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Miriam Leitao

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Miriam Leitao is a reporter and columnist for O Globo and Radio CBN in Brazil. She is also a commentator on Globo TV Network and runs her own blog, www.miriamleitao.com, hosted at Globo online at www.oglobo.com.br. She was awarded Columbia University’s Maria Moors Cabot Prize in 2005. Close.

Miriam Leitao

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Miriam Leitao is a reporter and columnist for O Globo and Radio CBN in Brazil. more »

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February 6, 2008 1:07 PM

China’s Rise to Disaster

The Current Discussion: China's on a resource-buying spree, most recently paying US$13 billion for a stake in an Australian mining company. Is this a threat to your nation and its economy? To the world's?

I could say yes, China is a threat, because the obvious target of this particular movement is to counter the global aspirations of Brazil’s largest mining company, Vale. China is right now challenging Vale on a bid to buy part of the U.K.-Swiss company Xstrata, another global and diversified mining company. The Brazilian Vale has already made an offer to buy Xstrata, and now China is announcing its interest in buying a 34-percent share of the company.

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February 14, 2008 9:09 AM

Love Still Infinite – While It Lasts

The Current Discussion: For Valentine’s Day, this question: What is the future of love?

A beloved Brazilian poet, one of the composers of the song “The Girl from Ipanema,” Vinicius de Moraes, wrote in one of his most beautiful sonnets that love cannot be immortal, because it is a flame; but it has to be infinite while it lasts.

This is the perfect recipe: lovers have to believe the sentiment is everlasting even if it lasts only a single night.

Some romantics are mourning the end of love. They are wrong. Yes, the duration of the sentiment seems to shorten each day, as some bonds emitted by some unreliable debtors. But who cares about duration, if we can have intensity? A brief love is not a sub-prime sentiment. Actually, love can be on the verge of another dimension of its existence.

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February 20, 2008 2:47 PM

In Cuba, Change Has Already Arrived

The Current Discussion: With Castro gone, will Cuba become America's 51st state?

Cuban TV airs hugely popular soap operas including the American TV series, “Desperate Housewives,” and the Brazilian “Women in Love.” New Chinese buses are beginning to replace the old ones on Havana’s streets. The Brazilian state-owned oil company Petrobras just signed a new agreement to survey for oil in the Cuban sea. Canadian and Spanish investors are arriving with liquidity and interests. Two million tourists a year arrive in Cuba to spend their money. In Cuba, ironically, the American dollar is still a strong currency.

Those are real facts. The myth remains, however, that Cuba is an isolated and strategic island that threatens U.S. national security, because once upon a time it led two superpowers to the edge of a nuclear war. It is dangerous enough to be banned from OAS, World Bank, IMF, and IDB. All that belongs to the past. Today, Fidel Castro’s Cuba is only a shadow from this past of confrontation.

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