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Lamis Andoni

Doha, Qatar

Lamis Andoni is a Middle East consultant for Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based news station. She has been covering the Middle East for 20 years. She has reported for the Christian Science Monitor, the Financial Times and the main newspapers in Jordan. She was a professor at the Graduate School in UC Berkeley. Close.

Lamis Andoni

Doha, Qatar

Lamis Andoni is a Middle East consultant for Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based news station. more »

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Israeli Threat Sustains Palestinian Identity

Israel has survived sixty years by denying rights to Palestinians through successive wars and by transforming itself into a fortress. Israel may choose to do so for sixty more years. But the price will be high, and it will be the Israelis who pay most of it.

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keep wondering, your argument is very silly, especially these days. it didn't work sixty years ago and it won't work now. you seem to think that people have no brains and would believe anything you say. that time is over and the world has changed so much. tides turn all the time and it has started to turn against you.keep wondering until it hits you in your rear while you are still wondering.

Just wondering?:

What is a Palestonion? Can't quite find them in any history books. Tried looking it up and got some rant about the Romans renaming Judea to Palestine. Some one must be making this stuff up because Palestine sounds like a greco-roman name. And we wouldn't use a European name to refer to our own people. Must be an imperialist conspiracy.


The palestinians are completley justified in their actions. The last sixty years have shown complete hypocrisy on the part of the so called freedom loving nations of the west. What was the point of all those millions of brave Soviet and Western European troops dying if the people they were trying to help then decide to move to a poor country and then begin violentley displacing all of those innocent arabs. And on top of that they also began murdering the same British troops and government officials who were trying to help them steal the land and stop them from fighting (or massacaring)the native population.

What belongs to the palestinians is not the wests to give or the jews to take. They could of had europe or america and not the land of others. They have brought this violence upon themselves with their actions against a defenceless people. American bombs, american helipcopters and british torture equipment against obsolete rifles and makeshift explosives. Sickening.

holly hell:

++What planet are your from,lady?++

ohh crack. can you please talk louder! i cant hear you because of this stupi 7 METERS BIG WALL AROUND ISRAEL!

++Do you think it best for all concerned to pine for the destruction of the Jewish State?++

i dont know why are soo crazy about israel? just give israeli pasports and citizenship to palestinians and stop being an idiot.

++Has it escaped your attention that the utter refusal of the Arab world to accept Israel is the reason for the misery the Arab world now endures?++

hmm.. realy? how comes.. wait! don say it! stupid arabs dont want to make a place for jewish colonists.

++The Sunni world has really put itself behind the eight ball with radicals like you running around.++

thats my boy. speaking a truth loud is realy radical today in Israel. pss. do speak in russian language. its very popular now there.

++They are now incapable of addressing the great Shia threat because so much effort has been made making Israel the bogeyman.++

yeahh. to bad they did import all those shia terorists to get christaians and sunni shut up in Lebanon.

++You people will reap what you have sown.++

we are, we are already my dear. with every billion of our tax-money wich are going to be spend for israelian weapons and their "freewill army".

Rachel Golem:

When Jews kill Arabs, it's the Jew's fault.

When Arabs Kill Jews, it's the Jew's fault.

When Gazans kill each other, it's the Jew's fault.

When Iraqis kill each other,
it's because the Jews started the war?

Paul Coleman:

What planet are your from,lady? Do you think it best for all concerned to pine for the destruction of the Jewish State? Has it escaped your attention that the utter refusal of the Arab world to accept Israel is the reason for the misery the Arab world now endures? The Sunni world has really put itself behind the eight ball with radicals like you running around. They are now incapable of addressing the great Shia threat because so much effort has been made making Israel the bogeyman. You people will reap what you have sown, but the Jewish State will remain.


So, do they have to kill half of us so that what they are doing to us can qualify as a genocide? Go look up the legal definition of genocide and see that what those nazi jews are doing to us is a genocide and ethnic cleansing. They shoved the Palestinians into refugee (concentration) camps, they bomb them whenever they feel like it (gas or no gas, the result is death), they blame all jewish misery on the Arabs and Muslims (nazis blamed the jews) as if christian europe did nothing to them! Most of the anti-Arab/Muslim BS in the US comes from the mouths of nazi jews. They actually make hitler laugh in his grave; they achieved everything he wanted. He wanted to rid europe of the jews and they achieved that for him. He wanted to kill them and they are dead because they have no ethics or morals. You see, they are nazis two times over; they achieved hitler's goal and are repeating his crimes against the Palestinians. That is a fact whether you like it or not.


Jafra, the Israelis are not even close to the same level of the Nazis. The Nazis killed half of the Jews in Europe, how much bigger is the Palestinian population now than it was in 1948? Anytime I hear the mention of Nazis in an argument such as this one I instantly discount the person using the term no matter their point of view.


To B,

I did not treat the Jews as poison; it's the europeans who did/do. We actually welcomed the jews when they initially arrived to Palestine, but we resisted their presence because we realized that they wanted to displace us and we were right about that. It's funny how the zionist jews never attack those who hurt them and pick on those who really don't! Europe persecuted you for years and then kicked you out and you kiss the feet of the europeans! The US refused to accept you and you come now and praise the so-called freedom of this country. Doesn't that make you masochists? PS. when you ask me to not procreate, don't you think that that is a covert nazi-like desire to end someone you don't like or agree with? How sick you neo-nazis are!


To Jafra:

You say "Europe dumped the Jews on you". What, are Jews poison or something. It's people like you who scream radicalism, racism and pure hatred amongst people. You need to be a little more peaceful and not so hateful. So please, on behalf of the United States of America, where freedom prevails to all who want it -- sit your sorry A@# down. Oh, PS: please do not procreate.

Thank you.


Aren't you just slightly one-sided? tsk tsk

jack :

way to hard to understand. :-(


FACT that you forgot, Adam, the jews came from Europe and had no right to live in Palestine without the permission of her rightful owners and their acceptance of a partition plan is meaningless since they had no right to be there in the first place. FACT, we never considered ourselves Jordanian; that is wishful thinking on your part. FACT, we did not wage a war; it is called self-defense. If someone steals your home, you would fight back. FACT, Europe wanted to solve its jewish problem and that is one of the reasons it created this apartheid state. Europe dumped its jews on us. The other reason is that Churchill at the time switched his military from coal to oil and wanted to have a foot in the region to have constant access to oil. The Arabs were not interested in a British guardianship and the jews as per herzl's plan were willing to ally themselves with any power to achieve their goals and thus agreed to work with the british to create the state. Dishonest jewish leaders agreed to turn the jews into a canon fodder and protect western interests in the Arab world. If it not were for oil, the jews would have never been able to create a state. If you want the world to accept a jewish state, you might as well support an aryan one too; there is no difference between the two.


Well, you gotta love the power of indoctrination people. Isreal is surrounded for thousands of miles by Muslim states and this one littel bit of Ocean front property has everyone pointing the finger at the Jews. Extracted from the comments above, some of you act as if Jews INVADED this area raped and pillaged along the way only to now hold Palestine captive and are the oppressor....the very reason that Palestine is in the state it is in today. If you are crying poverty because of the Jews, well where are your Muslim bretheren to help you out financially I mean....honestly? Muslims far outnumber Jews.
If you are all as charitible and peaceful as you say, why not just REALIZE the state of Isreal exists instead of perpetuating this insidous blame game over who hit who, first?
No one is without blame at this point but to what end? What is the END GAME?


Israel is the only country who feeds their enemies. Funny how none of the Arab countries care to help. They dont feed their own people, they only feed them with weapons. Dont think Hammas does not live well while the others suffer.

Michael McKnight:

The Washington Post's willingness to let this garbage be published is troubling.


Once again a completely biased approach. Is it not possible to write any article pertaining to this conflict without letting our emotions get in the way of facts? FACT: Jews were willing to accept all of the possible partition plans for the British Mandate of Palestine, while Arabs were not willing to accept any possibility of a sovereign Jewish state. FACT: Palestinian refugees crisis came as a result of the war started by the Arabs on the day of Israel's creation-a war in which the leaders openly stated their goals of genocidally removing the Jews from the Middle East...Some of whom can directly trace their history to the land 2000 years before the word "Palestine" existed. FACT: some (not all) Palestinians voluntarily left due to the obvious reason that they were involved in a war (a war that killed 1% of all Israelis at the time). FACT: Current peace process will eventually yield a Palestinian state, this means Israel is giving the Palestinians what the Jordanians, Egyptians, British, or Ottomans never did-their own state. FACT: Palestinian "resistance" includes terror attacks against civilians, plane hijackings, and terror attacks against foreign countries. FACT: Many people asking for a "right of return" live a few miles away in the West Bank or Gaza Strip (haven't most of us moved further in our lifetimes...get over it). FACT: Approximately the same number of Jewish refugees were expelled from Arab countries. FACT: Jordan has killed more Palestinian civilians then Israel ever has. FACT: Prior to 1967 people living in the West Bank considered themselves Jordanians, not Palestinians. FACT: over 20% of Israel is Palestinian Arab, who for the most part would rather stay in Israel then go to a Palestinian state since they have more rights there then they would in any Arab state. FACT: Israel's "expansion" has claimed 1/650th of the total Arab territory. FACT: There are 22 Arab nations, 1 Jewish. Oh, I'm sorry "anti-Zionists" (anti-Semites) I didn't mean to have these facts discredit your argumen. I don't support all of Israel's policies, but it has a right to exist just as much as any of the other artificially created states in the ME (Lebanon, Iraq, Kuwait, etc.)


Aside from the terribly mangled, warped "summary" of the conflict, this piece screams of antisemitic hatred. The word "Israel" is mentioned over and over again, as if it is one collective being.

"Israel tried to obliterate...", "Israel realized it could no longer deny...", "Israeli attempts at control...". And of course, the most disgusting one: "Israel has survived sixty years by denying rights to Palestinians..."

"Jew this" and "Jew that" has now indeed been replaced by "Israel this" and "Israel that". It is opinions like this that fuel hatred all over the world by attempting to simplify and then vilify incredibly complex and diverse cultures, political systems and historical events.

Think about what you are doing, Ms. Andoni. I'm sure you wouldn't want to see an article full of such generalized statements as "Muslims flew planes into buildings", "Muslims bombed subways", "Muslims blew up buses" and such.

If Israel=Jews=Zionizm=Evil, then Al-Quaeda=Muslims=Extremists=Evil. That's a pretty grim outlook in my opinion. I know Jews in every corner of political and social spectrums, I can only hope that the same could be said about Muslims.


Thank you so much, Lamis for such a great and accurate article. Don't mind the hateful comments posted here by zionist apologists; they'll never mature politically to see the truth. They told the lie long enough to the point that they believe nothing else. I know the history of my family and how my father was expelled at gun point and chased out of his home on the west side of Jerusalem with his mother and aunt running all the way to Hebron while being chased by the jewish terrorist gangs. Fifty years later, I was forced into exile because zionist racist laws would not allow me to give residency right to my husband and daughter. Jewish supremacy is as bad as nazism and maybe worse since the perpetrators of the first outdid their former oppressors. They do not just harm the Palestinians; they even implemented Hitler's plan. He wanted Europe free of the Jews and they achieved that for him with the help of racist Europe. We shall rewrite history and show the world their ugliness. I raise my Kaffiyah to you, Lamis.


Quick Question:

Prior to the creation of the State of Israel, Jews were treated fairly and justly within the areas of Muslim rule; well, treated fairly in most Muslim ruled places. Why is it that Jews only remember the treatment of Jews by Muslims after the creation of the State of Israel? This "drive the jews to the sea" only started after the colonization of Palestine. Right-wing ideology breeds nothing but war and hate, doesnt matter if it is conservative Muslim, Zionist or NeoCon. Justice can only prevail in with open-minded ideology.


Is Saudi Arabia not an exclusively Muslim country? Is Egypt? Is Iraq or Iran not exclusively Muslim as well? Why is that fine, but an "exclusively Jewish state" considered the end of all humanity?

Rewrite the history of the world. The delusions will eventually, if not already, be taken as truth. As Amahdinijad, he'll tell you the truth about Jewish history. But you already know this. You are part of the lie.

We Still Have The Key:

My family was evicted from the Middle East in 1949 and our property and belongings were stolen from us. Our women were invasively searched when exiting the country to make sure they didn't bring out their own jewelry. We were kicked out of our beautiful house and we still have the key.

Sound familiar? Part of our family are Egyptian Jews kicked out of Egypt and thank G-D we had Israel to move to.

More Sephardic Jews lost their houses than Arabs from present-day Palestine in 1948-49. Furthermore, the Arabs would not have lost their houses if Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and Iraq had not launched a war of anhilation to "drive the Jews into the sea."

Too bad you got your asses whipped - the same as 1967 when Arab radio stations announced that this time the Jews were indeed getting driven into the sea.

Francis Long:

Ms Andoni is about as unbiased and in touch with the reality of the history of the region as ever. Which is to say, not at all. The closest she gets to the truth is when she say, in the wrong order that “The history of the conflict has not solely defined by resistance, but also by Israeli military supremacy.” Recently I have read about the troubles and lack of definition that Palestinians living in Israel feel. There is even a comedic television show depicting the difficult decisions this minority are torn between every day. Having first hand knowledge of being a visible minority, I could relate with their struggles. However, I quickly asked myself “How do Jewish people feel living in Palestinian territories?” That is a ridiculous question, because that would certainly not be possible.
Ms Andoni need not mention the attempt to obliterate traces of identity because the world knows which group of people has faced more of this than any other. If we ignore the holacaust as the elephant in the room; I would like to point out that millions of Jews have immigrated from middle eastern countries where they were oppressed and their rights revoked and the possessions confiscated. If Muslim countries in the area, including Jordan which has a majority Palestinian population, had taken in as many refugees as Israel has there would be no problem.
If when Ms Adoni says “imposing a set of racist laws that aim to create and sustain an exclusionary Jewish state.” she means that Israel intends to keep their country as the sole safe haven in the world for Jewish people not to be suppressed, discriminated against, and killed then I agree. I am impressed that she acknowledges the Camp David meeting in 2000 as the last chance for a 2-state solution. The fact that the Palestinian leadership spat upon the chance seems to be missed by her. A country that is defined by continued aggression and external aid sounds much more like the Palestinian territories than of Israel. This fact alone seems to suggest that the author either lives under a rock or has very limited information.
Ms Adoni may criticize her that Israel has survived by making itself a fortress. Israel and its supporters will say, yes and if it is required of the next 60 years so be it. While Hamas and Iran continue to support the destruction of Israel none of the rest of the world sees any current or future option for Israel.

American Observer:

Lamis Adoni says:

"Over the last ten years or so, the Palestinian struggle has revolved around asserting refugees’ right of return to their homes and lands. "

American Observer says:

The Arabs have been demanding 'The Right To Return' since 1948. The Arabs and the Palestinians have always intended to drive the Israelis into the sea and erase the Palestinian state. There is nothing new in the current demands of the Palestinians.

Lamis Adoni says:

"Israel has survived sixty years by denying rights to Palestinians through successive wars and by transforming itself into a fortress. Israel may choose to do so for sixty more years. But the price will be high, and it will be the Israelis who pay most of it."

American Observer says:

That is transparent nonsense. If the Israelis give the Palestinians 'The Right Of Return,' then Israel will be flooded with Palestinians, and the Israelis will become a minority in their own land. After that the Israelis will either flee the Middle East the way the Jews have already fled the Arab nations and the way the Christians are fleeing the Arab nations, or the Israelis will be in danger of being exterminated by Hamas or al-Qaeda or by organizations like them. If the Israelis do what you suggest, Lamis, the Israelis will pay the same price that they paid during the Holocaust again.

Nonetheless, there is a solution to the problem. The Israelis must never allow the Palestinians to return to Israel. Israel must always have a wall against the Palestinians. However, Israel should pull all of its own Jewish people behind that wall. Israel should remove all of its settlements from the West Bank and Israel should take all of the Jewish settlers back into Israel. That way both nations will have a homeland. Then the Palestinians should live on their side of the wall in peace; and, if the Palestinians feel like shooting rockets at the Israelis anyway, the Israelis should send their tanks and airplanes against the Palestinians and crush the homes and cities of the Palestinians into rubble. That will teach the Palestinians that 'the paths of glory lead only to the grave,' and in the long term it will be best for the Israelis and the Palestinians alike.

Alexander Ford:

This is completely biased garbage. When Palestinians decide they want a country more than they want to blow up Jews, they'll get one. For the past two years they had a fantastic opportunity to show that they could rule Gaza responsibly, but decided that internecine warfare and shooting missiles into Israel was more important. When the Palestinians grow up and show they can act as responsible neighbours, then they can have a country. Until then, they should not be taken seriously.

James Lesley:

Thank you.

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