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Iranian-born Hossein "Hoder" Derakhshan is a blogger, journalist, and internet activist. Since 2001, he has been based out of Toronto, Canada, running his award-winning weblog, Editor: Myself, which has been among the most influential blogs in the Persian language. Close.

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Iranian-born Hossein "Hoder" Derakhshan is a blogger, journalist, and internet activist. more »

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Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is biased against Iran

Last week, the French press and Internet watchdog, Reporters Sans Frontier, sent out a press release announcing that Iran has blocked access to The New York Times, implying that the Islamic republic has expanded censorship to Western news websites and...

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Reporters Without Borders has amplified its protests against the China Olympics. They keep trying to find an "in" to bash China with. First they settled on "human rights abuse" which I reported about on my blog when they attacked the Beijing float in this year's Rose Parade.

Now they are "using" Tibet and disrupting the Torch journey.

How much disruption is this group going to cause before anyone speaks out against them?? They are a corrupt "human rights" organization with a right-wing agenda!

Virginia Hoge:

I have posted an account on my blog of the "media siege" performed by Reporters Without Borders in Pasadena, California, Fall of 2007.


They were using our Rose Parade (and my city) as a pawn in their new propaganda "campaign" against the Beijing Olympics.


Virginia Hoge

Virginia Hoge:

I have been investigating Reporters Without Borders ever since they literally "stormed" my city (Pasadena California) with an obvious media propaganda campaign attacking the Beijing float planned for the 2007 Rose Parade. Our unscrupulous media was supporting them (which raised my suspicion) and since then, EVERYTHING I have learned about this group is super-alarming.

To hear that they are also attacking Iran is in keeping with what I have learned, namely, that they are a bought and paid for wing of extremist forces in the U.S. Government.


Virginia Hoge


your description of my report on filtered websites as "inaccurate" is itself inaccurate. All the websites mentioned in my report were filtered for several days last December. No two ways about it!!! I did not pick the information up from Report Sans Frontieres, as you appear to suggest, but initially from several Tehran-based newspapers before verifying it myself. I called two local internet service providers, both of whom said the filters had been imposed in respeonse to an edict from the telecommunications ministry. They also said they had queried the order. It is true that the filters were lifted several days later, but I think it's fair to say that this was out of political embarrassment. I think you are right to say these filters were imposed in error. However, the error was almost certainly of the judgemental rather than the technical variety. None of this makes my story wrong. It is an illustration of the arbitrariness and confusion prevaling in the Islamic Republic. I have no problem with people taking issue with what I write. But in accusing me of inaccurate reporting in a story that was factually correct you are unfairly defaming me.
Robert Tait

Mahmoud (Tehran):

Hoder, the websites were blocked for a few hours at least as recorded by many sources. Please go and take your pro regime propaganda else where.

Ali, USA:

You should probably know better why RSF is biased against Iran! because of all the journalists who were jailed, for Zahra Kazemi's death, for all the censoring and filtering. And this is still going on.
You are right that these reports should be accurate. I can't agree more. However, such critisism of an organization which is trying to protect journalists in a time like this only benefits the oppressive regime of Tehran. By the way, I hope you're not ruling out the filtering of youtube.com! since that one is TRUE!!!

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