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Mumbai May Derail India-Pakistan Peace Progress

By Shuja Nawaz

Even as the civilian death toll of the Mumbai attacks climbs, fallout from these terrorist actions threatens thawing relations between India and Pakistan.

The danger signals are already evident, as first reactions from the Indian government tended to blame "foreign" intervention, a code word for Pakistan. However, the prompt response from the Pakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani and the Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi indicates a willingness to stem the ratcheting of tensions between the two rival states.

Pakistan will send the head of its Inter Services Intelligence, Lt. General Ahmed Shuja Pasha, to India to help in the investigation. Referring to Lashkar-e-Tayaba, the group whose tactics in the past resemble those employed in the Mumbai attacks, Qureshi told an Indian press conference "we have no patience for such organizations" in Pakistan.

Pakistani civil society has been generally quiet in attacking religious extremism. Neither the government nor the military can successfully proceed against terrorism without public support. Yet, there are signs of hope. President Asif Ali Zardari recently offered to open up borders with India for visa-free travel and to eschew a first nuclear strike. Earlier this week, the Home Secretaries of India and Pakistan met in Islamabad and agreed to begin cooperating against terrorism and to bring the Federal Bureau of Investigations of Pakistan and the Central Bureau of Investigation of India in close contact to that end.

But the Mumbai attacks and India's response to them could derail the peace process -- presumably what the militants would want -- particularly if India's leaders attempt to tie homegrown militants to Pakistan-based Islamist groups or the Pakistani state.

India is preparing for a general election in 2009, which may account for tough talk by India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Moreover, focusing on possible involvement of foreign groups in the Mumbai attacks may distract attention from the urgent need to resolve the underling issues of the Indian Muslim community that foster militancy among its youth.

Four out of every 10 Muslims in India's cities -- and three out of 10 in the countryside -- are living below the poverty line, according to the government-sponsored Sachar Commission Report of November 2006. One third of villages in India with a majority Muslim population do not have any educational institutions at all. As a result, Indian Muslims have not been able to benefit from the development and explosive growth of India's economy in recent years.

Economic and political deprivation may have spawned the Indian Mujahideen movement and its offshoot, the Students Islamic Movement of India. Those groups, in turn, may have had links to the extremist Lashkar-e-Tayyaba of Pakistan and its affiliate the Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami of Bangladesh (HUJI). The tactics of the Mumbai attacks resemble Lashkar-e-Tayyaba operations: a swarming attack with handheld weapons and grenades, often timed with significant Indo-Pakistan peace talks or friendly actions.

What to do?

Both the Indian and Pakistani governments need to stay firmly on the path of peace. The costs of inaction are too high for both. Pakistan is fighting a huge insurgency on its western border. It cannot afford another hot border facing India. It is also worth recalling that of the 60 suicide bombings in Pakistan in 2007, 47 per cent were directed against the military, 20 per cent against the police, and 13 per cent against the government and politicians. Over 420 hundred military personnel and 220 civilians were killed in these attacks, according to figures compiled by the Ministry of Interior. Militancy and the military do not mix anymore.

India needs to quell the rise of its many internal insurgencies that jeopardize its development. It needs to focus on bringing Indian Muslims into the mainstream. Civil society in both countries, especially the leadership of Islamic organizations, need to speak out against terror in the name of Islam. At the recent meeting of the Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Hind, a leading Indian editor and poltiical analyst, M.J. Akbar, reminded those present of the Prophet Mohammed's injunction: "Islam has clearly laid down that killing one human being is like killing the entire humanity and saving one's life is like saving the entire humanity."

Muslims of the sub-continent need to mount a Jihad against terror and for peace between India and Pakistan. The alternative is likely to be more mayhem and chaos.

Shuja Nawaz, an independent political analyst, is the author of Crossed Swords: Pakistan, its Army, and the Wars Within (Oxford University Press 2008). He can be reached at www.shujanawaz.com

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Comments (74)

rubymaster1 Author Profile Page:

this article was published in PAKTRIBUNR (part-3)

Mahant Amritanand Dev alias Dayanand Pandey, the self-styled pontiff who was arrested from Kanpur has revealed that it was under his instructions that Lt. Colonel Shrikant Purohit procured RDX from an army depot that was used in the Malegaon blast.

According to reports Pandey was present in all the pre-blast meetings in Bhopal, Jabalpur and Faridabad, monitored operations meticulously and was also responsible for arranging the finances that came in through illegal channels.

It is believed that Pandey, a dropout from the National Defence Academy, was in touch with two other accused who are on the run - Ramji Kalsangara, who allegedly planted the motorcycle owned by the Hindu ascetic Pragya Singh Thakur in Malegaon, and Sameer Dange.

The suspects are also questioned for May 2007 blast at Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad and the April 2006 twin blasts at New Delhi`s Jama Masjid.

In the Mecca Masjid blasts as many as 14 people were killed and over 50 injured. The case was investigated by the city police special wing and was later handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation which could not come to any conclusion.

Investigations into the Samjhauta Express explosion and the Jama Masjid blast also failed to make headway and police could not across on any tangible leads.

Police have already established a strong link between Pandey and some of the suspects in the Kanpur blast case through surveillance. On Aug 24, two members of the right-wing Bajrang Dal were killed there while assembling bombs.

After the arrest of Panday police is expecting to get some breaking clues in the 2006 Nanded blasts in Maharashtra as well.

The arrests have reinforced growing suspicions over the last few years of a potential threat from Hindu extremists.

rubymaster1 Author Profile Page:

This article was in PAKTRIBUNR (Part-2)

The reaction was not different from that which had been shown in the past for every bomb blast within few minutes of such incidents without a shred of evidence. Similarly when in 2006 Malegaon town in the Nashik district of the Indian state of Maharashtra, located at some 290 km to the northeast of state capital Mumbai, was rattled by a series of bombings, the blame was being put on groups having links with Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The Maharashtra Police claimed that blasts are the handiwork of Student Islamic Movement of India most of the time linked by India with Lashkar-e-Taiba and ultimately with ISI.

But recently the arrest of 10 people, including a serving Lieutenant Colonel Prashad Srikant Purohit and a Hindu monk and nun for their alleged involvement in bomb explosions that killed six people in the Muslim-dominated town of Malegaon, this year had sent everything upside down.

Ten people, including a self-proclaimed Hindu seer and a serving lieutenant colonel, have so far been arrested for the Sep 29 bombing.

Besides Purohit, the other accused include Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, Shivnarayan Singh Kalsangram, Shyam Bhawarlal Sahu, Major Ramesh Shivji Upadhyay (retd), Sameer Kulkarni, Rakesh Dattaram Dhavde and Ajay Rahirkar.

The suspicion is now directed towards the extremist Hindu movement Sangh Parivar while entire network is linked to another arrested former major Ramesh Upadhyay who represents the terrorist organisation Abhinav Bharat.

The chilling part of the entire episode is the involvement of accused Lt Col Purohit in bomb attack on the Samjhauta Express to which he confessed.

During investigation Col Purohit has also confessed to training Hindu terrorists for attacking Muslims, besides training them for attacking Samjhauta Express for which he had also supplied them RDX.

He further confessed that it was intended to cause armed conflict between Pakistan and India so that anti-Muslim passions could be nurtured in India, leading to violence.

The Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) claimed that Purohit supplied RDX to one УBhagwanФ for Samjhauta Express blast.

Public prosecutor Ajay Misar said Abhinav BharatТs treasurer Ajay Rahirkar had handed Rs2.5 lakh to Lt Col P S Purohit.

rubymaster1 Author Profile Page:

this article was published in Paktribune(Part-1)

Sarkaar Raj - India going towards Hindu Talibanization?

The idea was to castigate the Muslims using terror tactics and blame the militants and Pakistan for direct involvement. But the methodology used was terror against Muslims. Swami, Sadhvi and an Indian army officer who was commanding a unit in Kashmir were involved. It was the army officer who was providing the arsenal to terrorize the helpless Muslims staying in slums of Malegaon. The biggest disclosure was that it all happened because of those who preach Ram Rajjya in India.

But who are these Muslim victims? ArenТt they Indians?

Sordidly speaking it is a chilling reality!


When bomb blasts on the Samjhauta Express, a УfriendshipФ train between Delhi and Lahore, killed 68 people mostly Pakistani passengers on February 17, 2007, many conspiracy theories made rounds at that time.

The Indian authorities even released Сsketches of suspectsТ after Samjhauta Express blasts suggesting Pakistan being the perpetrator for the incident while Indian media and officials were terming it an attempt by ISI.

DebChatterjee Author Profile Page:

Posturing or fuzziness on Pakistan's complicity is a hobby of some anti-democracy Muslim elements.

To those who are still skeptical of Lashkar-e-Tayyba (LeT) involvement in the recent Mumbai bloodbath, this CNN link should be an eye opener:


DebChatterjee Author Profile Page:

What can India do ? A weak democracy weeps and weeps.

A strong democracy (like USA or Israel) would have repeated the scenario thus: get approval of the Congress/Knesset and then send fighter aircrafts to see how the daisy cutter bombs work. Bomb relentlessly, the entire country, till it turns into Allah's badland.

That's the lesson Pakistan needs to learn.

politicallyincorrectworldcitizen1 Author Profile Page:

It is important to understand that Indian Muslims are not willing to identify with the Pakistani Muslims who attacked their country. They do not even want the terrorists to be buried in their cemeteries on Indian soil. Indian Muslims are Indians first. They happen to practice Islam as their religion. No Indian Muslim supports any rogue elements among them.

salmanshoaib Author Profile Page:

I am so surprised to see the comments on this column. May be the Indians or their supporters do not remember the recent stories of Feb 17 bombing of Samjhuta Express which was apparently pointed towards Pakistan as well and now after investigation it has been known that 10 "HINDUS" including Lieutenant Colonel Prashad Srikant Purohit, a Hindu monk and nun for their
involvement in bomb explosions. May be they need to be reminded of the Babri Mosque, Gujrat massacre of Muslims (killing hundreds if not thousandds innocent Muslims). At least we in Pakistan can say that we do not trumpet ourselves secular or democratic and perform such brutal tasks of butchery. hindus in India are still a deeply divided and biased nation. Just yesterday famous Indian actor Shabana Azmi was telling an anchor regarding the problems she faced for buying an apartment in Bombay just because she and her husband are Muslim. Terrorist organizations like Sangh Parivar and Abhinav Bharat are the horrific face of true hindu mentality and now Indians are too fearful of facing the same. by the way it is really pitiful that Indian authorities can come up with just stories of Pakistan involvement when the intruders bought Alcohol before the attack and were wearing orange bands (a symbol of common Hindy practice). A mujahid would never indulge in drinking when he is planning to perform a so-called act of martyrdom. As usual Indians and their pathetic commandos needed Isralei help to get a hold of the situation. You kill your own people just to show that you are the victim.

RandomGuy Author Profile Page:

To edbyronadams:

You said it! I'm impressed by Mr. Shuja Nawaz's skill in cloaking counter blame into his supposed sympathy with the victims of this incident.

My suggestion would have been to save his arguments for a phase 2 of this discussion.

edbyronadams Author Profile Page:

"Four out of every 10 Muslims in India's cities -- and three out of 10 in the countryside -- are living below the poverty line, according to the government-sponsored Sachar Commission Report of November 2006."

The above factoid is entirely meaningless. Perhaps if Suja Nawaz could report similar statistics for Hindus in India, it might have meaning or similar figures for neighboring Pakistan it might have some meaning. Furthermore, one must take into account the horrible burden that Islam itself lays on its practitioners as far as economic success goes. Not borrowing or lending at interest, keeping half of your population oppressed are things that immediately leap to mind. Any religion that focuses excessively on an afterlife hamstrings production and well being in this life and that charge can be leveled at many, perhaps the majority of practicing Muslims.

DebChatterjee Author Profile Page:

Pakistani media has already started to blame India for the attacks. Just click on the link


and watch the video. (The video is in Urdu, and hence all bloggers may not understand, but roughly the video states that just as 9/11 was manafactured by USA, so is the recent Mumbai terrorism a manafacturing by India. Of course reasons given by the turbaned guy are all hilarious, but how does that matter ? India cannot confront the Paki propaganda machinery.)

politicallyincorrectworldcitizen1 Author Profile Page:

Deb Chatterjee:

"Hate filled intolerant militant Hindu nationalists?"

If hate-filled Islamists exists, taking guidance from Quran, what's wrong in having Hindus take the same turn ?

November 29, 2008 10:08 PM


Where do the hate filled Hindu militant extremists, calling themselves Indian nationalists, take their ideology from? The Vedas? The Upanishads? The Bhagavad Gita?

In practice and ideology in what way are they different from militant intolerant Muslims? High caste Hindus recruit lower caste henchmen and do not make the connection known.

Why are the Hindus intolerant of non-Hindus and propagating a militant intolerant ideology in India living in the US?

Meanwhile militant Hindus are on a violent rampage destroying Churches in Bangalore and Mangalore and other areas in Karnataka. It either escapes or gets little attention of the international media because it is seen as a purely internal affair.

politicallyincorrectworldcitizen1 Author Profile Page:

Could someone please explain in the context of this essay why this little Jewish boy's parents and all the other Jews at Chabad/Nariman House in Mumbai was specifically targeted?


DebChatterjee Author Profile Page:

"Before you know it, the myopic US State Dept. will again buy the ..."

In fact that is already happening now as I compose this e-mail. The Times of India (ToI) has this newsitem:


This states exactly what you have written. Pakistan is blackmailing USA and India. It says that it cannot cooperate with USA on the Talibans and Al-Qaeda, if India moves its forces and attempts to retaliate in wake of the Pakistan sponsored terror in Mumbai. Thus, a proxy war is started by Pakistan, and yes eventually India shall oblige. In my view it would be India's fault to cave in to USA's demands. But, India is a country of cowards: what more can you expect ?

Thus, every major city and urban life will be held hostage by the Pakistan-backed Muslim militants, and anytime India wants to retaliate it would be snubbed. Pakistan is playing the game well in which India is turning out as a pawn.

Oh India ! Our whipping boy !

rkb1 Author Profile Page:

While the Indian diplomatic machinery hums behind the scenes, the diablolical and machiavellian Pak PR machine led by the suave and articulate ex-professor Haqquani is working overtime to soften the public perception of this heinous act. Before you know it, the myopic US State Dept. will again buy the Pak BS and tell India to calm down and the gut-less imbeciles who run India will promptly oblige.

DebChatterjee Author Profile Page:

"I can't speak for Pakistanis, but as an Indian, I see no reason why we should "Recapture" Pak Occupied / Azad Kashmir."

Buddy, that ain't gonna happen. It requires guts and moral support to fight. Indians are cowards. They are known to fight "defensive" wars. Meaning after someone (terrorists, Pak army etc.) intrudes into the zone, Indian army fights back. It is not the fault of the Indian army. It is the fault of the Indians who elect garbage leaders such as that Monkey (Manmohan) Singh to lead. He is a great coward, and surprisingly a Sikh because Sikhs are known to fight back/stand up against Muslims.

Just think: if today the newly-formed spy agency recommends that all landline and cell phones, plus Internet be tapped to acquire pre-emptive and actionable intelligence about impending Muslim terrorists, would the Indian public agree ? Will there not be a massive outcry and you would find Arundhati Roy, Amartya Sen, Teesta Setalvad, Shabana Azmi crying hoarse over human rights violations ?

This is our India: "Chak de India "

SujaNawab Author Profile Page:

India's Home Minister Shivraj Patil submitted his resignation today as the country investigated alleged Pakistani ties to the terrorist attacks that killed 183 people in Mumbai.
Indian National Security Advisor M.K. Narayanan can enjoy his thanksgiving turkey, now.

I assert again, if I had the suthority, I would kick Indian National Security Advisor M.K. Narayanan in the butt. Is Man Mohan Singh listening?

jailkkhosla Author Profile Page:

Even the UN recocognized J &K's acccession to India. But it also asked that Pakistan first withdraw its troops before a referndum. Pakistan has not and since 19747 all Hindus have been ethnically cleansed from the Valley of Kashmir by Muslims. With this change a refendum is obsolete and on workable. If J & K must have a referendum then let us have a referndum in Sindh and Punjab in which all, Muslims and non-Muslims participate.

The solution to the Kashmir problem should follow the same pattern that followed Partition but without the violence. Those Muslims in India who did not wish to be part of India went to Pakistan, although few wanted to and few left. Almost all Hindus and Sikhs went to India, albeit because of the coercion from Muslims.

The same solution is therefore the answer in J& K. Those Muslims who wish to be part of Pakistan should leave. In fact the 1951 Nehru-Liaqat Agreement that forbade any future mass migrations should be revoked and all Muslims who wish to abide by sharia should be made to go to Pakistan. Those Muslims who wish to abide by secular laws, both personal and criminal and for other civil matters should be allowed to stay in India.

The migration of Muslims from J & K and the rest of India to Pakistan should be orchestrated over 5 years so that there is the minimum of violence. In hindsight Partition was a good thing because Muslims can never coexist peacefully with non-Muslims. What is bad is uncompleted Partition.

jailkkhosla Author Profile Page:

The Kashmir problem reflects the need for the Indian subcontinent to complete Partition. Jammu and Kashmir acceeded to India according to the rules agreed upon at the time of Partition. According to these rules the rulers of states contiguous to India and Pakistan could choose. The ruler of Jammu and kashmir with its non-Muslim population at 40% decided to join secular India. The accession is final. When the UN passed a rsolution to hold a plebiscite its first condition was that Pakistan has to vacate the land occupied by it which Pakistan has not done yet. Since then the demographic of Kashmir Valley have been chnaged. Muslims have carried out a near ethnic cleansing of Hindus.

The will of the people was rarely tested via referndums. The only two referendums that were held at the time of independence were in Sylhet and in NWFP. Sylhet with its majority Muslim population opted for pakistan. NWFP withs 85% Muslim population opted for India. The referendum in NWFP was negated. Another referendum with the Congress and the party of Abdul Ghaffar Khan boycotting resulted in NWFP in favor of Pakistan. Only 7% of the population participated in this phony referndum.

When the Congress Party demanded a referendum in Sindh and Punjab, Jinnah refused because he knew that with its 45 to 50% non Muslim population in Punjab and 40% non-Muslim population in Sindh these states could have opted for India since many Muslims in these states were against Partition. The joining of Sindh and Punjab into Pakistan was ratified by their legisative assemblies. The legislative assembly of J & K also ratified the accession to India. So there were two decisions to join India, the decision of the ruler of J & K and that of the elected assembly. There should be no doubt that J&K is an integral part of India and the accession is irrevocable.

arunv49 Author Profile Page:

politicallyincorrectworldcitizen1 :

According to Option 3, all Indians from India living in the US (most happen to be Hindus) should convert to the religion of the Native Indians (NOT even Christianity because that is not native to American soil but was brought her be immigrants), whatever that happens to be, or return to India.

I think the author of the note meant that since India was partitioned on religous lines, Muslims have no place in India. They should either shift to the Muslim homeland (Pakistan) or if they wish to remain in (non-Muslim) India, renounce Islam and take any other religion. I do not agree with this statement.

FYI, there are more Muslims in India than in Pakistan. This is akin to having more Jews in Palestine than in Israel.

shujanawaz Author Profile Page:


* "Mumbai May Derail India-Pakistan Peace Progress" NO, IT IS THE -TERRORISTS- WHO HAVE DERAILED IT.
* "...the Indian government tended to blame "foreign" intervention, a code word for Pakistan." THE LONE SURVIVING CAPTURED TERRORIST IS A -PAKISTANI- NATIONAL. AND LeT'S INVOLVEMENT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED BY THE -AMERICANS-.
* "However, the prompt response from the Pakistani..." THANKS BUT NOT NEARLY ENOUGH.
* "Pakistan will send the head of its Inter Services Intelligence, Lt. General Ahmed Shuja Pasha, to India" THIS IS NOW -NOT- HAPPENING.
* "Pakistani civil society has been generally quiet in attacking religious extremism." AND YOUR ARTICLE SYMPATHIZES WITH -TERRORISM-.
* "But the Mumbai attacks and India's response to them could derail the peace process" AGAIN, IT IS THE -TERRORISTS- WHO HAVE -ALREADY- DERAILED IT.
* "...resolve the underling issues of the Indian Muslim community that foster militancy among its youth." YOU ARE LOOKING FOR WAYS TO -JUSTIFY- KILLING OF INNOCENTS. WOULD THIS JUSTIFY KILLING BY HINDUS IN PAKISTAN WHO ARE EVEN WORSE-OFF???



politicallyincorrectworldcitizen1 Author Profile Page:

According to Option 3, all Indians from India living in the US (most happen to be Hindus) should convert to the religion of the Native Indians (NOT even Christianity because that is not native to American soil but was brought to the US by early settlers/immigrants), whatever that happens to be, or return to India.

politicallyincorrectworldcitizen1 Author Profile Page:

According to Option 3, all Indians from India living in the US (most happen to be Hindus) should convert to the religion of the Native Indians (NOT even Christianity because that is not native to American soil but was brought her be immigrants), whatever that happens to be, or return to India.

arunv49 Author Profile Page:

This was in my in box. The suggestions for resolving the permanent conflict between India and Pakistan are not mine but they are worth discussing.

"1. Convert the LOC into an international boundary. This would make both countries equally unhappy, and won’t solve the problem of Jihadis in Pakistan since both countries have sworn to its citizens to hold onto the whole of J&K, and especially for Pakistan, its enmity with India is its sole rationale for existence.

2. Convert J&K into a mutually administered territory. This concept is steeped in Nehruvian idealism and was ironically propounded by Benazir Bhutto before the Jihadis killed her, is just as impractical as the first one. Both countries will try everything in their power to take over J&K by stealth, ultimately leading to a full out war.

3. Complete the partition. Accept the fact that the countries were divided along religious lines. Divide J&K into its three regions, with Kashmir going to Pakistan and Ladakh and Jammu staying with India. And with the countries now completely divided along religious lines, Muslims in India would have the choice of converting to any Indian religion (Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism) or migrating to Pakistan.

4. Revoke the partition, and accept that it was a British blunder for which both countries have paid a dear price. If nothing else, the combined country will have truly unbeatable cricket and hockey teams."

The author (unknown) thinks options 3 & 4 are viable. My own preference is for Option 1 but that would involve a major political effort by all parties on both sides.

I can't speak for Pakistanis, but as an Indian, I see no reason why we should "Recapture" Pak Occupied / Azad Kashmir. What is under the control of India needs to be fully integrated into the Indian Union and the infamous Article 370 removed from the Constitution. Residents of Kashmir have the right to move anywhere in India, own property, do business etc. All Indian citizens should have the same rights in Kashmir.

ravikumm Author Profile Page:

Mr Nawaz's concern for peace is commendable, but where is his outrage for the killing of innocents, and his sympathy for the victims? Not one sentence is expended in this article about how terrible these terrorist acts are.
I have posted before in the comments section, but my comment is being screened probably because I am questioning the author's obvious one-sided view. It looks like washington post likes to protect its authors no matter how biased they are.

politicallyincorrectworldcitizen1 Author Profile Page:

For the record there is no single state in India with a Muslim majority. The highest percentage of Muslims is 25% that only in two states. Most of India's poor are low caste Hindus. Among India's poor are also low caste Hindus who converted to Islam and low caste Hindus who converted to Christianity. The caste system was a form of class system initially based on occupation for over two millennia, hence the case of low caste = low social class economically. The secular Constitution provided means to change the discrimination of lower castes by working in quotas. High caste Hindu extremists are trying to overturn the secular Constitution and declare India a Hindu state and push it back to the days of discrimination based on Hindu castes. That is no solution to terrorism of any kind.

rkb1 Author Profile Page:

PART II: You ask, what to do? Let me make a few suggestions.

Stop pretending that Pakistan is not a breeding ground of terrorism. Sanitize the ISI of its terror supporting elements. Stop distinguishing between terror groups that target the West versus those that target India. Handover some of the well known terrorists who are residing in luxury in your country like Dawood Ibrahim, as a gesture of goodwill. Stop obsessing about Kashmir and the plight of Muslims in India. Look inward first. Pakistan has serious problems, but India and Indian Muslims are not one. As long as Pakistan obsesses with India and Indian Muslims it will remain a failed state.

Mr. Zardari seems to have good intentions, let's see sincere and lasting action. Pakistani leaders in the past have proven to be pathological liars. Indian skepticism is therefore just.

I hope you have a better advice than your column for Mr. Petraeus.

rkb1 Author Profile Page:

PART I: Mr Nawaj's commentary is a veiled attempt to point finger away from any direct or indirect involvement of Pakistan or its intelligence agency ISI in the recent Mumbai terrorist attacks. I remember the attacks on the Indian Parliament several years ago which had the fingerprints of Lashkar or Jaish and ISI all over it and the Pakistani govt, media and analysts suggesting at that time that any attempt by Indians to blame Pakistan could derail ongoing peace efforts. Since then India has had several terrorist attacks, many that can be linked back to Pak based terrorist organisations and we are hearing the same ruse again. Isn't it also interesting how Pakistan has always tried to pretend ignorance and innocence whenever there's a terror attack in India often to be proven otherwise, for example, bombing of Indian embassy in Afghanistan, the Indian Airline hijackings, the Kargil intrusion, the Indian parliamentary attacks and so on.

Mr Nawaj says that the tough talk emanating from PM Singh may be politically motivated. That's ludicrous. Mr Singh hasn't been tough at all. Infact, he's been too soft, given the gruesome nature of these attacks and all links at the present time pointing to Pak based terrorist organisations. How many of these gruesome attacks must India bear before we are allowed to 'talk tough'? If it was any other country Pak would be facing tough punitive actions. Pakistanis should thank Allah that they have a pacifist country like India as their neighbor.

Pakistanis love to talk about the plight of muslims in India. Let me first ask Mr. Nawaj, what is the plight of the Muslims in Pakistan, after all that's a nation defined by it's religion. The life of Muslims in Pakistan is arguably worse than that in India. What moral right do the Pakistanis have to talk about the plight of Indian Muslims when their own are worse off. You mention that one third of villages of India with majority Muslim population do not have education institutions at all. That's probably true for one third of Indian villages overall, not just Muslim majority villages. You say Indian muslims have not been able to benefit from the development of India. Well, that applies to many Hindus particularly lower caste Hindus as well. Lot of the statistics you site will apply to most of India not just Muslim India. Could the real reason of Pakistani fascination with the plight of Indian muslims might just be to stoke communal hatred and incite violence in Indian society? Could it be to divert attention from it's own failures as a society and as a state?

DebChatterjee Author Profile Page:

"Hate filled intolerant militant Hindu nationalists?"

If hate-filled Islamists exists, taking guidance from Quran, what's wrong in having Hindus take the same turn ?

politicallyincorrectworldcitizen1 Author Profile Page:

Do we get to pick something other than:

Politically correct Islam which denies unpleasant truth;

Appeasers and enablers of Islamic terrorists;

Hate filled intolerant militant Hindu nationalists?

A religion of peace is as a religion of peace does. Insiders need to take on their own militants.

If militant Hindus intolerant of other faiths claim they have the answer, then God save all non-Hindu Indians!

spidermean2 Author Profile Page:

My posts are being blocked in "SAIS : Next Europe" Post Global section. I hope the editors would reconsider their decision and not block my post.

We are living in a dangerous world and STUPID IDEAS must have a counterbalance.

You in "SAIS: Next Europe" Post Global section should not believe you have ALL the answers.

DebChatterjee Author Profile Page:

Jai Khosla:

Your posts are being rejected because of any of the following reasons

1. You may have used "swear" words

2. Your post is too long and exceeds limits. (Confine your post to 3 paragraphs). Break a long post into parts.

3. The moderators (Fareed Zakaria/David Ignatius) don't like you.

DebChatterjee Author Profile Page:

(part 2/2 here...)

So what happens ? It becomes a cat-and-mouse game. Each and every government says that Kashmir belongs to India. But under what basis ? India cannot explain why Kashmir should be a part of India when majority of its residents who are Muslims oppose it. (I am not advocating Kashmir's secession; but I am merely pointing out that India has not provided any ideological rationale for holding onto Kashmir. The only argument India has given is that Maharaja Hari Singh signed an instrument of accession, and that legally justifies the annexation of Kashmir.) This fuzziness in ideology solifies the myth that Kashmir can belong to India. India shall also not accept a de-facto Line of Cntrol (LoC), for reasons unknown.

Similarly India is reluctant (with its 5000 year old history of existence) to accept that it is NOT a mature democracy and hence is unqualified to protect itself. The storming of the orthodox Jewish center at Nariman point is a case here. The Israeli commando team apparently had advised India to take its help. India had refused, its ancient pride being stoked at the contents of such request, and the two Jewish Americans were slain.

In the same way, ask an average Indian: would they want increased national security ? The answer you shall get is YES. But, would they be willing to accept giving up freedoms like phone tapping and other measures (apparently draconian but practical) to get that increased security ? The answer is NO. Well that defines the mentality of the Indians. More accurately, look at the Govt. of India's response on each and every LeT (Lashkar-e-Tayyiba)(or JeM: Jaish-e-Muhammad) attack. It always blames Pakistan, but cannot furnish any proof at the end that leads to some form of closure. There is a flutter of blame-flaming, but that's it. This again erodes India's credibility to its own peril. Indian authorities, led by the then External Affairs Minister, Yashawant Singh handed Maulana Masood Azhar and other terrorists to Talibans for their safe passage to Islamabad. Is this a sign that India can be an equal respectable player with other secular and democratic nations ?

So, what's new ? The article hides this glaring contradiction in Indian mentality from its readers that is in the minds of Indian polity in this post on Mumbai menace. India has projected itself as a weak state; so authors such as the one here, try to take advantage of that by creating redundant verbiage that ultimately work in favor of Islamic terrorists and radical elements in Pakistan.

DebChatterjee Author Profile Page:

(Part 1/2 here)

I am surprised at the lack of intellectual honesty in this post. "Peace talks" have long become a part of the verbiage trash. While "peace talks" go on (?), the victims of Islamic terrorism (that includes Muslims too), in Mumbai and elsewhere are relegated to canon fodder.

It is not stated openly that India is a weak democracy. If one reads the history of Indian independence somewhat more carefully and without becoming emotional, it does not escape that India was "handed" its desire of a moth-eaten freedom (Independence). There has been very few bloodbath (like USA) in the struggle for India's Independence. Most nations who have achieved their Independence have had much bloodbath - that includes Bangladesh in 1972. But, by comparison, how many people have laid down their lives for Indian independence ? Very few. Those who did, are (almost) forgotten. Thus, independence for India has been taken by most Indians as a right and not a privilege. It is a privilege to self-govern, and being enslaved is a norm. Though this is a cruel statement, it is true. The strong always oppresses the weak.

The average Indian thus remains unconcerned about the cost of self-rule / democracy, and independence. It was never rightfully earned. The non-violent movement started by Mohandas K. Gandhi (also known as Mahatma) was a sham. From the start, to pose a major irritation for the British, Gandhi opposed them on each and every front whether it made sense or not. In the process he made Muslim appeasement: Khilafat movement.

Muslim appeasement led to creation of Pakistan. The problem of Kashmir, which is a much touted (well respected) problem in South Asia, is basically a case of Islamic theocracy. Muslim majority Kashmir wants to secede and for all practical purposes merge with Pakistan. Is this acceptable ? On this very specific question, India has done a sloppy and half-hearted job, like maintaining its national security apparatus. It has not been successfully able to convince the world why it needs to retain Kashmir with a vise-like grip. This inability has led to discrediting the Indian authority in Kashmir in the broad consensus of International community on Kashmir.

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Let's see... I had e-mailed Shuja Nawaz and he responded that he is not monitoring my posts. So, according to him its Washington Post's editorial staff/management that is moniroring/deleting some person-specific posts. Writing to the David Ignatius and Fareed Zakaria at


has not produced any results so far. They have not responded ...

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Good idea Kingofkings1, I didn't know that Bin Ladin was oppressed despite his riches and many wives.

There are many people who are "oppressed" around the world but are not being destructive until somebody told them that they have to kill to remove the "oppression".

It only needs one IDIOTIC doctrine to turn a normal person into an idiot.

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A better alternative is to send all the hindus from India to Nepal in the name of peace

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You don't need to speculate. You can see for youself. Carry out this simple experiment:

Take 10 mice and put them under continual duress, make life difficult for them at every turn and make their living one full of challenges and misery

Take another 10 mice and give them special priveleges, pamper them and meet their every whim.

After 3 months, report back to me which group tends to show violent tendencies and which one is satisfied with the status quo.

When you look at the repressive societies of israel, india, chechnya, etc - you can begin to understand why some people are not pleased with the status quo. It should not take a rocket scientist to figure this this out.

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Since 1947 Muslims and Hindus in India have been murdering one another. This will continue until all Muslims have been sent to Pakistan or killed, just as the Greek-Turkish transfer of populations after WWI resulted finally in peace. You can transfer populations that cannot live together or you can kill them. The Greek-Turkish solution was one way, the Turkish murder of Armenians and Hitler murder of Jews and other minorities was another way. Choose which one you like. Until the Muslims are removed from India they will be subject to pogroms and will retaliate with terror.

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Why are my posts being rejected?

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Verify the following from reliable sources:

1. Number of Muslims in Indian politics, past and present; (clue: many, including Presidents)

2. The percentage of Muslims in India; (clue: 15%)

3. Names of Muslim institutions in India; (clue: several)

4. Famous Muslims in Bollywood and in other high profile jobs and institutions; (clue: hundreds)

5. Level of poverty among non-Muslims; (clue: high)

6. Rule of Muslims in India for 300 years with a Hindu majority; what happened to poor Muslims during that time? How much was done to raise poor non-Muslims above their poverty line? (clue: read up history books written after Muslim rule ended)

7. The educational level and social status of Muslims who have been involved in terrorist attacks; (clue: highly educated)

8. The educational level of young Muslims in India who are part of radicalized Muslim associations. (clue: university students; ?financial incentives offered)

Moral of the story: Find out the real reasons behind the rise of terrorism in the name of Islam without seeking scapegoats.

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One would have hoped that a paper with the reputation of the Post would have at least reported the "facts" and saved the opinion for the editorial page. I was trying to find out who and how many siezed what and killed whom, but instead I got an abundance of commentary on why the two countries (India and Pakistan) could not afford to move forward on peace. I expected a "newspaper" to give me the facts and let me choose my own opinions--rhetoric and opinion I can get plenty of from radio and network news. Disappointing that hard facts are in such short supply.

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Pakistan had better "wake up and smell the coffee" before an iron broom is taken to that rat hole by those who have little or no desire for coexistence with the religion of peace.

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Shuja Nawaz Writes ---> particularly if India's leaders attempt to tie homegrown militants to Pakistan-based Islamist groups or the Pakistani state.

This is just un-f***ing unbelievable. Shuja, you seem to be a m@r@n who is unbelievably delusional. A couple of points:

1. India is not trying to deter the peace process. Tieing these terrorists to Pakistan is not wrong. There has been concrete evidence that they did come from "your" F***istan. Even the Times (NYT for your little no functioning brain) has a news brief with sources quoting intelligence officials in the U.S. that there is mounting evidence that the terrorists were from F***istan.

2. India's homegrown militants --- what the hell are you talking about. You muslims are doing so much better in India because of our tolerance than Hindus are doing at F***istan. You talk about muslims facing economic deprivation as if it is the deliberate result of people in India. This is completely delusional. As if, people keep you muslims out of schools. The problem on the other hand is that you all just want to go in your madarsas and read about Quran all day. I wonder what the hell Muslims read in there...because something seems to be seriously wrong with their actions.

Let me just ask you one question:

What do you find common in 90% of the wars going around the world? The answer is simple...Muslims. So the question is..Why is it that only Muslims are having problems with the rest of the world. The rest of the world is comparatively at peace with each other, but something is seriously wrong with all you Muslims...

And hearing your delusional comments here...I am quite frankly not a bit surprised. And btw I am not surprised that you are writing here at Wapo...Wapo is such a crappy paper...

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Shuja nawaz is pointing out to poor muslims as the causative factor which according to me is plausible.He seems to brush away or is ignorant about the stratification in the Muslim community of South Asia just as in the Hindu community.The report that he points out for his causative emphasis ignores the fact that similar population in Hindus as well as Christians, who are oppressed for hundreds of years and live in miserable conditions, are looked down by the upper strata of all three major religions.(I have been a witness to this phenomenon in times of feasts for the occasion of Diwali and Id )
Poverty does lead to grievances,deprivation and perceived injustice,no doubt,but its impact is mostly on the middle class who FEEL discriminated in daily life, say in work place or educational institutions ,insecure and have a propensity to over-generalize because of muddled knowledge of affairs.This leads to a mindset which seeks information that confirms their already skewed opinions.Who provides this information, well from peers to groups to organizations which provide a holistic view of global injustice and hence global jihad.
It is time opinion makers desist from emphasizing the poor people of the world as the raison d'etre
for power play between Nations and individuals.

(My argument is substantiated by many hi-profile arrests of educated middle-class terrorists whatever their religion.As this is a comment section I am not writing on the communal gulf which will complete the picture in south asia )

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"Mumbai May Derail India-Pakistan Peace Progress"
I am sure that these attacks are designed to do that and much more to destabilize that always-contentious area. One can only hope that those in power will realize this and not take the bait to use these atrocities as an excuse to ramp up hostilities. Perhaps the fact that Pakistan is no longer a military dictatorship will enhance the odds that grown-ups with cool heads will prevail.

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Pakistan is a pariah.

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Another Pakistani apologist. What Pakistan and people like the author need to do is to fight the Salafists. If you do not take care of that pigsty then others will and without concern for your tender sensitivities or the welfare of your people.

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i wish Gandhi was still alive, i am sure he'll bring these terrorist on their knee. Forget military or police , if he was around thousands of people will march and kill the terrorist bare handly. Surely he would oppose that too

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Hindus in INDIA can work with Pakistan if Pakistan ies can prove that they have given up their dream of Delhi Sultanate and Seeking the glory of Mughal Empire. We all need to remember the special place Delhi has in the heart of Muslims in the sub-continent. Delhi symbolizes the glory of Muslim rule in INDIA for Muslims.

For most of them, British empire took the control of India from Muslim Mughal Empire and handed over to the Hindus. This is what they are fighting for: Kashmir, Discrimination, Jihad are all mere excuses. As one problem is solved, they will have the next one waiting for them.

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The GOI has not accused the Pakistan "Govt" of having any direct or even indirect role in these attacks. What they have said is that the terrorists have Pakistan links and many if not all are Pakistani citizens. Some reports say that two are European nationals of Pakistani origin.

In the attack on the Indian Embassy in Kabul, the Pakistan Govt's ISI was indicted for having played a direct role in the attack. This is not an Indian allegation but from the CIA.

While in this instance the ISI may not have been culpable, the fact remains that terrorist organisations are allowed to operate with impunity from Pakistan soil. The Govt provides assistance and turns a blind eye to their cross border activities.

Dawood Ibrahim, the mastermind of the 1992 Mumbai bomb blasts lives a life of luxury in Karachi, though the Pakistan govt denies he is there. He recently celebrated the wedding of his daughter - a wedding attended by the whos who of the Pakistan elite.

What India wants from the Pakistan govt is not platitudes - "we are both victims of terrorism" blah blah, but demonstrated action. If the Pak Govt will not curb these terrorists then they shouldn't complain if they are held accountable for their actions.

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The notion of reconciliation between India and Pakistan is a mirage. The differences between the two countries are too many for them to bridge the gap. Culturally, the two countries are growing apart with time. The best that we can hope for is the sort of "cold peace" that seems to be working between Egypt and Israel. As an Indian, I do not want to have anything to do with Pakistan; and I hope the feeling is mutual.

Finally, after seeing what they have done to my City, I have lost all patience with three oft-repeated phrases:
- We are resilient. Time to stop being resilient.
- We act with restraint. See where that has led us.
- Islam is a religion of peace. I frankly do not care about what Islam stands for in the abstract. In practice, it is anything but peaceful.

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All, I am an American of Indian origin and even "Hindu" by birth, but I think THIS time, Pakistan and Mr. Suja Nawaz's commentary should be given the benefit of doubt.

Let me explain and also give some background on how I feel -

1. My blood boils too, every time such terrorist attacks are planned and executed on India from Pakistan. I firmly believe that a majority of terrorism (not all) including this one is Pakistani based. So was 9-11 on the US. Listen to any credible intelligence official, past or present, as well as president elect Obama's comments on the need to focus on Pakistan in the fight against terrorism during the recent campaign and you will understand a universally accepted truth in the world today.

2. But in spite of the above, I think this time the Pakistani govt is not involved, because - Pakistan is a nearly failed state and it's "government" doesn't control much these days!

3. I think there is clear realization in Pakistan that the country will completely collapse in to chaos if the terrorists are allowed any more control. But the Pakistani government is NOT IN CONTROL of large segments of it's own territory, including places like Peshawar!

4. Yes, "official Pakistan" has committed many crimes against humanity by creating (along with Reagan) the Afghan mujaheddin of Osama Bin Laden which has spawned the modern day Frankenstein of Al Qeada, Laskhar i Taiba, Jaish i Mohammed, etc.

5. But this Frankenstein has now turned on it's master (Pakistan) and is threatening to consume it! The "Pakistani government" has it's back against the wall and scared because of an impending economic as well as a security collapse.

So what is the solution? I think Mr Suja Nawaz offers one -

"Muslims of the sub-continent need to mount a Jihad against terror for peace between India and Pakistan. The alternative is likely to be more mayhem and chaos."

I don't buy the "root cause of terrorism" nonsense that Mr. Nawaz alludes to in his article, and which has been a sorry excuse for an argument by Pakistan in the past to deal with terrorism.

But I WANT to believe that he is sincere in the above statement. I hope so. And I hope Pakistan will follow such a course by killing the Frankenstein that it created instead of being in denial (which nobody else believes).

If such a turnaround can come, then there is hope. And it MUST COME from within the muslim society of the sub-continent and the world. That is the only true long term solution. If not the future is bleak - especially for Pakistan, which in its current course is headed towards total collapse.

I hope the "muslims of the sub-continent" listen to and follow Mr. Suja Nawaz's advise "to mount a jihad against terror for peace between India and Pakistan".

We can forgive the pasts of each other and find common ground on this last point - for the sake of the future!

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This is a clear proof that Islam is waging war against all non-Muslims whether they are Christians , Jews or Hindus. This seems to be a fulfillment of an old Hebrew prophesy that the Ismaelites will have "their hands against all nations and all nations will have their hands against them."

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These Pakistanis are pretty good at telling lies.

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A couple of years ago, a man named Charles Allen wrote a book called "God's Terrorists: the Wahhabi Cult and the Hidden Roots of Modern Jihad."

In it the historical connection between the Punjab area of the British Raj (now Pakistan and India) and Pakistan's northwest frontier bordering Afghanistan are spelled out clearly. An early muslim cleric in this area studied in what is now Saudi Arabia at the same time as the infamous Wahhab--perhaps even having the same teachers.

Islamic extremism has flourished in these areas for going on two centuries. The locals fiercely resist non-Muslims and foreigners. These extremists have survived repeated attempts to destroy them only to be reborn again. They also have tightly held on to their old-fashioned culture and resisted change.

Nothing in this blog post explains how the war on terrorism will be any different than British failures, how those in the Pak tribal areas will be transformed into modernists, how Pakistan's Muslim community will resolve the ethno-religious disagreements at the heart of the conflict, or how India will overcome its system of religious elitism that also breeds injustice and violence.

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Since this blog is not posting point by point rebuttals of Mr. Nawaj's commentary let me put it succinctly: Shuza Nawaj's commentary is a complete hogwash.

Gen. Petreaus, (who is consulting with Shuza Nawaj) please ignore his advise.

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I strongly disagree with your views that moslems in India are discriminated against. The muslims in India are doing much better than in pakistan. The reason why they are not doing well compared to hindus is becoz of their ideologies. For one, they reproduce more. Most of my moslem friends have only their fathers working, their moms remain housewifes and on top of it have 4 or 5 siblings. So naturally the quality of life has to be compromised. Secondly, most of the moslems educate their kids in madrassas as opposed to teaching them science, math and commerce in proper schools.Hence the disparity.

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FAHDP: "a lot of the comments on this site have been knee jerk reactions against all of pakistan and/or all muslims."

Yeap, everytime we talk about islam and its atrocities, its always knee jerk, isn't it?

When are we going to really say what needs to be said? When are going to, once and for all, remove from this earth the cancer that is slowing killing us all? When are we going to point our finger at that particular ideology of hate, cruelty and utter madness?

When? Any takers?

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There is no question that some posts with opposing views are either being blocked or inordinately delayed. So much for free speech!

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April of 1993, St. Petersburg, FL.

I have packed all my belongings to transfer to a temporary stay at my colleague's apartment, and am tense. I lit up a Marlborough and decided to call my mother.

The call does not go through on several attempts.

Fifteen minutes later, the call connects to a crosstalk. The voice on the other end of line is repeatedly yelling - "Maal bheja tha, mil gaya kaya?"

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i actually think that shuja nawaz's analysis is quite reasoned, and spot on. just because he is a pakistani, doesn't mean that he is irrational in discussing india.

a lot of the comments on this site have been knee jerk reactions against all of pakistan and/or all muslims.

these reactions are wholly unhelpful. like it or not, india has a large muslim minority that is on the bottom run of the ladder in india (even lower than the dalits). blaming pakistan and/or muslims as being inherently evil people won't change any of that.

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"Islam has clearly laid down that killing one human being is like killing the entire humanity and saving one's life is like saving the entire humanity."

What kind of crap is that? Killing one human is...killing one human. How does it make "entire humanity"? This is what muslims tell you everyday, like its a reference for killing in allah's name. Muslim blow up everyday, which would have killed about a gazillion humanities, right?

And the Koran doesn't really say "human being". It actually refers to believers. And guess what, most of you guys reading this aren't part of that "humanity".

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Pakistan leaders begining with Jinnah have befooled India in believing that they do not allow terrorist activities. People have forgotten the blood bath of partion that began in Calcutta in Aug 1946. This was as a result of 'direct action' call by Jinnah. The present philosophies of Al-Qaeda and Pakistan terrorist groups are no different.
It will an idiocity of India to have any trust in Pakistanis.
They have already done enough damage. Now they are collaborating with other muslim terrorist groups at the international level. This is going to make still worse.
What does killing of Americans, British, Jews and Indians in Bombay attack mean.

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"Four out of every 10 Muslims in India's cities -- and three out of 10 in the countryside -- are living below the poverty line, according to the government-sponsored Sachar Commission Report of November 2006. One third of villages in India with a majority Muslim population do not have any educational institutions at all. As a result, Indian Muslims have not been able to benefit from the development and explosive growth of India's economy in recent years."

This plight is not all that different than an average hindu or christian. However, you don't see them taking launching terrorist attacks on the scale muslims do all over the world. this has more to do with muslims wanting special treatment everywhere they go.

From you bio, you are pakistani. This leads you believe that the average hindu makes it his daily ritual to suppress the minority muslim. On the contrary the avearge indian is just to make ends meet and don't have patience for people looking for special treatment.

It is about time the average indian muslim made the clear choice that he is Indian first and muslim next. Hindus everyday tolerate stuff which are against there beliefs so they can make living. The muslims should follow the example and put the society above their religion. If not, peace is pipe dream and Hindus have 1000 year grudge against muslims (starting with Mahmud of Ghazni) and will be more than happy to settle that grudge.

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Mr. Suja, your analysis is utter crap. So how many out of 10 muslim pakistanis are above property. What is that statistic for. You ought to read the book by Rafiq Zakaria, about your monomaniacal father of pakistan. How many shia in your goddamn pakistan live a peaceful life without persecution. It is no doubt the Indian security screwed up royally. That does not excuse the terrorists and the pakistanis who enabled it. I dont care whether Mr. Zardari signed off on it or not. If that clown for ISI does not come up with satisfactory information about all the terrorist orgs that ISI had been enabling, means the utterly failed state of pakistan is complicit. Indian leadership really exists then it better make sure that the cost for pakistan is very high whether it was officially complicit or not. If there are rogue ISI operative,obliterate the scum.

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This is a test. Shuja Ahmed, this is the SECOND time my post did not go thru' but is under approval by the blog owner: Shuja Ahmed. Why ? I think Washington Post moderators are having a field day in suppressing free speech. Is this democracy ?

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(Pardon Me, I did not notice my eralier post had spelling errors)

Notice the facts:

1. Three boats loaded with terrorists and ammunition actually landed at Gateway of India
2. Terrorists hijacked vehicles
3. Terrorists loaded the vehicles with ammunition 4. Terrorists had ample time to go on rampage all over Taj, Oberoi, Jewish center, hospital restaurants.
5. Three days later terrorists are still holed up in Taj and vicinity
The above facts speak volumes about lack of attention to details by Indian security.
I am extremely upset that the Chief of Security in India came up with an excuse such as "The chatter did not indicate impending attack.".
I wish I had the authority to kick this Indian National Security Advisor M.K. Narayanan in the ass - it is so embarrassing to admit wasting money on useless western system and technology (chatter detection etc) and now the chief going in front of cameras, admitting that Indian security actually relied on such flawed system is absolute humiliation.

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Shuja Ahmed, why is my post being screened ? You have problems with free speech from bloggers with different nationality and religion ?

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Notices the facts:
1. Three boats loaded with terrorists and amunition actually landed at Gateway of India
2. Terrorists hijacked vehicles
3. Terrorists loaded the vehicles with ammunition 4. Terrorists had ample time to go on rampage all over Taj, Oberoi, Jewish center, hospital restaurants.
5. Three days later terrorists are still holed up in Taj and vicinity

The above facts speak volumes about lack of attention to details by Indian security.

I am extremely upset that the Chield of Security in India came up with an excuse such as "The chatter did not indicate impending attack.".

I wish I had the authority to kick this Indian National Security Advisor M.K. Narayanan in the ass - it is so embarassing to admit wasting money on useless western system and technology (chatter detection etc) and now the chief going in front of cameras, admitting that Indian security actually relied on such flawed system is absolute humiliation.

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Mr Suza how sad that your tone exactly matches that of those terrorists in Bombay who went on air while holding hostages and alleged India of ill treating of muslims. Now isn't that a joke? You want people to believe this false propaganda against India? You said one third of muslims in India staying under poverty line but you forgot to mention that more than half of pakistan is below poverty line. In fact whole Pakistan is surviving on aid. Muslims are poor because of their ideology. They dont send their children to schools and rather opt "Madrasa" education. Later when their children get 'left out' in this competitive world, then they make lame excuse of discrimination.
Secondly, there is no such internal grown terrorism in India. It is all exported by Pakistan . Finally, please do not have any doubts on Indian muslims being in mainstream. Which country has the honour of having a muslim president, a sikh prime minister, a christian defence minister and a sikh army general at the same time? Can any country boast of such a status to its minorities? No.
So please do not try to defame one of the greatest countries this world has ever seen.
Have a nice weekend.

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After 911 our nation benefited from the good will of every civilized country in the world, but instead of using that opportunity to form an international coalition against terrorism we all know what happened. I’m sure that mistake hasn’t been lost on out new president, and perhaps what’s happening in India this week will still be fresh enough in the minds of the rest of the world when he takes office. Too bad he’s on the verge of appointing a Secretary of State who considers talking to our enemies naive, because it’s the very leaders of the countries that harbor terrorist organizations that need to be included in any discussion if he ever hopes to bring an end to such atrocities

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If this was one of many Muslim separatists movements within India, they would have targeted Indians as they did a few years back bombing the Indian Parliament and not by focusing their attack on foreigners who have no authority in the Kashmir conflict but instead they sought out US, British and Jewish citizens and targets in western hangouts similar to the Bali terrorist attack and a hallmark of Al-Qaida.

The scope, co-ordination, magnitude and sophistication indicates Al-Qaeda influence. Especially after a recent report indicating Al-Qaeda' influence is waning, they could have decided that they needed to do something drastic to show the world that they are still relevant.

Al-Qaida uses various names under their terrorism to try to indicated a more larger movement among Muslims to deceive the world.

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