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Mahmoud Sabit

Cairo, Egypt

Mahmoud Sabit is a historian and an authority on Egypt’s 19th century political reforms. Sabit also works as a writer and producer of historical documentaries. Close.

Mahmoud Sabit

Cairo, Egypt

Mahmoud Sabit is a historian and an authority on Egypt’s 19th century political reforms. more »

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Europe Fears The Unintended Consequences

Europe has a long history in empire building, and is well aware of the shortcomings of policies that rely on dominance rather than balance.

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Mr. Sabit,

I think your article has been one of the best that I have read on this site. Europe has every reason to move cautiously in dealing with the Middle East problems. But then again if as you stated " European nations agree about the strategic necessity of controlling international events" what will Europe do? I don't think that anyone can disagree that the Middle east is a mess. And as you pointed out yourself, the USA is not the only kid on the block interested in that region. I think the big three, USA, China, and Russia all have a vested interest in the Middle East. And then there is the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict that just adds fuel to the fire. You mentioned that the USA might withdraw, and return back to semi-isolationism. That just might happen with the new anti-war atmosphere in Washington. But then you write that "Europe would have to clean up the mess". I am not attempting to be rude, but just how would Europe go about that job?
It was America who came to Europes aid in WWI, as well as WWII, and then helped Europe and the Asia nations to rebuild. It was the USA who kept Russia and China at bay, during the cold war with Europes help, along with the asia allies as well. And I am being sincere when I ask, how would Europe address this problem by herself. Always before this nightmare Europe and the USA worked together to beat back the madmen of this world. We could not have won WWI,and WWII by ourselves, just like Europe could not have won either of those wars by themselves. Maybe America needs to pull back completely from the Middle East, and let all out war engulf the region. And then be asked politely to come back. And no. I am not insinuating that America is keeping things together in the middle east. On the contary, at times I think we are only prolonging the inescapable downward spiral into war and anarchy in that region. But at least the world and many people back here in america could have another Bully to blame for everything, like Russia and China. I miss those days.

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