them what we had just witnessed and my grandmother fainted. My grandfather was also crying while he tried to revive my grandmother. "They did the same thing to several other houses," he said. At that moment, I took a silent oath in my parents' memory that I would avenge their murder. I repeated the oath with my siblings a year later when we learned that our olive-tree orchard was leveled to clear the grounds for a Jewish settlement.
As the years passed, we became resistance fighters and our enemy is the Zionist occupation government and its armed instruments. The continuing murders and destruction in which the Israelis engaged with abandon was a constant motivating factor that urged us not to repress our rage but to continue until our last breaths.
I ask you: Are we entitled to met retributive justice where we had no other recourse to obtain it?
The Israeli propaganda machine has succeeded in convincing the United States government to brand our retributive acts as terrorism. But who are the terrorists, Those who, so brutally and inhumanly, murdered our parents and destroyed our home or us? “

demtse Author Profile Page:

President Obama has thrown down the gautlet to the Israelis. He will not support Israel's invasion of Iran and they must go it alone. This is the most sound policy towards Israel in 20 years.

aridaios1 Author Profile Page:

Out of the tragedy of the terrorist atrocities of September 11th, renewed hopes had also emerged that a permanent solution would be found to the 61-year old Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Instead of a solution, and in spite of the obvious ability of the U.S. -as the sole Superpower- to impose one, we became witnesses to a severe deterioration of the situation with hostilities from both sides. In light of this, the US foreign policy, blatantly supportive of Israel's aggressive posture, has to be re-evaluated using more pragmatic and objective criteria. For a correct assessment of that situation, one has to view the above historical facts through their proper perspective. By so doing, one will discover one of the real causes of the September 11th attack on the United States. (The other being the unabashed U.S. support of oppressive regimes in Muslim nations.)

Is there a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict? The answer is YES! But the solution has to be fair and just, based on international laws and treating both parties impartially and without prejudice.

aridaios1 Author Profile Page:

Item: During WWII, in virtually all the Nazi-occupied countries in Europe, the patriotic resistance against the occupiers was encouraged and actively supported by the United States. Many of the freedom-fighters did not hesitate to place their own lives on the line in the cause of freedom from their Nazi oppressor. The similarity with the acts of Palestinians against the Israeli occupation forces is evident and a distinction should be made between freedom-fighters and terrorists.

Item: Many of the past and present Israeli political and military personalities had also been leaders or members of Zionist terrorist organizations such as the “Irgun Z'vai Leumi”, “Stern Gang”, “Haganah”, “Giddy Paglin”, “Palmach” etc. (The assassination of U.N. mediator Swedish Count Folke Bernadotte was an act of one of these organizations). These Zionist organizations “wrote the book” on modern terrorism which, until their appearance, constituted but random and isolated acts by anarchists.

Item: When Ariel Sharon became Prime Minister of Israel, he had adopted the satanic ploy of demanding from Palestinian Chairman Arafat to “rein-in the terrorist groups”. This impossible-to –comply-with demand had allowed Sharon to launch his hard line campaign of assassination and destruction with presumed impunity. Unfortunately, this absurd demand had also been echoed by President Bush. Given the facts that there are almost 3.5 million Palestinians living in Israel the West Bank and the other occupied territories and that every Palestinian family has been brutally victimized by the Israeli occupation forces, how in the name of reason, could Yasser Arafat know who the next Palestinian -who had had sufficient reasons to seek revenge and, in his or her desperation, was determined to sacrifice his or her life to achieve it- be reined-in? Furthermore, How could Arafat arrest resistance fighters when the Israeli occupation forces systematically targeted Palestinian police installations and policemen? Needless to say, similar irrational demands are constantly made on the Palestinians by the intransigent Israeli government. Such demands seem to have one purpose: to stonewall any final resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian problem.

aridaios1 Author Profile Page:

Item: Under international law, it is illegal to settle land seized in war; however, there are over 300 illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank. The majority of these settlements are sponsored by the Israeli government which provides them with the necessary infrastructure facilities.

Item: In the absence of any other rational explanation for the blind subservience to Israeli interests, would it be unreasonable for one to assume that some of the aid funds are sent back to the United States and are given to American-Jewish organizations or individuals who, in turn, pass them on as political contributions to both party candidates for office in order to secure their support for the Israeli cause?

Item: There are some people who say that Israel is a friend of the United States and deserves such unquestioned support. The intentional Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in 1967, killing 34 and wounding 172 American servicemen (http://www.ussliberty.com) is indicative of the absurdity of such blind support of Israel. As one of the survivors of the attack stated: “With friends like Israel, the U.S. needs no enemies”

aridaios1 Author Profile Page:

Item: Israel has perpetrated many well documented massacres as well as ethnic cleansing operations against Palestinians (http://www.ummah.net/unity/palestine/massacres.htm).

Item: For the past 61 years, Israel has pursued a policy of brutal oppression against a people whose homeland was arbitrarily taken away from them. During the same period, Israeli occupation forces have killed thousands of Palestinians and never hesitated to kill unarmed Palestinian children or to arrest and torture them in order to elicit from them information regarding members of resistance organizations including possibly their parents.

Item: It is documented that a large portion of the US financial aid to Israel is used for the construction of settlements most of which are on illegally occupied territory. Many of the settlement homes are used by American and European Jews as summer vacation or retirement homes.

Item: Whereas Israel owes its existence to a United Nations resolution, it has repeatedly violated the provisions of the U.N. charter and with the concurrence of the United States arrogantly thumbed its nose to subsequent U.N. resolutions regarding its borders, and its persistent violations of the human rights and civil liberties of Palestinians.

aridaios1 Author Profile Page:

By the end of the 19th century, using the lessons provided by their religious books, they managed to elevate themselves to positions of economic and political power [the Rothchilds, Disraeli, (Prime Minister of England)] which enabled them to influence the decisions of the Superpowers that eventually allowed them to reclaim part of the land which they had originally grabbed, claiming that “God had promised it to them”. But that land was already occupied for thousands of years by the Palestinians (descendants of ancient Canaanites and Philistines); and the Palestinians had to be evicted sometimes by the same methods that the ancient Jews used: Genocide and extermination.

aridaios1 Author Profile Page:

In a display of chutzpah* even more galling than the Balfour Declaration, the first Zionists invented a God who “commanded them” to commit genocide. After declaring that their God gave them land which had belonged to other peoples for thousands of years, the spiritual ancestors of today's Zionists embarked upon a campaign of mass murder:
“…In the cities of these peoples that the Lord your God gives you for an inheritance you shall save alive nothing that breathes, but you shall utterly destroy them, the Hittites and the Amorites, the Canaanites and the Perizzites, the Hivites and the Jebusites, as the Lord your God has commanded.” (Deuteronomy 20:16-17).
The Jebusites were the people of Jerusalem, and like the other nations that were slated for destruction, they had no quarrel with the Israelites. Nevertheless, there can be no doubt that The People Of The Book were bent on genocide according to the modern definition of the word:
"They should be utterly destroyed and should receive no mercy but be exterminated, as the Lord commanded Moses . . Utterly destroy all that they have; do not spare them, but kill both man and woman, infant and suckling..."(Joshua 11:20, First Samuel 15:3).

abhab Author Profile Page:

Most of the argument against the settlement of the 60 years old Israel-Palestine problem falls in three categories.
1. The Began philosophy. The late terrorist turned Prime Minister stated the Israel will return the lands it occupied when the USA returns Texas to Mexico. In other words what was taken by force could not be returned except by force.
2. Muslim religion is a fake religion and since the Palestinians are adherents to that religion Israel owes them nothing but contempt.
3. The Palestinians and Arabs would never be satisfied with having only the West Bank, but would use it as a stepping stone to “throw the Israelis into the sea (Mediterranean).

1. This philosophy rules out any resolution by peaceful means. Such a confrontational policy would create much more problems than it would solve. This could be named the policy of “Might is Right”.
2. Supposing the Muslim religion is fake that should not impact on their rights that the Palestinians had cquired by living on the land for countless generations. Besides most of the lands of historical Palestine was owned by Christians; the descendents of the original Canaanites.
3. Who should be afraid of whom? The stone throwing Palestinians or the nuclear armed Israelis?

aridaios1 Author Profile Page:

The Israel Lobby is dedicated to the realization of the Zionist dream which is promoted by Jewish religious extremists. These extremists are politically organized in Israel and exert considerable influence on the decision-making processes of the Israeli government regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (In spite of the influence of these extremists in Israel the United States and Europe, there are many Jews who, although supporting the existence of the state of Israel, reject Israeli expansionism and support a two-state solution based on unbiased justice).

aridaios1 Author Profile Page:

The U.S. Legislative and Executive branches, kowtowing to the powerful Zionist lobby (11 Senators, 26 Congressmen, tens of pro-Zionist organizations, many Zionists in key decision-making positions), have blindly aligned themselves with Israel giving over two hundred billion dollars of US taxpayers' money in economic and military aid to Israel's oppressive regime. US arms were -and are still being- used against Palestinians. (The total cost in lives and financial resources incurred by the United States in its support for Israel to date is immense). This selective, one-sided, US policy has aptly branded the US as an accomplice to Israel's crimes against the Palestinians and is the root cause of many terrorist acts against the United States.

captn_ahab Author Profile Page:

Do any of the "pro Palestinian" posters realize the so called Palestinian "resistance" is part of a 60 year old war to destroy Israel and deny it any share of UN designed partition to allow both Arabs and Jews a state in the remainder of the Palestine mandate not already Palestinian territory (i.e. Jordan)?

Have any of the pro Palestinian posters read the 1964 PLO charter in which the Palestinians specifically say they are not interested in a state in the West Bank and Gaza?

Have any of the pro Palestinian posters read the Hamas charter that accepts discredited anti Semitic propaganda?

Do any of the pro Palestinian posters know that the Palestinians rejected a state in 1948 and 2000. In 2000 they made no counter offer, but walked out and told the Israelis to drink from the Dead Sea?

Do any of the pro Palestinian posters realize that the longer the Arabs continue their futile war to destroy Israel the more land they lose?

Can any of the pro Palestinian posters get past their hatred of Israel, and wake up to any of the facts of the conflict?

gaetano49 Author Profile Page:

Unfortunately, not being prescient, clever and righteous like President Obama, Mr Netanyahu certainly won´t make the proposed speech.

Just look at the Zion Wall, stealing ever more land from Palestine. That wall standing, no words from Mr Netanyahu & Co will convince anybody. The Gaza siege in effect, nobody should believe Israel.

Hopefully, President Obama will apply some arm-twisting on the Israelis to teach them some decency and common sense.

wlockhar Author Profile Page:

Why would you guys waste bandwidth and newspaper space by posting a hypothetical speech? That's like asking what if "Obama didn't run on Change"?

dnjake Author Profile Page:

Certainly, any Israeli leader would be making a very big mistake by not making big concessions if they could lead to a real peace. But there is very little likelihood of an opportunity for peace that any Israeli leader could have much confidence in. Probably, the best case would be an agreement something along the following lines. Unification of the Palestinians around some kind of governing authority that at least for the moment accepted a policy of peaceful relations with Israel. Some level of international control that kept the Palestinians from accumulating weapons that they would need only for war with Israel. An end to the Israeli blockade and an opportunity for the Palestinans to lead a normal economic life. Some concessions from Israel on settlements. But realistically there are going to be many on the Palestinian side who will never accept peace with Israel and many on the Israeli side who don't believe in the possibility of peace with the Palestinians. The only hope of overcoming those differcences is some extended period of time where a large part of the Palestian population manages to build a quality of life that they have a big stake in preserving from the others who can only think about war with Israel.

chatard Author Profile Page:

".....work with the US President..." Wow! What a golden opportunity for Israelis! To actually work with the US President! The One! The Dear Leader! You're right, boys. Netanyahu won't say what you want him to say. He doesn't slobber.
If only everyone, everywhere would just WORK WITH THE US PRESIDENT, how wonderful life could be. "I'd like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony....." "Citizens of the world, THIS IS OUR TIME!"
This dude says he has had "subsequent communicationSSSSS with President Obama." Are we beginning to get a clue as to who has access to The One? Articles these days purporting to address serious issues routinely turn out to be tribute pieces to the Community Organizer. Appalling. Let's just consider this a campaign contribution from a foreign source.

rbaldwin2 Author Profile Page:

It would be great to hear Netanyaya give this speech and mean it. Good Luck...he's too interested in more war..gotta have tanks, ships, planes and troops blowing stuff up...hasn't got time for all the peace stuff...especially with Liebermann around..

IF Netenyaya WON'T give this speech, he should resign from his post immediately and put himself in prison.

joaquinrose Author Profile Page:

What a bunch of offensive, disinformation this is. I would say that anyone who is not a Native American should be willing to give up their land since WE (American's) forcibly and without cause took the land from the Indians.

ravitchn Author Profile Page:

I have always been struck by the mediocrity of Israeli politicians and statesmen. Looking at them you would never know Jews are supposed to be smart. I feel vindicated by a comment from the recently deceased Amos Elon, a fine scholar. He said all the Israeli leaders, including the 'saintly' Golda Meir were mediocre and lacked vision. Netanyahu is one of the worst.

ameytahl Author Profile Page:

This is a great speech for making peace between Mr. Netanyahu, Mr. Obama and Mr. Nir. Important and difficult as it is, this is not the purpose of the exercise. Steps toward peace will be taken only if some Arab leaders will follow President Sadat and King Hussein and prove to the public in Israel that they want peace.

I fail to understand why this speech is needed in the first place, perhaps to prove that Israel has a religious university too. Since it is probably late to adjourn it, here is what I suggest:

"My people want peace. In the past they gave back Sinai to Egypt, Gaza to Hamas and South Lebanon to Hezbolla. The people of Israel hate peace "industry" and peace "process." I respectfully suggest to my enemies final negotiations now. They can put on the agenda anything they want, final borders, status of Jerusalem, right of return, right to terror, throwing all the Israelis into the sea, denial of Holocaust, the protocols of Elders of Zion, the refusal of Jews to recognize Muhammad as a prophet, the responsibility for the death of Jesus Christ and anything else they have in mind. We are willing to negotiate with anybody, terrorist or not. We will negotiate with each of our enemies separately or with any group that they will form. It is their choice. My only condition is time period for the final agreement: it is two months. Thank you"

mharwick Author Profile Page:

ISRAEL MADE PEACE WITH EGYPT AND JORDON. It is the Hamas and and Hezbollah and their Iranian puppet masters that will never ever make peace with Israel. On June 15, 2007, Hamas completed its takeover of the coastal Strip after bitter fighting with its rival, the Fatah movement of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

On her half-hour trip to Gaza City on Saturday, Aabed saw many Hamas police checkpoints along Saladin road - which extends across the Strip.

The measure was seen as a bid to prevent Fatah supporters from marking the event that they deem a coup.

Hamas used to call the takeover "a military settlement" which cut the way before a group of Fatah "aligned with Israel and the United States and carried out their plans to topple Hamas which won parliamentary elections in January 2006."

Islam Shahwan, a spokesman for Hamas police, said "there was a decision to ban any activity" to protest Hamas' June 2007 takeover.

But, he added, no attempts to mark the anniversary by Fatah supporters or employees of pro-Abbas forces were registered.

"The instructions so far are not clear despite the banning decision but we will deal with any incident according to its nature," he added.

Shahwan explained that the police were keen not to remind people of the events surrounding the takeover that followed weeks of heavy fighting.

More than 400 Palestinians, mostly security men affiliated to Abbas' forces, were killed during the clashes.

When the Gaza battles started, Hamas was heading a coalition government with Fatah. After the clashes, Abbas fired the unity government and formed a western-backed administration based in Ramallah, opening the door for a new political struggle. Hamas rejected its dismissal and the new government led by Salam Fayyad.

A member of the pro-Abbas forces, who now receives his salary from Ramallah without going to work under Hamas command, says he will not mark the "coup" anniversary for fear that Hamas will "again do what it did last November."

The 21-year-old, who asked that his name be withheld, was referring to the death of 11 Fatah supporters in an attack by Hamas forces on an event to mark the third anniversary of the death of former Palestinian president Yasser Arafat.

He and his friends had initially planned to express their views by wearing black cloths and raising black flags from their windows on Saturday but changed their minds.

"We became afraid after the detention of some Fatah leaders who also planned to do the same and we cancelled the idea in order to give a chance for our president's call for dialogue," he said.

A few days ago, Abbas called for national dialogue with Hamas to end the political division between Gaza and West Bank, having previously rejected talks with Hamas unless it gives up control of Gaza. (dpa)

DwightCollins Author Profile Page:

putting words in peoples mouth's is a sad sad indicator of how low papers will go to manipulate the world...

abayo48 Author Profile Page:

Israelis and their leaders have no incentive for peace.They want to remain Lords and Masters over the Palestinians with the aid of American support and encouragement. Netanyahu is talking up Iran as the greatest threat to Middle East. No, this is a distraction and the continued enslavement of Palestinians is the greatest obstacle to your peace and security. God did not like slavery that is why HE delivered the Jews from Egypt and it is time Obama tells the Isrealis that they are obstacles to world peace. James Baker once said , they should call him when the Israelis are ready for peace. Apparently, they are not ready.

Exadios Author Profile Page:

It is quite clear that Israel must sign a peace agreement along the lines of the Saudi proposal very soon. If they fail to do this then events will proceed inexorably towards a single state solution. And that solution will not be in the present state of Israel's interests.

GaryEMasters Author Profile Page:

Why the preconditions?

One can imagine the Arabs will say. Your illegal activity is over. Now die. We will wait for peace then. We have no need to negotiate anything now.

A reasoned person would suggest that they have negotiations for peace and make the end to settlements part of that discussion. One must have something to trade. Or did you forget that.
This is surrender, plain and simple.

Matthew_DC Author Profile Page:

If, as some claim, it's *impossible* for Israel and Arabs to have peace, then the US should distance itself from both sides and let them fight it out. We should not be involved in a conflict (unconnected with our interests) in which one or both sides view the situation as permanently hopeless. We don't have the time or resources for nihilists who only embrace hopelessness.

Plan B: Have the Israelis excavate all the important religious sites and a suitable quantity of soil and transport it all to Nevada and America can assure them complete peace, unmolested by Arabs. It could be like an Indian reservation.

JDGillis Author Profile Page:

Ludvikus, I totally agree with what you said here:

"Jews & Israel do not demand that it's Arab-Israelis citizens
not remain "settled" in Israel. But why must a future Palestinian state be 100% "cleansed" of Jews?

- I'm sure the Palestinian will allow some Israelis to remain if they renounce their Israeli citizenship and become citizens of Palestine, but the vast majority of the current Israeli settlers are part of the occupying force that has mistreated and persecuted the Palestinians, so at least for a cooling off period, they should return to their own country for now and apply for Palestinian citizenship down the road if they wish.

"Are Jews incapable of living as citizens of a Muslim, Arab,
or future Palestinian state?"

- Jews lived in Muslim countries prior to the invasion of Palestine by European Zionists, so I see no reason they would not be allowed to exchange their Israeli citizenship and emigrate to other countries once the occupation has ended and peace has been restored. Iran is a Muslim nation yet has the largest population of Jews in the region outside of Israel, so anything is possible.

"And what about the 1948 displaced Palestinians, where are they going to be re-settled?"

- The vacated settlements in the West Bank would be used to repatriate the Palestinians whose right of return was denied them by Israel's founders.

"No Arab country is opening its doors to them (the Palestinians). Why?"

- It is Israel's responsibility to make amends for the injustice of forcibly dispossessing the indigenous Palestinians population of their cities, homes, farms and businesses when in 1948 Israel's founders attempted to wipe them and their culture from the map, not the Arab states.

stonecat2210963 Author Profile Page:

It would be apt, given the Iranian Poll sees a close race between moderate and extreme Islam, to promote a moderate Iranian Agenda by giving full recognition to the 1967 Borders in the West Bank, and returning 33% of Jerusalem (East) to the Palestinians. Otherwise, I believe an extreme version of Islam may be fanned in Iran, and the Arab World would be discontent.

ReginaldSmash Author Profile Page:

Ludvikus, I totally agree with what you said here:

"Jews & Israel do not demand
that it's Arab-Israelis citizens
not remain "settled" in Israel.
But why must a future Palestinian state
be 100% "cleansed" of Jews?
Are Jews incapable of living
as citizens of a Muslim, Arab,
or future Palestinian state?
And what about the 1948 displaced Palestinians?
Where are they going to be re-settled?
No Arab country is opening its doors to them.

Aprogressiveindependent Author Profile Page:

As at least one other person said, the Israeli elections clearly show this is not the opportune occasion for a comprehensive peace agreement in the Middle East. There was a column by an Israeli journalist in "The Post" last year, in which, as I recall, he contended most of his associates and friends there had abandoned, at least for the time being, any realistic hopes for a lasting peace agreement.

There is no sign yet, the Obama administration will vigorously attempt to facilitate a peace settlement, unlike the efforts by presidents Carter and Clinton. In his actual domestic and foreign policies, as opposed to welcome, but overanalzed rhetoric, Obama, so far, has been politically cautious, moderate, largely deferential to established interests, including Democratic leaders in Congress, the CIA, military, etc.

The issue of settlements growth in the West Bank is not a major issue, the settlements themselves and their status in any peace agreement are of central importance. There is little likelihood any Israeli government would stay in power if it abandoned Israeli settlements in the West Bank or gave up a large part of Jerusalem or ceded significant sections of Israel proper in return for permanent sovereignty over the settlements.

The two main goals of nearly all politicians, especially leaders, is to stay in office and protect, as they perceive them, the primary national interests of their country. Most national leaders, including Obama, seek, above all, to be elected, be re-elected, to maximize their political power. Doing good or great deeds is secondary in importance. Being a bold, audacious leader, such as a Lincoln or Franklin D Roosevelt, is far less important to such politically cautious "leaders."

Obama has yet to show himself to be a bold leader with strong principles, seeking great deeds. Expecting the Israeli leader to do so is hypocritical and naive.

steph6841 Author Profile Page:

Wow! It must be awful to live in such fear and for others to be filled with so much hate. The pure nastiness that oozes from this board in particular from Jonthagans is simply shameless. For the record I have reported you Jonthagans and so you won't feel like I'm being biased if there was anyone on the board spouting garbage about Jews I would have reported him as well. Your disgraceful.

suzannegentling Author Profile Page:

Dear Mr. Netanyahu,

Your statement that the Palestinians accept "...an end of claims in return for an independent state in the West Bank and Gaza, and full legitimacy in the international community." is condescending and historically inaccurate. I would think that if anyone could understand the claims of a Palestinian, it would be a Jew.

Kingofkings1 Author Profile Page:

The timing is not right for peace. The Israeli electorate voted for Netanyahu, knowing full well that he is the least likely candidate to negotiate peace. And if that was not enough, Netanyahu has assigned an avid racist as his point man for foreign affairs. You cannot get any lower than this in terms of timing for a peaceful settlement

ripvanwinkleincollege Author Profile Page:

I'm not an Arab but I have learned enough about this situation to realize that no Arab would care two hoots about the status of the West Bank except that it connects Jerusalem to Arab lands. That's why the Jordanians went across the river originally, and it's where some of the fiercest battles of Israel's war of independence were fought. Both sides in this conflict want sole possession of Jerusalem, and that alone is a good reason why neither one whould have it. Israel wants to ring the Old City with settled Jewish areas so that they can block access by Muslims. It should be an international, undivided city, as per the original UN partition of Palestine. If all sides have to compromise on this issue, then a peace will be possible. No peace will be possible while one side has to compromise and others do not.

plaasjaapie Author Profile Page:

Oh yeah, right. Why don't you just suggest that he hang himself in front of the podium. It would amount to the same thing. If Netanyahu does what you suggest his government falls, which is, I suspect exactly what you want to happen. What a load!

mjoe9 Author Profile Page:

yes but add:

"Israel will end settlement construction and recognize that the West Bank will be a future national State of the Palestinian people on condition that Palestinians renounce the right of return or settlement of Palestinians in Israel and recognize that Israel is the national State of the Jewish people."

Fair is fair.

bizecology Author Profile Page:

Many of the comments seen here are from extremists on both sides. As someone of Jewish decent who was born in the same year as Irael (1948) let me provide a little perspective.

Egypt, Syria, and Jordan occupied the lands set aside for the Palestinians and prevented a Palestinian state from coming into being because to recognize it they would be forced to accept Israel. For the next 20 years The continually attacked Israel and tried to complete Hitler's holocaust. In 1967 Israel attacked first and came to a fatal fork in the road. Instead of choosing the more honerable path of asking the U.S. to come in and then withdraw, Israel could not resist the temptation to occupy those lands. This was a mistake and has led to Israel losing the moral high ground.

Israel must start back on the path to a two-state solution and remove their presence from both Gaza and the West Bank.

Personally, I would like to see Jerusulem depopulated and turned into an international preserve under the direct control of the U.S. and have U.S. HQ move there. I know that won't happen.

JDGillis Author Profile Page:

Zionists propaganda that the victims of the occupation are the ones trying to wipe Jews the map is comical at best when all indications show that it is Israel who has been slowly wiping the the Palestinians off the map for the last 40 years.

Israel has plenty of land in the Negev and elsewhere within Israel's internationally recognized pre-1967 border for all the recalled occupation settlers to built homes without having to resort to oppressing millions of innocent civilians for generations in order to steal their homes, land and water resources.

Israel's occupation and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians is as illegal as well as immoral, and cannot be allowed to continue period. Israel better learn that quick while it still has one friend left in the world.

Bubbette1 Author Profile Page:

Text for speech,"Obama is a putz. Thank you very much."

KANSASTOWN Author Profile Page:

Why doesn't Ben just say that he will take no action during negotiations while the rockets are flying in killing his citizens. The one and only solution to this problem is the elimination of those that are causing the problem.

craigslsst Author Profile Page:

why attack Mr. Nir?! He is, who he is. Why not expose the Post "Editors" who constantly manipulate & propagandize THEIR tilt via offering people like Nir the Post soap box. Ho hum: yah' can't fool all the people all the time, Post; look at the numbers, they support fair & balanced.

twistedtiffany Author Profile Page:

So ridiculous. John Lennonish simplistic "imagine" rhetoric. We need to survive man. In a hostile world. Wake up. When the Arabs start singing "we want peace" I'll start thinking about your ideas.

owldog Author Profile Page:

Netanyahu was cheering the people who called Rabin "worse than Hitler" when Rabin was trying to carve out a Palestinian homeland in the West Bank (aka Judea and Samaria among Zionists.)

Leah Rabin would not even shake Netanyahu's hand at the funeral of her husband because of such rhetoric. It would take a total conversion of the heart for Netanyahu to change. We have yet to see that.

But this is all theoretical and rhetorical. Settlements should freeze, because of the activity and hardship the settlers create for the indigenous people there, but settlers will never be deported from the West Bank, and the two-State solution will never happen. Anyone that thinks it will, doesn't really understand this region, or is in denial.

The hard right Zionists love to hear talk about the two-state solution, because they know that's all it will ever amount to, is "talk"

What Israel really needs is a total revolution of the government into a more secular one, while dividing the country into several or more "States" with local control, local laws, and representation for a Federal national Israeli government. All citizen, including the West Bank and Gaza citizens, should be Israeli citizens, and should enjoy the same rights and priveleges that Jewish Israeli citizens now enjoy.

That is the only solution for peace in the Holy Land, but such talk scares the h*ll out of the hard line Zionists, because it will mean an end to their power.

Ludvikus Author Profile Page:

That's just an Anti-Jewish euphemism
for "ethnic cleansing."
Let's not forget that during the Holocaust
only the Dominican Republic
was willing to let Jews
fleeing from Hitler
to "settle" on it's land.
How is it that no one sees this
as Antisemitism & Racism against Jews?
Jews & Israel do not demand
that it's Arab-Israelis citizens
not remain "settled" in Israel.
But why must a future Palestinian state
be 100% "cleansed" of Jews?
Are Jews incapable of living
as citizens of a Muslim, Arab,
or future Palestinian state?
And what about the 1948 displaced Palestinians?
Where are they going to be re-settled?
No Arab country is opening its doors to them.
Where are the "unsettled" 1948 Palestinians
going to be settled?
Shouldn't we let Abbas & Hamas "settle" their differences with Israel?
And until then
why should the rest of world
(which has no "room"
for more Jews in its midst)
be telling Jews
- or dictating to Israel
- not to "settle"
in the League of Nations
Mandatory Palestine?

goyo1588 Author Profile Page:

Israel and Egypt signed a land for peace treaty over 30 years ago. Not one iota of that Peace treaty has been violated.

Jordan signed a treaty with Israel--zero violations.

To say Arabs and Muslims cannot commit to peace is racism and religious bigotry on its face.

xyzw35m Author Profile Page:

Good point Z75EH.

patrick3 Author Profile Page:

Your hopes are as naive as Neville Chamberlain's hopes that Adolf Hitler would give up his vision of Eretz Lebensraum out of good will.

cyberfool Author Profile Page:

May the forces of peace prevail among all of Abraham's children. There is no military victory available, only more suffering, killing and stalemate. Peace to all and all to peace!

Z75EH Author Profile Page:

Ever wonder why the pro-Israel apologists, propagandists and fanatics posting here write English on a native language level?

That's because most of them are either recent immigrants to Israel from Brooklyn and what have you, or they are fanatics living in the US at the moment.

Either way, they risk nothing, are required to sacrifice nothing when they rally for perpetual war in the Middle East.

Essentially, they have an out, unlike many Israelis who don't have dual nationalities.

So these posters are the most selfish cowards.

chlai88 Author Profile Page:

Ha, there really is a lot that is not said. Neocons in Israel and extremists in Hamas will wreck any peace plan if they see their wishes are not met. Israel neocons want settlements, Hamas does not want to recognize Israel. These 2 parties are the greatest threats to any peace in their own communities. If Netanyahu doesn't find a way to sideline these neocons and Hamas does not moderate itself, they will spoil any atmosphere of peace created by Obama. But they are up against a formidable and persistent US president who knows how to expand the middle against extremism. I hope Netanyahu is really seriously sincere about peace because without the sincerity ingredient, nothing will be accomplished.

drainey32798 Author Profile Page:

This is exactly the kind of speech that is needed, except maybe it should be a bit more specific (i.e. borders should be drawn along the pre-june 1967 borders, with minor and mutual adjustments).

For those opposed to a two state solution, "naive" and "wipe Israel off the map" seem to be the words of choice. But if you had asked the American revolutionaries whether they wanted to wipe England off the map, I'm sure you would have gotten a lot of yes's. Being occupied by another country is not nice, and it incites hateful comments like that. Why not try ending the occupation and see where that gets you? The Palestinians certainly don't have the means to wipe Israel off the map, but Israel does have the means take back Gaza, the West Bank, and E Jerusalem if the two state solution doesn't work.

jabberwolff Author Profile Page:

The UN gave land to Jordon and Egypt.

The land was called Palestina and was run by the Turkish previously. The Arab settlers there were Turks. The term "palestinians" was first coined and used to describe the settling JEWS in Palestina.

Why is it every idiot rejects factual history?! Go look it up in the Times Archives (online) of recorded and scanned in newspaper periodicals.

Also, didn't Israel stop settlements and pull settlers out of Gaza? This was the planned and slow implementation of a Palestinian independent state. And what was the response of Palestinians to this gesture of good will> firing and attacking Israel.

Yet you ask Israel to do this again, and with the west bank. Such arrogance and idiotic thinking of those that cant/won't remember history.

not1234 Author Profile Page:

The Israeli settlements, all of them, are an affront to every law abiding nation on earth, and before any peace can ever be realistically achieved, they need to evacuated completely, and the IDF (the personal army that protects them and allows them to grow illegally) removed and replaced with a UN peace keeping force. Such a force has helped turn things around in Lebanon after the botched and avoidable Israeli attacks on Lebanon.

If not, then lets call the settlements what they are, that is, an ongoing form of ethnic cleansing which is facilitated in the short run by a system of apartheid. Then, lets make this clear to the still clueless US public, and reconsider our other financial and military support of Israel, as they have chosen to remain an apartheid state.

Ogranny Author Profile Page:

Every time Israel makes concessions to the Arabs it gets rockets in return. There will be no peace with the Arab nations, only postponement of the next crisis. The Arabs can't get along with themselves let alone the Jewish state they hate.

GregCle Author Profile Page:

Actually, that speech sounds a lot like the one Prime Minister Rabin gave the night he was assassinated.

"I was a military man for 27 years. I fought so long as there was no chance for peace. I believe that there is now a chance for peace, a great chance. We must take advantage of it for the sake of those standing here, and for those who are not here -- and they are many."

"I have always believed that the majority of the people want peace and are ready to take risks for peace. In coming here today, you demonstrate, together with many others who did not come, that the people truly desire peace and oppose violence. Violence erodes the basis of Israeli democracy. It must be condemned and isolated. This is not the way of the State of Israel. In a democracy there can be differences, but the final decision will be taken in democratic elections, as the 1992 elections which gave us the mandate to do what we are doing, and to continue on this course."

"I want to say that I am proud of the fact that representatives of the countries with whom we are living in peace are present with us here, and will continue to be here: Egypt, Jordan, and Morocco, which opened the road to peace for us. I want to thank the President of Egypt, the King of Jordan, and the King of Morocco, represented here today, for their partnership with us in our march towards peace."


d_h_cook Author Profile Page:

Here is what I am hoping to hear:

Bar Illan University President Moshe Kaveh, distinguished faculty, distinguished guests, dear Israelis:

I have seen the light! All people should have their own country and shouldn't live under the treat of annihilation. In return for Palestinians having their own country; Israel will have its own country and the UN will no longer seek to take a portion. This two-state solution is workable.

I appreciate American President Barack Obama gracious offering of stimulus money to revamp Guantanamo Bay and using the American Navy to transport the Palestinians to their new home. With the new relations between the United States and Cuba, we are confident that all the Palestinians will enjoy their new home and that all their needs can be accommodated.

My fellow Israelis, I am determined to do whatever I can to make this effort a success. It is my duty as a responsible Israeli leader. I urge you to demonstrate a sense of national maturity and responsibility and help me steer our country toward a better, secure future.

God bless you.

mdhawthorne Author Profile Page:

Are you nuts!!??

joeorbev Author Profile Page:

Gosh this is wonderful.

Hope the author, dumb as he is, tells us about the speech the leaders of Iran and Syria will not give. This is really off the wall- am sure he and his ideas stimulate all of you.

xyzw35m Author Profile Page:

I am a palestinian and my parents were from Allid, a town near Tel Aviv that was annihilated when Israel was created on occupied palestine. I am realistic and I do believe that we will never have our palestinian state on all of palestine, and I am ok with that. I want a palestinian state in the west back and gazza, with the right of return for any palestinian to these areas. But you israelis should stop being so afraid and so insecure, and have the courage to achieve real peace. You now have NUCLEAR weapons for God's sake so stop having a coward mentality that does nothing but promote a typical stereotype about you ! It cost you 7 days to occupy the west bank and gazza and you've milked this occupation for over 40 years, so just pack and go and you will get the peace you keep claiming you want so dearly.


mock1ngb1rd Author Profile Page:

Iran says it's developing nuclear power to generate electricity while it waits for the 12th Imam and the apocalypse to arrive. To hasten the process, however, it is using its nuclear knowledge to amass fissile material necessary to build a bomb. It's developing missiles to deliver that bomb, presumably somewhere in the heart of downtown Tel Aviv.

Our new administration is trying to talk them out of it, and the Iranians are quite willing to drag out the conversation as long as it takes to develop their nuclear weapon and the means to deliver it.

BOBSTERII Author Profile Page:

How come UN haven't gave a land to Palestinians?

I guess they have to fight for it.

MadAsHell3 Author Profile Page:

Let's hope that your commenters parroting the line that Israel has no partner for peace because every Palestinian "wants to wipe Israel off the map" or "totally annihilate every Jew in Eretz Yisrael" make up only a small minority. Holding on to these propagandistic ideas is a true obstacle to peace.

scbzev Author Profile Page:

Mr. Nir,is extremally nieve,He doesnt understand/will never understand the true agenda/charter of the Palestinians to wipe Israel off the map.. He and all the other left winger's for peace,will cause the extermination of the Jewish State period!
never again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shomeir Author Profile Page:

You are very naive. Israel's neighbors are not interested in peace in the least. They are only interested in the TOTAL annihilation of every Jew in Eretz Yisrael. They respect only strength, not weakness. Netanyahu needs to stand up and be a true leader of Am Yisrael and say "Eretz Yisrael L'Am Yisrael. The Palestinian Jews were supposed to get half of Palestine but ended up with only one quarter. The Palestinian Arabs got all of Trans-Jordan (but they want it all). It was never their's to begin with.

nerdsfelt Author Profile Page:

I've been waiting over 25yrs to hear a speech like this come out of Israel. Wouldn't it be nice to eliminate the wars coming out of the Middle East.
Otherwise my children will be hoping for the same thing for another 25yrs....

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