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Fareed Zakaria

Editor of Newsweek International, columnist

PostGlobal co-moderator Fareed Zakaria is editor of Newsweek International, overseeing all Newsweek's editions abroad. He writes a regular column for Newsweek, which also appears in Newsweek International and often The Washington Post. more »

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The Choice for Pakistan's Military

If the Mumbai attacks were India's 9/11, then it has responded quite differently than the United States did in the weeks following that horrible event. Much of the debate among Indians has looked inward, focusing on their government's lack of preparedness, poor intelligence and bungling response to the attack. Senior Indian officials have resigned, some evidence links the terrorists to the Pakistani militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba, but the Indian government has not rushed to war. Even the Hindu fundamentalist Bharatiya Janata Party, traditionally ultrahawkish, is advocating "coercive diplomacy," calling on the world community to insist that Pakistan implement its U.N. treaty obligations to fight terrorism. India is showing restraint for some wise reasons -- the two nations are nuclear-armed and a military strike would only inflame Pakistani nationalism. But a democratic government, approaching an election season, can only remain restrained if its restraint yields something. If not, South Asia -- and that includes Afghanistan -- is going to get a lot more unstable.

Some have argued that India should use its intelligence and air power to go after some of Lashkar's camps in the borderlands of Kashmir. But one would not need spies and airplanes to find the head of Lashkar, Hafiz Mohammed Saeed. He lives and works in Lahore. Of course, Lashkar was banned by the Pakistani government in 2002, but Saeed now runs its "charitable" arm, Jamaat-ul-Dawa, a large and growing force in the country. The problem with Islamic militant groups in Pakistan is not that they are hard to find but rather that they are in plain sight. The Pakistani government has never made a fundamental decision to turn its back on the culture of jihad.

When one speaks of the Pakistani government, it's necessary to be precise. The elected, civilian government appears to be something of an innocent bystander in this affair. Initially, President Asif Ali Zardari denounced the terrorists and offered full assistance to Indian investigators. His prime minister offered to send the head of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency to New Delhi to help. Then, after the Army weighed in, the offer was withdrawn. Zardari's statements became more evasive and defensive. If anyone wondered who actually ran the country, it soon became clear.

Whether the Pakistani military was involved in the Mumbai attacks remains unclear. The Indians certainly think so. "The attackers were trained in four places in Pakistan by men with titles like colonel and major. They used communication channels that are known ISI channels. All this can't happen without the knowledge of the military," one Indian official told me. They're not alone in their suspicions. "This was a three-stage amphibious operation. [The attackers] maintained radio silence, launched diversionary attacks to pull the first responders out of the way, knew their way around the hotels, were equipped with cryptographic communications, credit cards, false IDs," says David Kilcullen, a counter-insurgency expert who has advised Gen. David Petraeus. "It looks more like a classical special forces or commando operation than a terrorist one. No group linked to al-Qaeda and certainly not Lashkar has ever mounted a maritime attack of this complexity." Which would be worse: if the Pakistani military knew about this operation in advance, or if they didn't?

The situation in South Asia is very complicated. But one thing is clear. All roads lead through Rawalpindi, the headquarters of the Pakistani military. For decades it has sponsored militant groups like Lashkar and the Taliban as a low-cost strategy to bleed India and influence Afghanistan. It now faces a choice. Unless Pakistan changes how it conceives of its interests and strategy, the country will remain an unstable place, distrusted by all its neighbors. Even the Chinese, longtime allies, have begun worrying about the spread of Islamic extremism. Pakistan needs to take a civilian, not a military, view of its national interest, one in which good relations with India lead to trade, economic growth and stability. Of course, in such a world Pakistan wouldn't need a military that swallows up a quarter of the government's budget and rules the country like a privileged elite.

The one country that could do more than any other to change the military's mind-set is America. For India to bomb some Lashkar training camps would be to attack the symptoms, not the source of the rot -- and would only fuel sympathy for the militants among ordinary Pakistanis. To the contrary, what the world needs is for Pakistan to decide on its own that its prospects are diminished by tolerance of such groups. American diplomacy has been fast and effective so far. But we must keep the pressure on Islamabad, and get countries like China and Saudi Arabia involved as well. President-elect Barack Obama has proposed aid to Pakistan that has sensible conditions attached, meant to help modernize the country.

America also has much to lose if things fall apart in South Asia. If tensions between India and Pakistan rise, distracting the Pakistani military from the jihadists in its tribal areas, it will lead to much greater instability in Afghanistan and a freer hand for the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Washington, too, needs to see results.

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Mickey: It's that Democrat culture of corruption thingy...

Kevin: [quote]The legislature will do what they want.[/quote] Which means they will funnel tax money collected...

Wing Chun Geologist: It's not really a double standard, it's just

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kjameson Author Profile Page:

Interesting point on looking inward. It is true that India's behaviour has been humble, unlike American bravado. Hopefully, they will take some pragmatic steps to fix security, to the extent that their rising but still poor economy can take.

But why is it that Pakistan's response is always belligerent and outward looking? Are there no right thinking, typically middle class Pakistani citizens or even Pakistani Americans who feel at least some discomfort about the mess they are in, and how they are being seen? Do they realise that their kids have no chance to make it big in an increasingly globalised world, with all the suspicion and distrust that we have for them? Who do they think will create jobs for their kids, the Arabs?

Why are they still trying to claim that every single terrorist plot linked back to them is some twisted American, Israeli or Indian conspiracy? Do they think we have the time or interest in fingering an obscure, poor and largely irrelevant country?

Pakistan seems to be suffering from some attention seeking issues. Pakistani middle class needs to introspect, and get their country to grow up.

singgeskd Author Profile Page:

Mr. FZ is quite right in his identification of the root cause of militancy in Pakistan. Some past policies of the Pakistan's military has backed-fired. But, I wonder why the writer missed the opportunity to highlight the 1st cause behind those policies: the kashmir imbroglio.

vinsap Author Profile Page:

Paki Army/ISI have fooled USA and are taking money for Jihad from Arabs and from USA for fighting the same. Pakis lack a positive identity and the ISI has bred a deeply negative and brainwashed population. USA is silly to try and spread Democracy in Afghanistan and Pakistan. DEMOCRACY IS FOR CIVILIZED PEOPLE THAT VALUE ECONOMY/FAMILY/ORDER/PEACE. DEMOCRACY WILL NOT WORK FOR BARBARIANS who understand only force. The sooner that USA gives up its delusions around spreading democracy, the better.

DebChatterjee Author Profile Page:

President elect Obama is bound to face scathing attacks from Pakistani Muslims. This goes at the very heart of the problem which I have opined as of the Islamic stripe. Being of Muslim ancestry, even if he is now a Christian, Obama is expected to side with "Muslim" interests. In the wake ogf the vicious terrorist attacks in Mumbai, this is what is appearing in DAWN (a newspaper from Pakistan). The link is http://www.dawn.com/2008/12/15/letted.htm#7

A selected part of that letter states the following:

" In particular, his Islamic ancestry and maintaining of cordial relations with his Muslim relatives in Africa and Asia place him in a unique position to win over the global Islamic community, thereby overcoming what is a severe headache for his country.

If he acts fast to make amends for the negative vibes being sent to the Muslims in general and the Pakistanis in particular, he may still be able to salvage the situation.

If, however, he plays into the hands of forces and lobbies hostile to the former, it would kill all hopes of restoring peace and harmony to the world, which will be everybody’s loss."

So Pakistani American Muslims have voted en masse for Obama just so that he should pacify Pakistan's anger and bail them out everytime acts of Muslim terrorism are committed by Pakistanis ?

Fareed, is this what we expect out of Pakistanis ?

DebChatterjee Author Profile Page:

I believe that there will be a repeat 11/26 of Mumbai in India again. The reasons:

1. Most Muslims out of some inexplicable hatred for India (because majority are Hindu kafirs) are silent supporters of Muslim terrorism and look upto Pakistan as a country that beckons their hope.

2. Pakistan has officially "banned" Jamat-ud-Dawa (aka Lashkar-et-Tayyiba) as did UN, but the organization is very sound financially. The Times of India full report


suggests that the organization doesn't care and may have all the logistics to operate.

I believe that Obama has to face the real radical Iszlamic terrorism sometime in 2012, and we don't know what's going to happen. Because this time the terrorists are much more alert and savvy. The president-elect is also a liberal person; I am afraid that he may ban intelligence gathering by wiretapping which has helped stave off any attacks since 9/11 - for the past 7 years.

If that most unfortunate incident happ[ens, I am sure that again Pakistan shall play a major role as it did in 9/11 times. Abdullah Azzam inspired and taught Jihad to Osama bin Laden. Hafiz Mohammed Saeed is just trying to catch up. Mumbai carnage was a testbed of ideas for him.

DebChatterjee Author Profile Page:

"Without doubt, the last act of stupidity with respect to the Pakistan/India cancer [since 1949 or so] was the Decidion of the USA to help India, a non member of the Nuclear Non
Ploriferation Treaty, to further her efforts in nuclear technology....."

This is pure garbage that supports stoking the jealousy of Pakistan against India's scientific achievements. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan the thief who stole the nuke technology from Holland, and fled to Pakistan was selling the same to North Korea, Iran and Libya. India has no such record, and despite USA's attempt to dig dirt and/or smell a rat, the attempts failed and India's mission was vindicated on the nuke issue.

Pakistan is a miserably failed Islamic state and is surviving by hatred and jealousy for India, Israel and USA. Whenever India figures in the context of Indo-Paki relations, the communal riots and the historical Hindu Muslim enimity are the staples of any discussion. India is not a country of roses and honey. It has its own myriad of complex problems.

But, on the nuke issue amongts others - India's record is clean. USA (and particularly Bill Clinton's administration) had labeled India as a pariah state in 1998 when the nuke blasts happened. With the help of China Pakistan blasted the nukes too. Pakistan access to nukes was purely based on theft without any original research work in the area. Pakistan acces to nukes is considered the much revered "Holy Islamic Bomb", and I read in a Pakistan daily that jihadists in Pakistan in their Friday (jummah) prayers pray that the nukes are intact to destroy the kafir India. Of course, their bellicose mentality can only be matched by equal hatred from their opponents (kafirs in India), but again such is a myth which everybody knows will not happen. Pakistan thus has the upper hand propelled by their religion-based hatred for India.

yeolds Author Profile Page:

It would have been better was Mr. Zakaria elucidate on the reasons that Pakistan became even more fragile then she was before.

While constant USA meddling has played a large part in the rise of radicalism within Pakistan [Latest misstep was Saudi and USA arms/money to fight USSR in Afganistan, then leaving a mess in Afganistan and all trained radicals without a cause in Pakistan] the overt and covert support of dictators, and moneyeed elite within Pakistan did not help any.

The lack of attempt to resolve the Kashmir issue by the internatiohnal community [USA/UK mostly] is similar to the festering problem of Israel/Palestine, with similar LACK resolution by the so-called SUPERPOWER.

While the USA has perpetrated shock and awe with her Air Force in Afaganistan [and Iraq and Somalia] without regard to civilian casualties, especially the Pashun Majority in Afganistan, a large subset of Pashun Pakistanis, further upsetting the Pashun with indiscriminate use of Predator/Hellfire misssiles in PAkistan - HOW THE HECK DO YOU MR. Zakaria expect that there woyld not be major unforseen [by the idiot Decider and other USA elites] consequences and blowbacks.

Yes, it is true, that Pakistan is leading to collapse, after 30 odd years of "WE ARE FRIENDS WE ARE ENEMIES" USA foreign policy, but perhaps diplomacy with Pakistan, excluding such jokes as USA supported corrupt officials of the present government, might yield some positive resolutions, resolutions which will never be achieved by further military actions by the USA, NATO or India.

Without doubt, the last act of stupidity with respect to the Pakistan/India cancer [since 1949 or so] was the Decidion of the USA to help India, a non member of the Nuclear Non
Ploriferation Treaty, to further her efforts in nuclear technology. This must have played well in the Pakistani Armed Services, as with the Pakistani Ruling elites. Another blowback from USA efforts to encircle Russia and China with USA FORWARD BASES/ ALLIES. This is not the way to build peace Mr. Zakaria.


waseemdawn Author Profile Page:

Fareed, you have highlighted various important points but the issue is not so simple for Pakistan to resolve. There are various root causes of the situation the region has been facing now. We in Pakistan are facing the problem of radicalisation of our society for which Pakistan alone could not be blamed. The policies adopted by the US in this region during last many decades have contributed a lot to this radicalisation. The successive US governments continued to support Pakistan's military and dictators since its creation. They actively remained involved in destabilising democratic governments for achieving her objectives.

You might know the curriculum for the religious seminaries (madrassas)during the Afghan War was developed by a prominent American University and it was aimed at creating "Holy Warriors" against Russia. Once the Russians were out of Afghanistan the Americans left those "Holy warriors" in the lurch. Militants from across the globe reached this region for fighting the proxy war of the US against the Russians.

We still rememebr that Mr Ronald Reagan while introducing some Afghan mujahideen to media on the White House lawns said "These gentlemen are the moral equivalents of America’s founding fathers.” The US supported the militants because they needed them at that time.

We, the enlightened and moderate people of Pakistan, are the direct affectees of the wrong US policies especially her support to Pakistani military establishment.

As compared to rest of the world we are presently more vulnerable to terrorism. Around 150 schools were blown up or torched to ashes in our Swat valley. During last two years more then 100 incidents of suicide bombings occured killing innocent people. Hundreds of innocent people were killed by the militants and now they have been killed in ruthless use of artillery by the security forces in different areas which has been creating more militants.

Terrorists have has no religion, no country, no boundry. We all have to jointly struggle and tackle the issue. Through blame games this issue could nto be addressed.

scepticus1 Author Profile Page:

US has to take blame for making Pakistan military to be the defacto rulers of the country. If billions of dollars have not been given as military aid to Pakistan situation could never have been like this. Even now, it is better late than never. US should give only humanitarian aid but no military aid on the foolish belief that it will help to curb the Taliban et al. All the aid will go only to arm the very people it wants Pakistan to fight with.

DebChatterjee Author Profile Page:


Thanks for the excellent points. Well taken. I would ask: is it possible to repeatedly call the Club 007 members (of Reverend Pat Robertson) as Christian fanatics and get a wide popularity in USA ? Majority rule is what Muslims don't agree with.

Their mindset is as follows: "once we were rulers, and that was the divine right conferred upon us by Allah as we were believers (Muslims).

Then we lost all that because of our weakness when Bahadur Shah Zafar died in Rangoon, Mynamar. It is our fault because we were not firm in our beliefs. However it is our time to get all that back and re-establish the (Mughal) Caliphate in India. Osama bin laen and our Pakistani brothers shall help in that cause. Inshallah ! we shall be victorious in our Jihad to uphold the glory of Islam."

This is the persistent view of a majority of Muslims in India.

mms_smk Author Profile Page:


Just because you are a Muslim does not give you a right to call BJP a fundamentalist party. Clearly you have enough judgement to understand a conflict of interest situation.

BJP was born out of muslim appeasement and vote bank politics of Indian congress. It was congress which ruled India for 40 odd years. Why are you blaming BJP for Indian muslims miseries ? If they have 10 kids, dont go to school and pick pockets, should Hindus pay for their schooling ? What is wrong if BJP works for Hindus. 80% of India are Hindus and Democracy is about rule of the majority.

Further, when an old racist woman said "Obama is an Arab" McCain says publicly that "Obama is not an Arab. He is a decent family man". So what you as a Muslim think of McCain and the Republican party ? Can you name any Head of state which is not from the majority religion of that country ? Indias PM is non hindu. Defence minister is non-Hindu. Even the Mumbai police chief is a Muslim. Still you folks complain of Hindu attrocities ? Why dont you stay in Saudi Arabia then ?

DebChatterjee Author Profile Page:

Junaid wrote:

"This is the root cause of present troubles.As soon as Occupied Kashmir becomes part of Pakistan...then the Freedom Fighters will cease operations."

This will never happen. So, the war must go on.

"India is a democratic country in name only...the Hindu Terrorists regularly kill,rape,burn minority Muslims,Christians and other races."

Are these some nice gems from the Quran ?

junaid1 Author Profile Page:

Kashmir has been occupied by 500,000 Indian troops.They are commiting genocide...killing,raping,looting innocent civilians.This is the root cause of present troubles.As soon as Occupied Kashmir becomes part of Pakistan...then the Freedom Fighters will cease operations.
India is a democratic country in name only...the Hindu Terrorists regularly kill,rape,burn minority Muslims,Christians and other races.

hawksmoor Author Profile Page:


I'll admit I'm no expert on the hindu/muslim animosity in the area, do you think after India invades Pakistan, the terrorists will all be killed or they'd suddenly see the light and stop bombing people? I think Israel's problem with the west bank serves as a good illustrator.

Lets not forget too, India and Pakistan both possess nuclear weapons.

DebChatterjee Author Profile Page:


"..from the safety of your home so that others will lose their life?"

The "war" was suggested by Mr. Qureshi (a Pakistani lawmaker.)

In fact, this should be pursued because otherwise India would bleed at the terrorism sponsored by Pakistan and be unable to anything in such an asymmetrical war.

hawksmoor Author Profile Page:

@ DebChatterjee

It is so brave of you speak of guts and advocate two nuclear powers go to war in front of a computer screen. Please, share with us where do you summon the courage to tap a few keypads from the safety of your home so that others will lose their life?

DebChatterjee Author Profile Page:


This is the correct time. India should accept Pakistan's offer of a war and brave it out. This is in context of the Rediff newitem:


Got guts to fight Pakistani Muslim terrorists ?

mnaseem95 Author Profile Page:


husainsyedmohammad Author Profile Page:

It is very well written and mostly accurate and the Indian response to this ghastly provocation by ? is exemplary.

tiwaridwijendra Author Profile Page:

US and other western countries will lament their mistake very soon because the terrorist are hand in glove with Pakistan army and ISI. India will be their first target but western countries wont be safe either. the nuclear arms are well within terrorist's reach. It's time the world unites and fights against terrorists, otherwise it will be too late. First of all, the US should stop funding the Pak government because all the money is going to the corrupt politicians and army and also indirectly to the terrorists. If India stops water of Sindhu and Beas and US the dollars, all the heroism of terrorists will be doomed. India should also think about this.

AnjuChandel Author Profile Page:

Mr. Zakaria, you are right. Pakistan has to indeed make a choice between anarchy-bankruptcy and prosperity-peace. But this won't be easy as it is an established fact that unfortunately Pakistan's dance towards its won destruction has always been choreographed by its Almighty Army and its rogue arm ISI. As you said, the so-called democratically elected governments have always been "innocent" (?!) bystanders. Otherwise, the time is not far when the country will implode irreversibly as it is already on the brink of total failure.

Though it is also an established fact that the recent dance of death and destruction could take take place in Bombay because of the incredible ineptitude shown by the Indian establishment: they all kept sleeping on the crucial precise and actionable intelligence on Bombay assaut since Feb'08 and let the city go into flames and along with India's global status as a safe destination for trade and tourism also got blown away as smithereens!

Now that the Indian government is finally ready to take tough stand against Pakistan's militant endeavors - under intense electorates' pressure - it will require the US' help as the latter has the maximum leverage in Pakistan. And the country will have to deliver. The other civilized countries also have to pressurize Pakistan to act to stop any further propagation of terrorism from its soil. Because, Pakistan's Islamic fundamentalist terrorists are involved into a global jihad though its primary target presently seems to be India - the nation with its famed resilience but not all that firm resolve! This is not India's battle alone.

Not only Pakistan, but India and the world also will have to make their choices soon - about Pakistan and terrorism.

jrobertsonmaciel Author Profile Page:

I am a loyal reader, fan and admirer of your thoughts and understanding of foreign policy. I also admire your courage to write and publish articles from a perspective that most U.S. born students of foreign affairs do not have. I also understand the connections and attachments you have to India.
Having made your point clear it is time to pause, ponder and move on.

Marco Maciel

bigmikecraft Author Profile Page:

I agree with every thing this author is saying. I will inform you all of information that you do not possess! I personally offered the stupid Clinton administration in 1994, my services, to kill Osama Bin Laden in the Sudan. He had an apartment (plush condo style) in Khartoum. He went out and walked the streets every night. He was a problem and this nation did not take care of it. My price was a paltry 25 million plus all expenses and all stores. Omar Al-Bashir, kicked him out of the nation because he didn't want problems from islamic hard liners. He was the Dictator for life, and no dictator puts up with terrorists in their own land. This nation never has learned that a dictator is responcible to his own power, not his nations. No dictator will allow anyone to come into their nation and disrupt it. Why did you all not know that about Saddam! Incidently, I am bigmikecraft, Meyer Lansky's last enforcer. I held the contracts on Pierre Trudeau of Canada on the summer of 74. I was to do in Trudeau, inorder to get Castro(his best friend) to a state Funeral in Canada! I don't know if I would have gotten Castro, but Trudeau was history, if I was not called off! I was a full general Member of the NCS and The Lansky group. I also was ordered to pop Ex-President Nixon in the Fall of 74! I, instead saved his life! On that one I took the money and turned Meyer over to the Commission, the commission retired Meyer Lansky forever because of the Nixon hit order! I am the last of my kind. I can discuss these 3 tags, on heads of state because I was called off and the Time Limitations has expired on Conspiracy! I was a sharpshooter! I have helped this nation too many times, only to be stopped by stupid civil servants. This new President had better learn one thing, deal with the Devil's you know ,rather than the ones you don't. By the way, the Rice person appointed for the UN is a light weight! Afganistan is going need 100,000 troops, at all times and a new puppet President in Kabul. Mr. Obama had better wake up. The Russians lost their cookies and they drove trucks there, not ships and planes. Sincerely bigmikecraft, PS, I also possess the only anti-terror contract with the Treasury and I can't make them work. I donated half the money to the FDNY Childrens 911 Fund. I still can't make the IRS-CID work, even though it is for the children.

DebChatterjee Author Profile Page:

The only way to thwart militants is to bomb Pakistan through an International alliance like NATO that would include India and Israel, since their citizens were killed too by Pakistani militants. Backchannel diplomacy shall only allow Pakistan to buy time to arrange its house of militants in order and prepare for the next vicious attack in India.

India being a weak democracy cannot tackle the problem all by herself.

akeba Author Profile Page:

Why on earth did they target Jewish people in Mumbai, unless it was ideologically driven? Why on earth would they go to VT station and mow down every innocent traveller, with virtually no chance of killing a westerner, unless they had an insatiable hatred of Indians? Why on earth would they target the best emblems of Bombay/Mumbai’s past and present unless they had an envy of India’s vibrant history, secularism and democracy? My guess is that the Mumbai atrocity had possibly only a passing connection to Kashmir.

In a country virtually controlled by the Punjab, I find it impossible to believe that the predominantly Punjabi military did not know about the planning of the Mumbai attack by a group of Punjabis. Fact: Pakistan is ruled by its military. They are a warped, psychotic phalange of despots that enjoy dressing up in uniform and aping the worst aspects of British colonial rule.

The US has bankrolled Pakistan’s military for the past 50 years and in the last 7 years it has virtually been a hostage to Pakistan as it desperately seeks local allies in its war on terror. Given Pakistan’s misogynist and mono-religious culture and its status as an IMF drip-fed patient, it’s not really surprising that it turns its hatred on secular and increasingly prosperous India.

Finally, my 2 cents on Kashmir. Its inclusion into India in 1947 was a craven act of political skulduggery. But so too was the partition of India. For God’s sake, Bangladesh was included into Pakistan: Bengali with Punjabi on opposite sides of India! Could you think of a more unholy and stupid mix. We have the Queen’s sexually deviant Uncle and a Mr Jinnah ultimately to thank for the murder of 3 million innocent Bengali’s by West Pakistan prior to 1971. Then you leave India with as many Muslims as there are in Pakistan, but justify the existence of Pakistan because it is a Muslim state. Come again?! My guess is that if the Kashmiris were given a free choice as to how they would like their state to develop you would get one of two outcomes: an independent country or an autonomous state within India. They would be absolutely mad to choose to become part of morally/economically bankrupt Pakistan.

whistling Author Profile Page:


What a relief to get some information to trust,

not from one of the dual denizens of some phony Washington 'Think Tank" created for anything Israel or the zionists want...but real information.

Particularly since Israel, (with military agents in India working full bore on "pacts", etc), want nothing so much as an Indian attack on Pakistan.

And why was there no followup, whatsoever, on the NYT op ed last week disclosing that two of the terrorists in India had called a media outlet concerning the presence of "an Israeli general" in Kashmir? There it was in plain sight and completely ignored. Surely you read it?

asizk Author Profile Page:


U are smart-so how can u talk about every thing except the Mother of All Problems: Kashmir.

The attacks on Mumbai are deplorable but are only symptoms of the grand problem: Sixty year old Indian military occupation of overwhelmingly Muslim populated Kashmir and India's refusal for Self-Determination for all Kashmiris.

Once India obliges and ultimately withdraws from Kashmir and allows its people the self-determination they rightfully deserve by international law,then terrorists and violence will be no more-no excuses are left for them and peace and prosperity will prevail.

Fully agree that BJP is a radical xenophobic and divisive secterian party and more rsemumbles the KKK than the Republican party-not that I like GW's and Chenny's madness and warmongring-in fact they have done so much damage to world peace than any political party since the nazis.

snuman Author Profile Page:

I think things in Pakistan have gone out of the control of Army. There is a wide spread agitation in the minds of middle-class on as to how an ordinary Pakistani can break the shackles of poverty and rise in an elitist society. Even if US and other friends of Pakistan dissuade Pakistan Army from supporting any form of Jihad, the Jihadi culture will not end in certain parts of Pakistan simply out of the resentment against this elite and unjust culture being supported by Pakistan Army and corrupt politicians. So if the World really wants to uproot Jihadi culture in Pakistan, it has to come up with some nation building ideas, which should definitely include drastic changes in curricula being taught at all levels and discourage practice of Islam at the Government and societal level, and get ordinary Pakistan rid of elitist culture being supported by Pakistan Army and corrupt Politicians.

murugankv Author Profile Page:

Everything is fine except calling BJP as a fundamentalist party. Please remember its been people of India who will decide and elect the govt. Sitting in other country and commenting without knowing the fact is not good.

I agree with your other opinions. I don't think Pakistan will learn a lesson. They are suffering now for the enjoyment they used to make during India being attacked by militants in kashmir.

It proves that if you attack other country usint terrorist, it will ultimately end up terrorizing them self.

davechir Author Profile Page:

Good Article. However i will agree to some other responses that calling BJP a Hindu Fundamentalist party is ridiculous.

Coming to the main issue. I believe the world has to acknowledge that Pakistan Military/ISI have intermingled with the Islamic extremists to an extent where it is impossible to identify the good in the bad. Fareed, in your show(GPS) yesterday Mr Gul, Ex-Chief of ISI said that the international media should not call Taliban as terrorists. He believes the 911 was an insider's job. He believes that Mumbai Terror was an insider's job. My interpretation of his statements, considering the fact that he has held the top position in the intelligence wing of pakistan, is that either 911/Mumbai attack were really insiders job or that the pakistani army/isi are nothing but terrorists in uniform!

With the control of Pakistani Military in Pakistan's day to day life and it's closeness to Taliban, LET and other similar outfits, chills run down my spine thinking of the nuclear arsenal they possess!

Time has come that the world acknowledge the growing problem and clean the roots before it is too late! Or has it ?

DebChatterjee Author Profile Page:

1988Joey wrote:

"....that would leave India with no choice but one: which is war. or India then would get rights, full rights, to clean house in Pakistan to its full satisfaction....."

Both India and Pakistan know that such would never happen. FYI, ISI planned the operation in cahoots with LeT. General Kayani, chief of ISI, was supposed to visit India and then it was backtracked by Pakistani Govt. who then sent a low level ISI officer to New Delhi. Is this not an indicator that Pakistani Govt. wants to hide its tracks instead ofc solving the problem ? Indian Govt. is a bunch of cowards. Congress led UPA has a track record of catering to Muslim appeasement. Who knows ? The Jihadi elements inside India are watching: how does Government of India react. If Govt. of India reacts with war given what you have written, then these home-grown Islamic militants might strike from within. That possibility cannot be ruled out either. They sympathize with the ideologues in Pakistan who have stated that India must be converted to an Islamic State. The Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) is well-known fior this position. They have provided logiostics in the past.

So, regardless of what happens I am not willing to accept that India can act swiftly and decisively.

1988joey Author Profile Page:

as always, a very thoughtful analysis from the gentleman at Newsweek magazine,, however, he leaves out one huge element in the calculation, if proven as true: suppose that the Pakistani Govt, or elements within the Pakistani Govt (such as a military unit or ISI), were responsible for planning, funding, and/or executing the November attacks in Mumbai? that would leave India with no choice but one: which is war. or India then would get rights, full rights, to clean house in Pakistan to its full satisfaction..... one can hope and pray that the Pakistani Govt was not involved in planning, funding or executing the Mumbai attacks, but if so, then no apology from Pakistan's Govt would be worth anything: only war could clean the slate....

DebChatterjee Author Profile Page:

The western [US] media (NYT, WaPo, CNN) cannot be blamed for the current posturing. In fact, the western media (NYT) had this scathing report:


that expressed solidarity with Indian's concerns. (Of course Indians meaan average Indian citizen, and "India" means Indian Government. In this terrorism case the Indian Govt. did not adequately reflect the concerns of the Indians - too much clueless posturing by their democratically elected Governemnt.)

The other problem is that Pakistan plays the game very well. The NYT report


does firm the suspicions because the mastermind Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi had not been arrested. Whether Lakhvi is absconding or Pakistan military has deliberately let him off the hook only to stage a show by the arresting the pawns in the game is unclear. In the past Pakistan also played the revolving door: low-level militants/terrrorists with the "big fish" were apprehended, only that the stalwarts (big fish) were "filtered" out because of "lack of evidence". Rejecting any evidence is the prerogative of the host (Pakistan) govt. This allows the jihadi masterminds like Hafiz Mohammed Saeed toi just buy time.

Now is Hafiz Mohammed Saeed a terrorist ? Is he dangerous for India and the world ? To me he is. But, the preceding NYT link indicates what he actually thinks. Maybe other readers can make a point or two about him. (Just click & read the above NYT link by Patrick French.)

dcscribe Author Profile Page:

In addition to all the failures of the Indian government there is one that few pundits mention: failure to develop or implement a counter-offensive strategy. That should be the real long-term approach, not begging the U.S. to intervene.

Clearly, India's long-term counter-terrorism plan can't be hinged to U.S. ability or willingness to pressure Pakistan's military and politicians. Most of the commentary so far focuses on U.S. leverage with Pakistan, leaving the Government of India as a hapless observer, passively waiting for Washington to work its magic.

Instead India should mount a serious counter-offensive: set up a stronger intelligence agency focused on militancy and terrorism in the region, place spies inside Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jamaat ud-Dawa and the assortment of other aliases the organization goes by. And use the spies to take out leaders of these terrorist groups. Yes, a targeted assasination campaign is what's needed.

One can understand the U.S. being unable to credibly infiltrate al-Qaida because of barriers posed by language, culture and let's face it, skin color. But India doesn't have that problem. It can easily recruit a cadre of spies well versed in any of the languages of the region: Urdu, Hindi, Pashto, Dari and many other dialects. Indians are ethnically the same people as Pakistanis. Many Indians in the country's northwest, thanks to years of immigration, can easily assimilate into parts of Afghanistan as well.

India's Research & Analysis Wing, its external intelligence agency, instead of being run by bureaucrats from New Delhi, needs to aggressively expand its field offices.

Threatening Pakistan with missiles from thousands of miles away is silly because Hafiz Muhammed Saeed and Lakhvi and their fellow bandits are happily driving around Rawalpindi, the Pakistani military headquarters, because they know they can't be struck there. If anyone believes that Pakistan will seriously go after them, I've a bridge I'd like to sell. (case in point: all the evidence that's emerging now of how Gen. Musharraf was taking U.S. money, staging fake raids in the North West provinces against the insurgents).

Nuclear weapons are too crude and puts millions of innocent civilians in danger.

This is a knife fight and India should unleash a few hundred skilled combatants to stick the blade into the terrorists' guts.

clearthinking1 Author Profile Page:

The Pakistanis are not the only ones who have failed to make a fundamental decision as to what kind of country and culture they are going to be. The U.S. has also failed to make the fundamental decision about whether to fight terrorism.

It has been clear to many for a long time (before 9/11) and it should be clear to most now that the Pakistani army/ISI has become a terrorist organization. Until this is addressed there will be no victory in the war on terrorism.

The good news is that the Pakistani government/military/ISI is bankrupt financially and morally. So who is supporting them financially since 9/11? Unfortunately, The U.S. and Saudi governments have continued to support this dysfunctional entity. Please review the debt reorganization (paris club) and IMF and other bailouts for Pakistan since 9/11. This is in addition to overt aid of $10 billion and covert aid of $20 billion which has gone mainly to the Military/ISI.

This support has been without significant preconditions. The hestitation due to geopolitical considerations was understandable for Blair and Bush in 2001 as part of the "Great Game" etc. But now the time has come to make the fundamental decision in the West about the good (strategically useful) terrorism and bad (anti-west)terrorism. Let's see how Obama/Clinton act.

RandomGuy Author Profile Page:

To anilhs71 :

Muslims in India are not 'assimilated'. They are Indians who happen to be muslim. And fyi Hyderabad in India is not muslim majortiy nor it ever was. Muslims comprise some 20-30% I think..

The problem is not about muslims. Its about terrorists a great many of whom happen to be muslim. Hindu terrorists are no different.

SVasan Author Profile Page:

The government of Zardari gets off too easy here - yes his government was probably not involved but it is clear that he wants peace on the cheap - without even beginning to take on the military-intelligence-terrorist complex in that country.

This crisis is an opportunity for the International community led by the US to say and do things that moves the balance of power more to the civilian government

Unfortunately, the US still seems to be mostly stuck with hyphenated view of the sub continent.

DebChatterjee Author Profile Page:


My earlier post was chomped; let's see now. However a quick question to you, and others: Pakistan has refused to act on the demarche that Indian had given. They have refused to hand over the LeT terrorists to India who were reportedly listed by India.

This is the ToI report:


So, how long should India wait and engage in diplomacy while Pakistan buys time and makes the haven for Muslim terrorists within its own borders much safer and secure to prepare another "commando style" attack in India ?

Sonny5 Author Profile Page:

Pakistan military has pretty much run the country since independence. It is like a hound that has tasted blood. And so it is unlikely they are going to ever cede control to a civilian Govt. I'm not too hopeful of the current Govt... I'm sure there would be a coup if they try to override the military. The world has to figure a strategy to work with Pakistan on the assumption that military is going to dictate many things. Doesn't sound exciting but that's the truth.

saqibashfaq Author Profile Page:

So called civilized world has picked up an innovative way of destroying weaker counterparts. Have a 9/11 of your own and make an Afghanistan out of your enemy.
The problem for Indians is that neither Pakistan is Afghanistan nor India is USA.
War is never going to help. The only way making peace in the Sub-Continent is not only cracking down of extremists in Pakistan but also closing of Indian consulates in Afghanistan along Pakistani borders harboring terrorists operating in Pakistan and stopping the construction of illegal DAMS on Pakistani rivers by India.

anilhs71 Author Profile Page:

Good article. I agree with AK1967. BJP is like the Republican party. Having said that, these Islamic attacks on India will likely to change the mindset among the majority in India. They WILL become more and more nationalistic, if the attacks don't stop. They are in a reactive mode now, only showing anger when attacked. But, the day is not far for majority to start attacking the minority. The greater Bharat lost its left hand in 1947 (Pakistan was formed), then the right hand in 1971 (Bangladesh). Pakistan did not keep quiet after independence, went and occupied Kashmir, donated some of the land to China, and butchered all Hindus from there. What was an integral part of India, a Hindu majority state, has become the 'disputed Muslim majority state' for the media now. None of the major news organizations show Indian controlled Kashmir as part of India these days. The whole head is chopped off. What next? Will Muslims demand for a separate Hyderabad, because it is a Muslim majority? Where will it end? Muslims in India have always enjoyed a better life than their brothers who migrated to Pakistan - be it in sports or entertainment or politics. Many of them really contributed for the local culture too. So many of them assimilated so well with the Indian traditions. What Pakistani Muslims are doing now is to draw the wrath of the majority on Indian Muslims, because they are not leading good life in Pakistan, and they don't want their moderate Muslim brothers in India to lead a peaceful life.

GopinathR Author Profile Page:

Pakistanis' support of Islamic militancy in Afghanistan has come to haunt them. It was not long before the Frankenstein monster created by them has turned on them. US too paid a price for covert operations against left oriented govt in Kabul. If US hadn't intervened, we might have had a socialist , left leaning, non aligned Afghanistan which would have ensured a peaceful South Asia (And maybe 9/11 could have been avoided))

ak1967 Author Profile Page:

Good article. Except calling BJP as a Hindu fundamentalist party is absurd- and Zakaria knows it. Hindu religion by its very nature can not be fundamentalist. According to the former US ambassador to India, BJP is like the Republican party in the US. And will be considered a very liberal party compared to parties in the "moderate" Muslim world. Hindus do not believe in aggressive conversion unlike Islam and Christianity. And if they loudly complain of being aggressively converted, and want to be left alone, the press consider them as a Hindu nationalist. I have not heard anybody calling BJP as fundamentalist- it is ridiculous.

AMemberofHumanSociety Author Profile Page:

President Bush appropriately sent Condoleeza Rice to India and Pakistan and also ordered active help to India from the US in the investigation of the 11/26 attack in Mumbai; the aim is to root out terrorist atrocities by Muslim fanatics who are residing in the Pakistan-Afghanistan region.

It is shameful that President Bush has not undertaken remotely comparable activities regarding the atrocities which have been going in the Congo-Rwanda region, and also in Darfur and Zimbabwe. (Ruthless and corrupt President Mugabe has been indirectly or directly inflicting atrocities in Zimbabwe, and Sudanese government under President al-Bashir has been aiding atrocities in Darfur.)


intcamd Author Profile Page:

Why make the subtle distinctions between Pakistan's civil government, the military, the ISI, and the terrorists operating out of Pakistan?

When 19 terrorists of various nationalities struck US on 9/11, no such distinctions were made. The US did not wonder whether Afghan civil government, its military, or whether al Qaeda solely, were to blame. They attacked Afghanistan, and bombed all of the country, including many areas where civilians lived. To this day, in "accidental incidents" civil population of Afghanistan gets bombed once in a while, and people die. Even the ultra-liberals of the US do not blame their government, and no one is demanding the US should ship out of Afghanistan pronto.

Keep in mind that 9/11 was the first massive attack on US. Yes, more people died on 9/11 in the US than in the recent Mumbai attacks. However, cumulatively, over 15 years, a lot more Indians died in the hands of terrorists.

But when it comes to India defending itself, the world and the West say "India should be restrained". They fear that "Indian hotheads might prevail" as in Richard Clarke's other article on WaPo. India should pursue diplomatic options, these people say; "above all, we should make sure that the US interests in Afghanistan war are not compromised" is another refrain.

When the Israeli government pursues Palestine terrorists, and bombd even civilian areas in the West Bank, no American blinks an eye. No one questions whether it was the Palestine civilian government which was behind a suicide bomber, whether Hamas or Fatah or some one else actively supported it, or whether the lone suicide bomber acted on his own; the Israeli government tries to take careof its own people, bombs a Palestine area in retaliation, and all Americans accept that decision as just.

And of course no one quibbles that somehow the Israelis were on the wrong side by occupying multiple Arab areas, etc.

But none of these principles seem to apply when the Idian lives are at stake. If the Pkistani based terrorists kill Indians in a terrorist massacre, rationalizations begin. Kashmir is dragged out as an excuse (and the liberal press completely ignores that millions of kashmiri Hindus, aka Pundits, were driven out, many thousands killed, outof their own home state, to become refugees in the rest of India).

Reminds of the old days, when a woman that was raped was often pilloried as "but she dressed provocatively and asked for it".

The hypocrisy in this stance of the West is just unbelievable.

tariqmughal Author Profile Page:

Pakistan – A sad state of Affairs but great potential:

As a Pakistani-American, it is indeed heartbreaking to know that the country where I was born is sliding into further chaos and radicalism. The US sponsored war with the Russians dealt the first blow. Two million Afghans refugees moved into Pakistan, never to return. Like New York taxis and small time merchants are from south Asia, Pakistani taxi/truck drivers and most small shops are owned and operated by Afghans. This is most evident in the crime-ridden city of Karachi. The Afghanis did contribute to the economy by starting small businesses but they also brought the wrong fundamentalist world-view of Islam. I used the word wrong and fundamentalist in the same sentence because their interpretation if Islam could not be worse. The fundamentalists Islam preaches love, forgiveness and unrelenting pursuit of knowledge, and yes war but only in self defense NOT some odd attack against some innocent civilians.

The second and much more deadlier wave of Afghanis came to Pakistan after 9/11. This wave of migrants not only brought several million Afghanis but Al-Qaeda fighters who would sabotage the Pakistani institutions, which were fragile to begin with. These Afghanis and nationals from other countries are not about to go back any time soon.

What Pakistan needs is a real awakening. This awakening would constitute in the realization of the “true fundamental” principles if Islam. This would allow Pakistanis to exchange with America their nuclear weapons with power generating reactors. Pakistan could take the lead to build and export all electric cars for example. This might seem like a joke for a country which does not even have control over its own borders, but who does. If US cannot control its borders, can we blame Pakistan?

The exchange of nuclear weapons with nuclear power would stop bleeding Pakistani people’s wallets for having to pay for the military and foreign oil. This would allow investments at grand scale of roads, hospitals, and trade schools, universities that actually teach some thing and not just pretend to. It would provide jobs for people in a country, which has over 50% unemployment. Pakistan is a beautiful country with great potential. Its misfortune has been that unlike America, it has not been blessed with good leaders.

Tariq Mughal

Roism007 Author Profile Page:

What the Indians have known for past 20 years about Pakistan and its Non State Actors the world is coming to grips with it now in the 21st century.

I have been saying this for the longest time even before 9/11 actually happened that the mother of all terrorism is based in Pakistan.

Its high time USA realize this that terrorism is terrorism no matter what part of world it happens in and there are no good terrorists or bad terrorists just damn terrorists

USA should have focused on Pakistan and used more leverage with then president Gen Musharaff instead of supplies them with F16 and other armaments..

GLUKE1 Author Profile Page:

I think FZ hits the nail on the head when he says the Pakistani govt has never made a fundamental decision to turn its back on jihad. It certainly worked in the 80s and 90s when it was a low cost option for Pakistan to attack India in Kashmir and to take control of Afghanistan through the Taliban. The problem is that the jihadis simply grew bigger than their controllers and now they are difficult to control and there are many in the Pakistani govt and military who still refuse to see the writing on the wall and still think they can use these jihadis. And what is more worrying, many within the Pak govt agree with the jihadis.

The United States shares a good bit of the blame as it has continued to tacitly recognize the difference between good jihadis and the bad ones, and turn a blind eye on the 'good' jihadis in return for Pak support against the 'bad' ones - the good ones being those who dont openly attack the Americans in Afghanistan and instead attack India in Kashmir or attack other targets around the world. Unfortunately this has sent the message to Pakistan that it can continue its policy of using these terrorists to further its foreign policy. If there is one lesson the US should learn from the Mumbai incident is that such distinctions will only lead to disaster...

pmathew63 Author Profile Page:

The money trail of extremism in the subcontinent leads to Wahhabi ideology in Saudi Arabia. This is the true epicenter from where it has metastasized to Pakistan. Cut this off, nationalize and modernize madrassas to moderate and progressive Islamic ideology that is tolerant of other faiths and invest massively in rural education with progressive curricula, then they will be empowered to make the journey away from hate-driven bigoted lives. This is of course close to impossible given what has already gone down, but it is the core fight for survival of this nation.

eli_abbass88 Author Profile Page:

THIS PARTICULAT INCIDENT HAVE MANY DIMENTIONS TO UNDERSTAND. we need to be cleare which dimention to take. if it is terrorism then it is the non state actor 'the mujahideen' created by CIA, if you take indo-pak relations then it is the unresolved issue of kashmir and finally should you like to implicate isi in it, come up with proof as it is very serious alligantion.
the world should not see the things with indian eyes as she is a confirm enemy of pakistan. the world must help pakistani government to fight this problem of terrorism.
problem is not with pakistan, it is in afghnistan (which is under foreign occupation) and the unlawful occupation of kashmir by india. solve these problems and stop blaming pakistan as the latter has already done enough and paid a lot.

rrajgopaul Author Profile Page:

This is indeed a very balanced and long term oriented solution. Except for one fact that FZ keeps forgetting to mention.

Pakistan and its leaders, be they civilian or military have repeatedly been untrustworthy. They have paid lip service to American interests and it does not take an Einstein to discover that the most hated 'thing' in Pakistan is the USA. All the money that the USA has been spending on Pakistan has gone to one sector of the country. That same sector is again setting up a classic Heads I win, Tails you loose situation. The whole lot of these leaders who will benefit have already provided for themselves and their families in the West. They will take all the money that the USA will spend there, and disappear leaving Pakistan to fall into the already effective Taleban. The implications are not far to seek.

India will not only have to face a possible nuclear war, but will also face a refugee problem which will result in blood bath of unimaginable scale.

Pakistan and the USA must listen to saner Pakistani people who are not exactly unknown. FZ and others from outside Pakistan simply do not have a clue as to how to go about the military/elite cabal to stop their suicidal activities and save Pakistan before it is too late.

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