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Fareed Zakaria

Editor of Newsweek International, columnist

PostGlobal co-moderator Fareed Zakaria is editor of Newsweek International, overseeing all Newsweek's editions abroad. He writes a regular column for Newsweek, which also appears in Newsweek International and often The Washington Post. He is a member of the roundtable of ABC News' "This Week with George Stephanapoulos" as well as an analyst for ABC News. And he is the host of a new weekly PBS show, "Foreign Exchange" which focuses on international affairs. His most recent book, "The Future of Freedom," was published in the spring of 2003 and was a New York Times bestseller and is being translated into eighteen languages. He is also the author of "From Wealth to Power: The Unusual Origins of America's World Role" (Princeton University Press), and co-editor of "The American Encounter: The United States and the Making of the Modern World" (Basic Books). Close.

Fareed Zakaria

Editor of Newsweek International, columnist

PostGlobal co-moderator Fareed Zakaria is editor of Newsweek International, overseeing all Newsweek's editions abroad. He writes a regular column for Newsweek, which also appears in Newsweek International and often The Washington Post. more »

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Palin Is Ready? Please.

Will someone please put Sarah Palin out of her agony? Is it too much to ask that she come to realize that she wants, in that wonderful phrase in American politics, "to spend more time with her family"? Having stayed in purdah for weeks, she finally agreed to a third interview. CBS's Katie Couric questioned her in her trademark sympathetic style. It didn't help. When asked how living in the state closest to Russia gave her foreign-policy experience, Palin responded thus:

"It's very important when you consider even national-security issues with Russia as Putin rears his head and comes into the airspace of the United States of America. Where--where do they go? It's Alaska. It's just right over the border. It is from Alaska that we send those out to make sure that an eye is being kept on this very powerful nation, Russia, because they are right there. They are right next to--to our state."

There is, of course, the sheer absurdity of the premise. Two weeks ago I flew to Tokyo, crossing over the North Pole. Does that make me an expert on Santa Claus? (Thanks, Jon Stewart.) But even beyond that, read the rest of her response. "It is from Alaska that we send out those ..." What does this mean? This is not an isolated example. Palin has been given a set of talking points by campaign advisers, simple ideological mantras that she repeats and repeats as long as she can. ("We mustn't blink.") But if forced off those rehearsed lines, what she has to say is often, quite frankly, gibberish.

Couric asked her a smart question about the proposed $700 billion bailout of the American financial sector. It was designed to see if Palin understood that the problem in this crisis is that credit and liquidity in the financial system has dried up, and that that's why, in the estimation of Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and Fed chairman Ben Bernanke, the government needs to step in to buy up Wall Street's most toxic liabilities. Here's the entire exchange:

COURIC: Why isn't it better, Governor Palin, to spend $700 billion helping middle-class families who are struggling with health care, housing, gas and groceries; allow them to spend more and put more money into the economy instead of helping these big financial institutions that played a role in creating this mess?

PALIN: That's why I say I, like every American I'm speaking with, were ill about this position that we have been put in where it is the taxpayers looking to bail out. But ultimately, what the bailout does is help those who are concerned about the health-care reform that is needed to help shore up our economy, helping the--it's got to be all about job creation, too, shoring up our economy and putting it back on the right track. So health-care reform and reducing taxes and reining in spending has got to accompany tax reductions and tax relief for Americans. And trade, we've got to see trade as opportunity, not as a competitive, scary thing. But one in five jobs being created in the trade sector today, we've got to look at that as more opportunity. All those things under the umbrella of job creation. This bailout is a part of that.

This is nonsense--a vapid emptying out of every catchphrase about economics that came into her head. Some commentators, like CNN's Campbell Brown, have argued that it's sexist to keep Sarah Palin under wraps, as if she were a delicate flower who might wilt under the bright lights of the modern media. But the more Palin talks, the more we see that it may not be sexism but common sense that's causing the McCain campaign to treat her like a time bomb.

Can we now admit the obvious? Sarah Palin is utterly unqualified to be vice president. She is a feisty, charismatic politician who has done some good things in Alaska. But she has never spent a day thinking about any important national or international issue, and this is a hell of a time to start. The next administration is going to face a set of challenges unlike any in recent memory. There is an ongoing military operation in Iraq that still costs $10 billion a month, a war against the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan that is not going well and is not easily fixed. Iran, Russia and Venezuela present tough strategic challenges.

Domestically, the bailout and reform of the financial industry will take years and hundreds of billions of dollars. Health-care costs, unless curtailed, will bankrupt the federal government. Social Security, immigration, collapsing infrastructure and education are all going to get much worse if they are not handled soon.

And the American government is stretched to the limit. Between the Bush tax cuts, homeland-security needs, Iraq, Afghanistan and the bailout, the budget is looking bleak. Plus, within a few years, the retirement of the baby boomers begins with its massive and rising costs (in the trillions).

Obviously these are very serious challenges and constraints. In these times, for John McCain to have chosen this person to be his running mate is fundamentally irresponsible. McCain says that he always puts country first. In this important case, it is simply not true.

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mkesat Author Profile Page:

Those of you who like Palin need to broaden your horizons. Sure, she's pretty, but watch a movie if that's what you want, or join a PTA and find a pretty mom to pal around with! If someone's running for top public office, we should expect a brilliant mind behind the politician that represents America. If we don't understand her gibberish, what is the rest of the world going to think? "Uh oh, they'd have been better off electing Paris Hilton instead of Palin."
GET THE FACTS; read and read from all different places, or watch from all different news networks. This is a given in college, it obviously needs to be taught in elementary school.

wunderwood Author Profile Page:

Remains of Alaska Separatist Are Identified
October 15, 1994

The blue tarp and duct tape in which the remains were wrapped, officials said, matched a description given by a convicted thief, Manfred West, who confessed last summer that he had killed Mr. Vogler in a plastic-explosives sale gone bad and had then buried him.

Todd Palin joined the AIP one year after this article was published.

You betcha!


rwbentley Author Profile Page:

Zakaria needs to peddle his elitist, sexist and hateful bashing of Sarah Palin and his use of one set of standards for Palin and quite another for the "elequent" Obama who is nothign but an idecisive, inexperienced southside Chicago poilitical hack. Smart? and elequent-so was Hitler-so was Lenin. Bash somebody for their stand on issues , not your Islamic fear of feminist with dissenting viewpoints, Zakaria!
Besides the debate did seem to show this gal does indeed have a brain and does indeed have convictions-maybe Obama does also-but we have yet to see our liberal loving press vet his socialist and anti-American associations and their common beliefs. This is yet another poor example of a leftist,elitist, psuedo-intellectual's attempt to impose their "enlightened" views on a majority-those of us who live in the heartland and actually believe in American values-not some damnable Islamist "purdah" view of femininity.

robin1231hotmailcom Author Profile Page:

ms palin of alaska is sure ready for most national job including job of u s president. In democracy leaders and people in various ranks and file make democracy truly operaonal and the leader is guiding light, ms palin of alaska as a woman of skills may rise to any top leadership if we the people place her in place of greatest responsible position the president of usa, or a vice president w e f 1.20. 2009 : messagefrom k k roy, usa:Yahoo! ServicesYahoo! My Yahoo! Mail More Yahoo! Services News
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Open QuestionShow me another »
The rev dr kamal karna roy, statesman author, usa:new definition of published book : hard copy or electronicJD?
10.5. 2008 JD stands for book volume jungle democracies,........ etc" by dr roy:
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the rev dr kamal karna karuna roy aka & was born as joseph Geronimo Jr, GUAM, usa clergy+ vow of poverty (irs)?
10.5.2008 new york
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Kamal karna karuna roy a u s politician & a stateman for rights of weaker citizens in global democracies ?
10. 5. 2008 jnew york

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Kamal K. Roy

Office Seeking: President
Party: Republican

Background Information
Birth Date:
Home City:


Professional Experience:

Political Experience:


Issue Positions
(Political Courage Test)
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Additional Biographical Information
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Charles O. 'Chuck' Baldwin (Independent, Write-In, Alaskan Independence, Constitution, Constitution Party of Florida, Constitution Party of Illinois, Independent Green, Nebraska, Reform Party of Kansas, U.S. Taxpayers, U.S. Taxpayers Party of Michigan)
Robert L. 'Bob' Barr (Independent, Libertarian)
John S. McCain (Republican, Conservative Party of New York , Independence Party of New York)
Cynthia Ann McKinney (Independent, Green Party, Write-In, Mountain Party, Pacific Green, Unaffiliated, Wisconsin Green)
Ralph Nader (No Party Affiliation, Independent, Write-In, Natural Law Party, Ecology Party of Florida, Independent Party of Delaware, Peace, Peace and Freedom, Petitioning Candidate)
Barack H. Obama (Democratic, Democratic/Farmer/Labor, Democratic-NPL, Working Families Party of New York)
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Contact Information

Campaign Address
14 Kiwassa Road, #56
Saranac Lake, NY 12983
Campaign Address
Association of Committee of Weaker People Disadvantage Pool ETAL to Elect the Rec Dr Kamal
107A Scribner Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10301

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What is the real credibility of the Albanian politicians acting as representatives of the Kosovo government?
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why do you do this?
2 days ago
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Open Questions in Other - Politics & Government
Mcain...the truth ?
When, if ever is violence and revolution justified ?
What ended the last Depression?
Who do you pick for president?
Resolved Questions in Other - Politics & Government
Could America be described as Fascist? ?
No Valid Birth Certificate Y are we wasting time & money?
Why did McCAin assume the black guy who asked him a question never heard of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac?
who love iran????????????????????

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robin1231hotmailcom Author Profile Page:

10.9. 2008
RELATED ISSUES IN DEMOCRACY: COMMENTS BORROWED AND REPACKAGED from expressed public opinion of the rev kamal karna roy the u s politician & a statesman for weaker people's right for equities including rights to lead nation, u s a et al, FOR DELIVERY of messaege TO WE THE PEOPLE in global democracies:

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The rev dr kamal karna roy, statesman author, usa:new definition of published book : hard copy or electronicJD?
10.5. 2008 JD stands for book volume jungle democracies,........ etc" by dr roy:
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the rev dr kamal karna karuna roy aka & was born as joseph Geronimo Jr, GUAM, usa clergy+ vow of poverty (irs)?
10.5.2008 new york
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Kamal karna karuna roy a u s politician & a stateman for rights of weaker citizens in global democracies ?
10. 5. 2008 jnew york

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Kamal K. Roy

Office Seeking: President
Party: Republican

Background Information
Birth Date:
Home City:


Professional Experience:

Political Experience:


Issue Positions
(Political Courage Test)
Interest Group Ratings
Additional Biographical Information
Campaign Finances

Opposing Candidates
Charles O. 'Chuck' Baldwin (Independent, Write-In, Alaskan Independence, Constitution, Constitution Party of Florida, Constitution Party of Illinois, Independent Green, Nebraska, Reform Party of Kansas, U.S. Taxpayers, U.S. Taxpayers Party of Michigan)
Robert L. 'Bob' Barr (Independent, Libertarian)
John S. McCain (Republican, Conservative Party of New York , Independence Party of New York)
Cynthia Ann McKinney (Independent, Green Party, Write-In, Mountain Party, Pacific Green, Unaffiliated, Wisconsin Green)
Ralph Nader (No Party Affiliation, Independent, Write-In, Natural Law Party, Ecology Party of Florida, Independent Party of Delaware, Peace, Peace and Freedom, Petitioning Candidate)
Barack H. Obama (Democratic, Democratic/Farmer/Labor, Democratic-NPL, Working Families Party of New York)
All candidates...

Contact Information

Campaign Address
14 Kiwassa Road, #56
Saranac Lake, NY 12983
Campaign Address
Association of Committee of Weaker People Disadvantage Pool ETAL to Elect the Rec Dr Kamal
107A Scribner Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10301

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According to Obama's policy, I am rich?
0 Stars In Other - Politics & Government - Asked by DeathlyRanch - 28 answers - 7 minutes ago
Obama is currently challenged in court to produce a vault (original) birth certificate. Why won't he?
0 Stars In Other - Politics & Government - Asked by - - 11 answers - 11 minutes ago
what appeals are used in JFK's inaugration speech?
0 Stars In Other - Politics & Government - Asked by blue - 0 answers - 18 minutes ago
What is the real credibility of the Albanian politicians acting as representatives of the Kosovo government?
0 Stars In Other - Politics & Government - Asked by ღ♥Goxy♥ღ daydreaming blissfully - 0 answers - 21 minutes ago
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According to Obama's policy, I am rich?
Obama is currently cha
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by lala_123... Member since:
August 16, 2007
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why do you do this?
2 days ago
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Open Questions in Other - Politics & Government
Mcain...the truth ?
When, if ever is violence and revolution justified ?
What ended the last Depression?
Who do you pick for president?
Resolved Questions in Other - Politics & Government
Could America be described as Fascist? ?
No Valid Birth Certificate Y are we wasting time & money?
Why did McCAin assume the black guy who asked him a question never heard of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac?
who love iran????????????????????

Hello Delhi R_DEMOCRA...

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marchino Author Profile Page:

Reply to 4Change1:

Nancy Pelosi was ridiculously off blaming Bush for the financial crisis, and you "cursed Clinton for signing the 1999 bill allowing the merger of commercial banks and investment banks," because as you said, it was a "huge mistake!" So you disagree with Pelosi, right?
Perhaps you disagree with Bank Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd, a Connecticut Democrat, did nothing to respond to the banking crisis. Did you "curse" him when he did nothing while the Titanic was steering towards the iceberg? Mr. Obama, Biden and Ms. Pelosi are members of that legislative body responsible for enacting US Federal Laws regulating federal banks, are you cursing them for not creating laws regulating the banking industry? Perhaps the blame-game is ineffective, Ms. Pelosi!

dalbers Author Profile Page:

People want Palin to get back to the person she was at the convention. Don't they get it? That person was READING a highly scripted speech written by so many others! OK, score one for Palin......she can read.

The question is, can she THINK? Not so much.

If the electorate provides a sweeping change post debate and numbers favor McCain/Palin, please blame the American people for the fallout. The same blame goes to the American people who voted according to the belief that it would be more fun to have a beer with George Bush in the backyard.
Granted, Palin wins this category - but now we're on to the intelligent thoughts competition.

Wake up America. How much more gobbledygook do you need to hear?

kadianga Author Profile Page:

THE Bilderberg Secret Society rules the world through political proxies. This is the group who determine who should be a leader in almost all countries. They control the world's natural resourses.

kadianga Author Profile Page:

The "Coup De Tat" that brought IDI Amin of Uganda to power was planned by characters with the same mindset as those who persuaded McCain to choose Sarah Palin to be his running mate. These characters operate behind the scene and the voters do not know exactly who they are.

Amin had zero knowledge of Uganda beyond the barracks where he learn methods of killing humans. There were people operating behind the scenes who were able to feed IDI Amin with the venom and violence that he inflicted on thousands of Ugandans.

Sarah Palin has no knowlege of what is going on in United States. Those who are working with her behind the scenes are the people whose ideas and agenda will be implemented should McCain/Palin ticket win the elections. Palin is merely a place holder for these ideologues now preparing her for the debate tomorrow.

I used to think that the western world's mentality towards the third world countries would not work anywhere else. I was wrong. The 2008 presidential campaign is revealing a very dark scary side to politics in which the candidates are not the power brokers. They are merely place holders for people who use them as window dressers and persuade ordinary voters to vote for them. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS IN most THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES.

diamondsr4me29b Author Profile Page:

my vote will be for mccain & palin obamas people are mean and down right hatefull mccain knows a hell of a lot more about this country than obama ever will and palin can learn just like obama did while hes been on the roadby the time mccain & palin go into the white she will know all she will need to know

Willmagnus101 Author Profile Page:

The appearance of Sarah Palin on the national scene brings to mind the movie "Being There". Peter Sellers played a somewhat mentally challenged individual who essentially acted in a manner which could be described as purely existential. The hook of the plot was that the main character, Chance, and later "Chauncey", was simply too developmentally challenged to fail. It was the mere deterministic, self-awareness of normal, or better, intellectual development which caused the average person, by contrast, to fail. The movie is much funnier, and much more thought provoking than my description. The movie though, has the benefit, and the flaw, of being only fiction. In real life such a scenario presents frightening disasters at every turn. Mrs. Palin is not developmentally disabled, and it is not my intent to imply such, but strictly as a comparison, Mrs. Palin is not prepared for the circumstances within which she is currently immersed. The matter of degree notwithstanding, the situation is analogous. The one character who knows of Chance's limitatons exclaims upon seeing him interviewed by Johnny Carson as some guru from out of the blue, "I know one thing, it sure is a white man's world in America". The comment is one of the better laughs in the story. The point of the comment is that such severe limitations are seen as familiar, folksy, acceptable, even valuable. Like the "Emperor's New Clothes", the subject is standing there naked. Does anyone really believe that she reads all perdiodicals? Is that even possible?

If evidence of erudition were seriously valued, a person like Rev. Al Sharpton would be in this position long before Mrs. Palin achieved this level. While you may disagree with Sharpton's style, politics, and manner, Mr. Sharpton is capable of holding his own in front of national media, at a debate of national candidates, among international leaders, and navigating the depths of issues that Americans concern themselves with. Notwithstanding values or actual choices, Mr. Sharpton is vastly superior. Ask yourself seriously, how is it possible that Mrs. Palin is given serious consideraion?

TyrONeil Author Profile Page:

Palin is more ready than Obama for the job of POTUS. Her experience as a mayor and a governor beats hands-down the Chicago machine cog.

Palin is aware of the position of Alaska sharing a maritime or land border with Russia and Canada, probably much more so than the people she is being interviewed by. The military bases in Alaska provided the early warning front line with the old Soviet Union. The comments about military ops from Alaskan air bases are true, just as they are for the missions operating from California.

Illinois doesn't share any international boundaries and Texas only has one. While she may not speak diplomatically and with such polished poise as the "chosen one", Palin presents herself as a quick learner. She isn't skilled in the East Coast gotcha journalism, but she'll learn.

As to the economic crisis, there are very few who understand the reason for the current financial crisis and fewer still who agree on the manner by which the US will extract itself. Bernanke and Paulson may be too clever in their understanding and manipulation of the financial industry to keep the broad public informed.

Fareed Zakaria is very smart guy as he has proved with his multiple Ivy League degrees, but maybe that degree of elitism prevents him from seeing that McCain selected a very capable woman who came from a different background that rings true to many ACROSS the country.

ProfessorWrightBSU Author Profile Page:

Palin is simply unacceptable. What was wrong with Mary Jodi Rell (Governor of Connecticut 75% approval rating) or Linda Lingle (Governor of Hawaii 80% approval rating) both of which have extensive political experience and both of which are serving 2nd terms as Governor of their states? What do these women lack that Palin has in spades? I'll let you answer that one for yourself but it rhymes with pig hitties.

I am a Republican and I am ashamed of my party. I am ashamed of the last 8 years. I am ashamed at the lies being told in advertisements. I am ashamed that we (and Germany) are the only industrialized nation that does not have universal healthcare for its CITIZENS. I am ashamed that the Republican energy policy does not put a premium on Research and Development, yet I keep being told we are the greatest nation in the world. Finally, I am ashamed of the GOP for selecting Palin as McCain's running mate when there were more qualified women to choose from.

Now, to add fuel to the fire. Ignorant of history and "Progressive Republican" Herbert Hoover's insistence that the stock market self-correct, "Conservative Republicans" shoot down a bill that could have been the George Bush legacy's saving grace.

JustAJoe Author Profile Page:

McCain has done everything but sign papers attesting he is unfit to be President, from his VP pick to flying in to try to turn a national emergency into a campaign boosting photo-op.

Democrat votes supported the bailout over Republicans 2-1, but McCain came out with the lie that it was Democrat lack of support that killed the bill.

McCain has at least lost the tag that his administration would be four more years of Bush. If what we have seen is any indication, during a McCain administration we would be referring to the Bush disaster years as "the good old days"

jerry16 Author Profile Page:

"Building Bridge"

Satire Veritas: A Palindrome

Something there is that doesn't need a bridge,
But some would plan a bridge to anywhere,
To please constituents. Earmarks, I mean,
No one has seen them made or heard them made,
But at fall budget-time we find them there.
I let the governor know beyond the hill;
She is VP, or says she wants to be,
And on a day we meet about her plan,
Discuss the bridge between us once again.
We talk affairs between us as we go.
“I can see Russia from my house!” she said.
Or so I thought, but she denied the thought.
For it was not a bridge to Russia that she sought.
The earmarked money came so quick and fast
She wore her fingers rough from handling it.
But though a portion was in the state’s banks,
She still claimed “I told Congress thanks but no thanks.”
Our words are just another out-door game,
One on a side. They come to little more:
There at that spot we do not need the bridge:
Once she had said “Good bridges make good neighbors”.
Spring is the mischief in me, and I wonder
If I could put a notion in her head:
”Why do they make good neighbors? Isn't it
Where there are neighbors?
But here there are no neighbors.
Before I built a bridge I'd ask to know
What I was bridging to or bridging from,
And to whom I was like to give offence.
Something there is that doesn't love raw pork,
That wants it out.” I could say to her,
But I'd rather she said it for herself. I see her there
with bags of cash grasped firmly by the top
In each hand, like an old-stone savage armed.
But even with the money in the bank
She moves in darkness as it seems to me~
Not of woods only and the shade of trees.
She will not go behind her former saying,
And she likes hearing the sound of it so well
She says it still again, "Thanks but no thanks."

SPDeNXT Author Profile Page:

Hard hitting stuff Mr. Zakaria. We need this kind of reporting across the board.

Fundamentally the election process with its focus on just two individuals per party does not seem adequate in the current information driven age.

As voters, we need to know who the cabinet members and policy makers will be prioir to the elections so we can vote for an executive team and make a more informed decision. This will also help avoid post election political favor bartering.

The election process needs to be limited - it needs to be about a year long process. November to November. This alomst two + year campaigns are ridiculuous and take away focus from a lot of important things from a reporting perspective as airwaves get saturated with political junk.

Maybe just maybe, if the focus was a little less on politics last couple of years some reporters may have figured out and done some effective and quality reporting on the economy and financial condition of the country where the mnasses would have picked up on it.

This marketing blitz driven approach to elections results in our current situation where making a buzz takes precedence over substance and governance.

virginiabluestate Author Profile Page:

It is not about Obama,McCain,Palin,Democrats, or Republicans. It is about all of us on a plane. Except, some won't let you steer the plane. They would rather fly the plane into the ground, killing all of us. Its not about politians...Its about YOU!

4change1 Author Profile Page:

Repy to Marchino:

I actually have cursed Clinton for signing the 1999 bill allowing the merger of commercial banks and investment banks (huge mistake!). I felt bad after you educated me on the fact that Congress enacts the laws and the President only signs them into law. So, Republican Congresses fault once again. Heck, I was only blaming them for their (and Shrubs) total ineptness from 2001 to 2006. Thanks for clarifying.

davetpahgts Author Profile Page:

I had read she is in GOP boot camp to make sure she doesn't say or do anything that is disrespectful of the GOP Engine that can't. In preparation of the debate she will be having with Biden this week. Besides doesn't her religion allow her to speak in tongues? Maybe this explains what she has been trying to say all along? Her comments of late seems to resemble that line off of Spike Lee's newest movie when one of the stars was thinking religion and death had gotten one of his fellow soldiers in a bombing and the soldier was dying and babbling to himself. "Sounds like the cheese has done fallen off your biscuit!" (Quote might not be completely accurate but I think it is appropriate to the subject matter at hand.)

Citizenofthepost-Americanworld Author Profile Page:

One thing for sure, I would never volunteer to translate Palin's gibberish reproduced above....

First, I wonder how I could possibly succeed at the task...

Secondly, anyone reading (or hearing) the translation is bound to conclude the translator had no knowledge of the English language (or was it of the language Palin's was translated into?).

That would be a lose-lose proposition.

Better keep silent Palin on American soil. Was she not doing just fine without a passport? Can't the US government consider reclaiming the thing as "property of the U.S. Government", and asking that she hands it back?

... Just in case she soon becomes: "Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States!"

alyurek Author Profile Page:

Anyone who wants to defend Palin as McCain's for VP is simply suffering from denial.

She has no vocabulary. She is not a daily reader of any newspaper except for Wasilla perhaps. Why say that? Her vocabulary. It's as limited as her knowledge.

I predict a collapse of the McCain campaign in 2 weeks. I think the Palin-Biden debate will be painful, especially for Senator Biden.

She needs more than a quick study. She needs a whole new persona. It's a travesty that McCain would do this to us but as well to her and her family. She can only do better than expected because expectations are so low.

whosoever Author Profile Page:

Zakari didn't say anything new. In fact, he only wrote what most reasonably intelligent people have known since Palin came on the scene. When it comes to national or foreign policy, she's as dumb as they come!

So, I was not surprised that she was tongue-twisted in the Kate Couric's interview.

In fact, I believed the same about Bush, when he came on the national political scene eight years ago. Well, eight years later, I'm justified.

Speaking of Bush, personally, I've always believed that Bush is God's punishment on America! Why? Because of all the intelligent and more qualified candidates in Gore and Kerry, to think that we ended up with Bush twice is a travesty.

Now, mark my words. If McPalin win the election, it will really confirm my belief that God is not done with punishing America. Because, America really deserves better than an incoherent VP on national or foreign policies!

respecteachother Author Profile Page:

Formerly Anonymous responds to Doug:

I am grateful Doug that we now need to log in to post comments.

Yesterday, I stated that the least impressive part of OBAMA's record (to me) was his climb to the top of an elitist Ivy League ladder. I did not call him an "idiot", as your post responded.

Under the veil of anonymity it seems that many posts are full of anger and insults. I purposely wanted to state an opinion without name calling. Is it impossible today to disagree respectfully?

I get that we are all highly charged with emotion and strong feelings, but beyond that I sometimes loose the point when swear words and mud gets slung.


As hard as I try, it is difficult to listen to insults reasonably. If you all win I would like know why you voted for this guy. If McCain wins, wouldn't you feel a lot less disowned if you knew your opinions had a respectful hearing in the blogosphere?

To all my internet neighbors out there, the morning of Nov 5th we are all going to have to greet at least one other American who we know did not vote our way. There will be a significant number of us who feel disaffected one way or the other. We all feel strongly for our country and that is a good thing. Could we not use our strong feelings to return to one of our country's greatness strength -- our charity and neighborliness in the midst of our fierce defense of independence.

DAlnB Author Profile Page:

Although I have long admired McCain for his service in the military and in Washington I have never found him so much more extraordinary than most other fine politicians. I do believe if he had been elected 8 years ago we would be better off today than we are; however, his day has come and gone, he is not now the man to be our president. His selection as Palin makes me believe he lacks a true appreciation for the duties and importance of the Vice President. The Vice President must be a strong advisor and influence on the president. I believe John had two things in mind when he made his selection; someone who could draw the Hillary Clinton voters, and someone who would not influence him. At any rate, McCain is no longer the man to lead our country. He is tired, short tempered, irrational, and thinks far too much in the past rather than today and tomorrow.

technico Author Profile Page:


AS a lifelong independent who has never voted for a party line, I take tremendous offense at the selection of Palin as a contender. It reeks of contempt for the average American and McCain should be ashamed of his gamble and most likely punished by a landslide loss. (If Cheney/Bush doesn't suspend the election that is).

The majority of of commenting voters *appear* to be voting based on fear of the other candidate rather than on the merits of the candidate they will choose. No matter how uninformed or unskilled in debate Palin may be, it will not change the bubba vote because they are themselves not capable of understanding the world around them. Seemingly stuck in their "traditional" warlord mentality, these people seem to be incapable of understanding that the rest of the world is ready to move on and that violence is not always the answer to every threat. They *like* that Palin is one of them, ready to shoot first.

There seems to be at least four separate types of "conservatives" in play here and unfortunately, the bubba vote is the largest subgroup, with crossovers in the evangelical community. The wealthy conservatives have pretty much earned the disdain and disrespect of many of the non-wealthy by simple appearance alone, wearing a quarter-million dollar set of earrings while asking for our vote is somewhat of an example.

Democrats need not worry about the bubba vote so much and carry on with the high road message. As most conservatives seem to be motivated primarily by fear, not hope, the election is decided by who gets more people into the booth. Don't give the bubbas a reason to go and they won't. Palin is certainly motivating the dems to go though...

AnjuChandel Author Profile Page:

In fact, amongst all American journalists, it is Mr. Fareed Zakaria who showed enough maturity and understanding by saying it plainly that Sarah Palin is not at all "ready" for the veep post she is seeking.

Wonder why Americans could not understand this apparent fact when the whole world felt actually amused at John McCain's maverick act of choosing her as his running mate.

God save America.

Maryanne15 Author Profile Page:

Vacuous. Dictionaries should place Gov. Palin's picure next to the entry.

It is getting increasingly difficult to distinguish reality from the SNL parody. What an insult to the citizens of this country!

StoneSoupStation Author Profile Page:

Watching hypocritical Republicans scream and stamp their feet in defense of an obviously incompetent, unprepared and frankly intellectually shallow woman would be hilarious if not for the fact that they would rather risk an accelerated downfall (if it is indeed possible to go any faster to the brink than Deedub has taken us) of America at the hands of a horribly partisan hack - and frankly vicious individual - than admit that their "maverick" golden boy gambled (as he is wont to do - a lot, apparently) on a very bad longshot. And by the way, that the term "kept on a short leash" is used to describe how McCain's "handlers" are grooming Sarah should give pause to any woman who considers voting for this ticket; isn't it just like that "old guard" to use a pretty woman as a status symbol - trophy, if you will - parading them around in public but in private brutalizing them when they step out of line. McCain's use of Palin is about as sexist as they come and that Palin allowed herself to be used like this speaks volumes about her own character, or lack thereof.

marchino Author Profile Page:

In response to 4CHANGE1:

Talk about the revision of history by liberals: On November 12, 1999, your President Bill Clinton signed into law the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, which repealed the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933. In effect, it allowed the merger of investment banking and lending institutions which economists, such as Robert Kuttner, have criticized as contributing to the 2007 subprime mortgage financial crisis. So, if Pelosi is going to blame, Slick Willy is one place to start.

saraS1 Author Profile Page:


I have news for u. In case you could get some time OFF from your Boss McInsane, let me know, get Sarah Palin and come both of u to clean my toilet. I think this is a job both of you WOMEN are qualified to do, I am already sure of it.

marchino Author Profile Page:

Reply to 4CHANGE1:

Interesting interpretation of what the Democrats knew and what they have actually done since taking control of Congress. Pelosi took the speaker status nearly two years ago, and her first priorities were to "move quickly on an agenda of health-care, homeland security, education and energy proposals." Did you hear something about regulating financial institutions? No.
In March of 2007, the Senate Banking Committee was told that the Federal Reserve had not acted fast enough, and that Washington Democrats feared that any regulations would cut into consumer spending and pull down the economy. In fact, one of your boys, Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd, a Connecticut Democrat, heard about the approaching and imminent crisis first-hand from the experts in the lending industry and did nothing about it! In fact, he passed the proverbial "buck" and urged the Fed to use its authority to end abusive lending—but did you hear anything from your boys and girls in Congress on becoming regulators of the lending industry? No.
So, are Pelosi and Dodd deaf, dumb and blind? They are stupid to hear what they heard and do nothing about the threat of a financial folding of banks nationally even after hearing about the impending "tip" of the iceberg that appeared yesterday.
As a matter of fact, I do vote. And I vote for candidates who at least take responsibility for what they do or don't do, and your girl Pelosi is doing what she and Dodd have been doing for a very long time—that is, passing the buck and trying to blame others for their own lack of action and then covering their tracks. They knew of the threat and did nothing about it--and then blamed George W. Bush!
It is unscrupulous and far too hypocritical!

pc111 Author Profile Page:


I appreciate your willingness to take a genuine, reasonable, substantial position on a major issue. I've read your work for many years now. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I don't.

I often fear we're losing the gift of insight in the US--this virtue drowning in an ever deeper sea of false equivalence. But it's not dead yet.


4change1 Author Profile Page:

Re Marchino:

More revisionist history by our neo-cons. Yes Congress passes legislation to regulate financial institutions. Given most of the problem mortgages and financial instruments were originated in 2002-2006, who controlled Congress and the White House then?

A president can also initiate legislation, usually successfully when his party controls Congress. He can also veto or threaten to veto new legislation, something Shrub has done a record number of times, a few related to any new controls on financial institutions. The only legislation he has initiated was our wars and tax breaks for the wealthy, leaving my kids (and yours) with a $10 trillion plus deficit.

Please tell me you don't vote!

silverfox999 Author Profile Page:

While the country is awailin',Palin is afailin' and McCain is aboilin' while Obama is asailin'!

Yes,the love affair between Palin and the undecided voters is coiming to an end.At the RNC
Palin created an image of herself as a saviour to McCain.She thrilled many with her oratory and her vicious and vile attacks against Obama and Biden.
Many Republicans at the convention cheered and
danced as she pilloried Obama and Biden.It is now obvious that she was well coached by the Republicans to present herself as a formidable adversary to the Democratic candidates. Alas,alas.
...the fury and the froth of this hurricane has now subsided.Left alone to the liberal hyenas,Palin has lost her feathers and what do we now see? Just Palin, as transparent as she could be!

Of course,the darling of the conservatives would always remain a darling regardless of the blunders
that she has made.(Of course,there is nothing evil about loving somebody unconditionally. But ,do we want somebody to hold the second highest position in the U.S. while being grossly

Some supporters of Palin have levelled criticism against Obama. Yes,Obama has not had much experience but Obama is head and shoulders above Palin and McCain together. Besides being an orator,he has much intelligence to make decisions
swiftly.He is a person of substance.Conservatives
will not recognize this trait.Remember the maxim,
"Therev is none so blind as he that would not see"? Conservatives like Rush Limbaugh seem very frustrated by Obama's popularity.Who is Limbaugh,if not a vile,vicious and vacuous windbag?

The Republicans certainly have a right to level criticism against the Democratic candidates,and some of these are legitimate. But,blowing hot air
just to be vindictive is futile and annoying.The author of the article has a very good knowledge of the English language and those attempting to correct him are displaying their own lack of knowledge.

LMM48 Author Profile Page:

McShame is a known gambler; choosing Gov. Palin for VP is nothing more than a gamble with the future of our Nation in the name of GOP POLITICS. CAN ANYONE IMAGINE PALIN HAVING TO step in the Presidents position, should McShame develops another bout of cancer? Personally I find the thought more scary than the $700 billion bail out and the present economic situation.

There is a place for everyone in the political arena; while Palin wants to impress everyone with her experience as the Mayor of Wasilla or Govenor of the least populated state in the nation-Alaska, her resume comes short in matters of foreign and national affairs or experience with complex legislative matters necessary for someone a "heart beat" away from the Presidents seat. THANKS, BUT NO THANKS!

rebarb14 Author Profile Page:

There are some wonderfully funny replies to Fareed's replay of Sarah's interview. But let's get a little serious
I am not a big Barach supporter. I was for the lady who knew the difference between Siberia and Russia.
But, I will take a moment to make one observation about Sarah. Does she replace Hillary? Are you kidding?
Is Sarah a woman with all the attributes Kenellio gives her? No. She is an ambitious broad who speaks of Christian and womanly values in the same way she discusses the economic bailout. All the buzz words are there in some order.
What do you really think of a mother who gives birth to a baby, knowingly, she says, with special needs and never misses a beat in her ambitious pursuit of fame and power.
Her baby needs her more than most new babies. He needs her love and nurturing. No matter how much money she may have to buy care, her baby needs her. She might at least stop chasing the brass ring for the few years of infancy.
Before you tell me, Sarah, what a great Christian you are, how about recalling these words "As you do unto the least of these, you do unto Me."
If you have so little concern for your own, how much concern would you have for the nation?

cphi Author Profile Page:

I am not American although as a taxpayer in America I feel I have some right to comment. Why do you keep doing this to yourselves!? Supporting people who are so obviously completely unqualified. People seem to have lost sight of the fact that being the President isn't simply a matter of character - at the end of the day it requires some degree of ability. Sarah Palin is so out of her depth it is physically painful to watch. To put it bluntly she doesn't have the brains and no amount of coaching can correct that. Sarah Palin may be a lovely person but it's not fair to anybody least of all herself to make her VP. What was John thinking?!

MichaelRiddle Author Profile Page:

What makes a good leader is wisdom and the ability to instill confidence. Palin is lacking here There are probably thousands of individuals that could offer more than this lady. McCain has shown weakness in giving in to the Republican machine looking for a cheap gimmick.

vought Author Profile Page:

Zakaria is anything but liberal - as probably the most objective journalist in Washington, he's joined in his criticism of Palin by conservative luminaries of all stripes.

But as a center-left voter who is tired of people insisting the up is down, I'm happy to see Palin in the race. I'm happy to see her stay in the race. I'll be happy on November 5th, when McCain's impulsive judgement slaps him in the face as we welcome President Obama onto the national stage as our next President-elect.

(Of course, we'll all get to enjoy Rpeublicans whining throughout his term, as they did with Clinton, about how Nancy Pelosi hurt their feelings - so they had to vote against the bailout. )

reah1 Author Profile Page:

Thank you, Mr. Zakaria, for speaking truth to citizens who are likely to abuse you for doing so. Sarah Palin is not qualified to be our president and McCain's decision to name her as his designated stand-in was one more example of his reckless temperament.

Barak Obama was intelligent enough to name the eminently qualified Joe Biden to run as his vice-president, capable of stepping in should--heaven forbid--our president die in office.

Palin's selection is an embarrassment to the Republican Party--surely McCain could have selected a serious vice presidential candidate such as Kay Bailey Hutchison or Elizabeth Dole, if he felt he needed to recruit a woman. Frankly, as a woman, I am insulted by his selection.

cerberusxp7 Author Profile Page:

Looks to me you are unqualified to be a journalist!

amym2 Author Profile Page:

Which would be worse?

1) If MacCain, thought she WAS qualified.
2) He knew she wasn't but chose her anyway.

Either way, it's John McCain's judgement that is the problem. Replacing Sarah Palin would be a purely cosmetic move or dare I say, like putting lipstick on a pig.

HopeForAmerica Author Profile Page:

Sarah Palin and John McCain's Motto:

If you can't impress them with intelligence, dazzle them with Bulls##t ! That's exactly what these two have done to their supporters.

***GO OBAMA AND BIDEN!! *******************

ty02010 Author Profile Page:

Or wait, maybe we should quote Obama who says he does have the executive experience to compare with Palin being a governor because he's run a presidential campaign for the last year and a half. Now that's a good one, isn't it?

The moral is, pick and chose what you want, one quote doesn't make someone more or less qualified, you are looking for experience. And, no matter what you say, Obama has no experience. No matter how much you put down Gov. Palin, it won't give Obama any more experience.

jafrasch Author Profile Page:

I could not agree more. I mean think of Andrew Haig and the comedy he created with his so-called “Haigledygook and Secretaryspeak” (Haig at least had an impressive record behind him in terms of the corridors of power) as Time Magazine so excellently put it (I miss that old Time wit, I feel they've become so Pravda like—a sign of our decay and that old American virtue of true greatness—the ability to laugh and to criticize with finesse, we are now in the age of goose stepping loonies and the demand to show our “Patriotism” on issues like torture, state sanctioned kidnapping, the death of habeas corpus, no due process, wide spread spying on the public without court sanctions, the Nazi doctrine of preemptive warfare and so on ) I guess we can see her now, VP Palin and her Sara Syllogisms of Palin ploppitypoops—a true and most worthy successor to Bush, Palin is an individual who can take us beyond the realm of our present nihilism and offer us a total absurdity as a paradigm of American leadership, while the president McCain can stare starry eyed out into space as his mind is totally consumed by senility. (The Hockey mom-Granddad duo)

HeddWyn Author Profile Page:

Diehardglib, says "You do too have to shoot me now! SHOOT ME NOW!!"

ty02010 Author Profile Page:

This is a totally inane article. If we want VPs to dq, then why don't you point at Biden. How about the senile comment that in 1929 FDR went on TV to talk with Americans. Joe seems to have forgotten that FDR wasn't president in 1929 and TV weren't exactly common at that time, were they. That type of comment is far more out of touch than anything Palin has said.

HeddWyn Author Profile Page:

I love the rabid Republicans here who are choking on Palin but would rather shoot the messenger (in this case Mr. Zakaria) for pointing out the obvious. They then reload, take aim at Senator Obama and shoot themselves in the butt.

In their desperate attempt to get Obama, they stand there shouting "You do too have to shoot me now. Shoot me now! SHoot me now!" BLAM -- another shot to the butt.

They reveal themselves to be both Daffy Duck AND Elmer Fudd.

And for the record a REAL maverick does not go around calling themselves a "maverick." If they do, then they are Maverick Wannabes. McCain/Palin is the textbook example.

diehardlib Author Profile Page:

anniemargret: I can't help but notice that you have left out Obama's tenure as a legislator as proof of his experience. I would guess that would be due to the fact that Obama doesn't have any major legislative accomplishments to his name. I suspect that Obama was chosen by his party more for his demographic characteristics than for his qualifications. Palin is certainly no different in that regard.

Let's face it: both parties are playing identity politics instead of putting forth the best qualified candidates to lead our country. This is a travesty on both sides of the aisle.

ceeveg Author Profile Page:

I agree that Palin should bow out, and McCain should pick a more qualified running mate. It seems like he just threw away any chance he had at the presidency with such a risky, absurd choice.

Hachem Author Profile Page:

I think that Senator McCain is not a hero but a traitor to this country. If he could foist this "schoolgirl" unto the national scene with the distinct possibility of becoming the next president of the United States, then I believe that Senator McCain has taken not nation first,as he so likes to say, but engaged in politics first with the object of fulfilling his all consuming ambition. The choice of Palin with the possibility of her presidency is not an act of heroism. It is a betrayal of everything that Senator McCain has stood for in the past - or what people thought he stood for. It is gratifying to hear people, including my own daughter, who was going to vote for Senator McCain say that they have switched to Senator Obama simply because of Palin.

BAWESQ Author Profile Page:

The issue in this campaign has evolved into a referendum on judgment. With the pick of Gov. Palin Sen. McCain has shown a total, utter and complete lack of judgment; we as voters have a duty to vote to save ourselves from this travesty.

newrulz2008 Author Profile Page:

John McCain has continuously reacted too quickly and made ridiculous statements that have proved to be wrong or even outright lies.

He claimed to suspend his campaign, that was a lie.

He promised to bring in the bailout bill, that didn't happen. He actually made it worse and then took credit for stopping it.

He accused Obama of working on the telephone....HEY JOHN THAT'S ALL YOU DID.

John McCain is a unworthy to be a leader in this country.

John McCain talks about being bipartisan, while taking cheap shots at and criticizing the opposition.

Everyone knows that liars can't look their accusers in the eye. McCain's inability to look Obama in the eye is well documented and proves that he's a liar.

My friends, a “maverick” that has to call them self a “maverick” is not a Maverick.

anniemargret Author Profile Page:

To dihardlib: You're joking, right? Obama is full Harvard professor of law, president of the Harvard Law Review. You don't get there by being 'eloquent'....you get there by smart study, hard work and intelligence. The proof is in the pudding. McCain picked Palin because she appealed to the far right of the party. He knew she was unqualified from the get-go but they talked themselves into thinking they could get her to do some rote memory on talking points. They failed. You would either have to be ideologically impaired, or in total denial to not see she is clearly unable to speak in any coherent or intelligent way on serious issues. No amount of 'debate cramming' will work. Put a fork in it - she's toast.

atp2007 Author Profile Page:

While I was reading these vapid, confusing, rambling bits of brain spasms, I had a flashback to that hysterical YouTube video of that young girl answering the infamous question at the Miss South Carolina Pageant. All it needed was a few "you knows.." I'll bet if you ask Palin a Mideast question she'll refer to "like, the Iran and the Iraqs".

genecochrane Author Profile Page:

Hacks like arlingtonresident and rmorrow,

If Fareed was being a little more honest he would have followed “she has never spent a day thinking about any important national or international issue” with “and she clearly doesn’t understand any of the ones she’s trying to discuss now.” He didn’t say inexperienced he said unqualified.

Governor Palin is a down to earth, average woman that appears very driven and has had quite a lot of success in Alaskan politics. I gave her the benefit of the doubt with the Gibson interview but she has clearly been cramming one-liners since the day Senator McCain picked her and it’s all she knows. When I help my children with math homework I ask them to show me their work rather than just give the answer. Governor Palin has been given all the answers but she clearly can’t do the work.

diehardlib Author Profile Page:

Fact of the matter is that Obama is every bit as unqualified for the office as Palin. The only difference between the two is that Mr. Obama is more eloquent.

If I understand Mr. Zakaria's argument correctly, eloquence is the primary qualifying factor for the highest office in this country. If that's truly the case, then Lord help us.

Idabel Author Profile Page:

This woman is looking more like a bimbo each day. We need a vice presidential candidate who looks like a world leader, not someone who looks like Ellie Mae on the Beverly Hillbillys. And now today in the grocery store, I see her face on the cover of National Enquirer. That is not good for anyone, especially "someone who could be president".....

anniemargret Author Profile Page:

Palin supporters 'adore' her; they 'love' her. If you asked them why they most probably will answer with the same one they gave when they voted Bush back in back in '04. They want 'someone like us' (you would think they would want someone smarter), or 'she has our values'(values? a pregnant teenage daughter being forced into a shockgun marriage with an 18 y/o who didn't want to marry or have kids?), or 'she's so nice/feisty/charming/sweet/pitbullish', etc... Emotional terms. They are not intellectually honest . Because if they were, they would admit that if Obama or Biden performed that poorly on important issues of the day, in the most dangerous of times for this country, they would demanding, yelling for their removal. It's politics; pure and simple. They know she is incompetent, but they DON'T CARE. It's about winning the game. These same folks allowed Bush and Cheney to run this country into the tank, and they are ready to do it again.

presben Author Profile Page:

Yeah, and let's not forget that we have the first MBA president in George W. Bush and let's see how well that's doing for us. It's time to have some people in office that actually have some brains and intelligence instead of getting by on their name (Bush) or looks (Palin).

ron15 Author Profile Page:

Great column. We are in danger of a 'dumbing down' of America. Let's see we have a President who is proud of his "C" average at Yale, a candidate who was in the bottom fifth of his class at the Naval Academy and a vice-presidential candidate who attended four different colleges in six years (one of which she bascially failed out of, then returned to after making up some coursework at a community college). Personally, I'd rather have someone smarter than me as our President; someone who actually knows how to think, reason and reflect. We need Obama.

dhenzey Author Profile Page:

I was a swing voter until recently...but not after today and never again. Instead of being "spooked" by what has happened to our economy today. I find it very insightful that one of Palin's admirers is "spooked" by Obama...and I am a middle class white woman and I can see that racist remark for what it is. I have had serious concerns about Obama myself, but the debate put at least most of them to rest. One thing he demonstrated to me is a thoughtful, calm response...and he may not have years of experience, but he seemed to know as much or more than McCain on several issues. I've had enough of Presidential leaders who shoot first and ask questions later...and are shooting at the wrong target. It is the economy stupid and Palin can't even make a coherent statement about it. For god sakes people...wake UP!!!

barferio Author Profile Page:


There you go. Sarah Palin believes humans and dinosaurs existed at the same time.

Do we really, really, really want someone like this in the white house? Can you let aside all the republican vs democrat, man vs woman crap and think about that?

emharold Author Profile Page:

Wow, so much to respond to.

First, to PublicMenace: CAREFORNEIGHBORS other points aside, I agree with the one about public servants. And I note that H. Ross Perot only ran for office--he was never elected, nor has he held any other politically appointed position (to my knowledge). Same for Nader, though arguably Mr. Nader has done more for the public than many elected officials (2000 run for president excluded, of course).

CAREFORNEIGHBORS, I don't know where to begin. You want an official that's balanced a budget? Don't look to Ms. Palin, who saddled Wasila--a town with a $7M annual budget--with over $20M deficit and mounting legal fees. That pipeline she likes to talk about--not built yet and remains a long way off. Mr. McCain? What budgets has he balanced?

Anyone who feels that questioning Ms. Palin about her views on the topics of the day is out of line--boy, I fear for this country. Sure, Mr. Obama (one can argue) is inexperienced. One need only watch the debate last Friday to at least see that he's a quicker study than Ms. Palin. Give him that much credit--he can put together subject and verb on the economy and a narrow set of pressing foreign policy issues without stammering.

I feel for Ms. Palin. I watched a replay of the 2006 Alaska gubernatorial debate on CSPAN recently. She came across as relatively thoughtful, well versed in the pressing Alaskan issues, and very much at home in a debate with two more seasoned politicians. I can understand why people would be swayed to vote for her, given the stench of scandal that hung over the Alaskan governor at the time.

So far, in every interview, this skill and knowledge has not been evident. And two things come to mind, both of which place McCain in the company of the most crass and craven of political actors: (1) the McCain campaign new this but selected her anyway to shore up his huge weakness among the evangelical right; or (2) the McCain campaign had no clue she was this bad and selected her to shore up his huge weakness among the evangelical right.

Either way, that's not the kind of critical thinking that I want as President.

Eric Harold
Arlington, VA

publicmenace Author Profile Page:


"We're in deep trouble when the Republican's VP candidate can't make a coherent policy statement, and the Democrats' candidate for president says there are 57 states."

Obama had a GW moment when he was thinking he had visited "47 states" and said "57 states". Good for you cons. Move on, there are better things to debate than 1 misspoken statement by Obama.

libertykid Author Profile Page:

I have thought from the beginning that Gov. Palin is unqualified. I am a white, but educated difference. Frankly, I think perhaps we should look at the qualifications to be President. Perhaps in this day and age, a graduate degree might be nice.

Someone who hopes to reform the federal government, first must understand how it works, what the Constitution says, the role of the various federal agencies. It would also be nice to have someone who has actually studied the UN Charter and International Relations/International Law.

I personally think all candidates should be compelled to release their college transcripts. Afterall, even if you want to get a job almost anywhere these days you have to show your transcript, why not Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates.

To me, selecting a candidate to vote for is like my vote on who is going to be hired for the most important position in the country and which has reprecussions world wide.

As for Ms. Palin, well frankly, I think I am better qualified to be Vice President than she is--the problem is her level of knowledge and expertise relevant to the position is so miniscule, she doesnt even realize what she doesnt know.

Sad. Very sad.

kenellio Author Profile Page:

To Mave1: As a woman voter I will take my chances with McCain-Palin anyday over Obama. Obama is the one that spooks me. No-one knows where or what he stands for. Probably nothing. Go McCain-Palin.

TheQuickBrownFox Author Profile Page:

We're in deep trouble when the Republican's VP candidate can't make a coherent policy statement, and the Democrats' candidate for president says there are 57 states.

Steve83 Author Profile Page:


People who use "thusly" are like those who use "irregardless." They think that slapping extra letters on makes them sound smarter.

"Thusly" is an adverb, which means it modifies an adjective. In this case, there was no adjective to modify. Hence, "thus," and Zakaria, are correct. "Thusly" is generally considered pompous, poor usage in almost every English stylebook.

I really hope you're not a native English speaker. That would be pretty embarrassing for the rest of us.

barferio Author Profile Page:

Well Mr. Zakaria, you have the usual crap here, the immaturity of the party faithful is profound.

It doesn't appear that the American voter is any longer capable of seeing through the partisan mud throwing and scoring points off of each other to actually be able to look at Sarah Palin as a candidate.

They seem to think it's some kind of home town sports team you have to root for ... they act like that anyway. How about a column on this subject? Why are the partisans so dim?

gabazland Author Profile Page:

To all the Palin supporters, don't be disheartened by all of the vacuous and snide comments left by the hair brained left. The article was about Sarah, but could have just as easily been about Bama. I spent the first 35 years of my life living in Chicago and if there is one thing for certain, I know how Chicago politics is played. Bama is a puppet of the party. Just like William Daley got a seat in the Clinton White House (as secretary), Richard M Daley has hopes that Bama will provide Chicago with a seat in the White House. Bama is certainly an unqualified lap puppy of the Daley machine. People who are taken by his reading eloquence demonstrate the depths to which we've fallen as a result of Bush. People aren't even listening to his words, they just like how he says nothing. In a way it is sad that Bush lowered the bar so that a incompetent buffoon could finesse his way through the campaign.

Biden was right when he said, Hillary was more qualified. Hillary was right when she said who do you want to answer the phone at 3:00 AM? Mr. Reflective and Thoughtful would watch DC burning in the night as he tried to reach a collegial consensus among his advisers on what to do. If he wins, then count me among the many who are glad they don't live inside/outside the beltway.

Among Bush's many failures was to keep George Tenet a holdover from the Clinton admin., who swore there were weapons of mass distruction. Bush failed again when he appointed Paulson an avowed Goldman Sachs Democrat to become Secretary. Reaching across the aisle certainly has its risks.

Oh, I forgot, putting Bama in office will also create a situation where NY may also light up the evening skies. Hey, you probably think I'm wrong - doesn't matter, I live in fly over country.

marchino Author Profile Page:

Let me see if I understand this: The "new" ideology of the "dyed-in-the-wool" lifelong politician Joe Biden that has contributed just as much as anyone to getting us into this financial predicament will make everything well again? Am I to understand, Ms. Pelosi, that you are saying that George Bush is to blame for not enacting regulatory laws that govern financial institutions that Congress is supposed to approve in Congress? Am I to understand that the President, and not you, Mr. Biden and Mr. Obama, who are members of that legislative body are not responsible for enacting US Federal Laws regulating federal banks. Here, all the time I thought that the House and the Senate created all of the laws and then are signed by the President--but what do I know. Maybe you meant to say something other than that?

dozajk Author Profile Page:

The reality is stranger than SNL!

What was McCain thinking? First he embraces Bush whole heartedly, and now this. And he wants to call himself a maverick?

a_alexiou Author Profile Page:

Don't feel sorry for Palin. Though she has no future as a national politician, she has a great future ahead of her in entertainment TV. She has a ready made fan base who love her.

Palin is a natural for a TV sit com series featuring her as the mayor of sin city or something like that. The network that is first to put one together will have a profitable long run with top ratings. She's perfect for the part, she has a great timing, a lively sense of humor, and can deliver a punch line with natural skill. She could also be a second Oprah.

dlgreene Author Profile Page:

Congratulations to you Mr. Zakaria for pointing out that the emperor is wearing no clothes. At this point we certainly do not need another ill-informed, uninquisitive, faith-based rather than pragmatic administration.
It is not being the governor of Alaska that makes Ms. Palin unqualified. It is her inability to give an intelligent answer to any number of straightforward questions of national importance.
I also ask those making anti Muslim comments to please apologize. We need to rise above such ideas.

publicmenace Author Profile Page:


"Public servants who are trying to help our country are gifts to us all."

Are you friggin' serious? By that "logic", uh, Ross Perot was a "gift". Ralph Nader is a "gift". Every charlatan that ever ran for public office is a "gift". How do I go about returning this "gift" I don't want in the form of McCain/Palin? Sheesh.

MikeB8 Author Profile Page:

To those who suggest that this topic is not worthy of discussion-

We are in the process of trying to elect members of the executive branch - men or women who will be responsible for analyzing information and making decisions on a wide range of issues which will dramatically impact our lives.

A discussion of whether one main candidate is in fact capable of doing this is entirely relevant.

When did Americans stop desiring that intelligent, curious, analytical, and capable individuals hold seats of power in this nation. Why does everyone want a President they can have a beer with?

Guess what, you're not likely to EVER have a beer with the President or VP. Why don't you vote instead for someone capable of understanding the most serious issues of the day? We've seen what a detached, anti-intellectual, "regular guy" can do to the country.

Why do some want to make that mistake again? If you prefer John McCain to Barack Obama or vice versa, that's immaterial. But we shouldn't overlook the serious intellectual shortcomings of others on the ticket.

dccamp68 Author Profile Page:

The terrifying thing is that people still say with a straight face that this kind of criticism is partisan. Too many republicans drank the kool-aid and continue to assert that anyone who points out flaws in their candidates or policies are either not patriots or part of a 'conspiracy'. If there is a conspiracy, it is to inject thoughtful debate back into the American political discussion and, hopefully, save the country from the dangerous waters rising all around us. It doesn't take a partisan to recognize that unqualified leadership on either side would be disasterous for this country.

wgbarbour1 Author Profile Page:

The most glaring ommission is how she got into trouble so quickly - IN ALASKA! That she is under investigation there is never mentioned.....

ID716 Author Profile Page:

A poster named info42 wrote:
---" I'd like to know how this man is the editor of Newsweek International when he can't even write correct English. No, Mr. Zakaria, Palin hadn't "responded thus" she "responded thusly.""---

Actually info42, you are incorrect. "Thusly" is for characterizing a statement and "thus" is for quoting one -- as Zakaria did. Please don't lecture in English if you don't know proper usage.

My general comment: I am a lifelong Republican and longtime fan of McCain. But I will not vote for the ticket with Palin on it. I don't subscribe to all the things said about here, and I resent some, but she is clearly completely unqualified to be Vice President and this is an acute problem with a 72-year-old man as the Presidential candidate.

MikeB8 Author Profile Page:


How about, Sen. Obama was a scholar and teacher of constitutional law. Isn't the interpretation of the constitution an important national issue?

What about comprehensive ethics reform in the US Congress?

Alison2179 Author Profile Page:

I find it odd how many are ignoring the content of the article in their defense of Palin. This is not about Obama or his qualifications, this is about Palin and her qualifications. It is not uncalled for to ask critical questions about her abilities, it is our responsibility to do so, prior to voting. May I ask those who are staunchly supporting her, what you think about her responses to Couric's questions? Because the questions were not difficult or designed to unfairly pick on Palin. Her responses were incoherent. How can anyone defend these responses as that of a thoughtful, intelligent politician?

info42 Author Profile Page:

I'd like to know how this man is the editor of Newsweek International when he can't even write correct English.

No, Mr. Zakaria, Palin hadn't "responded thus" she "responded thusly."

He's an illiterate bozo who perhaps thinks himself smart because he uses words like "purdah." How apropos for a Muslim man to talk about a woman "in purdah."

But even an idiot like him knows all too well that McCain would be doomed if Palin withdrew.

Of course, this is exactly what he transparently wants.

CareforourNeighbors Author Profile Page:

Public servants who are trying to help our country are gifts to us all. Say you disagree but stop with the "she's not as smart as me." It's not convincing.

Sir, you're not smarter than Sarah Palin by any measure other than the standard you have set for yourself, and no surprise there, outside of your elitist circle not many will care about your rather random standard. It doesn't build pipelines, balance budgets, nor manage politics across the aisle. Your friends don't run budgets as big as Alaska's, nor would I vote for them to do so. That would most likely be grounds for disaster, even though I would wish them and all public servants success.

And that seems to be the thing here - wishing our public servants success seems to be beyond you and your circle of dart throwers. Stand outside, tear down the institution builders with mockery that is unevenly spent between your friend and "not my friend."

Did anyone in America wake up needing someone to write another obviously slanted column? Check around - your column added nothing to the debate except to push people into corners.

Where is your column asking Mr. Biden to withdraw for his almost daily verbal gaffes and historical inaccuracies (e.g. Hoover, not FDR, was in charge when the Great Depression started - where is your column on this quite consistent buffoonish pattern?). Not to mention that bit about Mr. Biden's pilfering other's written words.

You have a precious gift of media space. What are you doing with it? The Dow just fell 777 points - it's not like there's a paucity of topics from which to choose.

I'm an independent voter. I'm tired of bores in the media who tear people who are trying to build institutions down, and do it with different scales for different people.

georgiem12345 Author Profile Page:

republicanandproude wrote:

"What leadership does the democrates have. They could not get enough party members to vote for the bailout. If Obama has such great leadership qualities why could he not convince his own party member to vote for the bailout?"

The following was a cut and paste from USA Today:
"Voting yes were 140 Democrats and 65 Republicans. Voting no were 95 Democrats and 133 Republicans."

So what are you talking about? You did mean McCain and not Obama didn't you? Just going by the numbers, according to your logic, Obama clearly demonstrated way more leadership quality than McCain.

Oh I also noticed a very interesting characteristic that is more typical of Republicans than Democrats - they sure love spelling with an "e" at the end. Repblicanandproude"? "Democrates"? Dan Quayle must be a hero of yours then - he spells potato with an "e" at the end too. Have a nice day - that phrase makes me feel so American. I am Australian in case you are wondering.

Marve1 Author Profile Page:

To Kenellio:

(a) The request for Palin's recusal from the VP slot on the Republican ticket has been made by Republicans, not Democrats, as the Dems are not voting for the Palin-McCain ticket anyway. And it's not a witch hunt to watch an interview before your very eyes in which the candidate cannot clearly articulate any thoughts or positions on any substantive subject---it is stating the obvious.

(2) And as for McCain, what has he done other than talk? He's done plenty of damage—above all he pushed for deregulation, as a good old Republican, and now we are in financial dire straits.

(3) And as for Obama, he represents new ideas and innovation, as he hasn't been in Washington long enough.

It's a tough call, but if it weren't for Obama's ethnicity, we would not be having this discussion today. If the past 8 years have treated you well, then go ahead and vote for the Palin-McCain ticket. But if all that has happened has spooked you, then, by default, we should be seeking a change. For all of Obama's supposed inexperience, McCain's "experience" is a much more alarming prospect, as he has proven to be reckless and impulsive, and his track record shows that he is out of touch with the American people below the $5 million-a-year income level. The past 8 years have been with a president very much like McCain, who is out of touch with the realities of middle-income and low-income America, who thinks that bullying other countries into submission makes us appear stronger before the world, and who doesn’t have any qualms about spending billions on the war and Wall Street but has a problem increasing funding for education and healthcare.

If you saw the whole debate last Friday, I don't understand how you would still consider McCain-Palin a good prospect for us. I'll take my chances with the new guy, Obama.
Kenellio said:

"As a woman voter I disagree with everything SARASI says. I too love Sarah Palin and I know if she wasn't such a geniune threat to the Democrat party winning the media would not be trying to conduct such a witch hunt about it. She is a leader and a very capable VP. What has Obama done that is so noteworthy? Just talk, Just talk and voting present."

biftar Author Profile Page:

Ms. Palin can be admired for her tenacity and energy. However. She's. Not. Smart. No amount of arm waving by the GOP will change her IQ. Even worse than a lack of intelligence is a lack of curiosity. And we haven't even got to the whole 'humans and dinosaurs roamed the earth together 6000 years ago' stuff. To quote an old joke up here in Canada, she thinks the Flintstones is a documentary.

shoque1 Author Profile Page:

Three cheers to Mr. Zakaria for saying what needs to be said; no more media kowtowing to the McCain campaign's "rules" on handling Palin's candidacy.

Palin supporters, stop defending her with vague RNC talking points - *read or listen to her OWN words* and see if you can justify her being a heartbeat away from the leader of the free world.

mousse1 Author Profile Page:

The U.S. is a profoundly sick society. Sick politically, sick economically, sick financially. Sick from too much ideology. It is now clearly a society in decline. And Bush, Cheney, McCain and Palin are a perfect illustration of such decline.

wgbarbour1 Author Profile Page:

The most glaring ommission is how she got into trouble so quickly - IN ALASKA! That she is under investigation there is never mentioned.....

RepublicanandProude Author Profile Page:

What leadership does the democrates have. They could not get enough party members to vote for the bailout. If Obama has such great leadership qualities why could he not convince his own party member to vote for the bailout? All of the problems with the current economy problems started with Fanny Mae and Mac. To programs that have given mortgages to individuals who could not afford to pay their mortgage payments. Also Fanny Mae and Mac have made large contrubitions to Obama. So all of you liberals stop and think about where all this mess started and who is the cause? First of all when the economy is good no one credits the party in power be it democrats or republicans, however when something goes wrong "we" all point the blame to the party in power.

publicmenace Author Profile Page:


CLAP*CLAP*CLAP. Very well written. Unfortunately, all the cons that post and lurk on this forum will only see your sentiments as dewy-eyed liberal bleeding-heart weepy pablum. They can't help themselves. They've been raised since birth in a fog of parochial provincialism that sees guns and Jesus (their version) as the only freedoms worth having and to hell with anybody that doesn't agree with them. They will only view your comments as advocating some sort of UN-controlled One World Government that's about to unleash the black helicopters on all Good Americans and destroy all of our "freedoms". How sad for us. How sad for everybody.

noGOP4me Author Profile Page:

It seems the Bush backers have moved on to Sarah Palin. Once they LOVE someone, no amount of real evidence or logic can deter them from their loyalty -- no matter how much it endangers the entire rest of the country. It's the most stunning selfishness I've ever seen.

jeffersun Author Profile Page:

Last week was definitely a bad week for John McCain. So to all McCain fans I say, "Cheer up, don't be so upset, the Biden Palin debate is just hours away!" I'll make a prediction that may really cheer you up. I bet the McCain campaign will find a reason to cancel that debate. The reason given for cancellation (or postponement, then cancellation later) will be an "America first" super-highly patriotic reason; a reason so patriotic that no Democrat could possibly understand the meaning of it. Until a bailout bill is passed by Congress, I'm thinking the McCain camp believes they can use that as a really good way to cancel Sarah's big night - for patriotic reasons, of course.

gce1356 Author Profile Page:

Palin will never bow out due to two factors that are fundamental to her character: AMBITION and EGO.

kenellio Author Profile Page:

As a woman voter I disagree with everything SARASI says. I too love Sarah Palin and I know if she wasn't such a geniune threat to the Democrat party winning the media would not be trying to conduct such a witch hunt about it. She is a leader and a very capable VP. What has Obama done that is so noteworthy? Just talk, Just talk and voting present.

marchino Author Profile Page:

My greatest fear is how easy it would have been for the old established politician, like Joe Biden, to know exactly how to the answer the question on how we are to raise an additional $700 Billion in additional revenue to pay for the government-backed bailout--to taxes on Americans. I'm surprised that the democrats don't appreciate Palin for her past record: someone who doesn't answer the question so quickly with the taxpayer's pocket book, and actually raised taxes on oil companies in Alaska. That's something for you "tax and spend liberals" to sink your teeth into!


jabreal00 Author Profile Page:

o0Jessica0o wrote:

"Some people would rather see America blown to bits than see McCain/Palin in the whitehouse... or wait..."

Posted September 29, 2008 6:22 PM


In retort,

Some people would rather see America blown to bits than see Obama/Biden in the whitehouse... or wait...

marchino Author Profile Page:

To Noslok (Kevin Olson) Thank you for agreeing. However, I believe that Sarah Palin did understand the question: She is a fiscal conservative and abhors new taxes on Americans: as a fiscal conservative she resists increased taxes on Americans due to the Federal Government subsidizing the poorly managed affairs of financial institutions. Bad business practices are not the responsibility of the taxpayer, and the simple fact is, Sarah Palin has proven herself in Alaska by overhauling the state oil-tax system, has restored confidence in state government shaken by political-corruption scandals, and is enormously popular by garnering the highest approval ratings of any governor in the country--even better than Bill Clinton's stint in office!

Kevin Olson
Manassas, VA

HerLao Author Profile Page:


"She is a feisty, charismatic politician who has done some good things in Alaska. But she has never spent a day thinking about any important national or international issue . . . ."

Neither had Obama, until he started campaigning for president. Does that make him unqualified as well? Or does campaigning alone make him qualified, as he is fond of arguing?

Posted September 29, 2008 6:58 AM


Whether someone is "qualify" for any thing depends on the VIEW of those in power to make that decision.

So far, most Democrats said: Yes, we want Obama as our guy.

He FAIRLY, squarely beat Hillary, Biden, Dodd, Richardson, Kucinich ---- ALL of whom have 2 to 30 times more experience at THE FEDERAL government than Obama.

And don't make no mistake about it: THIS IS AN APPLICATION, by these guys, for a FEDERAL job in our country!, not for small-state job, which is what Palin the creationist has held/is holding. Her "executive experience" is IRRELEVANT, when it comes to the Presidency of the United States.

Ditto to Obama's and McCain; yet the difference is, McCain and Obama STICK THEIR NECKS OUT and came out ahead of THEIR OWN RESPECTIVE COMPETITORS.

Palin has NOT put herself in front of the firing line, OUT IN THE OPEN, across America's landscape. She was a mayor of a small village of 5,500 oil workers, moose hunters, and fishermen. And then over 15 months as the governor of a state the size of a medium size CITY in a larger state.

Such differences SHOULD SAY something to someone with some decent education.

Sarah is also NOT at all educated. Poorly read; poorly traveled. High religious and dogmatic. Being popular in a small state and becoming its governor don't give you any qualifying experience to be President of the USA

jabreal00 Author Profile Page:

The argument about "qualification" gets lost in semantics. Really, there is no standard for being qualified for the Presidency. Bush was an "executive" from one of the biggest state in the union but his presidency has been a disaster.

I think what the crux of the article is that Palin is just not smart enough to be the VP or potentially take the helm of the presidency. Obama has shown that he is thoughtful and has ideas, regardless of whether one agrees with it or not. The same goes for Biden or even McCain.

However, during the Couric interview, Palin's response were simply incomprehensible. She's shown that she hasn't given much thought to foreign or national policy. She just doesn't have the intellectual capacity for the job.

To all the dead-enders adamantly defending Palin as a legitimate choice, the gig is up. Get your lips ready to say President Obama come Nov.

ih82blog Author Profile Page:

I'll bet John McCain wishes he had asked Hillary Clinton instead :))

Marve1 Author Profile Page:

To all of you Obama bashers:

Have you kept up with the news? Today the Dow dropped 777 points and there is still no plan for helping the economy get on track. This is the reason we have stopped talking about which pet wears the lipstick and we shifted our conversations to the main issue at hand: who is more qualified to go to the White House.

If you watched last Friday's debate, please present 5 points explaining what makes McCain more qualified than Obama.

In the debates what I saw was 2 individuals who symbolically represent 2 opposing forces: the old establishment and the new, innovative ways of thinking. I was very turned off by McCain's contempt and arrogance, as it reminds me of old bosses I have had in the past who run a company into the ground but still hold high-level positions because they have been in those positions forever. These cranky old bosses will talk about the good old days but cannot create a strategic plan for the future because their time has passed. They are dismissive of the events around them and try to use old formulas that just don't work anymore because the organization's in a new climate. They continue to collect a paycheck rather than retire because no one has dared say that this individual had ceased to add value to the organization long ago.

During the debate, McCain kept bringing up Obama's naiveté and lack of experience, palpably due to their age difference. Being youthful isn’t a sin, though, as we voted for John F. Kennedy [who was younger than Obama is today] and who is still revered as one of our most-loved presidents. Furthermore, one of the most controversial, well-known figures of all time, Jesus of Nazareth, was only 30 years of age when he began his ministry, without any formal training, just having been a carpenter by trade his whole life. And yet, the Pharisees of his time, who had spent a lifetime of learning, left nothing of value for us today. The only bits of facts that remain from the religious leaders of Palestine at the time is their disdain for this newcomer and their fear of their tenuous political power, in seeing that many followed this young, unassuming man who came out of nowhere.

America is at some important, major crossroads and it needs new ways of thinking and acting if it wants to retain a strong, global presence. In the past 8 years we have been led by people with experience and the country has declined militarily, economically, and socio-politically in the world scene. So, experience isn't necessarily as vital as McCain would like us to believe. Strategic, deliberate planning with someone at the helm who is willing to consider all possible options from many different factions before making decisions is more of what we are in need. It is time to seek change, and the old crusty, contemptuous "maverick", McCain, is not the agent of change. America’s mistake today would be to put someone in the White House in these uncertain times who cannot cope with change and will continue to use true and tried formulae that were effective in the past but now can be considered black magic. As an independent voter, I certainly will not seek to cast my ballot for a man still stuck in the cold war of 1967…and whose partner doesn’t complement his weaknesses, as she has no knowledge on any subject of substance to Americans today.

Almost all of McCain’s actions during the campaign seem to point to one thing: America is not foremost on his mind---winning the election is. If we could get past Obama’s skin color, it would not be so hard to see that he is the better candidate, despite his youthfulness. Obama’s experience as a community organizer, although denigrated by the Republicans, is actually vital in the White House, as it has enabled him to learn to cross partisan lines and work with many different factions. And experience without good judgement, as McCain and his fellow Republicans have displayed, is what is sinking our ship today.

I will cast my ballot of hope and optimism for a strong country and a strong leader, the soft-spoken, unassuming gentleman, Obama.

amtak Author Profile Page:

I'll bet John McCain wishes he had asked Michael Bloomberg instead.

marchino Author Profile Page:

Response to RDRESLER: Foremost, America must return to a country of creating new jobs (manufacturing goods and services here in America and not Asia) and cultivating an environment that encourages the rewards and benefits of production. Growth in the Gross National Product (GNP) will increase revenues to the private and public sectors (and government is the largest benefactor). This can also be accomplished by tax decreases or tax incentives (Schultze, CL 1992). On the other hand, raising taxes for the purposes of bailing-out banks and lenders will dampen the Gross National Product and decrease revenues. McCain clearly understands this principle, and frankly, traditional Democrats have not yet learned this basic postulate. So, what would you rather do: Raise taxes and bury the economy further in debt and endless deficit spending, or stimulate the economy with an increase in GNP?

KennyMitchell Author Profile Page:

My Dear Sweet Loving Sister Jessica,

It is absolutely true that we must not follow any candidate blindly, so here are some facts you might like to know about Senator Obama the next time you may be responding here or in any format in the future.

Senator Obama --During the first eight years of Senator Obama's elected service he sponsored over 820 bills. He introduced:
233 regarding healthcare reform,
125 on poverty and public assistance,
112 crime fighting bills,
97 economic bills,
60 human rights and anti-discrimination bills,
21 ethics reform bills,
15 gun control,
6 veterans affairs and many others.
His first year in the U.S. Senate, he authored 152 bills and co-sponsored another 427. These included:
- the Coburn-Obama Government Transparency Act of 2006 (became law),
- The Lugar-Obama Nuclear Non-proliferation and Conventional Weapons Threat Reduction Act, (became law),
- The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act, passed the Senate,
- The 2007 Government Ethics Bill, (became law),
- The Protection Against Excessive Executive Compensation Bill, (In committee)

God Bless and... "Be Peaceful" Love, Love, Kenny

clw743 Author Profile Page:

I watched America Idol exactly one time. I was so embarrassed for the people who were talentless and so appalled by the ethical lapse that allows this show to profit by exploiting the pain and embarrassment of the contestants, I never watched again. I'm not sure I'm even going to watch the VP debate. If Mrs. Palin doesn't do some pretty heavy cramming before Thursday, she will look foolish in the extreme. I hope she withdraws before then to save herself and the country from the embarrassment.

dollyq Author Profile Page:

Zakaria's sole claim to fame are impeccable liberal "credentials". Please, who listens to this partisan hack other than other liberals?

agolembe Author Profile Page:

For those of you who wail over liberals attacking Gov. Palin on this page, here's a hint.

The article is about Gov. Palin's qualifications, not about Sen. Obama. No has to defend Sen. Obama's qualifications. What you must do is provide some support for Gov. Palin's qualifications.

I see that you can't. You would rather whine about how she is being "attacked."

cowandpeachmedia Author Profile Page:

Sarah Palin is not qualified and that is obvious. Why McCain stayed at her elbow in her introduction speech was commented on by many people and now we know why, she is not bright enough for this job. John McCain believes that women are interchangeable like light bulbs and thought that Hillary fans might like Palin. Poor Cindy. And poor us. She looked terrified in the interview. If she is going to quit, it will be before the debate this week.
I am voting for Obama and that sexy Joe Biden.

agolembe Author Profile Page:

Allen Wilson Posted:

In response to Ken Basington's post of lies:
2. Ken lied, Palin never claimed to sell the plane on eBay, she only said she put it on eBay."

You're right, Palin never actually said she sold the plane on ebay. But she never explained that she didn't either. A lie by omission is a lie none-the-less.

Look at what John McCain said about that plane. Did Gov. Palin dispute this? No. That, my friends, is a lie by complicity.

Sarah Palin, Sept. 3, RNC Acceptance Speech: "I came to office promising major ethics reform to end the culture of self-dealing. And today, that ethics reform is a law. While I was at it, I got rid of a few things in the governor's office that I didn't believe our citizens should have to pay for. That luxury jet was over-the-top. I put it on eBay."

John McCain at a campaign stop in Wisconsin on Sept. 5, said, "You know what I enjoyed the most? She took the luxury jet that was acquired by her predecessor and sold it on eBay — and made a profit!"

From FactCheck.org:
The New York Times reported that there was "one serious" potential buyer who responded to the Internet listing, but according to Alaska's director of administrative services for the Public Safety Department, the deal fell through. The jet was eventually purchased by Larry Reynolds, a businessman of Valdez, Alaska. But the state didn't make a profit; instead, it lost money on the deal. According to news reports and a release from Palin, Reynolds only paid $2.1 million for the jet, several hundred thousand dollars less than the $2.7 million Murkowski originally paid for it in 2005, and still less than the nearly $2.5 million price tag the Anchorage Daily News reported that Robert Heckman, owner of Turbo North Aviation, had suggested as an asking price for the jet.

genet43 Author Profile Page:

Thanx for the excellent synopsis. I agree and as a former Navy Commander, I think the most patriotic act Ms. Palin could perform is to resign as a Vice Presidential candidate.

The only down side would be depriving worthy political humorists (Stewart, Colbert, etc.) of such easy fodder.

winoohno Author Profile Page:

This is a touchy subject because Republicans and Feminists are defensive about criticism of Palin. I can understand that. Then there are Democrats and Media types who are piling on her with rude comments and observations.

I try to look at things objectively. I don't have enough information about her to completely write her off, but I must admit -- from what I've seen and heard from her, she does not seem to have a command of the issues.

I know one thing: she has to be Fair Game: she is running for VP of the U.S. and the Public has a right to openly scrutinize her. If she, her campaign or others cannot handle that, too bad!

o0Jessica0o Author Profile Page:

Some people would rather see America blown to bits than see McCain/Palin in the whitehouse... or wait...

Marve1 Author Profile Page:

Hi, Fareed.

First, I must tell you I love your show: it's one of the rare gems on TV where intelligence reigns supreme.

Your article was outstanding as it points out the obvious that no one in your ranks dared speak of---the emperor has no clothes on. Republican voters were not given a choice as to who the Republican Party VP candidate should be and in choosing Palin as his running mate in a hasty, last-minute gamble on McCain’s part, Americans are left with the task of having to complete the vetting process themselves. With fewer than 40 days left, Americans have been requesting to exercise their right to inquire more about this unknown candidate and to question some of the assertions that she has made about her experience and her positions on several issues. While the Republican Party continues to extol her virtues, they have tried to keep her away from the scrutiny of the media long enough, allowing only one VP debate and one very friendly interview, in which all questions were screened. Finally the curtain has come open and we realize why McCain could not allow the media to talk to her---she is clearly unqualified for the VP position.

There are some out there for whom this revelation is very disturbing, equating it to an endorsement of Obama, but nothing could be further from the truth. It's an insult to Republicans to have to vote grudgingly for a 72 year-old cranky, contemptuous man, out of touch with the realities of millions of Americans, to have a VP who lacks intellectual depth on any subject of substance to Americans. Should anything happen to this man if he were in office, she is it. And, as you clearly stated, with the ruinous situation we are in on the economic, military, socio-political fronts, we need people who are capable of understanding the situation, understanding what is at stake, and working well with others to arrive at the best possible solution given the constraints. We have found out late in the game that she is incapable but she is McCain’s ticket to the White House, so he cannot drop her.

No, America is not foremost on McCain’s mind---winning the election is.

toddbascom Author Profile Page:

I've seen many comments posted here and in other forums in regards to Ms. Palin from so-called "Christians". Their comments as well as those of Palin are a clear example of why the religious right are dangerous and must be stopped. Why?

1) A recent poll showed that about 60% of so-called "Christians" believe the bible is literally true. A group of people, the majority of which cannot grasp a simple concept such as metaphor, should not hold any power whatsoever.

2) The Jesus I learned about advocated love and understanding, not the one-tracked brainwashing that takes place in these evangelical cult like churches.

Clearly the hypocrisy of the religious right knows no bounds. The war in Iraq is a task from God? We must not allow this to continue for another 4-8 years.

rdresler Author Profile Page:

Question to Marchino: I regards to your comment:
"The outlook for the economy under Obama and Biden will be the Democrats raising taxes to unprecedented levels to cover this debt."
If McCain is elected how will the debt be covered? I would expect that the next President will have a tough time fixing Medicare, Social Security, the economic bailout and paying for the wars we are committed to without finding some source of revenue.
Certainly Obama states he won't raise taxes on those making more than $250,000 and it seems McCain doesn't plan to raise taxes but as we saw with Bush One (who had to raise taxes despite his campaign slogan "Read my lips, no new taxes"), the money has to come from somewhere.

saraS1 Author Profile Page:

from a friend:

"Friends, here's why I'm voting for Obama on November 4th.
This election is at its core a choice between world-consciousness -- "We can change the world" and US-consciousness -- " Country first".

The former is an expansion over the latter. It is wider.It is also younger. World-consciousness is an emerging consciousness.It comes after family-consciousness, after tribe consciousness, after group-consciousness, after country-consciousness.

It is the consciousness of our time, of our generation. At the time of google and myspace and facebook and satellites, we cannot pretend any longer that we are not all interconnected,
and that there is much more that connects us rather than separates us.
We cannot pretend any longer that we are not one people sharing one small planet, one people breathing one thin layer of the same air around our one irreplaceable home, one species in the process of leading this home, planet Earth, towards global ecological and climate disruption
with unknown consequences including the possibility of its own demise.

I am voting for the camp that represents that awareness, that consciousness, via their language, their intentions, their actions, and their policies. I am voting for the camp that does not deny the science of global warming and the urgency of this global ecosystem crisis we're in. I am voting for the camp that understands the link between burning fossil fuels and the greenhouse effect responsible for speeding up the global warming reality.

I am voting for the camp that has the "Judgement" to commit to clean, emissions-free energy and technology within 10 years, an investment that will lead this country and the world to new heights of prosperity -- like a new Marshall plan. I am voting for the camp that has the "Judgement" to commit to using weapons against others ONLY as a LAST RESORT, unlike what we have seen in recent years -- the shameful preemptive strike.
I am voting for the camp that sees a link between a strong economy, true prosperity, and health care for all, dignity for all (how about a house for a working family?), and the opportunity of higher education for all. I am voting for the President that the vast majority of the world population would choose, if they had a voice in the matter, given that the entire world population will be impacted by the decision we make on November 4th, whether we like it or not.
I am voting for a candidate that is admired and respected around the world, and who has selected as his running mate a seasoned foreign policy expert. I am voting for the camp that knows and honors the ways of the world beyond the US borders.
Without world-consciousness, we cannot lead the world to global peace. We do not even have a curiosity for others. It's always "us vs. them", "we are good and they are evil", "let's kill their children, it'll show them how to be good like us".

Without world-consciousness, we cannot lead the world to sustainability (a.k.a survival of our species, ultimately). It's always "drill, plunder, kill", "help yourself even if everyone loses in the end" -- the tragedy of the commons on a global scale.
There is no win-lose in this interdependent world anymore.
We either all win together, or we all lose together.
America is facing a fundamental choice:

1. Fail at taking responsibility for its de facto position of leadership, and fail to lead itself and the world towards sustainability, prosperity, health, education, and peace,


2. Shine as the world's North star again, leading by its example, and showing the rest of the world how to live in peace and dignity together.

When America fears others, the entire world trembles. When America leads others, the entire world smiles.

Yes, America by many measurements (still) is the "First country" in the world. But "Country first" does not work anymore. Not in 2008.
We're in this together, folks. Global warming and all the rest. It's all interdependent, and we will not benefit by shutting off and pretending that this is not so.
No, "they" do not want what "we" have. They want what we also want. They and we are one human family, a human family that wants peace, prosperity, health, education, sustainability, and whatever bounties will follow.

Please vote for our one world on November 4th.

Yes, we can change the world.
Let's do it. Now is the time.
"The world as it is is not how it has to be" -- Barack Obama

Love to all,
XXXXXXX, brand new American citizen (naturalized in July '08), child of the human family, raised in the global village. "

georgiem12345 Author Profile Page:

As an Australian I am baffled as to why anyone in the US would even consider voting McCain into the white house. He obviously has such a low regard for the voters that he would pick Sarah Palin as his choice for the VP. Consider this. He will be the oldest person to take office if he succeeds - with a history of cancer and heart problems. As harsh as this may sound, he may literally keel over any day after he takes office. It is truly only "a heat-beat away". But regardless he picked Sarah - this can only be construed as a transparent, cynical and desperate last ditch effort to win the presidency. Win at all cost has never had such an ominous meaning till now.

Sarah herself. I am not even an American and yet I cringe whenever I see her being so inarticulate and literally trying to BS her way through an interview. Are you sure you want her to be represent the US in world affairs? I always thought you guys can't ever do worse than Dan Quayle. But Dan now looks like Albert Einstein compared to Palin.

The image of USA has been severely diminished on the world stage since you have inconceivably given two terms to the incompetent George W. Palin would comically bring US image even lower. Hollywood (or even Bollywood) couldn't come up with a better script even if they tried for a hundred years.

I am astounded that any US voter would even consider voting for someone like McCain who has such a low regard for you. Especially now (besides his cynical choice of Palin) when you are in such a financial mess, why would you even consider someone who has openly and almost with a touch of pride admitted he knows nothing about economics. Hey he didn't even bother to read the two page summary of the 700 odd Billion dollars bailout which was defeated yesterday.

Like the Chinese say - may you live in interesting times. You guys certainly do live in interesting times right now under George W. That will ratchet a couple steps more if Palin becomes the VP and a hundred more steps when (not if but when) she becomes the president.

o0Jessica0o Author Profile Page:

The tack of the Democrats has always been: attack the messenger or attack the Republicans or attack anyone else with a different point of view. Subterfuge is always the name of their game. Otherwise translated: they are haters. Instead of tearing someone down tell me something good about what you offer. If there is anything good??

firstammendment Author Profile Page:

The tack of the Republicans has always been: attack the messenger or attack the Democrats or attack anyone else with a different point of view. Subterfuge is always the name of their game. Otherwise translated: they are haters. Instead of tearing someone down tell me something good about what you offer. If there is anything good.

noslok Author Profile Page:

Marchino writes:

"...the loaded question to Palin from Couric should have been, "Isn't it better to spend $700 billion helping bail-out the otherwise credit unworthy and indebted middle-class families who recklessly borrowed from the even more reckless mortgage lending banks?" The simple answer to that leading question is "No." Taxpayers, who can't even afford their monthly gas and groceries, are not going to be able to fund a humongous bailout package for financial institutions that were instrumental in creating this financial crisis. And for the Chief Executives of banks and financial institutions that parachute into opulence, we know we don't want to assist in that waste of money! The outlook for the economy under Obama and Biden will be the Democrats raising taxes to unprecedented levels to cover this debt. Hopefully, under the McCain and Palin, there will be a mitigation of the highest taxes in the history of America. The real question is who is going to pickup the tab for this irresponsible spending under the Obama administration and Democratic lead congress--the answer is YOU!"

You're probably right. And if Sarah Palin would (could?) have said something like that, maybe then we could be debating her philosophy of Government instead of her understanding or abililty to govern. But the simple fact is that, up to this point, Sarah Palin hasn't demonstrated her ability to even understand the question let-alone give a credible answer.

Kevin Olson
Manassas, VA

saraS1 Author Profile Page:






Bump6 Author Profile Page:

Great to see all of you McCain / RNC Ghost Writers here!
It seems like I'm running into you everywhere I go for news - and you are always posting the same stuff. Quite a gig!

o0Jessica0o Author Profile Page:

comments from cuteyeve show exactly why Obama's supporters cannot defend him based on his lack of judgement and lack of executive experience. Instead, they attack Sarah Palin. If you wanna defend Obama, give examples of the things he has done that has qualified him for president... :)

Nice use of the word "we" btw... :)

dsawyer Author Profile Page:

McCain would have knocked these out of the park. In fact, Obama, Biden or any other qualified candidate for national office would love to get airtime with a reporter and would take the toughest questions and turn them into a political stump speech.

Don't ask "Why doesn't Couric ask Obama about Ayers?" They do. They ask all of them tough questions. Just they don't get answers that sound like Miss South Carolina: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lj3iNxZ8Dww)

geephers Author Profile Page:

I agree with Zakaria. Did McCain choose her to undermine his campaign? If so she is doing just that!. She is totally unprepared to be president...and despite her religious ideals she failed to parent her oldest daughter on the importance of abstinence. If you cannot control your own house what hope do we have that she can control the White House.

I wouldn't vote for her even if I lived in Alaska. Her voice grates on my nerves. When I first saw her name I mistook it for the book "Sarah, Plain and Tall" - now known as Sarah, Plain and Small. It's interesting that Republicans cry foul or sexist at any comment about Palin, but weren't they the very ones to throw comments like that about Hilary?

Zakaria says it like it is ... I like that!

stillgil2 Author Profile Page:

I dare McCain and his team to allow Palin to show up for a national debate. I double dare them. Biden should just give short answers and give the balance of his time to Palin. I bet she could not continue to talk past 2 minutes on any subject without her total ignorance showing.

McCain is making a mockery out of this election and our county.

randallbrunt Author Profile Page:

says Lisa15 :

And "purdah," as anybody owning a dictionary would find, has been in use as an English word since at least 1800."

It is an Indian word and not an English word. Certainly not in common usage. As I'm sure your quick reach for the dictionary revealed.

"And by the way, it's "drivel," not "dribble." Dribble is what you do with a basketball."

or what you do when the saliva dribbles out of your mouth when you sleep. Either way it is rubbish. Or as we say in Hicksville, trash.

Not being a trained editor like our esteem Fareed . . . well my skills are not Newsweek worthy.

However, I was surprised to read this drainage in a major news magazine.

The fact that you weren't speaks volumes.

RBCrook Author Profile Page:

Will someone please put Barak Obama out of his agony? Is it too much to ask that he come to realize that he wants, in that wonderful phrase in American politics, "to spend more time with her family"? He has proven himself out of his element in any discussion about the defense of America against her agressors. He is out of his comfort zone when it comes to national security and the very real dangers that America faces from Islamic fundamentalists. He has proven himself to have little depth about how the economies of the world operate and the role of the government in global free market capitalism. He is not ready for this job and needs to help America out by bowing out of a race he is not qualified for.

Do the right thing for America Barak -- go back to Illinois and take care of your family.

mkvazquez Author Profile Page:

What makes you think, Hank, that the people want her to drop out? I don't. She was picked at the last minute by John McCain, it is his problem now. I think that they shouldn't allow her to be sheltered from the press like some middle eastern princess! It is our/the peoples right to be able to have access to her , to ask her questions, etc. And if McCain wins then when he brings the country down so far that the people can't take it anymore... what that threshold is I can't imagine... then impeach him and her.

imoxie Author Profile Page:

Those comment he is objecting to look like the same comment Obama makes about every question. No specifics and a lot of generalizations that no one could object to. She was correct, no one wants to bail wallstreet out, but we may have no choice.

marchino Author Profile Page:

Isn’t it ironic that Zakaria applies Purdah to confining Palin to home! Sounds sexist to me. Anyway, the loaded question to Palin from Couric should have been, "Isn't it better to spend $700 billion helping bail-out the otherwise credit unworthy and indebted middle-class families who recklessly borrowed from the even more reckless mortgage lending banks?" The simple answer to that leading question is "No." Taxpayers, who can't even afford their monthly gas and groceries, are not going to be able to fund a humongous bailout package for financial institutions that were instrumental in creating this financial crisis. And for the Chief Executives of banks and financial institutions that parachute into opulence, we know we don't want to assist in that waste of money! The outlook for the economy under Obama and Biden will be the Democrats raising taxes to unprecedented levels to cover this debt. Hopefully, under the McCain and Palin, there will be a mitigation of the highest taxes in the history of America. The real question is who is going to pickup the tab for this irresponsible spending under the Obama administration and Democratic lead congress--the answer is YOU!

cuteyeve Author Profile Page:

comments from o0Jessica0o shows exactly Palin's supporter can not defend her based on her poor knowledge and judgment. Instead, they attack Obama or Biden. If you wanna defend Palin, give us example s of the things she said or did that qualify her as a VP candidate.

kenellio Author Profile Page:

To JBAER: Yes, I am most definitely a woman. Unfortunally,I happen to be one of the women you would try to dismiss like Sarah Palin because I happen to be pretty too. I do have a brain and I do know leadership and character when I see it. Obama has neither. His socialist views are not mine. I am a mother and a Christian and I want someone who shares my values, not just because he is black the Hollywood group seems to think that is enough. Really, listen to him. He stands for nothing. Go McCain and Palin. Behind you as are more women than you know all the way.

z3x98 Author Profile Page:

Help: Mom wanted -

When there are so many things going on in Mrs. Palin's life -a pregnant teenage child, a new handicapped baby, another child gone to war- her children need their mommy more than ever.

Sarah is smart enough to recognize the brainwashed dysfunctional morality in her children. And her priorities or understanding their needs? Ask any pregnant mother- would she like to be on stage standing on her feet or have mommy dear's TLC when at 16 still growing.

VP is not a beauty pageant with the talent category being handling guns or sell airplanes. And Russia? Alaska is far from even the mainland that even a view of America comes from the Land's End catalog. Given her track history of replacing her bosses, VP is the last step to P. And Pit-bull who?? - Biden? Obama?

The recent Mrs. Palin looks flustered out of her wits. Does she appear self conscious- maybe- blame all the fellow republican men in power whom she upstaged? Her radical credentials got her the McCain "nod" but her gaps and gaffe, stink of a beefed up (moosed up) charmed resume. McCain is asking too much of her at a critical time in her life. Ask any stressed out mom or dad.

Truth17 Author Profile Page:

To excuse Palin's recent performances by invoking Biden's gaffes misses the point entirely. If only Palin's troubles were claiming that Roosevelt went on TV to address the Great Depression. We could have a SNL skit and be done with it. If Palin's problem were only a lack of experience. The deeper issue, most unfortunately, is more profound than that. It is the obvious fact that she simply cannot intellectually frame her positions on current issues. She is either terribly nervous and simply cannot enunciate her position. But, I find this difficult to believe given her great performance at the RNC (but, who knows? sans a teleprompter...). More likely, however, it is impossible to learn one's position on a full range of issues by simply cramming. If it were multiple choice, perhaps one could pull it off. Unfortunately, this is an essay test (or the oral equivalent, in front of millions to boot). And, one needs to frame together his/her ideas and respond. Random sentences and phrases cannot simply be spewed out in incoherent order. The only way to perform well in a debate is to know what you believe in and then express them! The problem is she doesn't know what she believes, either because she has not thought about these issues (likely) or the set of positions that are being laid out for her make no coherent sense (equally likely). Would it be a surprise that there is no unifying set of ideas that the McCain campaign is trying to coach into Palin? No rubric. No structure. Just a random set of facts about which there is some detailed, arcane and internally inconsistent position. It's hard for a student to learn if on day (1) Economy is fundamentally strong, then day (2) we've got the deepest economic crisis since the Great Depression. On Day (1), regulation is bad. On Day (2), we've got to fire the regulator and draw up new tighter restrictions. Can you imagine being a student? Sure, we can. We're the voters that have had to digest this erratic non-sense. It's all a blur. Palin's responses during an interview are merely a reflection of McCain's campaign. They've taken a candidate who (according to their own words) is quick on the uptake, and reduced her to a bunch of gibberish. She's just got the worst trainers. Time to transfer?

o0Jessica0o Author Profile Page:

When Obama seeks nearly one billion dollars in earmarks, we're supposed to complain about Sarah Palin's record...
When Obama votes "present" over 130 times instead of making a decision, we're supposed to trust him to make decisions...
When Obama attends a church for 20 years with a pastor that says "God **** America, that's in the Bible", we're supposed to believe he's going to unite America...
When Obama wants to negotiate directly with the president of Iran without preconditions, we're supposed to trust him with our national security...
When Obama won't answer questions that are "above his paygrade", we're supposed to tell him how intelligent and articulate he is...
When Obama says to a female reporter, "I'll get to you in a second sweetie", we're supposed to assume that he would say the same thing to a male reporter...
When Obama chooses Joe Biden as his running mate, we're supposed to believe that, together, they will bring much needed "CHANGE" to Washington and America...
When Obama spends a mere 140 days in the U.S. Senate while running for president, we're supposed to make him our next president...

Jeri25 Author Profile Page:

To all you parents out there would you designate in your will a person who is unfit to be a parent to become the legal guardian of your children if God forbid something happened to you? Well, 72 year old, "Country First" John McCain has done just that by his disastrous pick of Sarah Palin as his VP. It is silly, really. And we might be able to let silly slide in peaceful times but with two wars, with Venezuela, Iran, and North Korea all aiming to go nuclear, with tensions with Russia over Georgia mounting again, and China racing to start its own Space Program all while the U.S. economy is crumbling at home, SILLY IS JUST PLAIN DANGEROUS! Republicans, independents, and democrats should all unite and demand a new VP pick from John McCain, just for our own security if he should get elected. Then we need to still recognize that John McCain sacrificed the safety and well-being of our country for a hopeful block of votes! This shows serious lack of judgement in this matter. I know many people like Sarah Palin and she is likeable, but let's face it, Paris Hilton or Brittany Spears are about as qualified as she to run the country! We have few allies left in this world and our competitiveness in the world is slipping. Americans sometimes take what we have for granted but we need to remember we aren't entitled to all the resources we have in this country, we need to compete globally for them. Wake up, John McCain put us at serious risk and this is not a president we want to run the country.

NoKidding1 Author Profile Page:

As a man, I resent being told that George W. Bush is less intelligent than Hillary Clinton, Madeline Albright, Condoleeza Rice, or anyone else for that matter. Don't you all see how ridiculous that statement is? That's like me saying that I support Al Sharpton or Carol Moseley Braun or Alan Keyes just because they are Black. Stop defending Palin just because she's a woman. Defend her because she's qualified. Unfortunately, she is not. By her performance in these interviews, I'm more qualified to be VP than she is. I just haven't been elected to anything.

malapalit Author Profile Page:

I supported Hillary CLinton, and was planning on moving over to McCain. However with the choice of Sarah Palin, my whole outlook changed, this is an insult to women, are we such air heads that the Rpublican Party could not find any one but a pretty face with no qualifications.

J_baer Author Profile Page:

"she's only the VP candidate"

Only? Where did you get the stupid idea that being VP candidate for the biggest economical and military superpower (for now, at least) is something to be referred as "only"? She's a "heartbeat" away, isn't she? I wonder how well that heart is, that's for sure.

And, again, the fact that she is not very bright and/or at least not prepared at all does not have anything to do with gender. She's just being used by the Republicans as a sex object, to get votes. Anything to say about that situation, intelligent women?

mdonnelly1 Author Profile Page:

I have sincerely tried to understand the support of Palin from the Republican point of view. I asked a co-worker the other day why he "loved" her. He indicated first "she's a lifelong member of the NRA. I LOVE that!" I asked him about her comment regarding "killing" the bridge to nowhere, and how he felt about her misrepresenting that. His response "they all lie".

I happen to like this guy a lot. He is a genuinely good person who would do anything for anyone. But I also know that no matter what evidence I gave him indicating that Palin is in over her head, it would make no difference. He calls Obama a "socialist" and "Osama". How do you approach that mindset?

It has been my experience with Republican friends that they simply refuse to look at issues without a predisposition. They simply boil it all down to "freedom/socialism" or "American/anti-American". Perhaps that's why Republicans are so good at closing ranks compared to Democrats. They simply don't question the party line, whereas Democrats, in my experience, question everything. Independent thinkers are less likely to follow their fellow party members over the cliff. Republicans find pride in such behavior.

The first presidential debate was a perfect indication of how each party operates; McCain was confrontational and demeaning, finding no common ground with Obama. Nor could he look the man in the eye. Obama looked at McCain constantly, found many points of agreement and eloquently argued for points where he differed in opinion. How could anyone watch that debate and not see one man who will continue to foster the cavernous divide between the parties and one who will work to find common ground and in an effort to unite us?

I fear Karl Rove has been far to successful in his efforts to divide us and make all issues personal. It may take generations to heal the wounds. Or a catastrophic failure of the system.

FrankPendle Author Profile Page:

Another point that the Palin debate brings up is that of the team that McCain brings to office. No one person can understand aspects of every subject about which the President of the United States must make a decision. POTUS depends on a team of experts behind the scenes for research and counsel. In researching the subject, the team that McCain has in place is quite close to the team that:

- permitted the largest deficit in the history of the world, and have deposited the United States in the worst crisis since the Depression

- sanctioned torture, the suspension of the Bill of Rights and several human rights treaties

- consistently lied about substantive facts that materially affected important decisions (such as the Justice Department firings)

Let us not forget that the people that have made so many unfortunate decisions are also being elected. Palin's election to VP may be only the tip of the iceberg to the real seriousness of the situation.

J_baer Author Profile Page:

Kenellio, you're behaving like an idiot... I doubt you're really a woman, but that does not matter anyway.

Palin is being criticized for being incompetent for the job she's trying to get, not for being a woman. If you agree with the criticisms or not, that's an entirely different thing, but put your brain (?) to work, please. I wonder what you were saying when Hillary was being target of sexism... Probably you were being sexist yourself, I wonder?

By the way, your "Caps lock" key seems to be broken. Or are you impolite on top of it all?

lesroys Author Profile Page:

Sarah Palin's problem isn't her lack of experience. It's more her lack of intelligence.

She is plainly not very smart. She has never faced any real challenges in her political career. One must wonder how she would have held up if she had. She's not the monster some claim. She may sound mean-spirited the way she talks about her political rivals (in fact, anyone who challenges or questions her), but she's not. She's just quite simple-minded. A loveable dunce.

John McCain, on the other hand, is both unintelligent AND mean-spirited. I'll at least give Palin more credit for personal integrity than her running mate. McCain was near bottom of his class in a military school he got into due to his family ties. Sarah Palin may have (barely) achieved a two year degree in sports journalism, but at least she got into college on her own terms and graduated because she got the requisite grades - unlike John McCain. But both score badly on anything other than the most remedial understanding of complex problems. The ticket lacks what most Americans view as essential to any Executive Branch - a high-functioning brain.

cavan2810 Author Profile Page:

Compare Gopv. Palin's answer on the bailout or Russia with the recent Miss South Carolina contestant's answer:

“I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, uhmmm, some people out there in our nation don't have maps and uh, I believe that our, I, education like such as uh, South Africa, and uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as, and I believe that they should, uhhh, our education over here in the US should help the US, uh, should help South Africa, it should help the Iraq and the Asian countries so we will be able to build up our future, for us.”

Is this the same person?

sgannvtedu Author Profile Page:

I can see an International House of Pancakes each morning when going to work; I guess according to Sarah Palin's logic, that makes me qualified to be an ambassador to the U.N.?

Her interview with Katie Couric was shockingly bad. Her answers were just babble.

bbbaabie Author Profile Page:

I keep hearing from the Republican Right how little experience Obama has once Sarah Palin's credentials, or lack thereof, are mentioned. I submit if you make it into the Big Leagues (he's a U.S. Senator), make the playoffs (he managed to get into the Presidential race), win the league championship against the absolute toughest competition his league has ever had(the Clinton "Dynasty"), and are now playing in the Super Bowl of Political Championship Games (The White House), YOU DESERVE TO BE THERE!!! Sarah Palin on the other hand is like most T-ball team pitchers who owe their exalted position to one thing...... Dad, or in this case Granpa John McCain, is the coach....

Lisa15 Author Profile Page:


If you're going to criticize somebody's English skills, it would help if you knew the language yourself. You're missing at least two commas, which totally changed the meaning of two of your clauses. Another one was missing a subject entirely. And "purdah," as anybody owning a dictionary would find, has been in use as an English word since at least 1800.

And by the way, it's "drivel," not "dribble." Dribble is what you do with a basketball.

Please learn some English before you criticize others.

vmunikoti Author Profile Page:


You ma'am, are in denial. Katie Couric's interview clarified for everyone's benefit how appallingly incompetent McMooseburger's sidekick is. That you support her so vocally despite this fact speaks volumes about your intelligence.

PS: It's called "caps lock". Please press it in order to sound a less retarded

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JOE D - I agree with you entirely!

plus, if palin had 20 mos on the campaign trail (like BO has had) she would be EVEN MORE qualified than BO. more in the tank analysis from zakaria.

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Unfortunately, many posts responding to this article demonstrate typical wingnut logic. They don't even bother to support or explain the frighteningly vapid responses Gov. Palin herself gave in the interview -- which Mr. Zakaria merely presents in full transcription, without summarizing or characterizing anything. Instead, the mere fact someone is criticizing her means he must have liberal media bias.

Now, GOP friends, I am very sorry, but Gov. Palin's answer was worse than any those of the beauty pageant contestants in "Smile" (1972 comedy film you may recall, starring Bruce Dern) who just ramble on with gibberish buzzwords and end with "and I pray for world peace." Or worse, remember the recent You Tube post of some beauty contestant's completely goofy answer in the Miss Tennessee or Miss South Carolina pageant, of which everyone was making fun?

This could be the 45th President of the United States sometime shortly after January 20, 2009.

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Neither Palin or McCain are qualified for federally elected office. Palin's only accomplishment in life seems to have been as a sports commentator and McCain's only qualification seems to be that he was dumb enough to get his plane shot out from under him during the Vietnam war.

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Gov. Palin was brought to the scene to be nothing more than a distraction and a conversation piece.Yep, no doubt - she's cute. That being said she is definately not qualified to be President, should the unthinkable happen. I, for example, live in a state with another on either side of me. That does not by geographics make me a governor.
This little cuttie it seems only being recognized by a few old men. Shame on you boys.
This choice (with views by fellow republicans) will come back to bite McCain in the backside.

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I will be fair I think obama and Mc cain need to do one thing make a contract with the American people If I can"t make a differents in two years they will resigned from office and the job goes to the vice president And if you believe in country first they will honest this and I want this to be one of the questions they ask at the next debate I'm sending this to the Obama camp lets see who believe in there VP pick

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I'm a Republican who supported Senator McCain in 2000 and would have in 2004. That said, I was horrified at his choice of Sarah Palin and, although I enjoyed her speech at the convention, still am.

Governor Palin's paper-thin political resume undermines every argument McCain had raised concerning Senator Obama's inexperience. She did not even acquire a passport until recently and it was painful to see the series of photo ops with tame foreign heads of state she was rushed through in New York to give her a veneer of international experience. The campaign has been at pains to keep her away from the press in any but the most controlled conditions; try imagine George Bush Sr. being so handled when he was Reagan's running mate.

I still think Senator McCain is a great patriot and a great American, I voted for him in the Michican primary and was happy that he clinched the nomination. But since then he has tacked to the right, failed to convey a clear message, chosen a weak running mate and sounded confused & muddled on the economy (the kiss of death this year).

I now think his great moment came in 2000, but that was 8 years ago. Obama is much more economically liberal than I like, but not enough to overcome the negatives that McCain now possesses, every one of which he chose to saddle himself with. Every couple of generations the U.S. produces a leader for whom expectations start low, but who proves transformative. I certainly didn't foresee it, but I'm going to cast my vote for Senator Obama and history.

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Jkerner writes: "NObama is a closet Muslim with Marxist bent.... He isn't fit to even be fit with Socialist cloak."

Randallbrunt writes: "Please, this guy is an editor? He needs to spend more time in purdah, maybe get some training in english as a second language, I don't know.."

Wow! Nice to hear from the "Ignorant, and proud of it!" crowd. Makes me feel proud to be an American.

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i think some people are missing the point when others speak to palin's unsuitability to run as mccain's vice president. many quickly resort to obama's alleged lack of experience as a comparison to her disqualifications. it's not about experience; it's about the ability to speak articularly and coherently about an issue without relying on catch phrases and slogans to get a point across. in her interviews, palin is virtually...umm, let see...pointless. there's not a common thread of cohesion floating through those synapses in her tiny little brain.

i say keep her on the ticket and let her further expose herself as the witless alternative to more deserving and accomplished women. plain and simple, she looks good in a dress pushes the right buttons for those men who hunt animals, drink beer out of bottles and ponder the state of the union had the confederacy won the civil war. it's a visceral thing with sarah, much like the same feeing that got george bush elected twice.

gee,i wish i knew how to play at being stupid. i would have been farther ahead by now.

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To those McCain/Palin supporters, who try to refute critisisms of Palin's experience by saying she has more experience than Senator Obama, I say there is one HUGE difference: Senator Obama has undergone a 20-month vetting process by media, the Democratic Party, and the primary voters. And he has completed one Presidential debate with McCain where, whether you think he won or lost, you must admit he certainly held his own.

Meanwhile, Governor Palin can't even get through a virtual puff-piece interview with Katie Couric without demonstrating an astonishing lack of understanding of world or domestic events.

Surely even Republicans must be nervous at the prospect of Sarah Palin being one heartbeat from the the Oval Office serving as Vice President to a five-time cancer survivor and, if he wins, the oldest man ever elected to a first term.

Come on! This is too serious a matter to be left to the spin masters. Sarah Palin may end up Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America at a time when we are fighting two wars, while trying to keep North Korea and Iran from getting The Bomb! Meanwhile, it looks like we are entering an economic crisis larger than any but the one our Grandparents can rememeber.

Barack Obama may not have enough experience for you liking. That's understandable. But he has demonstrated an understanding of the situation and intelligence enough to come up with a plan. You might not like the plan. I get it. But, if there's nothing else you like about Obama's policies and experiece, you have to admit one thing: His first decision as a potential President was to select a talented, experienced, and QUALIFIED Vice-Presidential candidate. Each time Sarah Palin opens her mouth it becomes more clear that John McCain erred badly on that point.

Who really put Country First?

Kevin Olson
Manassas, VA

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If this is the best Fareed can give why Sarah Palin isn't qualified to be Vice-President of the United while steadfastly believing the boy scott Barack Obama qualifies to be president clearly shows he is incapable of seeing the forest due to the trees.

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John Kennedy once said, “…ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country. “ However the Republican mantras since George W. came into power at the dawn of this century has constantly been asking and asking and not given anything back to the American public except an almost 10 trillion dollar deficit as I write this, two unpopular wars, and a financial crisis that has not been seen since the great depression. Another thing graciously given to us by the GOP has been the use of the word of “FEAR”. Fear of the terrorist, (Patriot Act, btw, I am wearing tighty whiteys today if you couldn’t get that info today boys!) Fear of the oil crisis, Fear of worldwide weather conditions that might place a hurricane in your door stop, because the GOP surely doesn’t care if you drown or survive in such a crisis, Fear of the international community, and Fear of what the international community sees in us. We cannot afford another 4, or gasp even 8 years of the GOP mentality with the current state of affairs today. And yes with Palin as a potential running mate, it could only get worse should McCain not be able to serve his remaining time in office, if he gets elected! (Yes it does sound like a bad Disney movie; thank you Matt Damon for this potential worst case scenario visual.) Because if you really want to have a “smart off” between George W. and Sarah Palin, who do you really think would win? George W in all of his wisdom of course and we see where that has gotten us!
OBAMA/BIDEN 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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OK, let me get this straight...we are considering as a potential/probable President a born again Republikan Christian governor from an oil state that is a hawk on war although not exactly gifted in the foreign policy arena, who is an absolute marionette to the corporate influences back in the home state...haven't we just done this? As Dr. Phil would ask, just how has that been working for us?

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Yes... Let's play a game.... Ivory Tower view will take this country into the dumper. It's double dumb to think that the "eggheads" have practical usable solutions.

I'll take McCain's street smarts and Palin's view of the Russky's... so we do not have to sweep Camel dung from the steps of the White House.....JFK and let Ted Kennedy keep his trophy for swimming the Chapaquadik.

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Can we now admit the obvious? Barack Obama is utterly unqualified to be president. He is a feisty, charismatic politician who has done few good things in Illnois. But He has never spent a day thinking about any important national or international issue, and this is a hell of a time to start. The next administration is going to face a set of challenges unlike any in recent memory. There is an ongoing military operation in Iraq that still costs $10 billion a month, a war against the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan that is not going well and is not easily fixed. Iran, Russia and Venezuela present tough strategic challenges. He's not ready.

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My favorite exchange from the Couric interview:

"COURIC: Explain to me why that enhances your foreign policy credentials.

PALIN: Well, it certainly does because our– OUR NEXT DOOR NEIGHBORS ARE FOREIGN COUNTRIES. They’re in the state that I am the executive of. And there in Russia–"

Blurting out platitudes and trite statements is not uncommon among politicians but this one -- this one requires the stroke of a genius.

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You know Fareed I use to like some of your opinions. Now lets be fair. Why not disclose who
you represent, and what organizations you belong to? Its truth in writing. correct?

If you and the media would permit Palin to use an earpiece and have a producer work for her one on one The interview would be much better.

Are you tellin me that the no talent pizza hut queen from Arlington Virginia, Katy Couric is
better than a sitting governor of any state?

Or how about Biten the Biden? he has tripped
and plagerized more than a dozen times.

ABC's Charlie another local from the area
did more of an inquistion than the interview.

Come on Fareed you should not be part and parcel
of the gang of umpteen media flirts.

Why not use this format to delve into
Cuomo and Fannie Mae? or Franklin Raines
and Fannie Mae? I mean you all act like it
was on a Bush watch.

I gave you more credit than you really deserved
Now tell us what are your affliations?

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"Will someone please put Sarah Palin out of her agony?" Fareed, its misery and the agony is ours as we read your articles. It may be an international or global forum, but please we speak English here, use our idioms.

"Is it too much to ask that she come to realize that she wants, in that wonderful phrase in American politics, "to spend more time with her family"? Having stayed in purdah for weeks, she finally agreed to a third interview."

What does this mean? It is worse than anything spoken by McCain or Palin. What language is he trying to communicate in? What is "purdah" anyway? Is this the kind of dribble that this magazine posts now?

Please, this guy is an editor? He needs to spend more time in purdah, maybe get some training in english as a second language, I don't know.

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When I first heard the announcement of the Palin pick for VP, I told my wife that it was "the most irresponsible pick for that office in my lifetime". I now feel vindicated that Fareed uses the same word.
I would also like to see someone "knock the L" out of Palin, so that we can use the very appropriate name for this ticket "McPain"!!!

JKERNER Author Profile Page:

Sarah all the way to the White House. Any other choice is disaster for America. NObama is a closet Muslim with Marxist bent.... He isn't fit to even be fit with Socialist cloak. Katie Couric... what a left bent driveby... and nice comments those of you, on this left-wing or broken-wing comment page who use four/five letter words to describe Palin.

elaygee Author Profile Page:

After the Republicans went gaga over Dan Quayle, what did you expect from them, Einstein?

Butterfly3 Author Profile Page:

One thing I just don't understand about the Palin VP pick. McCain had a myriad of intelligent, experienced Republican women to pick from - Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, even Condi Rice. Why in the heck did he go for empty pantsuit Palin?

Picking Palin over any of those women that I mentioned is an insult to women all over this country. She has a sub-par intellect and can't answer simple questions without her Bush/Rove handlers telling her what to say. Pathetic.

EgoNemo Author Profile Page:

>>>If Quail could not harm the election of George H. W. Bush, can Palin really affect the outcome of the Obama/McCain contest?

Short answer: Yes.

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Mr. McInsane:

I am disgusted by your unwise dangerous act of INSULTING ALL IF US THE WOMEN, BY CHOOSING THIS BIMBO WITCH TO BE YOUR RUNNING MATE thus proving how much you HATE this country, the mainstream people, and women.

My brother just told me men at his work have begun making fun of women and how INCAPABLE & UNINTELLIGENT they are to lead! They are now all about sexist jokes and comments.

THANK YOU SIR! I dont blame these men at all. I just cant. I feel bad. I feel guilty. I have started to doutb my own capabilities as a very accomplished woman! WE ( women) worked very hard especially in the last 30 yrs to earn the trust of you men and the society and we sure were accomplishing plenty in all sectors and across all titles UNTILL U THE SIXIST OLD FOOL CHOSE THAT BIMBO to REPRESENT WOMEN IN THE SECOND HIGHEST OFFICE IN THE WORLD.


Now, we the women, are going to face more and more sexism and this time, we cannot even blame the society, we have YOU TO BLAME, YOU DYING CORPSE.



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I'm voting for Obama. However, you need to look back a little before you criticize Palin. How much foreign experience did either Reagan or Cliniton have as governors? Both were good presidents. You are stating your political preference in the media and in not such a subtle way. I expect high ground from you!

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Sounds like all of you have all of the nations problems solved. Why then is it that those who choose to voice their dissent on Palin can't even spell??

dksun Author Profile Page:

It's ironic to me that all these negative things are being said about Palin when she's only the VP candidate. What's Obama ever done that makes him qualified to lead the nation? He's never been a leader of anything! Never had to approve a budget or stay within one, much less cut one. People! Wake Up! The odds of Joe Biden running the country if Obama is elected are very slim.

a_c_attlee Author Profile Page:

I used to think you quite a bit to the right
when you hosted that PBS program, and often
disagreed with you. However, on this the
facts are blatant and patent: Palin is
unqualified to serve as Vice President or
President. Putting Palin on the ticket
is a Rupert/Republican affront to the
American people as is suggesting a new
tax cut as a panacea for a world wide
economic meltdown

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After reading this article on Couric’s interview with Palin, I decided to see the interview myself. I Googled the video and watched some clips and I noticed something that seemed even more distressing than her garbled answers. When Palin was answering Couric’s question about the $700 Billion bailout, several times she glanced down at her lap like she was reading off of flash cards. I can’t think of any other explanation I suggest you rewatch that portion of the interview and let me know if you agree.

Can you think of any other explanation of why she glanced down so many times while answering the question?


OMG people wake up and accually smell some on the stinking rotting stuff you are dishing out. Sarah Palin is a governor of a state that has less population than my school district. She also says because Alaska is next to Russia this gives her
foreign-policy experience. I think before the VP debate she should try her skills on AM I SMARTER THAN A 5TH GRADER. Sarah Palin has no substance she is like a doll that has a hand up her butt making her mouth move. If that wasnt the case McCain would let her speak for herself but instead they try to hide her from the American people like some Embarrassing family member no one wants at a party. Is this the kind of person we want second in command? I am a republican always have been but these two on the ticket are not what true conservitive republicans stand for. I feel like we got Grandpa Joe and Alice in Wonderland teaming up to save our country from the last eight years from which John McCain was a huge part of the problem. All I can think about for Thursday night is what Bill Maher said Sarah Barracuda meet Joey the Shark.


Country First... What a load of crap. First of all, the only reason she was picked was to try and swing Hillary's disgruntled voters. All of the Republicans who keep using the term "Palin Bashers," are actually Obama Bashers, and have been for the last 20 months. This woman was picked out of no where. No one knew who she was, so in a Presidential election, of course everyone is going to dig into her history to see what this woman is all about. It just seems that the more they find out about her, the more it seems that she was only picked because she is a woman. And Republicans, as usual, will say anything they can to try and convince the world that they did not make a mistake. It was fine when Obama came out of no where and picked up some steam. It was fine to do that when you all thought that Hillary had the ticket locked up. He was criticized about his name. He was criticized for comments that someone else made. Sure they were out there, but Rev. Wright is not running for President. I don't know what kind of Church you attend, but I don't go to my Church just because I like how my Pastor feels about the country. He's been going to that church for over 20 years, a Christian church, yet, these right wing republicans swear he's an Islamic extremist. Make up your mind people. As far as Obama being a community organizer, McCain has been in Congress for over 26 years. I grew up in Chicago, on the South Side, and I can remember Obama helping to get programs for schools, and money for rec-centers and different activities that the same congress that McCain was a part of turned down. May not seem like much to most people, but if you've ever been to the South Side of Chicago, it means alot to us. Kept alot of us out of trouble. Sorry, but Palin Power is fading quicker than my hair line.


It is obvious to me that republicans think more of party than country. To elevate one such as Sarah Palin, and now, the rabble-rousing going on over the proposed Wall St bailout proves to me that they will do and say anything (true or false) to get what they want: POWER.

ted stevens:

he campaign has held a mock debate and a mock press conference; both are being described as "disastrous." One senior McCain aide was quoted as saying, "What are we going to do?" The McCain people want to move this first debate to some later, undetermined date, possibly never. People on the inside are saying the Alaska Governor is "clueless."


Sara Palin can look out her window and see Russia.

I've travelled to 24 countries and to 40 of the United States. I guess I can expect to be nominated by McCain to serve as Secretary of State, or at least........Foreign Secretary!

One of my sisters was a school teacher for 30 years so she can be Secretary of Education.

And one of my Brothers-Inlaw was raised on a farm and has spent 40 years of his adult life farming. So I think he would make a fine Secretary of Agriculture.


While we need a chess player Palin's game is checkers. No you can't jump my knight and capture it MS Palin, and the pieces look funny because they all have different values. No you can't take back a move, & no we can't "King you" either gosh darn.

The GOP needed some teeth and it instead it chauvinistically went for "teeth and hair." Looks like McCain will have to content himself being the oldest candidate ever for pres, again, in 2012.


If Quail could not harm the election of George H. W. Bush, can Palin really affect the outcome of the Obama/McCain contest? Journalists and comedians will have fun with her too, but the election probably will hinge on other things. Unfortunately, some of those things may be just as superficial and irrelevant as Palin appears to be.


I'm trying to follow the right wing logic here.

Governor Palin will be a good vice-president because:

1.) Senator Obama doesn't have any foreign policy experience either.
2.) Senator Biden thinks FDR was president during the depression.
3.) The liberal media is in the tank for the Obama campaign.

The scary thing is that Republicans win elections with these type of arguments. I think it was De Tocqueville who said that we deserve the leaders we get. He couldn't be more right.

You know what i think is funny. One of the Mccain campaign's points of attack is that, while in office Obama has spent nearly 1 million a day or so. Actually, they say "almost". Lets take a look at their stay VP...since being governor she has spent nearly 700,000...yes SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND a day on earmarks. Plus, the things she spent money on was just down-right IRRESPONSIBLE! What about that talking point now? That's right, i forgot, the Mccain campaign is a HYPORCRITE. JUST LIKE them saying Obama is an "elitist". ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?! I'm sorry...did you fail to look at how your presidential candidate is worth 150,000,000. Yes everyone, NINE numbers in there. Obama is worth about 4,000,000. Though his wealth was acquired recently through his book sells. Not to mention he had to use STUDENT LOANS AND SCHOLARSHIPS to get by in college. Remind you of anyone? oh ya, the average americann. Raised by a single mom, had normal teenage problems and such. What about Mccain? Well....his dad was an admiral, grandfather was an admiral. Mccain was at the bottom of his graduating class!!!! I guess it helps when you have two people in your family that are Navy ADMIRALS!!!! He never had to worry about making money for food or school, or getting a scholarship. So the whole "ELITIST" thing is just ridiculous. Oh ya, and his wife wore a 300,000 dollar outfit at the convention. That's about what Biden AND his wife make IN A YEAR!!!! so please people, look at the facts and not just blind loyalty to your party. There's a reason that Mccain change his campaign message from experience to change. Because they knew Obama had it right, and its stupid to talk about experience when you have a veep that is the epitomy of inexperience!!!!

ALSO! For the Hillary supporters who want to vote for Mccain...THEY HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON! I was a dedicated Hillary supporter, went to her rally in Dallas and everything. But when she lost and Obama became the nominee, i knew the right thing to do was to switch over. BY VOTING FOR MCCAIN YOU GO AGAINST ALLLLLL IDEALS THAT HILLARY HAS!!!! PLEASE, don't make this choice out of anger. Realize that Obama and Hillary have very similar ideals, and with Obama in office the chance of Hillary Being the nominee in 4 years increase DRAMATICALLY!!!!! Just something to think about!

OBAMA/BIDEN 2008!!!!!!!!!!!


You are part of the same elite liberal class that dismissed Reagan as "just an actor." Your type referred to Bush Sr. as a "wimp." Let's not forget, Karl Rove, who will forever be known as "Bush's Brain." I could name several additional conservatives who have earned a similar comic strip moniker from those, like you, smuggly perched above us all.

Thankfully, for the most part, Americans see through your dismissive caricatures of those with whom you disagree.


Why is everyone so focus on Palin not be qualifying based on the same few questions that she's dodged or not completely answered? Why not balance that with what has been said about Neil Kinnock, er Joe Biden?

Where has he been? Oh yes, preparing for the debate. Why is Palin out campaigning and Biden in hiding?

Could it be that Palin is bringing thousands more voters to the rally than Biden is?

Or could it be that Biden makes up all sorts of stuff during debates when he fells like he's not saying anything quotable? He's twice dropped out the presidential race because of stumbles -- once for plagerism and another time for verbally abusing an average New Hampshire voter.

Palin connects because she's human but also shows that she is astute. Biden comes across as arrogant and too jaded by Washington.

Don't discount Palin -- you might be surprised what the average voter thinks.

M. Mullick, Lake Arrowhead, CA:

I have the utmost respect for Fareed Zakaria for having the courage to speak the truth about Sarah Palin based on her own performance: "the proof is in the pudding". And by not allowing the McCain campaign to intimidate him like they've tried to do with the media in this country. As a woman, as much as I would like to see a female president or vice-president lead this country in my lifetime, I also want her to be the most qualified and Sarah Palin does not meet the criteria: please remove your "blinders". Anyone who has been paying close attention to the presidential race knows and understands what this is really all about. With the disastrous state of the Union we have to get past the political labels that we've been wearing for too long (Democrats or Republicans) and decide what is in the best interest of our nation. We must understand that "we" are the Nation, and this election year "we" must become true patriots by putting our Nation first. As a lifetime Republican I have decided to get involved, this election year, and vote intelligently by not just putting a bandaid on the cancer, but by also removing its roots. I never thought I would ever vote for a Democrat, but it is the best choice we have on this election year. The Republican party has drastically deviated from its core principles and values and they've become something that I don't even recognize anymore. I struggled getting past the race issue initially, but my first priority is what is in the best interest of our Nation. Even though my husband and I have not been affected by the economic crisis, as of yet, and we are still doing well, but my heart goes out to the American families whose lives have been devasted by the reckless behavior of our key economic players. Fareed, keep-up the good work and take care. I really enjoy watching your show GPS.

Patricia W. Morris:

Palin has set women back at least 25 years for being respected as a viable candidate to sit in the White House. I do hope that the world recognizes that she does not represent the aptitude of American women. At first I found it a little funny, but now I find it pathetic. She and McCain need to find a way to get her out of this race as soon as possible. I didn't think that we could do any worse than Bush in terms of lack or intelligence in our proposed leaders. I can't image that there is any other woman in office that would be worst than she to be on either ticket for President or VP. This has really gone too far. To compare her to Obama in terms of experience, substance, or in any other manner is utterly foolish.


Zizi, you're the kind of Republican I respect. Not afraid to cross over when it is obvious sticking with your party could have some dangerous consequences.
I'm actually a centrist and a long fan of McCain's before 2000. I admire many of the centrists Repubs. And I think he would stand a chance if he hadn't made the Palin choice.
That was a horrible move, and he is asking republicans to simply vote out of spite it would seem. Forget all that is going on, and roll the dice on his health. Palin as President would be just plane madness.


"He has as much experience as JFK had before he was elected president." And quite a bit more than Abraham Lincoln.


We have seen the results of McCain's maverick style in this election campaign: the impulsive choice of Palin, without due consideration to her readiness and ability. There is a higher than average chance that Palin as VP may be called on to perform as president if McCain's health fails. His choice of Palin was irresponsible. Yeah, we can like that she's gutsy, but can she take care of a country when her understanding of the issues is non-existent? Even with all the cramming she's been doing, she obviously doesn't understand what's going on!! This impulsive, maverick decision with its obvious lack of judgment has me feeling very VERY afraid for what else McCain might come up with as president. But he'd do anything to get elected now. That's so obvious. As for the debates...whenever he got into deep waters he trotted out the emotional "love the veterans", "I have a bracelet"...even if it was irrelevant to the topic. Shame on McCain.


It is crystal clear, the reason Palin is on the GOP ticket is John McCain is completely reckless, imcompetent, careless, and senile, and anyone that agrees that Palin is qualified to be Vice President, or President of this country is an imbucile. This is not name calling, this is fact.

Palin is qualified to be as careless and selfish as John McMcain. She is in the same category as having bombs being dropped over American soil - total distruction will occur if this team is elected.

Scott Greenlee:

Can you people that support McCain / Palin really not see that her answers to the questions were gibberish? That was the point of the article. These were not "gotcha" questions either. She was asked questions that she should have known were coming, and couldn't answer them. If her answers made sense to you, then you are part of the problem.

Okay, now carry on with your mindless accusations about how much Obama hates America...

Mike Mester:

Sarah Palin's responses to Couric's questions reminds me of the air-headed comments we used to see on TV from some of the beauty queens. Beauty is only skin deep, but brains are more important. Feminists who vote for a beautiful woman just because she is a woman need help, and voters who vote against a black candidate who headed the Harvard Law Review just because he is black are bigots. God help us all!


To all Palindrones who keep on trumpeting that Sarah Palin has executive experience as the governor of a state, but Obama does not, need I remind you that:

  • Sarah Palin was selected to be vice-president, whereas Barack Obama is running for PRESIDENT. Apples to oranges;
  • of the last 12 presidents of the United States, only four (George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter) were governors of states, so perhaps having executive experience isn't really a prerequisite for the job of president (although perhaps it doesn't hurt, especially if you are in charge of a large state like New York or California), and finally:
  • Sarah Palin's boss (McCain) doesn't have any executive experience either, so...

Everyone else, let's deal with facts and not lies. Stop saying Obama is a Muslim and that's why you're not voting for him, because he is not a Muslim...and even if he was one, so what? I'm not voting for Priest in Chief or Imam in Chief, I'm voting for Commander in Chief. Come out and be honest: the real reason you're not voting for him, the real reason why you clutch at straws and lie and impugn him, is because you don't want to vote for a black (biracial) man. Period. If Obama was named O'Reilly instead, would you feel better? Look, if I was in a car accident, and their was only one doctor on the scene, do you think I would care if he was black, white, biracial, green and blue striped? No: I would want to get help. This is the position the United States is in now: WE NEED HELP. And anyone who toes the same line as the man who rendered us helpless is NOT the person I would be voting for. How could I in good conscience vote for McCain, who has agreed with the incumbent 90% of the time, which means that McCain has been wrong 90% of the time too?


Some good reading here in the various responses to this article. But did you notice that the great majority of those who attempt to disagree with the article do so not by addressing the topics in the article, but by: (1) bringing up Obama's supposed inexperience; or (2) by calling Mr. Zakaria, or those posting to agree with him, names? This is a striking characteristic of the [R]ightwing these days, epitomized by the Rovian political tactics we've experienced recently.

An observant poster here wrote: "What is scary is that posters like these....seem to ignore reality. To them, politics has somehow become a pseudo-religious faith-based exercise where actual facts become irrelevant. They just believe, baby." This analysis is dead on and parallels that of none-other-than Pat Buchannon who disembowels the neo-[R] party in his recent book. The anti-intellectual culture that permeates and festers within the [R] party is nothing short of stunning. One sees it in spades in the pro-Palin posts on here, and it is the very reason Bush got elected twice and millions will vote for McCain-Palin.

The poster ends by writing: "To these people it doesn't matter that a conservative candidate for Vice-President speaks in nonsensical gibberish about important issues - she's still wonderful and great by definition." This is a perfect example of the vacuous demagoguery coming from the [R]ightwing today.


I think that after 8 years of disastrous government, and now this pathetic choice of VP (and what it says about their presidential candidate), all the Republicans deserve is to lose the elections big time. I hope the American people will see that and vote for a Democrat in office.

3rd generation Vet:

We need someone that will not throw away the lives of the American soldiers so eagerly. Yes we volunteered to protect and die when needed for our country, but we ask that deep consideration be given before our lives are given. Everyone talk about what they believe is best for the USA, but do they make these decision as if thier life depends on it. A soldiers life just may depend on it. Proud to have serviced my country when the battle was justified. It easy to elect some one that will spill the blood of some you don't know because you are not attached. What if your Mother, Father, Sister, Brother or child was on the front line, would you still want a petty war or want some one that choose war as the last resort for the American people. I have had family members in every war since WWII. and of my mother 7 kids, 6 was in the military and 4 sons have been to desert. We are not in the Stone Ages no more. As one of the more Advaced educated Nation, we should not be jumping to conclusion. We need an educated leader to advance us to the top among world leaders. The pen is mightier than the sword. Choose wisely or regress to our base nature


Stick to FoxNews. They're fair and balanced, right? They're the only one's to "tell it like it is." Look at the way they grilled Palin in her interview. Wait, okay... they didn't grill her at all, with leading questions like "Tell me why Obama is wrong when he said..."

Why do Republicans hate the "liberal media" but find it perfectly fine to watch FoxNews? Is it because they're the only ones that are "fair and balanced" or perhaps it's just because they're the most right wing channel on the planet?

News stations report the news and if people don't watch, they don't get good ratings and lose money. If pays for them to be intelligent and objective. If they sometimes have partisan views on their shows, that's fine. But to say that they are part of a "liberal machine" is to ignore the fact that they want to attract GOP viewers just as much as they want independents, Democrats and even non-voters.

Don't blame the messenger. Don't get angry when people report news that does not agree with you. It's a blessing you live in a country where that can actually happen.

M David levi:

Zakaria has hit the nail on the head.

The mewling and whining that Palin isn't the head of the ticket, or trying to compare Palin's shortcomings with those of Joe Biden really do miss the mark, for several reasons.

(1) Palin isn't the head of the ticket, but McCain is old, the job of President ages people like a meth habit, and in very short order his VP could be called upon to replace him;
(2) Senator Obama is young and healthy, so there is every reason to expect him to serve out his term; and:
(3) IF something awful happened, and Biden were required to step up, he's an intelligent and competent official with plenty of experience in the federal government...the wheels are not going to come off because he is driving...whereas Mrs. Palin is a pretty woman with little relevant knowledge or experience, who tends to reject science for religion, and whose particular religion teaches that the end of the world would be a GOOD thing. When they talk about nukes falling "into the wrong hands", think of Sarah Palin.


Wow. Some of these posts are unbelievable. In general, the posts against Obama are full of vitriol, and do nothing to change anyone's minds. The country is not going to fall apart if Obama is elected - we're already there! And Republican policies placed us here - namely, the failure to provide oversight to financial agencies.

We Americans need to stop this emotional bs crap, and start talking about real issues. Leave the emotions out of it. Electing a president is too important, and the process is demeaned everytime someone posts another emotional diatribe - Democrat or Republican.

David Sakrison:

Some say Obama is "not ready" to be president. He has as much experience as JFK had before he was elected president. It's not just about years of experience. It's also about one's ability to grasp and think about national and international issues and one's judgment in choosing capabable, knowledgeable advisors. Obama scores high on both counts.


Mr. Miles writes: "And to 'REAL AMERICAN WOMAN,' you are a bigot. You keep throwing Barrack Obama's middle name in your post to try to put fear and confusion in people."

I find the whole "Obama Hussein" thing totally bizarre, and so perfectly indicative of the undertext of racism characterizing too many Americans. We go into Iraq ostensibly to help the poor oppressed people there; we're going to be their patrimonial saviors. They're going to worship our superior culture and throw flowers at our feet, call us massa, and we'll all join in creating an ideal Arab/Persian democracy.
But in the case of Obama, merely having the middle name Hussein--the most common male name in the Arab world--is some kind of Sign of Satan. Ha! What did we really expect of the Iraqis, then? that all men named "Hussein" would suddenly become Christians and change their names to Harry? If not, why is having the name Hussein suddenly a crime?

On the one hand, some people want to view themselves as being noble saviors of mankind, bringing freedom, and EQUALITY to the unwashed masses of Iraq. After all, they're just like us, right? But WHOA! Don't even think about having someone with the name "Hussein" as a presidential candidate!

It'd be funny if it weren't so pathetic.


If Palin is such a great VP candidate for a term that offers her a significant chance of becoming Pres, why is she letting the handlers limit her exposure? My choice of a candidate for any office would be that they are comfortable presenting their positions in a variety of settings; that they would be able to think on their feet and offer clear answers - maybe even in complete sentences.

I mean, c'mon, that's a part of the job! Why should one particular candidate (such as Palin) be held to a different standard than the others?

Considering the mess of things in our country, the new president and VP are going to have to hit the ground running. I honestly think that both McCain and/or Palin would have a tough time meeting the challenge.

Todd Pruitt:

I just want to focus on the important facts. What sernator Obama proposes with his tax cuts for the lower class of the american population is ridiculous, and I'll tell you why. Starting at the bottom and working up makes no sense, its going to lead to increases in minimum wage, wich in turn will lead to more inflation. Our economy has suffered through enough inflation over the last eight years, as a direct result of the Clinton administration. Yes I said it the Clinton administration! So to all of you democrats who continue to try and convince republicans that the crisis were in is a result of the Bush administration, I have a fascinating idea to wrap your minds around. All of the good we endured through the Clinton administration was a direct result of the previous Bush and Regan administrations. Just as the rotten and horrendous times we have endured as of late are a direct result of the Clinton administration. The work the administrations do, the laws they pass and the decisions they make will not effect an entire country over night. Infact it will take several years to before we even begin seeing the effects of most of these actions. I guarante that during the next administration the economy will exceed all expectations, no matter wich candidate wins, as a direct result of the current Bush administration... So getting back to the tax cuts offered by either candidate, lets examine McCain's plans for offering tax cuts to businesses. By starting at the top with the buisnesses there will be some what of what I likew to call the "Chocolate Sunday effect." You put the chocolte sauce on top of the ice cream causing it to run down over the rest of the ice cream below. What Im saying is by doing it McCains way jobs will be created and oppurtunities will arise for the lower class, thus heftily strengthining our economy...

Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Todd Pruitt.

Could I have a LIFELINE and get back to you Katie?????????

Joe Taylor:

Remember there wasanother governor who didn't go to a big school, started out in broadcasting and went on to become one of our great Presidents.. the college was Eureka and the President was Ronald Reagan.. Now I not saying Palin is Reagan butplease don't say going to Harvard PROVES anything...
Posted September 29, 2008 1:11 PM
Don't know why the cons keep evoking this B grade cowboy. Reagan was a disaster for this country. He played the bad government game and then was the first President to allow our Social Security funds to be used as a slush fund as operating capital for the government. Reagan created homelessness. Before him a tourist could enjoy our cities without beggars everywhere. He left us with a deficit. However the worst thing he did was start the massive deregulating that has landed us in the mess we are in.

Palin is cut of the same cloth.


Good Grief!! . I thought the Tina fey spoof was just a joke. I didn't realize she said those words verbatim. As a life-long republican I am highly disappointed. I also understand that during a brief QA on Sat after the debates, she agreed with Obama's position on Pakistan rather than McCain's such that he had to correct her statement on ABC. This is just too much!
I watched Obama during the debate and was very impressed by his intellect, composure and forward thinking ideas. This republican will be voting for the democrat this year.

George C.:

I'm confused!! Americans say they don't want more of the same in Washington, yet their favorite candidates (Obama & Biden) offer just that. Obama supporting the Democratic Party and do-nothing congress, while Biden is a long time member of the "good old boys club" in Washington. Remember, it's the Democratic congress who actually has the final say in what direction our country is going, and look where we are now.

I want a drastic change in government and will support someone who is completely void of the Washington elite influence, with a new and different perspective on how government should function. We have a chance with McCain and Palin to break away from typical Washington style of government, yet so many voters who want change will vote for more of the same with Obama, Biden. REAL change will come only from real people who are NOT current, loyal members of Washington politics.


To Source please?:

CBS News for some reason did not transcribe "Part II" of the interview.

The source you are looking for is available via the URL below:


It's "Exclusive: Sarah Palin Part II" 5:18 video.

The Palin response quoted on this piece begins around 2:05.


dang brendahamilton...

pretty judgemental there...
don't think that kind of attitude is supported in the bible now...is it?
maybe you read a different version that allows you to be all angry and out of control like your post states? so you believe everyone hates God...
i am so glad that you have that kind of saintly power to just 'know' all of that about all of us.
God must really think you are special and sending messages to you? huh? did you say different voices? huh? all talking at once you say??

get yourself some meds brenda because palin sucks you know it, i know it and so does the world.


Umm ... why are you using Tina Fey's quotes as Sarah Palin. I'm no fan of Palin, but this was her actual answer to the bailout question, as taken from CBS News.com.

Next, Couric asked about the $700 billion government bailout of bad debt - and whether she supports it.

Palin: I'm all about the position that America is in and that we have to look at a $700 billion bailout. And as Sen. McCain has said unless this nearly trillion dollar bailout is what it may end up to be, unless there are amendments in Paulson's proposal, really I don't believe that Americans are going to support this and we will not support this. The interesting thing in the last couple of days that I have seen is that Americans are waiting to see what John McCain will do on this proposal. They're not waiting to see what Barack Obama is going to do. Is he going to do this and see what way the political wind's blowing? They're waiting to see if John McCain will be able to see these amendments implemented in Paulson's proposal.


This dopey woman is going to give dopey women a bad name. Migawd, she makes Dan Quayle look good.


Speaking of Bush - he walked into the Texas Governor mansion with a budget in the black and left it so far in the red that within a year or so Education took a 2nd seat to Medicaid - the first time ever in the state's history. This was the same time period that Clinton took over a budget in the red and turned it positive. Over the next several years the citizens of Texas had to raise local taxes in every form to get enough money to hire enough police and firefighters much less give them a raise. And the teachers were out of luck between the lack of funds topped by the no child left behind - did I mention that money goes to his brother for that program?

So if you think times are hard now just wait until we all have to pay for his mess over the next several decades.


Very well said.

My greatest concern about Palin is that she has shown no innate interest in national or international affairs....until now. Sure she's great in Alaska and knows a lot about that state, but that does not translate into being able to fill a national and international position.

I mean, she can see Russia from Alaska...are you telling me she was not even mildly curious to find out what Russia actually really looks like? Wasn't she curious to see if she could see Alsaka from Russia? No, she was perfectly happy to stay in Alaska and wait for the Russians to stick out their heads. Ridiculous!!

Anyone who thinks this is the kind of person who should be co-pilot of this country for the next 4 years is either delusional or stupid.


Remember: Palin doesn't just need to be read to be Vice-President. She needs to be ready to be President.

Honestly, would you vote for Palin if she ran for President? You may be doing so if you vote for 72+ year-old McCain. McCain's health record is less than stellar. Even FoxNews posted a story which estimates that McCain has roughly another 8.2 years to live (conveniently ending right after 2 terms as President). If he kicks the bucket before then, we have (gasp) President Palin.

Putin: "President Palin, we should meet to discuss the situation in Georgia."

Palin: "No need to meet. I totally understand your position because I can see your country from my house."


Sarah Palin is simply incoherent, dumb and out of it; an expert in circular thinking. She probably never heard of Logic and knows diddley about Rene Descartes and Immanuel Kant!

However, none of this is surprising to a sharp observer of events in this Banana Republic without bananas, since the Repugs (read: right-wing extremists/fascists) have elevated ignorance to a virtue, by electing the Idiot in Chief, twice, without disastrous consequences. If fact, Sarah seems to be more of a moron than the Idiot in Chief, if that is possible at all!

David Nixon:

Take a look at her Russia comments, and tell me she is suitable for VP



HEY BUD...funny but the flakeys on the left say EXACTLY the same thing about you.
difference between you and i?
i know mickey mouse is a cartoon and you don't.

and oh yeah...you hardcore neocons couldn't
scare anything from me because you do a good job
of being way scared for everyone else!!



Was John McCain watching Legally Blond with Cindy when he picked his VP candidate?? I can see her walking into the white house on day one with her fluffy pink pen and paper set.


Sorry about the spelling/grammar. I didn't do a spell check and I have some dyslexia. I also do not mean to imply by using the word SIMPLE that those people are simple but the fact they have lives that revolve around other avenue than those that tend to come off spouting in a way that makes them sound more intellectual (or at least that is how they want to come off... intellectual and condescending). People that are rounded and smart take into account their audience's needs/background/demographic (whether it is one person or thousands).


Obama has 8 years experience as a State Senator, 4 years in the US Senate, taught constitutional law at University of Chicago etc. More importantly, he has a very high intellectual capacity to analyze situations and make sound decisions. How can you even compare Palins credentials to these?


Sarah Palin is a far cry from professional political women.

Doesnt Condi Rice hold not only a PhD in International Relations with a concentration in Russian studies, but doesnt she also speak Russian?

Compare that with the expertise Palin cites, which is living near Russia.

Really, is Palin a tactic or the best we can do?


"Sir, if you think Sarah Palin isn't qualified to be Vice President, then don't vote for her. That's the way it's done in a democracy."

Really, why so wound up people. You're all wound up like she's in the office already. Dont vote. Period. End of story.


Good Grief! This author is significantly to the left of Obama politically. Objectivity clearly is wanting. Fareed has an obvious double standard. It then follows that he would be unable to support Obama because of his lack of experience.

What a joke.

This elitist sophistry "Ain't gonna sell" with mainstream Americans.

Thank goodness for that.

Robert Maxwell:

McCain has a tendency to make dramatic but irresponsible political moves, and the choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate is one of them. She's sexy, vivacious, and gives a good rabble-rousing speech, along the lines of Marc Antony's in "Julius Caesar." And that's it. If we want a VP (and very possibly a president) who is "one of us," can I suggest my barber Luis? He's a great conversationalist and, if invited, will sit down to have a beer with you and tell you all about the heavy burden of responsibilities born by those who cut hair in small towns.

Brenda Hamilton:

As I scanned through the coomments I wondered where all the hate comes from. On yeah, This is a country that hates God so this is what you can expect. I feel sorry for those of you that are so filled with anger and hate...and for what reason?
Go ahead and vote for Barack Obama- he is a socialist and he hates this country. It is very evident because he blames everything bad on the American people.
He will turn this country into another China, Cuba, Venezuela and we will lose all our freedom.
What will your messiah do when we are attacked by terrorists?
He will take this country down but of course all of you and Obama will blame it on President Bush.
But of course, none of you would ever admit that Obama is a failure. Let me say it for you, this man is a deceiver and a failure.

Sgt. Rock:

I don't think Americans should take someone named Fareed Zakaria seriously. His kind are the perpetrators of 9/11 and he should be deported to Gitmo for a waterboarding party.

Republican turned Democrat (California):

Palin,Go back to Alaska...as a real concerned mom, spend more time with your young and beautiful children, especially the special-need baby...they need a mother (not a nanny)!!!! Please wait few more years for these children to grow up, and then you may pursue your political ambition. That will also give you more time to practice and train yourself politically.

If you and McCain really care about the american people, you will step aside and let the most qualified people to lead America...Obama/Biden 08.


To you all you Sarah Bashers, who the heck are you to criticize her, most of you are not qualified to work at Wal-mart. You don't like her because she doesn't agree with your liberal views. You hypocrite, you say your are for women's rights but at the same time where are you now when the media is obviously treating Palin different than all the men. You claim to be liberals, you make me sick. I used to be a Democrat but I will be voting for McCain this Nov. The Democratic party of change is now the party of shame. Myself and 300 other Dems in my town have vowed to vote Rep.


It is even more frightening to read Palin's remarks than to have heard her rambling responses. Zakaria is precisely right -- it is gibberish. The problem for the Republicans now is that they are stuck with her. Her sole value to them was that she brought the evangelical vote home. Without her, they lose most if not all of it. As one commentator said, "Maverick McCain, the gambler, made an all-in bet on the stupidity of the American people." Looks more and more like it was a losing gamble.


Whysoserious is a joke. Typicall Liberal junk. Let's see, let's call all people that don't like Obama because of his views racists. That's it! So, if you don't want wealth redistribution, 1/2% (100 billion) to go to the UN fund each year, sex ed. for children under 5 years old, A member of ACORN (the anti white group that is as racist as can be and wants communism), his relationship with Ayers and Wright and others, a militant wife who hates this country (Obama keeps his hatred of the US a little better) it is all because of his skin color. Yeah right. What flaming left wing school did you go to? It could be any since the vast majority of teachers are left wing crazies, anti american, pro communist, 'teachers'. The hatred by liberals of this great country is incredible!


It's absolutely not possible to get behind McCain in any way, shape or form and not look like a half-wit these days. You either are living in some fantasy dream world or are some paid Republican shill to think McCain/Palin bring anything sane to the table.

We can debate the merits of Obama all day long, but putting that debate into the same context of McCain or Palin is like a creationist debating evolution. At some point you just have to roll your eyes and move on.

Republicans...let's get some more quality candidates next time and not these former D- and flunky college dropouts all the time.

Ryan :

Washington, DC Resident:
Dear Zakaria, and Washington Post editors:

I'm shocked that you have yet to discover that a serious error has been made in this article. The quoted transcript from the Palin/Couric interview is actually referring to the mock Tina Fey interview on Saturday Night Live. It's one thing to think that Palin is unfit for national office (I would agree). It's quite another to make such a critical blunder in a national newspaper only 30 days prior to the election.

This is so sad...This person doesn't even know that Palin actually said these things interviewing with Couric. I wish I could see the look on your face when you realize you're about as dumb as your fearless leader Palin.


It is very clear to me he picked her as a political move to try to get those disgruntled Hillary supporters. He does have some on board. However this is clearly a case where Country was not First but John McCain's campaign first. That falls along with the GOP strategy, we just want to win. They are not giving up the White House without a dirty nasty fight.

But why America are they mostly keeping her under wraps? God forbid if John Mccain wins will she be a VP that is kept under wraps too like the little woman who is supposed to be in the kitchen cooking? When something happens to the husband in that scenario, the little woman is lost. Sarah Palin will be lost too. There is so much mess about this woman with the troopergate and bridge to nowhere. The fact that she things just because she is close to Russia that gives her foreign policy experience. Please give me a break.

Why is is that it is a private family matter for this woman whose teenage daughter is pregnant. The GOP normally frowns on it. Oh I forget they do that for everyone else especially minorities.

She doesn't believe in sex education. Maybe if she did she would not have a grandbaby on the way.

But because it is her Mrs All American family who by they way is not middle class, it is okay. Because in many Americans minds her family looks like the average American family. The Obamas to me are the picture of the average American family. You can bet one of his girls aren't going to end up like Sarah Palin's daughter.

But looks can be decieving. The GOP is famous for smokescreens. Remember when it all boils down, the issue is can she do the job. Can a woman who it took going to 3 or 4 different colleges to get a degree in journalism, run the US if God forbid he is elected. I agree with this man. NO.


Wow. The difference between the most the Obama & McCain supporters is glaring. I've been listening to both liberal and conservative talk radio. It seems to me that the republicans/conservative use and are manipulated my emotion not logic and common sense. They don't listen to logic just the spin. It is amazing. The liberals/democrats tend to be too wordy and intellectual thus putting off the people people that the conservative/republican manipulate. I think if more democrats would stand up strong and not appear to be talking down to this other based (the base the the republicans sway thru fear, emotion, religion, etc) I think the democrats/liberals might actually be heard by them and at least start to listen a little. Right now it seems that that particular base needs a little more kid gloves and SIMPLE explanation. In technical writing it is best to write assuming the most basic level of understanding (or lack thereof) this is what the democrats/liberals need to do. DO NOT MAKE TESE PEOPLE FEAR or FEEL STUPID, you won't get any where with them!!!!

Look at KURTIS R post. It tells so much in so few words about that base of voters.


fareed is totally right...
some of the most conservative journalists that have credentials that people respect are trashing palin.
and you watch, when the election is over, palin will be the scapegoat and hopefully she will return to finish out her term and decide that her place is in her home with her little baby boy with special needs...i read today that she is for predatory killing with the object of killing the wolves, cayotes mountain lions, so they don't kill off their precious stock so they can go trophy shoot the moose and caribou...what kind of senseless killing is condoned in her precious bible?
you can't tell me that God is telling you that this is ok sarah...she even filed suit against the government to not place polar bears on the endangered list because she thought it the wrong way to protect the bears...yeah, she wanted to shoot them for trophy!
she is pathetic and when the election is over, john mccain will have to look at himself in the mirror once again...(well he will have to shove cindy over to get to that mirror) but what he is going to see is a much, much older and not wiser man but a defeated man...
john...when will you learn?


I wanna be VP because:

a) I spent a week at a house on the NC outerbanks and did you know across the ocean I could see Spain! That give's me foreign policy experience. And you know we were at war with those Spanish only 110 years ago, right? Like McCain I don't trust those Spanish either.

b) I live near Washington DC and see the whitehouse weekly and the Capitol at least once a month. I even saw a congressman jogging. Not many people can get that close to the power centers in Washington.

c) I live in the DC suburbs, far enough away to be a government outsider. I only see the whitehouse about once a week and maybe the Capitol once a month. I saw a congressman jogging but ran the other way so I would not become tainted. As an outsider I will clean up Washington, somehow.

d) I went to college for 9 years and have a BS and MS degree. That makes me smart. Ok, I dropped botany, but, I mean ... botany! They wanted me to remember the names of all the parts of a stem! I made the right judgement to drop that class. I took physics instead, much easier. I now work in a field completely different from my training in college. That means I'm resourceful, like Palin who studied journalism but wants to ban library books or go to war with Russia, the consequences of doing either a journalist should know.

e) Ok, my daughter is not pregnant, but she's only 16, give it a few more years. I encourage her to steal boyfriends and don't want to know where she is or what she is doing. Yes, I can easily match Palin on letting my children grow up fast. I'm so proud of what she can become if she puts her mind and body to it, just like Bristol. What a roll model.

f) My wife wanted a new driveway and was even ready to dip into our savings but I said "Thanks, but no thanks" to that driveway. If we need a driveway we'll borrow the money on credit like all good Americans. Or better, maybe we could get the state to pay for it. Maybe I need to hire someone to find the money.

So, since I'm as good if not better qualified to be VP, please write in a vote for Fate, that's F-a-t-e. I'll be getting my passport soon so I can start visiting the world, like Iraq, at least the Iraqi border in Kuwait. Who can I send my expenses to? Palin got AK to pay for her travel, even her family's travel. Sounds like I may need to hire a lobbiest in DC to help me to get money so I can travel and get experience so I can help reduce the influence of lobbiests in DC.


What scares the hell out of me is that hardcore liberals AND conservatives would vote for Mickey Mouse if he were running on their ticket. If Obama had been born white and tried to run on a Republican ticket where do you think it would have gottten him? The Republican platform refuses to let go of lassez-faire economics and the Democrats want to turn the US into another socialist utopia where everyone is singing "Kumbaya". The insulting bias of our media, in place of true objective reporting, has got to have the world laughing at us. Neither candidate is qualified but I'm going to vote for McCain if for no other reason than because of media bias. And that is about as rational as anyone elses reasoning, liberal or conservative.

Mr. Miles:

And to 'REAL AMERICAN WOMAN,' you are a bigot. You keep throwing Barrack Obama's middle name in your post to try to put fear and confusion in people. He's not a Muslim, he's a Christian, and he's obviously as American as you and I or else he wouldn't be running for the highest position in USA. I doubt he's running for office to ruin the USA, if he wanted to do that he'd let the republicans keep doing the stuff they've done for the last 8 years. We don't choose our name, its given to us by our parents. And no man woman or child should be ashamed of their name, nor should a name be used to try to characterize a person. You are a typical hate spreading, closed eyes, bigot republican. Sad. So sad.

Barbara Shaw:

Those who are supporting Sarah Palin today are the same folks who gave us eight years of Bush. Please understand that "Country First" includes finding the best people to lead our country. Its not just about flag pins. Are we so morally and intellectually bankrupt that we keep pushing an unfit candidate simply because she is "one of our own"? Sarah Palin has no national or international perspective. She may be "everwoman" but would you want everywoman to be your doctor or lawyer? No? Then why should the Vice Presidency be any less demanding? McCain insults country, flag, people and everything else that he claims to hold dear by nominating this woman. Enough already!



See Sarah Palin make the remark herself at this URL


Two important guestions if anyone can answer them? What major/significant and importnat changes to illinois/chicago party machine politics did Obama do while in either his state or fed senate office? What major/significant and important changes has Obama champion and lead successfully in his life? Other than being a black man running for office? I know to some racists that might be enough but, just for sake of debate, humor me what else has he done?

The answer is simply none! McCain on the other hand has a long history of championing important and/or beneficial changes. He's fought for them even if against his own party.

Well many of you on this site sure seem ready to call a woman who's fought her way (even against her own party) to a high office in politics and had real responsibility and duties a bimbo because she happens to be Republican no wonder Hilary never had a chance with you all - still stuck in the chauvanistic past I see.

name calling makes for some real intellectual debates. So I'll play your game for one time

oh and any objective person could hardly refer to Obama as a law professor.. that's like refering to the guys who pick up the garbage as engineers (well perhaps on their resume they could call themselves waste product engineers)... but we all know what they do. And I mean this as no slight to them these are very important jobs. But simply changing the name doesn't make it more than it really is.

Obama - smart?? well spoken perhaps, dumb certainly not. but Smart? is that what it takes to be President? just to seem more intellectual? The only thing I see is a guy who wants to raise taxes and spend more, because he cares about people more than anyone else. Well many thought Carter was an extremely smart man. Double digit inflation and unemployment was the result. A failed foreign policy was the result.

When Obama gets off script he can't think or talk at the same time. "uhmmmm uhmm well ahhh let me clear something up... ahh let me say just one thing... uhm". genius. What the guy wrote two fictional semi-autobiographical stories and he's like the savior of the world?!

let's see... Biden who said "geesh you can't walk into a seven eleven or convenient store in this state without speaking a foreign language, like indian or something..." and he said he meant it... Geesh that's real forward thinking. Dems chose Obama simply because of the color of his skin - affirmative action for the presidency. he certainly has no experience to be there. I'd vote anyone regardless of thir race as long as they understood economics and what makes America a great free-nation. Obama knows nothing of this. the Hollywood/Dems want you to vote for Obama only because of his race (well and then they manufacture this aura of a genius and savior). Biden tells a man in a wheel chair to get up so others could show him support... that's just precious! Talk about an idiot.

H. Smith:

People get the leadership they deserve- so if we move past the racism, the noise, the idiotic name calling and get to objective, rational evaluation of what is true and what our intellect and gut tells us then we will each make the 'right individual choice of whom to hire!

Again ' The people will get the leadership they deserve' - brilliant commentary from one of the worst dictators in history


"She is a feisty, charismatic politician who has done some good things in Alaska. "

No, she's only "feisty" when she's mouthing shallow witticisms.

She's the woman who shouldn't have become your wife, which you realize only too late.

She's done virtually nothing useful for Alaska.

"...she has never spent a day thinking about any important national or international issue . . . ."
Neither had Obama, until he started campaigning for president."

Obama thought deeply about Afghanistan/Iraq and was correct, as America's top generals agree (even Petraeus, in some interviews).

Palin admits she didn't think at all about Iraq ...but she's happy her son is there. She's an immoral, self-seeking person, demonstrated absolutely by daughter's shotgun-wedding.

If your child was preggers and you opposed abortion, would you insist that she marry another child?


hey real american woman, did you not know that Hawaii is one of the 50 states of USA, that makes Obama AMERICAN, you get off your fat ass and go back to school and learn about your own country IDIOT

The Palin pick was a reckless gamble to "invigorate" the Republican Christian base. Period. If you're paying attention to the news, there are any number of statements from Republicans, including Karl Rove, Laura Bush, and Cindy McCain who admit flat-out that the Palin pick was window dressing only, that she was not chosen for her political experience.

And beyond that, it is obvious from Palin's few interviews that she cannot even speak in complete sentences when asked about the serious issues affecting the nation and the world! This is simply dangerous.

I am not the only one feeling completely outraged: This person cannot be president. She has not gone the miles.

The American people should be smart enough to realize that this is not the time to roll out a complete novice on training wheels.

McCain has jeaprodized this nation with the Palin pick. His decision is derelict and irresponsible.


Give Sarah Palin a break. Someone is practicing witchcraft and making her speak in tongues. That's why her pastor was trying to remove the witchcraft from her body. Clearly, it didn't work. They should bring out the snakes and everyone will see that she CAN actually speak in full sentences.

Patrick Huss:

I'm just going to go ahead and say it. It plays into the narrative about Eastern elites but the fact is, it is true. There is a significant difference between being educated in a variety of junior colleges and lower-tier institutes of higher learning and being Law Review at Harvard Law. Obama was educated by the best and the brightest and competed against the best and the brightest to get to where he is today. To compare his experience with Palin's betrays a fundamental misunderstanding about what it takes to get to the top of a very elite group of scholars from around the world. Even if he had never spent a day as an elected official, he would still be FAR more qualified than Gov Palin.

Randall Haugen:

Palin is a Joke,A huge tragic Joke. She is not fit to be dog catcher in any other state than Corrupt to the Core Alaska.

E Brown:

The only way to gain experience at being US president is to hold the office. The candidates at hand have never been President. There is no apprenticeship program. Our present President demonstrates that to benefit from the experience one must have sufficient intellect and education. the fact that one holds a degree does not establish intellect or education.
John McCain may have had both-at one time.
Sarah Palin demonstrated ,in the Katie Couric interview,that she does not process these attributes.


McSame will lose because his all ethos is based on Karl Rove strategy which in turn is based on Gimmicks, Image and Spin!

Nothing proactive and no Fresh ideas and definatley no core issues discussed.

They havent got a clear vision and no long term planning either which is typical of 8 years of neoconism!

For example the selection of Sarah was done not on what she really can offer to the party and the country but just because they needed a vigana to upset those democrats that supported Hilary in the primary!

Though their very short term insight made them looked as though they have got a winnning card, with more time democrats women realised what an insult to their womehood and democrats principles by such Neo-conservative woman with an alternative full of extremism and fundamentalist ideas!

To reinforce my view about the rush to appoint a nobody as VP by Karl Rove is when you hear Sarah talking about Iraq war as a Holy war and that there was a link between Iraq and 9/11!!!!

As for McSame, where should I start with him from his switch of policies and accepting Obama's strategy on Iraq to adopting CHANGE to not being sure whether to go or not to go to his debate!




McCain may have the most experience but he has the least ability to use the experience productivly. Where as, Obama may have less experience, he certainly has the mental equipment to gather the knowledge necessary(from his VP pick who does have more experience than McCain)to lead this country.


Those who can relate to Palin will vote for her. She is their hero.

Go Palin!!!


Bush was bad enough.

For McCain.

A person who can not look into their opponents eyes is a coward. They are debating each other, not the camera or the public.

How would you feel if your colleague is arguing a point with you and they never make eye contact with you. That would be really awkward.


If you somehow think a person with a law degree from Harvard who editor of the law review is some how unfit to be president...

I would never say unfit, but I will say it was all these guys who went to Harvard and other big name schioolswho were running Fannie May and Freddie Mac, and AIG and Lehman Brothers.. and how did they do? Palin might not be a Harvard grad but Alaska is in the BLACK, they have no sales or income tax in fact the state gives money back to the people of Alaska. Remember there wasanother governor who didn't go to a big school, started out in broadcasting and went on to become one of our great Presidents.. the college was Eureka and the President was Ronald Reagan.. Now I not saying Palin is Reagan butplease don't say going to Harvard PROVES anything...

Tacoma Tarrer:

Commentators, such as you, breathing the rarefied air of Washington, have no idea about the power of ordinary Americans. When British representatives met Lincoln they thought the same thing. Growing up in Alaska has insulated Palin from the likes of you. I don't think you would understand what it takes to get this country moving again. It's not hackneyed solutions from the new-world-order gang. You're better off advising European or third-world dictators with whom your ideas would resonate.


""She is a feisty, charismatic politician who has done some good things in Alaska.

No, she's only "feisty" when she's mouthing platitudes and shallow witticisms.

She's the kind of woman who shouldn't have become your wife, which you realize only too late.

And she's done virtually nothing useful for Alaska.

"...she has never spent a day thinking about any important national or international issue . . . ."
Neither had Obama, until he started campaigning for president."

Obama thought deeply about Afghanistan/Iraq and was correct, as America's top generals agree (even Petraeus, in some interviews).

Palin didn't think at all about Iraq, she admits...yet she's happy her son is there. She's an immoral, self-seeking person, demonstrated absolutely by daughter's shotgun-wedding.


""She is a feisty, charismatic politician who has done some good things in Alaska.

No, she's only "feisty" when she's mouthing platitudes and shallow witticisms.

She's the kind of woman who shouldn't have become your wife, which you realize only too late.

And she's done virtually nothing useful for Alaska.

"...she has never spent a day thinking about any important national or international issue . . . ."
Neither had Obama, until he started campaigning for president."

Obama thought deeply about Afghanistan/Iraq and was correct, as America's top generals agree (even Petraeus, in some interviews).

Palin didn't think at all about Iraq, she admits...yet she's happy her son is there. She's an immoral, self-seeking person, demonstrated absolutely by daughter's shotgun-wedding.


Phoebe, NYC/USA:

>>If Palin is unqualified, what does that say about >>Obama? She has more experience than he does, on >>every level!...

Amazing that so many people continue to hammer on this "experience" issue, as though there were nothing else to consider. Bush 43 had ample "executive experience" prior to POTUS, but has done an absolutely terrible job of running this country. EXPERIENCE ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH. Judgement, Disposition, and Intellectual Capacity are crucially important as well. Please cast your vote with these in mind.

L.Kurt Engelhart:

Palin is obviously just a political red herring. She is intended to have no more influence in presidential affairs that will McCain, who is even more of a figurehead than Bush. Republicans believe that who is elected president is irrelevant, because that person simply becomes the mouthpiece of the machine. That is why the "Chicago machine" strikes fear in their hearts. It is probably the only effective competition they have. All this means that Palin means nothing in real political terms. She is just someone for Republicans, and anyone else who thinks like a Republican, to vote for.

the elephant in our living room:

Finally someone in the polite, deferential Washington DC establishment media comes out and says what the whole country (minus the rabid fundamentalist English-speaking Taliban) has been thinking. This woman isn't just unqualified, she's downright embarrassing to any American.


If even a right-wing analyst such as Mr. Zakaria finds Palin inadequate, her days as a nominee are surely numbered.


The issue is not Sarah Palin but John McCain. It is clear he and the RNC are grabbing at straws and will do anything to raise money to be comeptitive with the Obama campaign. The only reason he picked Palin was to reign in money from the die-hard no abortion no way right wing conservatives and it worked. Now he has enough dough in the coffers to continue his message - whatever that is for the week. Let's see... I will only run for one term (yeah right), I will suspend my campaign and not attend the debate until this bailout plan is fixed (yeah right).

And what about the Bush clan? The apple doesn't fall from the tree - Daddy Bush was in a war with Iraq (yes - it was warranted at the time) and there was the Savings and Loan bailout. Now Jr. Bush has taken both areas to the extreme. Same song second verse.


Someone asked at another site why all the liberals are so mean to Palin, my response was because there is so much material to work with. Its not just her pathetic interviews its the self-serving way she acted as Governor and Mayor, her inability to be financially responsible, her lack of concern for the women in Alaska, her lack of concern for the environment and the numerous lies she has told, most specifically about her use of earmarks and lobbyists. Her stand on abortion might apeal to the ultra conservative Christian element and her stand on guns, to the NRA element but these aren't issues that should concern us now as we face some of the worst crises in our lifetime.
Why do the Republicans rant and rave, call names and use scare tactics to try to make their points, Obama is not a Communist, or a Socialist, or a Muslim or any of the other terms used to scare the feebleminded, there is much information available but people continue to go to biased sources to validate their fears.
Obama is qualified no matter what the Republicans say and he has the intelligence to understand all the issues and most importantly he has the forsight to see where his actions will take us. We have seen where lack of foresight have taken us with the welfare system which is finally seeing reforms, No Child Left Behind which has all but destroyed the education system. and lack of regulations for our largest financial institutions and we can see the results of that now.
I have no idea why McCain choose Palin, but it reflects poorly on his judgement and ability to make good decisions, I see his choice as an insult to women and for those who would vote for her I say wait, we will have other opportunities to elect a qualified, intelligent woman as VP or president.


It's pointless to dignify criticisms of what Obama's been doing since first elected in Illinois . . . the ardent Palin supporters will just put their fingers in their ears and recite lalalalala so as not to have their talking point world skewed . . . sigh . . .

As someone very familiar with and a resident of a small town (though a bit bigger than Wasilla), I'd really like someone to tell me just how being a mayor of a small town/city qualifies as 'executive experience'. (They made her hire a City Administrator for goodness sake!) And in none of the small towns in which I've lived was the mayor's job a full time one . . .


Is it possible to have a pre-emptive impeachment?

We could impeach and time it to kick in on 1/20/09.

OOPSY. That means that Nancy Pelosi would be the VP.

Bush has been protected from the threat of impeachment by prospect of Cheney. Now we have another worst of two alternatives.

Can we ever have a smart choice? Write in Colin Powell!!!


After seeing Gov. Palin stumble through the CBS interview, I think Sen. McCain should urge all Americans to vote for Sen. Obama. If Sen. McCain cares about the future of the country, it must make him sick to consider that she might become Vice President.


Fareed, even former Pres. Clinton can't bring himself to REALLY stand up for Obama...He was BAMBOZELED by the Chicago THUG!

Mr. Miles:

Idiot... That the only thing I can come up for Palin. She babbled through most of the interview. John McCain did warn about the financial crisis, but in 25 years of service he voted AGAINST regulation 23 times. Only a complete and total DIE HARD republican would vote for McCain. You have to look at the whole package. Palin could very well end up running this country. Do we really want a vice president that can't think for themself? McCain thinks that he can solve the problem in Iraq by doing the exact same thing that Bush has done for 8 years, and you've seen where that got us. McCain claims to have values but he left his wife and son who supported him and waited on him while he was a POW and married a woman half his age. McCain is a political snake. Ask yourself this, why exactly didn't he let Palin interview as soon as she was announced as a VP candidate? Because he knew that it would political suicide. Not that waiting has done much better... Obama/Biden 08

Barbara Shaw:

For those interested in watching the video of Palin talking to Couric. Here it is:

It is also on CBS website. As Harnden says, I defy you to watch these without wincing!

Don Newman:

If you mean Palin is not ready to lie, cheat, steal and sell her soul to Wall Street and the Corporate lobbyists, you are probably right. We are better off with Obama the Chicago Machine candidate and prisoner of the Unions and Radical black Terrorists. Then we will know exactly what to expect. Higher taxes, more "something for nothing" programs and further degradation of the American competitive edge. You want change? Its a lot worse to change from sick to dead than it is to remain sick.


the debates were interesting. didn't change my vote but my thoughts are that the people that gave it to mccain were the elderly that probably are the most traditional of the traditionalists...they wouldn't change their vote unless mccain were african american...but it is the young voters, the educated voters that will bring back some decency to this great country...this time intellect will succeed and the old farts that THINK they know it all, like manually turning a channel and living in constant fear ( yep...they still have cases of duct tape in their basements incase of attack! thanks to tom ridge...) well the old fart will go back to the assisted living homes and watch wheel of fortune with vanna and pat...


I must say that all the Mac/Pal voters need to a. learn how to spell, maybe go back to school and get a proper education like your man finish almost LAST. Hey but so what he is WHITE and that is akk you seem to see, b. He is 72, yes 72, and hello do you really think he is able to wake up at 3am and make a major decision on the good ole US of A let alone remember where he is???. c. Well lets talk about Sarah, pretty lady, had an affair, 17 year old knocked up, future son in law a self confessed f...... redneck, dont f with me or I'll blow your brains out just like I do to them poor ole Alaskian moose, and oh yes first dude, handsome bugger, but not proud to be American hey yall lets quit the USA and my wife can be pres of Alaska, huh, Mr duhhh every other world get real..


I agree and I'm republican. If all of you other republicans out there were honest, you'd agree. She said these things so why are you blaming the liberals? How can anyone with half a brain vote her in office. those of you that commented here regarding obama being a muslim, well, your wrong. Get your facts straight and go back to your southern red neck ways and stay there. your ignorant and biggoted to make such statements. His dad was a muslim - he's dead. obama is a christian. Will this country ever come out of it's prejudices. So what he's a black man, and get the lingo right please, Negro isn't used anymore? Those that made these comments should hang their heads. It's people like you that make this country such an embarrasment. Shame on you. Put the blame where it belongs and get on with it. palin is wrong for the job! Accept it!


Right now the entire US population is scratching their heads about the economic mess they're in, and 75%+ are scratching their heads about the gross ineffectiveness of George W. Bush. Yet 50% are willing to gloss over the fact that the person they want as their new second in command can't answer straightforward questions about...well, anything.

If Sarah Palin becomes VP these same people will be scratching their heads in 4 years and blaming everyone but themselves for her gross ineffectiveness.


Sarah Palin as a future president is laughable. The world already sees americans now as stupid he being president will furhter perpetuate that negative image. She is a hypocrite. She claims she oust bad government when she herself is under review for illegal practices. It is evident that this pick was not questioned extensively about her credentials or background. She says she will cooperate in investigation and then clams up. Anybody who claims that her foreign policy experience is looking out the window and can see Russia has some serious issues. I would not want this stressed out woman any where near "New Clear" weapons.


What and perhaps more importantly Who exactly qualifies someone to be President? What and Who qualifies someone to be a Father, Mother, Husband, Wife, Teacher, Business Owner, etc?

Please tell me it's more then all the "natural" considerations so many put so much effort in using as validation. I know my fair share of "highly intelligent smart educated" people who are the least qualified.

I'm obviously not saying that natural qualifications should be ignored nor even obtained. Yet, ask any Father or Mother after they have a child if that degree in Engineering or Business prepped them for being a parent?

HA! I know some "smart" folk who failed miserably at being a parent.

Not a single person here; including myself is qualified to do a darn thing without the Grace of God. I challenge any one of you to give it a whirl [and many do] to ask God to remove His power from you and go it alone. In His Mercy He won't and can't; cause you'd be dead before you hit the ground.

Is Sarah Palin qualified to be VP? Well she did become Governor of her state; a feat not a single poster here has accomplished. Politics in Alaska may not be as intense in New York, but Hillary, Obama, Biden, nor McCain won Governor either.

For all any of you know; Sarah Palin may be more qualified to be VP and potentially President then many realize. Many assume they have the accurate judgment on her skills and potential. Many a people who many said couldn't not only did, but they did even better then those who for sure so many said would.

Besides, for the past how many years we've had the same old folks in office, messing it up the same old way getting the same results, blaming each other in the same old fashion...don't some call that insanity?

History may well record that Sarah Palin was the best thing that happened to this country in some time or the worst. Yet this could be said about any of them. There is no promise that Obama will be the star so many are sure of; same with McCain.

So ask yourself; who qualifies you? What makes you SO qualified? As a Christian [born again spirit filled tongue talking one who was raised Jewish]; I recall a boy herding sheep who became king but he was also a murderer and adulterer yet interestingly enough the only one Biblically recorded [aside from Christ] as a "Man after God's own Heart".

Not even Paul got that term.


It's not as much that she's unqualified and underexperienced. What's more consequential to me is that she can't speak a complete sentence, unless it is scripted for her. She seriously cannot speak a complete, coherent sentence.

This is a person who will represent the United States to the world? Speak with the global press, and world leaders?

No thanks.


Palin Trades w/ Russia? Get The F-k out of here Barbie!
Palin’s Words Raise Red Flags
Palin does trade missions with Russia?? rofl
“We have trade missions back and forth,” said Ms. Palin. “We do. It’s very important when you consider even national security issues with Russia. As Putin rears his head and comes into the airspace of the United States of America, where do they go? It’s Alaska. It’s just right over the border. It is from Alaska that we send those out to make sure that an eye is being kept on this very powerful nation, Russia, because they are right there. They are right next to our state.”
f/s: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/27/opinion/27herbert.html?em


So, it has taken the national press one month to gather the courage to say that the emperor has no clothes. The emperor was blatantly naked this whole time, yet the national media have been too cowed to state and discuss the obvious. Scary!

REAL American WOMAN:

Odd that they Muslims,sexists, and extremists all back the marxist, sexist, (non-american), bigot with strong ties to mulsim extremists? Nope.

Seriously do a balance sheet and for every phony complaint against the GOVERNOR COMPARE against the junior Senator who is the TOP of their ticket.

Her accomplishments include FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY and REFORM and Bi-PARTISAN actions...his getting himself elected (oh wait SHE got elected also - without cosorting with bombin, terrorists, socialists/marxists American and Israeli hating family and friends).

She knows about ENERGY and Balancing a Budget - to quote Hilary - he gave a speech 4 yrs ago. (And then plagarizes many to this day.)
To to BS about her "taking earmarks" SHE IS A GOVERNOR and was a Mayor - she did HER job - it was CONGRESSES job not to give them, it was her job to make the best, most responsible use of the money.

The HATE, vitriole, and hypocrisy ALL originate from the left.

And my most important "catch" of BHO HYPOCRISY to DATE....
Sen. Barack Obama's assertion that, as president, he would "press them [the Pakistani government] to do more to take on Al Qaeda in their territory," and that "if they could not or would not do so, and we had actionable intelligence, then I would strike," is "essentially the Bush doctrine!

So B.Hussein O states EMPHATICALLY that he would BOMB a foreign country based on "A C T I O N A B L E I N T E L L I G E N C E" - which you lying hypocritical phony is CONTRADICTED by your argument that you would NOT have gone into IRAQ. Since Pres Bush and the OVERWHELMING MAJORItY OF CONGRESS (including the Clinton's ex-pres and senator)!!


RUSSERT: You were not in the Senate in October of 2002. You did give a speech opposing the war. But Sen. Clinton’s campaign will say since you’ve been a senator there’s been no difference in your record. And other critics will say that you’ve not been a leader against the war, and they point to this: In July of '04, Barack Obama, “I’m not privy to Senate intelligence reports. What would I have done? I don’t know,” in terms of how you would have voted on the war. And then this: “There’s not much of a difference between my position on Iraq and George Bush’s position at this stage.” That was July of '04. And this: “I think” there’s “some room for disagreement in that initial decision to vote for authorization of the war.” It doesn’t seem that you are firmly wedded against the war, and that you left some wiggle room that, if you had been in the Senate, you may have voted for it.

OBAMA: Now, Tim, that first quote was made with an interview with a guy named Tim Russert on "Meet the Press" during the (2004 Democratic National) convention when we had a nominee for the presidency and a vice president, both of whom had voted for the war. And so it probably was the wrong time for me to be making a strong case against our party’s nominees’ decisions when it came to Iraq.

(SOOOOOO- BHO is not above changing what he says for political expediency? SHOCKING?? NOT!)

But wait. Wasn't it Obama who's been criticizing other Democrats, specifically Clinton, for triangulation, calculating quotes and saying different things to different audiences to avoid alienating

Ken Basington:

Allen, why repeat claims that have been debunked? But I welcome your participation as youre at least debating intelligently, unlike some others. Answers for you:-

1. She strongly supported the Bridge to Nowhere during her bid as Governor and after she was elected. She switched after Congress had effectively killed the project. (CNN, Politico, AP)

2. "Palin never claimed to sell the plane on eBay, she only said she put it on eBay." Allen, John McCain on several occasions claimed she sold it through ebay - and MADE A PROFIT! If Palin didnt lie on this, McCain certainly did!

3. "All politicians appoint those they trust, an no did not pursue personal vendettas." Really? Palin has a long history of blurring the personal and the political. There was a story on AP today about how she changed the rules so her family could sell there house! There are many more. And if Walt Monegan isnt a "vendetta" then what is?

4. "Champions moral values, and here 17 year old pregnant daughter who is a product of public education's sex education reinforces those moral values." So she didnt try to teach her own daughter? But she would take away choice for other women?

5. It is still unknown if she went to Iraq, nobody really knows. Really? You have been watching Fox only, it seems!

6. "She wasn't asked about the bailout, she was asked about spending the money on middle income Americans." Really? Watch the interview. She said, "But ultimately, what the bailout does is help those who are concerned about the health-care reform that is needed to help shore up our economy, helping the--it's got to be all about job creation, too...." and then total incoherence.


To all those demeaning and belittling Obama's experience which he STARTED, as a community organiser,(then as an Illinois legislator & a US senator) while playing up Mccain's experience as a soldier and later Senator....I have 4 children whom I pray to God all make it to college. If any my children goes to Columbia, Havard (i mean these are expensive schools !!!!) and forfeits all the juicy Wall street jobs to go and organise poor communities in a part of the country instead of becoming one of the people who got golden parachutes(700b), if that's not sacrifice, I don't know what is. He could have gotten one of the best jobs on Wall street,and paid back his student loan faster, I mean he was president of HLR. Stop comparing Obama and Sarah Palin. As a professional woman who is an evangelical christian,I believe this insults our collective intelligence as a people.

How many people will want their kids to do the job of a community organiser after borrowing thousands of dollars in loans to send the kids to ivy league schools????I bet you none of those hypocrites will but they will demean someone who did . Being a soldier is a huge sacrifice, but there are other people who are making sacrifices daily so that others can have a better life.

The bible says in Micah, "he has shown thee Oh man what is good and what the Lord requires of thee...to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God (Micah 6:8). I am neither a democrat nor republican but I see one of the candidates exhibiting more humility than the other. I see the condescending attitude and pride in one of them. I see an example of real family values on display in one of them and an attempt to cover up past sin of adultery without repenting in another.

Unfortunately a lot of evangelicals are bigoted. They are referringg to one of the candidates as the Antichrist!!!!Wow, talk of bigotry ...this is a fellow christian like they profess to be.

As I wrote before, if Obama was not biracial, this would have been a landslide for him but lets wait and pray that reason prevails in the heart of majority of Americans and not suicidal bigotry masquerading as evangelical christianity otherwise we might have a 3rd world war initiated by an ignorant presidency and the end of the world as foretold in the bible might even come sooner than we thought.

Daughter of God


Fareed Zakaria has been wrong on just about every major foreign policy issue over the past ten years. Why would anyone take the word of this incompetent? This guy was gung-ho for the war until it started to go wrong. He has doctored his Wiki entry to mask or minimize this. He advised Paul Wolfowitz on the invasion of Iraq at a pivotal meeting in 2001, according to Bob Woodward.

The guy is not fit to pass judgment on anybody given his early support and complicity in the formulation and promotion of the Iraq war.

John Brigance:

I find it rather ironic the comments made by those supposed Conservatives who describe Obama and his policies as being communist. Wasn't it Bush who originally conceived the government-backed bail out of Wall street, the icon of American capitalism?

During the Bush Administration government spending has sky-rocketed, and the deficit ballooned. This after the Clinton Administration had posted budget surplus year after year.

I would consider myself to be a small "c" conservative, but what McCain and Bush represent is far from conservatism. Conservatives should stop deluding themsevles into thinking that the Republican party truly represents their conservative views. It is just a label.

True conservatism does not mean perks for the wealthy, bailing out big business and giving capitalism a free hand to destroy the lives of middleclass families. It means providing good education for the entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow, providing a healthy economic environment for which small business - the largest employers of all - can grow and expand, and investing in the middleclass.

So let's stop calling Republican ideology conservative, and call it what it is - an elitist political theory dedicated to enriching the chosen few.


Lori: "I want someone who has made a few decisons whether right or wrong."

I just can't fathom what on earth would cause someone to want a person who consistently makes WRONG decisions in the White House? Lori, I bet you LOVE George Bush because he makes so many wrong decisions. What's the matter with you?


McSame disqualified himself as a serious Presidential candidate when he picked Palin. She has NO Foreign Policy Experience. She has NO International Experience. (she just got her passport in 2007!) She has NO National Security Experience. Hillary made women proud. Palin makes women CRINGE. I am embarrassed and ashamed when I see Palin's interviews. There is just NO substitute for knowledge and education. PLEASE send her back to Alaska. America deserves better!


Being an independent voter from New Hampshire, I had the opportunity to see (and did see) virtually every candidate from both parties during the primaries. For those of you who can remember past last night's headlines, recall that in December 2007, John McCain was all but written off as a Republican contender -everyone thought it would be Giuliani or Romney. McCain fired almost his whole campaign staff and ran everything himself. When I saw him speak, I was impressed. Without all the "advisors" and "marketers", I believe I saw the real John McCain. At that time, I decided that McCain would be the best Republican candidate, and Obama the best Democratic candidate - I'd be pleased to choose between the two in November 2008.

But since then - now that he is the Republican candidate, it is clear to me that McCain will do/say anything just to win the presidency. He calls himself a patriot, but he is the worst kind of traitor- a traitor to his own ideals. The people and groups he shunned then (when he was himself and had nothing to lose) are the ones he panders to now. With the exception of his Iraq war stance he has completey changed his stance on most key issues.
Picking Sarah Palin is just one more example of John McCain doing anything he can to be elected. He saw a "rising star" woman, and thought he'd be able to pick up women voters- at the same time he'd get a VP who he could control by feeding her sound bytes. I come from a family that has had women in fairly high government offices at both the state and federal level, so I would be happy to have a women President or VP, but not one who is ignorant to the fact that she was chosen BECAUSE of her sex and personality, not because she was the best choice. Any woman who can't see that McCain is condescending toward toward her is not the type of woman I want in the White House.

I want to believe that the real John McCain is still there- buried behind the Campaign Advisors and Spin doctors he re-hired, and who undoubtedly picked Palin. But I can't be certain which McCain I'll get.

Say what you want about Obama, but he has been largely consistent since the very beginning of his campaign.

I suggest you keep these things in mind when you vote in November.


i love palin...she'd be great watching over russia, haha....loved her on SNL..."every morning alaskans wake up to see if there are any russians hanging around", lol...if she is on the ticket i'm voting for mccain! the daily show and colbert report will be FUNNY if she actually become president...haha

David Kurland:

It is a toss-up. Which is more frightening? The idea that someone with so little formal or life education could be running for the most powerful office as a back-up to a good man, but one who is 72 and spent 5 years having his mind and body totally abused(and it is showing); or the comments made by many readers... at least, most can do that, most adequately.
No doubt we have always been a land of immigrants, of duplicitous welcoming of "other" people from all over this globe, but the hate, distrust and especially the ignorance shown by so many above, is truly even more frightening than the naivete of the Republican candidates. It is also embarrassing!
It will be interesting to be a third world conglomeration, but also the nightmare of all nightmares.
We proudly offered so much to all for over 200 years, but while hard to comprehend, with such narrow, distrustful thinking, we are bound to fade away: the World's greatest loss.


remember emmet till,read professor kiels.op-ed in sundays washington post,you will.....if smart enough to know why mccain chose palin and why he wants obama to attempt to whistle at her.....and then summon the demons of bigotry to tie a block around his neck and throw him into the talahachie river.american voters have come a long....the are a bit more sophiscated than mccain thinks.


The giant pink elephant in the room few are talking about is the Presidency of George W. Bush. He looms over everyone who is talking about the value of being a "chief executive" of a state, whether large or small. One could also add that since he had a dad who was President and he was often physically close to him (similar to Alaska being close to Russia) then by osmosis he should be as prepared as was his dad for the Presidency. But of course we all now know (though some won't admit it) that having the right kind of experience and being close to another country or a father, does not impart to the candidate the only three things that really matter for the Presidency: namely, judgment, intelligence and character.

Many of our greatest presidents, including Lincoln, had no executive experience. But he had an abundance of judgment, intelligence and character. which appears to be dramatically lacking in Sarah Palin. Executive experience has been vastly overrated by those pushing their candidate who happens to have some of it. I think the founding fathers knew a thing or two when the Constitution was written and they didn't include "executive" experience as one of the requirements since they knew that would eliminate many otherwise excellent candidates.

I used to be a John McCain fan but something has happened to him over the last few years. He used to be a maverick with both common sense and intelligence; now he appears to be just a maverick governed by political calculation and ideology. I would have voted for him over either Gore or Bush in 2000. With the Sarah Palin selection he shows all too clearly his present lack of judgment and character and we certainly don't need any more of that in our President.


thank God i am not the only one who was totally mystified as to this potential presidential candidate...watching her get interviewed was really pathetic and i was embarassed for the republicans.
and to think that this woman actually makes executive decisions? well, i guess she has made too many to be effective. i truly cannot believe people can vote for her without noticing that she doesn't know a thing about anything except mooseburgers...

how pathetic...it is like a jerry springer episode!


What does McCain feel he needs an attractive woman by his side or something? His wife looks nice until you get up close and personal on her! NO McCain would have not of chosen her had Obama chosen Hilary! But it's going to back fire on him. Wow...is this old man serious? Does he even know what he is doing? On Friday's debate is was like a math teacher and a gym teacher debating....The topic was Algebra...it was clearly in McCains court and he didn't even hit it out of the park! Obama held his own...OMG! I can't wait for the debates on Thursday! Palin/Biden! Wow



Excellent analysis.
The only thing I disagree with is that Fareed doesn't understand American worldview. For one thing, there's no single American worldview. Secondly, the American worldview of which you speak is rejected by most of the world, including our staunchiest allies, and this has been reflected back into America.

Yes, the Archie Bunker's worldview is still prevalent among the less-educated white voters and within certain immigrant groups (the Cubans,the Vietnamese, the former Soviet Jews, etc.)
But due to demographic shifts since the last episode of "All in the Family", it's no longer overwhelming in terms of voting preferences. For example, I think that Ronald Reagan wouldn't have been elected today.

In what respect, Charlie?:

Thank you, Fareed, for pointing out that the Empress has no clothes. Of course, you'll hear from a lot of Republicans, that her new ensemble is absolutely to die for. And that's what will happen to a lot of young Americans (and not so young, a 69-year-old colonel was killed last week), if McCain and Palin somehow get elected.

And if they do, it will purely be because of racism, so it will be what America deserves for her sins. I'm only sorry that all of us will have to suffer for the sins of half of us.

Lee Burker:

To Wash., DC resident:
Tina Fey took Palin's comments VERBATIM...in other words, EXACTLY as said...do the research. It's the only time SNL did not need a writer...Palin provided the idiocy herself.


McSame will lose because his all ethos is based on Karl Rove strategy which in turn is based on Gimmicks, Image and Spin!

Nothing proactive and no Fresh ideas and definatley no core issues discussed.

They havent got a clear vision and no long term planning either which is typical of 8 years of neoconism!

For example the selection of Sarah was done not on what she really can offer to the party and the country but just because they needed a vigana to upset those democrats that supported Hilary in the primary!

Though their very short term insight made them looked as though they have got a winnning card, with more time democrats women realised what an insult to their womehood and democrats principles by such Neo-conservative woman with an alternative full of extremism and fundamentalist ideas!

To reinforce my view about the rush to appoint a nobody as VP by Karl Rove is when you hear Sarah talking about Iraq war as a Holy war and that there was a link between Iraq and 9/11!!!!

As for McSame, where should I start with him from his switch of policies and accepting Obama's strategy on Iraq to adopting CHANGE to not being sure whether to go or not to go to his debate!




RC115Shepherd you are the exact reason why America and yourself need to wake up. To use race as justification for incompetence in the White House is abominable!

j fuhr:

get a grip people neither of these candidates would know what a blue collar person was if one ran over them and whats more neither party is in touch with the middle class oh and lets not forget that a democratic congress has been in power before and during this so called meltdown as for the republicans old Abe Lincoln would turn over in his tomb if he were to see the direction the party he help form has taken Obama not qualified and neither is McCain

Donna Capriotti:

Sarah Palin needs to read: Shock Doctrine /Naomi Klein. Maybe, just maybe, she can learn something.


Washington, DC Resident:
Dear Zakaria, and Washington Post editors:

I'm shocked that you have yet to discover that a serious error has been made in this article. The quoted transcript from the Palin/Couric interview is actually referring to the mock Tina Fey interview on Saturday Night Live. It's one thing to think that Palin is unfit for national office (I would agree). It's quite another to make such a critical blunder in a national newspaper only 30 days prior to the election.

Really? You should be more 'shocked' to realize that SNL considered Palin's actual reply to be so daft they ran the whole thing unaltered - this time, they just had Tina Fey say it verbatim.

Go check your facts - and prepare to be really 'shocked'. Are you a convert yet?

Phoebe, NYC/USA:

If Palin is unqualified, what does that say about Obama? She has more experience than he does, on every level! You left-wing liberals just don't get it...the American people are smarter than you think and are not drinking "The Ones" koolaid. Obama is perhaps the least xperienced,unqualified candidate for President in the history of this great country. He is a sycophant, a racist and totally clueless about what it takes to be President, not to mention totally devoid in ethics, morals and character. An Empty Suit who's vision for America is "THE NEW BLACK SOCIETY"!!!! He will do anything he can to win, including throwing our constitution and bill of rights out the window.


John McCain is a five term U.S. Senator with a fighter pilot's shoot-from-the-hip judgement as evidenced by his support for an attack on, and occupation of a country that never attacked the United States of America, and his pick of neophyte Sarah Palin. This is no country for grumpy old men and pretty pretenders. I predict that the November 2008 Presidential election will render both McCain and Palin as road kill. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.

Richard Waite Montreal:

I think the arguments between pro-McCain and pro-Obama correspondents is about equal when it comes to experience in foreign policy. The tie-breaker comes when you consider education, intellect, mental agility, depth of knowledge, quality of experience, etc. I think Obama's team shines a brighter light these areas.


Well lets look at the truth here.....People that did not even know she was in this world roughly a month ago.....and their saying that she is Smart and a good conservative reformor...Honestly..I love to see women in the politcal Arena...that know what their doing..But when I look at Palin...she's looks like a big joke..cuz She really acts like she is a God sent....if you ask me she is letting those autographs and Palin Dolls get to her head...When the VP debate comes she will be knocked back to reality that she is just the Hockey Mom she always was...being caught up in McCains deception...

***OBAMA 2008**

Rick Doherty:

Your article speaks for most voters who care about our country first and care about politics last. Sara Palin is totally unqualified for the position and with any intelligence and honesty know that fact.

What bothers me even more is that people like Mitt Romney and other, supposedly intelligent Republicans, still speak the party line about Palin. Don't they realize that this kind of rhetoric serves no real purpose other than to drag them down in the eye of the majority of the American public and damages their own creditability?

Let's face it, McCain made the choice of Palin as a last minute gamble to try to get a larger share of the woman and conservative vote to win the election with total disregard for what is best for our country. Shame on him!

He knows as well as we do that "You can't make chicken salad out of chicken----!", so let's stop trying for the sake of all our futures!

We are sick of politics and frankly, as an Independent voter, I am sick of McCain's antics. Enough is enough!

Attention SF-Muni Rider, baby killer:

To SF-Muni_Rider, who stated "My first impression of Palin is this evil witch who lives and kills animal in Alaska. Yes, she is a bit-bull with lip-stick"

So let me get this straight, you're ok with pulling babies from the womb and suctioning their brains out so they'll be born dead, but hunting for food makes you a witch?


Why do people who believe that Obama is not ready to be President, or believe that he is a Muslim, or believe that he is an idiot or whatever reason admit that the ONLY reason most of you won't vote for him is because he is black. Not only is he black, but a black man that will not act like people want, which is a nigger. You people are mad because he won't cuss & snap his neck & talk like he has very little education or upbringing. Get this straight, not all black people sell drugs, can't read, don't know the english language, have bad credit, have 50 babies by 50 daddy's or mama's, listen to gangsta rap, or whatever negative stereotype that is seen on the TV or in movies.
We want what all people want, the ability to walk freely without the fear of being assaulted, the ability to express our feelings without the fear of being jailed & the ability to dream & have them come true.
Sarah Palin is a pawn in John McCain's game. She, like some many other people, are too stupid to know it. She is no more ready to run the VPs office than the average person. John McCain is not to be trusted to run the country because he is too sick & twisted to be holding the button that could potentially destroy the world as we know it.

Sandra Scofield:

Don't forget McCain picked Palin and swore she is qualified. He's the man who will pick a Cabinet, possibly a Supreme Court Justice. He's the man who says he makes decisions quickly and easily.


Thank you Ken Basington for your remarks on Sarah's record- which isn't much for an "executive" responsible for 700,000 residents (or 1/4 of the size of Brooklyn). By the way- she (and McCain's campaign) are still blatantly LYING about it. On her Gibson interview- she said that Alaska is responsible for 20% of US energy output. Well...it's more like 10% (split between oil and natural gas).
She also didn't fire her chef, he still is on the Alaska payroll just in a different job. And what reform is it when she charges the state per diem for 300 nights when she's staying at home?

She's not a reformer, she's a bimbo.



Richard Ray Harris:

Agreed that Palin is not in the ballpark of potential president..not even scalping tickets outside the stadium. However, it isn't true that she has "not given any thought to national security issues." In fact, her and Todd apparently have philosophical views about our country. They are "Alaska firsters", renegade, ultra right-wing and "end of times" advocates if you look into their activities. This is not some hidden internet gossip but credibly sourced, well known information that we as Americans should be discussing.

William Robinson:

Thank you Fareed for so succintly and articulately stating what everyone knows. What you forgot to mention is that Palin is popular in Alaska because she places heavy taxes on the oil industry to derive a huge pool of money that comes from the lower 48, even if it drives up gas prices, then she rebates the funds to Alaskans. Palin is also popular for obtaining huge earmarks for her state, so the mantra that she is a crusader against pork-barrel earmarks and lower taxes is just rubbish. Palin may be good for Alaska, but she would be a disaster for America.


The possibility that she could be the president of the USA scares the hell of me, and I'm not even an American.
Dang, I could answer the question way better than her.


Sarah Palin's Resume for VP---

Im hot, i look good in everything i put on. Im hot. i speak well. im hot. i ran a small town, i was hot there too. i could see Russia from my backyard while i was being Hot. have u seen me, Im hot. "Dont u wish your girlfriend was hot like Me" Dontcha. because im so hot, McCain got a boost in the polls from the white women demographic. they want to be hot like me. no one wants to be or vote for an uppity educated black man(tongue in cheek) but, they all want to be hot like me. MILF's of the country unite, stand by me. u know u want it----to be hot like me. Im hot Sarah Palin, i approve this sizzling message. everyone is asking about her qualifications for VP. based on what i have seen, i question what exactly it takes to be governor of Alaska? hell, how hard could it be


Charismatic and feisty she may be but the issue immediately upon us, on which the nation depends, is how does Sarah Palin's public service record prepare her to be President of the United States?

She was the Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. With a population there of perhaps 6,000? Any of the wards within the District of Columbia exceed that. And now she is Governor of Alaska, for how long? And what's the population of Alaska, perhaps a million residents? The population of Washington, DC is perhaps 800,000, and the population of just the Baltimore-Washington area is perhaps 5.5 million? How does her local and Alaska State legislature experience, prepare Sarah Palin to govern the nation, repair our economic, health care, environment and international relations if Senator McCain has another health problem? She reportedly played point guard on her High School basketball team. Does this prepare her to play with the NBA or, more appropriately, the Olympics?

With this appointment John McCain and the Republican leadership have done neither themselves nor us any good deed. Sarah Palin is unqualified to be on this ticket and for suggesting she is, John McCain is unqualified as well.


Experienced or not, at least Obama sounds smart when he talks! Know I see why they keep her locked up.

Four MORE years of dumb? I refuse! Just look where dumb has led us these past 8. Worst economy ever, gas prices, foreign relations, on-going wars (weapons of mass destruction, anyone?), need I say more?


Posted on September 29, 2008 11:08

Mr Zakaria,

The Republican Party in deteriorating at its very core to a point its like watching a tree in the woods that is infested with termites being eaten hallow from inside out

Today's Republican Party is all about hypocrisy which the American people have been seeing displayed by the Republicans in the current 2008 Presidential Campaign. The cancer of Pentecostal Christians that has permeated the Republican Party since 1980 and enhanced by the support of the Bush Administration in past 8 years. The platform these Born Again Craps have deals with anti gay, anti abortion, anti immigrants, anti non white race and of course anti non Christian religions. These are the stands that now bind this party together as the picture of the Republican Party in 21st century.

IF this continues to be the future of this party then as American we have a social war on hand in coming years in line with what the Muslim countries are experiencing now with their Fundamental Muslim base.

God Help us All

Your comment "THE CANCER OF PENTECOSTAL CHRISTIANS" is a little far fetched and all inclusive. The evengelical fueled religious right was mainly a grass roots movement of mainstream American Protestant movements to include both Baptist and Pentecostal, and other conservative minded folk. I noticed also that you identified this group as mostly white, or "anti-race". If that is the case then maybe you should not shoot with a shotgun, and use a rifle; this way you can hit your target. The fact of the matter is their is a strain of "us-ism" in American christianity. Is this bad, not completly. Everybody associates and identifies with "people like us". The only problem is we are all not "us-es", but a diverse collection of people, thoughts, world views, music and worship: we are not all the same. As a Christian who believes in Pentecostal traditions, I want you to know that we are as diverse in our thinking, theology, and POLITICS, as the whole of America. As Americans. we all have a right to express our opinions, period. But at the same time we must be careful about our POLITICAL PASSION, as if God is really concerned about "Ceasar". I am concerned about abortion, crime, and national security, but not about the STATE OF ISRAEL. To some that is blasphamy, to me it is simple:either they need to convert or they don't. Again, we are as diverse in our views as the rest of America. Again,I am concerned about abortion, crime, health care, unemployment, and national security, but also thew war in Iraq, the "why" about it (I am a retired vet). I am concerned about why our folks are dying, who has profited from this war, and the effect this war has had on the other folks (Iraq-ps..God loved Ishmael too--lets not hate because he is a "great nation and has all the oil..)I am concerned about truth, justice, and compassion, more than CONSERVATIVE or LIBERAL ideology. I am not about trying to save ROME (America), but touching the lives of those within its borders. If I was political, a CONSERVATIVE, I could not help but be disappointed at the last 8 years. Bush has proven to be a failure, period. If anything he has set the stage (let me be evangelical for a spell)for the fall of America, which will have to entail the suspension of individual liberties (Patriot Act, so much for my gun totin brothers), and financial ruin (Wall street bailout, banks). And by the way GOD ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN. So to the writer, please do not paint all Christians with the same brush, for we are all not lemmings running over the cliff. I will reapect your God-given right to CHOOSE how you will live your life, have abortions, live alternate lifestyles, whatever. I do believe it is your right to privacy, just as the Southern states used "STATE RIGHTS" to defend segregation. At the same time respect my right to have a say on what goes on in my city, block, school system, and country. WE all have confliting views, yet the same right. In the end we will all have to live with our beliefs and decisions, no matter what we believe, with of without God.


I watched the SNL skit without watching the Couric interview. I thought the "what the bailout does is help those who are concerned about the health-care reform..." part was hysterical.
Just found out that it wasn't made up; she actually said that.
The fact that basically half of America still support McCain leaves me speechless.

To the trolls recruited by the McCain campaign:
Before you start on Obama, please explain to us what in god's name she was trying to say.

Ken Basington:

Instead of parroting "talking points" why dont we look at Sarah Palin's record?

1. Claims to be a reformer. But supported the Bridge to Nowhere, lobbied for earmarks, being investigated for abuse of power in office, received "gifts" as governor.

2. Claims to have sold airplane by putting it on ebay. But it was sold through a broker at a loss.

3. As an elected official, appointed high school friends to public office and pursued personal vendettas.

4. Champions moral values including abstinence but 17-year old unmarried daughter is pregnant.

5. Lied about going to Iraq when she actually went to Kuwait.

6. Babbles on TV, and thinks the "bailout is about healthcare reform".

The above have been fact-checked and should be enough for anyone with a brain. But hardcore Palinistas - if you have something worthwhile and relevant to contribute, please do so. Do not spew irrelevant drivel.


Fareed....and all YOU nitwits that want Obama to win...The thought of Rev. Wright jumping up and down on Lincolns BED ...ITS REVOLTING!!!!!

Jon Davis:

Republicans are experts at standing "political correctness" on its heads in order to promote their selfish and destructive policies. So Republicans tell us, attacking Sarah Palin's almost complete lack of credentials and her complete lack of understanding of the issues (credentials aren't everything after all) is a sexist attack.

Well, I for one, would be happy to vote for a woman for president or for vice-president and I am for complete sexual equality including the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution. However, I voted for Obama, and not for Clinton, because I considered Obama to be overall the better candidate (I trust Sen. Obama more than I trust Sen. Clinton).

In conclusion, Tina Fey is LITERALLY more qualified to be vice-president or president than Sarah Palin, not because Tina has any relevant experience, but because Tina Fey actually does understand the question as to why experience and understanding is important. Sarah Palin does not. Nor does Sen. McCain.

RH US Army:

Ms. Palin was a very poor choice; this reflects upon McCain's judgment and his "steering" by the insiders who really run his campaign.

As a member of the armed forces, frankly, I am alittle ashamed of McCain. He continually tells "lies" by taking words out of context hoping the American public is too dumb to know the real facts or the phrase from which "it" came.

Ms. Palin is obviously not that smart; in fact, if her home town of whatever it is called is the meth capital of Alaska, then that fact reinforces how hopeless her leadership is..

Allen Wilson:

In response to Ken Basington's post of lies:

1. She is a proven reformer, members of here own party are in jail because of it. She killed the bridge to nowhere even after Congress still gave the money to the state. Ken she didn't claim to oppose earmarks.

2. Ken lied, Palin never claimed to sell the plane on eBay, she only said she put it on eBay.

3. All politicians appoint those they trust, an no did not pursue personal vendettas.

4. Champions moral values, and here 17 year old pregnant daughter who is a product of public education's sex education reinforces those moral values.

5. It is still unknown if she went to Iraq, nobody really knows.

6. She wasn't asked about the bailout, she was asked about spending the money on middle income Americans.

Washington, DC Resident:

Dear Zakaria, and Washington Post editors:

I'm shocked that you have yet to discover that a serious error has been made in this article. The quoted transcript from the Palin/Couric interview is actually referring to the mock Tina Fey interview on Saturday Night Live. It's one thing to think that Palin is unfit for national office (I would agree). It's quite another to make such a critical blunder in a national newspaper only 30 days prior to the election.


Recent VPs have played the role of trusted adviser (perhaps mentor is a better word in the case of Chenney) This is a valuable service. It is easy to see Biden in this role. Can anyone see Palin in such a role? Imagine a crisis situation arises: President McCain calls his most trusted advisers into to the situation room. Is Palin there? Now imagine the same situation with a President Omama and ask youself if Biden is there?


I'm not for any of the presidential candidates. I don't understand why McCain is bashing Obama on issues of experience when he picked Palin as a running mate? He just wanted to get Clinton's women voters. If something happens to McCain and he is unable to preside over the country, do you really think that Palin can? I can't wait to watch the VP debate.


Hey this goes out to the blogger "Im a republican Duuuhhh", You must be from the south say maybe Ohio! Been there and your state is stuck on stupid. Go get an education because you mispelled a word or two. Typical republican!!!!!

Barbara Shaw:

Someone was interested in watching the video of Palin talking to Couric. Here it is:

It is also on CBS website. As Harnden says, I defy you to watch these without wincing!

Wendy from Texas:

Executive Experience? What does that mean? If it means experience at the executive level of coporations like Exxon, Shell, BP, Locheed, KBR, and the Wall Street Gang, I'd rather have Obama with his community organizing skills.

Executive Experience today means excelling in greet and self-interests. Palin definitely represents that.

Moose Burger:

Just you wait and see. Palin beat Couric in their debate, Biden is next in the debate smackdown.


I am glad people are finally beginning to be scared by the prospect of a Palin Vice Presidency. Look at the condition of our once great country and think about her being in a position of leadership. I used to think it couldn't get any worse than the last eight years. I fear I could be wrong if she's elected. (From an "independent", former Hillary supporter.)


I see..

In order to be qualified for an executive office nowadays, one needs to only be able to SPEAK well, memorize sound bites in order to sound convincing and be a man of color!!

I see it all too often in regular jobs where someone who is not qualified, applies for a Technical job, submits a convincing resume, memorizes 'technical' terms, and speaks well during the interview and gets hired. Sooner or later, the business has to make a decision to either fire or demote such applicant because he or she is not able to do the job. Lost time and resources.

Last Friday, 2 applicants for a very important job, came forth to debate each other. There was no question that applicant McCain showed without question, the extent of his actual and real experience and knowledge. Applicant Obama on the other hand could only speculate or theorize about his positions, for NOT ONCE did he ever speak of any first hand knowledge or experience on his part!! Applicant Obama however, spoke really well about them, while applicant McCain perhaps didn't speak as well.

Result? Well, majority thinks applicant Obama did a better job and perhaps would hire him over applicant McCain. Amazing!! Speculation trumps reality!

In conclusion, here are 2 challenging questions for you:
1. How would you feel if you are a qualified applicant for a job but did not get the job knowing you were out-talked by another applicant who is barely,if not, qualified?
2. If you are a hiring Manager, would you ever decide to hire an applicant on the sole basis that such applicant can speak very well, which is not the main requisite for the job, over a qualified?


If you think being the mayor of a town of less than 6,000 people at the time, (20 months ago) and being governor of a state with only 600,000 people is experience, you must live in a small cave. My small boro has 9,000 people in it, and I don't want my mayor as potential president in less than two years. My county alone has over 1 million people. She clearly isn't dealing with the same issues as we are down here. The Illinois Senator on the other hand was dealing with issues of Chicago, which has nearly 3 million people alone, and then Illinois which has nearly 13 million people. Look at the numbers please. I don't believe in personally attacking Mrs. Palin, but just using the facts to pick my candidate. Vote OBAMA!!!!!


I was voting Republican until old ass McCain did something ignorant and just straight up stupid when it came to choosing an VP. Is he serious? I keep thinking that I'm going to wake up and this joke be over! Palin? OMG.....she has hardly no education and her interviews are just plain stupid, my daughter could do better with the questioning....What are people looking at her looks? What mother wants their 17 year old to get married....this boy was just out having fun...did anyone mention that her daugher took this guy from another girl and had relations with him??? Did anyone mention Palin's husband having an affair...all of this on top of her being just stupid! OBAMA! OBAMA!

Slim Shady:

What does it take to be "qualified". Show me anywhere official that states what the minimum qualifications are for ANY political office. You won't find any, because the qualifications are a desire to partake of the pounding/adulation you will get and to either change things so that they fit your views or prevent them from changing if they already do.

So for all you fanatics, what makes your candidate "qualified" if not for the point of view noted above?


The number one issue is national security. Economy, thought critical and in trouble, is second because without the first the second is automatically in jeopardy. Do I want a President who has a 20-year long friendship with Bill Ayers, a man who bombed the US Capital and the Pentagon and who shows his disgust for America by standing on the flag? Obama's choice of political allies says a lot about his poor judgment.


Just a friendly neighbour looking in.

I am amased at the whole Sarah thing. To be honest, how in earth did she ever become a governer oin Alaska, let alone the nominated V.P. canidate for the republican party.

Did no one interview her, find out about her familaraity with the world govenments, It appears that she never took a political science cource, or an economics cource in her life. she probably thinks that micr, and macro are kinds of noodles.

As a true friend of the United States of America I am embarrised by the politics of a very important election, not only for the U.S but for the rest of the free world as well


People continue to use experience as en endorsement for McCain. But is it experience or rather what you do with it that counts? If after having been a POW and spending 26 years in the senate you are wrong on the initial Iraq decision, capable of showcasing your intentions to bomb a sovereign country to the tune of a Beachboys song and capable of opposing a bill that would grant educational opportunities to your fellow soldiers once they conclude their service, then it is judgement rather than experience that wins in the end. It is not where you're been but rather where you find yourself going as a result that ultimately counts.


Little John McBush sat on a wall.
When little Sarah Palin opened her mouth,
Little John McBush had a great fall.
All of the Idiot's horses and all of Vader's men
Could not put little John McBush or his Republican Party back together again.

Do enjoy your debate Thursday night.

Paul Santi:

Well, unfortunately for the U.S., there are too many people just like RC115Shepherd, whose posting below is really so blatantly racist as to be laughable. But that is what goes through the minds of many U.S. voters. It's a testament to how the primary educational system in this country has failed us so abysmally. So, racists and small-minded people out there, go ahead and vote for Palin as your next president - - - our Presidents do reflect the people they represent, so how fitting that our leaders are just getting so much dumber and dumber.


:( In times like these, you wish you had voted for Hillary if you didn't! Well, IF Obama looses, at least there is always 2012 for Hillary, if we make it there.


I just hope that pathetic woman can grasp tougher words than "caricature" before Thursday night's debate with Joe Biden. (Incidentally, Sarah, sweetie, the word that Katie Couric so sympathetically substituted with the word "mocked" for you during your most recent debacle is C-A-R-I-C-A-T-U-R-E", ok??? Say it slowly. And, don't hurt yourself, now.)


We need some honesty here. I voted for Bush 1, Clinton and G.W. Bush (the first time)... I then voted for Kerry. So, I am far from being an ideologue. But I have to say the idea of Sarah Palin being VP scares me. Clearly she has a small town mentality - which isn't necessarily bad... it's more that she doesn't seem to learn from her handlers... I do believe she's a simple - nice person. I just don't want a simple, sweet person to be in such a position of power. I will vote Obama.


Today is a day and year(years)that we all will remember. Both candidates are not to qualified to hold office but Obama will receive my vote with the running mate he chose.
McCain picked his running mate because we all know that Obama did not pick Hilary probable because she is to quick tempered. So McCain saw a attractive feamle and said she will do. Obama on the other hand would like cool headed members in his cabinet at all times if possible. With McCain trying to out do Obama it backed fired on him (McCain). At least if he was going to pick a female running mate why not Ms. Condoleezza Rice? Even another female who can handle the United States affair's and she to is also attractive. They are out there. His research team was not doing a great job for him his what it looks like.
America i cry out for all races, religions, sex's and who can vote.


Posh Spice:

One forgets that Barrack Obama has had nearly 20 yrs of grooming & preparation by likes of Brezinski & cronies. Obama could always find a job in the starring role for "the Manchurian Candidate II" should he fail to be elected this Nov. Better still, the lead in the Spice Girls Revival Tour. He has a gift for being a NATURAL un-natural...or more aptly, MANUFACTURED??? Any takers for... Wannabeeees.


Let me see here, I think I now understand why Senator Biden is known for his skill in international affairs. He's the Senator from Delaware which is right next to the Atlantic Ocean and important international shipping routes. There must be spy ships off the coast that the people of Delaware must keep their eye on every day. And of course we all know that the first line of attack for terrorists is likely to be through international shipping. No doubt some of Biden's staff have been on trade missions too. I'll have to check up and see when he got his passport. He might even have travelled across a border or two. Surely that is why he's a guru of foreign policy in the Senate.


Lets all tell the truth....John McCain is using this woman, Ms. Palin, as a political trojan horse. He will change her out either right before the VP debate or afterwards,grab Romney, or someone else thats been suddenly silent during the selection of Palin, and re-energize the base again to run out the clock. Its old politics with a 2008 twist! we have gone from politics being , in your face, ruthless, to a "but its legal" unethical maneuvering. This is simply an attempt to run out the clock . John McCain went after 4 major evangelical pastors, himself, and threw them all under the bus, because he was looking for evangelicals for a cheap date for votes to get him in office. Sarah Palin, an evangelical" so-called" Christian, now denys attending any "particular" church, denies being pentecostal or Charismatic in any way and doesnt attend anyones church regularly. If this doesnt anger evangelicals, I can only assume they are just as blind as those who are part of any other special interest group. McCain cant make up his mind, Pain is lost... is there any other rational choice , other than Obama/Biden???

Lorita :

How can these diehard right wingers ignore the fact that the Bush administration can't take credit for America becoming stronger in the last eight long years. America has become weaker. Correct me if I am wrong.

The economy
The military
Our image in the world
Veterans affairs
The dollar
The environment
The nothing no how

I challange you, name something..

Most of those people who are adamant about Obama, (ignoring his magna cum laute at Harvard, or President of Harvard Law Review), get their talking points from the shock jocks on hate radio. Those guys don't call themselves journalists they are entertainers.
The time has come for all Americans to get our heads straight by reading real newspapers, and looking carefully at issues. No matter who the next president is he is not going to have a beer with you anyway.


I find people's defense of Gov. Palin's choice as a VP and her performance in these interviews really disingenuous and silly. After watching her speak off the cuff on national and foreign policy matters, it's really hard for anyone but an ardent, blind partisan to honestly say that she's qualified to be VP. People keep justifying her being picked by saying that Obama isn't experienced in foreign policy either. This is a ridiculous argument. Whether you agree with his positions or not, he does demonstrate a firm grasp of the ins and outs of the issues. Gov. Palin obviously does not. She just is not conversant on the basics of the issues, and to act as though she is or that anyone who raises this issue is an Obama-hack, is disingenuous and willful ignorance.

sweety rani:

Well,Sarah Palin does not need any more attention.She is been given too much already.She is a flat slate and intellectually frugal.She should continue being a beauty queen...that will make her more powerful.Do not compare OBAMA with Sarah Plain.It is a shame buddies.She is unqualified to be a VP.she is...she is...who likes AND ENJOYS hearing Pakistan's President(Zardari) saying"Now I know why people are mad"u are gorgeous....and she smiles back.what kind of compliment is that?Does THAT compliment JUSTIFIES to be a VP?U can imagine from this that what kind of politics we will have when we have Palin-McChain here and Zardari in Pakistan......who was so thirsty for power and has faked things to get into that position...so we will all have the same idiot politicians and politics around.Also,don't forget that McChain is a 4 time cancer survivor so...IS Palin REALLY ready to lead is a very serious question...There is no doubt that OBAMA is ready to lead and even if(God forbid)there is a mishappening Biden is certainly qualified to lead.BTW she finished her Bachelor degree in 6 years going to 4 colleges and also finished it by faking some course work at the community college..If u are even an average student u will complete ur degree in the required years and within one college....Thanks..


McCain regardless of his rhetoric if elected will run the Presidential Office similar to Bush's. Based on his debate it will be worse. Palin is another Bush. When you run that kind of Government integrity, expertise, and intelligence don't matter.

There is another scandal aboard regarding Palin's governing as Governor of Alaska. She spoke without thinking by verbally removing her Governor's hat when interviewed and spoke for miners at the expense of the environment and fishermen. She influenced the vote. The investigation is trying to determine if she used her office incorrectly to influence.

Do we want this kind of individual in national office? NO! Palin needs to go back to Alaska and face the music. Is she going to lean on the McCain campaign to get her out of this investigation too? Or better yet as far a she is concerned and as it appears to be happening, hope the facts dwindle away before America has a chance to vote?

Many people of the United States need to wake up. Mr Obama is admirable and the people of this nation need to take the right step and put this nation first over everything. McCain and Palen are both less than honorable candidates and are NOT caring about the interests of this nation; they only care about their own interests.

I am apalled that a Presidential Election Campaign could get to this place. America wake up give Mr Obama the landslide vote he and this nation deserve.


What "good judgment" has Obama ever exhibited??? He's been hanging his entire campaign on his anti-war speech in 2002. That shows no judgment at all. It only show's he's anti-war. A vast majority of Senators, including all the democratic presidential candidates voted for the war after reviewing the intelligence and deliberating on the matter. Obama, true to form, advocated doing nothing. Had he been president and Saddam had WMD's, a lot of us would be dead right now.

what Weapons of Mass Destruction you idiot? the only weapon of mass destruction we have is our current commander-in-cheif and the mindless morons who support his idealogy. i think you should have an IQ test before you are allowed to make it past puberty and have an effect on the world around you. time to sterilize the gene pool. what an idiot

Sarah Palin has already done the job she was chosen to do. I am well acquainted with evangelicals, and I can tell you, she has done what John McCain was entirely unable to do himself....energize the evangelical base. Before Palin, many evangelicals were inclined to just sit out the election this time; after Palin, they're prepared to line up and cast their votes in the hopes that " she could influence McCain". Influence him to what?...bring back bibles in the schools, overturn roe v wade, stop gay marriage, and most important of all...support Israel (right or wrong) in any wars, bombings, incursions, etc that they may be inclined to start, but unable to finish without US help.

Country first?....yeah, but whose country?


Ken Basington:

Instead of parroting "talking points" why dont we look at Sarah Palin's record?

1. Claims to be a reformer. But supported the Bridge to Nowhere, lobbied for earmarks, being investigated for abuse of power in office, received "gifts" as governor.

2. Claims to have sold airplane by putting it on ebay. But it was sold through a broker at a loss.

3. As an elected official, appointed high school friends to public office and pursued personal vendettas.

4. Champions moral values including abstinence but 17-year old unmarried daughter is pregnant.

5. Lied about going to Iraq when she actually went to Kuwait.

6. Babbles on TV, and thinks the "bailout is about healthcare reform".

The above have been fact-checked and should be enough for anyone with a brain. But hardcore Palinistas - if you have something worthwhile and relevant to contribute, please do so. Do not spew irrelevant drivel.

Renee Mendoza:

Rather than a breakthrough for women, this is heartbreaking.


Gov Palin not giving good answers to these questions has more to do with the people McCain picked to "handle" her than Palin herself.. Look does Palin have foreign policy experience.. no. But what Governor does? what did Clinton have when he was Gov of Arkansas? Besides when Obama was asked about his in the primary, he reverted back to going to elementery school in Indonesia.. and Hillary mocked him for it. Even Biden said the President is NO place for on the job training refering to Obama. Bottomline Palin was picked because of her executive experience, shes a reformer and she knows about energy. McCain didn't worry about her having foreign policy experience.. because that's what HE HAS!!! Whatever she needs she can pick while V.P. because she's only be the number 2 on the ticket.. problem for Obama is he's running for number one slot, he won't have anytime to pick it up later.. he needs it on DAY ONE!!!


Who is responcible for this housing disaster? See for yourself from the Washington Post and the New York Times:



How quickly do they forget the reason this whole mess came around. Raines is just one of many corrupt dems in this debacle.


OK let's talk about the recent wall street bail out - it aint bailing out comon people - its about bailing out a bunch of institutions with the major players having been created by FDR and the fed gov to make risky loans to people (even no document loans). The gov created these institutions to do what the free market knew was already very risky and the gov put a bunch of foxes in charge of the hen house. So when the roosters flew home to the coup during a major econ downturn, we get this. Though the gov never officially stated they'd bail them out this was well understood to the fact. And low and behold they did get bailed out by the fed gov.

So was the problem the free market vs regulatory power of the gov.? no. gov creates potential risky problematic sub-econ market with what became exceedingly lacks restrictions and oversight/reg.
Gov created problem not the market. Blaming the market and arguing for more econ regulation is the farce. Gov didn't regulate itself and its self-created problem. If the gov is going to interfere with the market as it did then it better do so responsibly But it didn't act responsibly.

As for the candidates:
McCain warned for a long time of the risks involved (including intro legislation to lessen the risks to all) though it fell on deaf ears because econ was doing well and Wasington DC got lots of kick backs and political donations for campaigns on both sides of the aisle.
Obama Championed the bail out of his buddies and has chosen among his top advisors many who benefitted directly from such a risky gov created problem/risk creating sub market.

Shame on anyone who would vote for the same power brokers who created and benefitted from this mess and for those who don't see the true cause and effect here or learn of it now.. you are doomed to experience even more of such hypocrisy, graft and econ hardships again and again.


You ultra-right wingers should be honest with the rest of us and, more importantly, yourselves and admit she is not equipped to be second in-charge of this country. Her comments reveal a simpleton. She just might be more of an embarrassment than the other terrific politician you gave us - Dubya! You people are absolutely ignorant.

My first impression of Palin is this evil witch who lives and kills animal in Alaska. Yes, she is a bit-bull with lip-stick!
I don't have anything against women (of course, I love my mother) just Republicans and their fail politics. And now they have this poor woman who is being used as bait...Please, I smell a bad fish...


While I feel sorry for Palin as she seems entirely out of her league in knowing the issues in the national political arena. I feel it is important that all of us , liberal or conservative, remember that we have a duty to exercise our vote in the same fashion it was given to us by the sacrifice of our soldiers and early leaders. If you somehow think a person with a law degree from Harvard who editor of the law review is some how unfit to be president and someone who got into Naval Academy because his dad and grandad had graduated from there and went on to distinguish himself by graduating 5th from last in the class and Ms. Palin who while not working took 6 years and attended 5 different universities to get a degree in sports journalism are qualified to be president and vice president. I suggest you think of your children and grandchildren when you vote and whether you have their best interest in mind when you vote. Not to mention what kind of example you are setting for them when you tell them why you voted the way you did.


Bill Maher got it best. Sarah Palin is a bimbo. And for that matter, so was George Bush. Once a beauty queen, always a beauty queen. Funny how McCain likes that characteristic in his women. You just can't effectively lead a country no matter how good the lipstick is or the school marm glasses look on you. Serve your family first and get out now.

Allen Wilson:

It is obvious Fareed is in the tank for Obama who has just as little foreign policy experience as Palin. Fareed, here is a clue for you, Palin answered Couric's question about the $700 billion quite well, your attempt to make the question about the bailout when it was about spending the money on middle class Americans demonstrates both your partisanship and sexism. You are a disgrace as an editor.


What's going on with this country? We are in real trouble! What do we do next? Do we think electing someone like Obama who has very litte experience in government going to help? He has never been responsible for making any decisions that effect the welfare of the American people. He just votes present. I want someone who has made a few decisons whether right or wrong. The Office of President of the United States of American is not the job to gain expereince. Would you hire someone to work for you who can talk the talk, but has never walked the walk. I want someone who can do more that give me a emotional prep talk - show me the substance. Obama has none to show! Sorry!


I am an immigrant. I came to US with the hope that I can provide the best for my children. I am also a single mom with 2 children and I am a teacher. Obama represents hope for me and a reminder of the reasons that I came to America- great education, able to provide for my family.


Sadly, I expect that the same people who voted for Bush, because he is fun to have a drink with, will vote for Palin. Afterall, she's cute!


G. Crossman wrote: "Qualification for the Presidency is a moving target with the liberals."

Hmmm, maybe you ought to look at this:

If anyone is shooting at moving targets, its the conservatives.


The comment on Obama being a Communist is way out of line and removed from reality and right out of the John Birch play book, particularly in its reference to the United Nations. Sadly, we have too many people in this Country who believe without thinking. Obama was described as his best student by law professor Lawrence Tribe at Harvard and his degree at Columbia had an emphasis in International Relations. His books, which he wrote, unlike the Salter books written for McCain show a great intellectual capacity. To equate him with Palin is patently ridiculous.

Lynda :

A Presidential debacle entitled "Dumb and Dumber" as I grow Numb and Numb-er" watching this. The McCain-Palin White HOuse would be worst then Bush's third term...it would be terminal, much like McCain's judgment in selecting her for "politics first" "base first"...and "country last" more like it, add to that the mis-management of his derailed campaign reflecting another four years of Bushed myopia of politics.
I pray God intervenes, sets McCain-Palin off election track, so Obama-Biden can come in and lay new track. The pair McCain-Palin are weak; they are extremists and scary; hiding already behind one another... God save us from the possible perpetrating torture from the last eight years from a McSame-Palin win. Lynda, Florida


I believe McCain's decision to choose Palin was impulsive. He was thinking of getting "the women's vote". Doesn't he realize there are many more qualified women in the Republican party. Do we want this man making the decisions in the White House, or at 73 with health problems, Palin making decisions for our country. O'Bama is very impressive, he looked McCain in the eye during the debate, McCain didn't even look at him when he shook hands with him before the debate.


Oh brother! The heights of hypocrisy supporters of the Republican party go!

They are quick to demean the "hollywood elite" but yet have voted in more ex-hollywood members into public office (Regan, Schwartzenager, Thompson, Sonny Bono, etc.)than any other party.

Mrs. Palin is running for a public office--that she cannot be asked questions in public settings is ridiculous! What does she have to say for herself and her party?? NOTHING!

The argument regarding experience is beside the point. When you become a parent for the first time, are you excluded because you don't have experience???? It's the content of your character and intellect that matter most. If we are to follow the moronic partisan republicans, Abraham Lincoln would have never been president!


Roger Selford,

>>Are you guys aware that people with bachelor degrees make more, on average, than people with a PhD?

I don't know where you got this impression, but you are incorrect...on average, folks with PhD's earn more than those with just a Bachelor's degree. See results from the latest US census for the numbers -


FYI, starting salary for an entry level professorship (which requires a PhD) at most American universities is around $75k. Starting salaries for PhD's in industry is typically in excess of $100k. What pulls down the averages are PhD's who work either as post-docs and earn ~$50k, or work outside their field of expertise (which is not uncommon simply because there aren't enough jobs to accommodate the number of PhD's that enter the workforce every year) and earn even less than $50k. So, PhD's working in their field of expertise have much higher starting salaries than their B.S. counterparts, but less opportunity for salary increases throughout their career, mainly because PhD's work primarily in the public and non-profit sector.

>>Why? Often because, losers that can't get jobs >>just go back to school.

Politics aside, your argument misses the point that folks who pursue a PhD do so because they're interested more in academic scholarship than in financial compensation. True, some folks enter the PhD track because they can't find jobs, but this says very little about their capability, intellectual or otherwise.

>>So, Obama sat in college for 10 years, while >>Palin was working in a series of executive jobs. >>Then, Obama got elected to a state legislative >>where he was a member of a voting body, but >>never ran anything.

This "executive experience" argument that has become a mantra for McCain-Palin supporters is wearing thin. There are many words I can use to counter this argument, but the only three that matter are George Walker Bush...lots of "executive level" experience prior to POTUS, but has done an absolutely terrible job in running the country.

>Could Obama run a Taco Bell? No one knows. Think >about it.

The question should not be whether or not Obama can run a Taco Bell, but whether or not he has the intellectual capacity, judgement and disposition to effectively run this country, and to do it better than McCain can. For me (and I would have voted for McCain in 2000 had he earned the Repub nomination), the answer is an emphatic YES.


Policy aside for a moment: thus far, Sarah Palin has not been able to intelligently speak to anything. I couldn't interview for college or an office job with a Palin-esque response and expect to be taken seriously. Why are we so willing to overlook this ignorance in ANYONE applying for such the position of VP?


Ted said: "...look at the platform of Obama and other Democrats. It is Communism."

Ted, tell you what, let's save a) 'communist' and b) 'socialist' for societies in which the government a) plans and controls all economic inputs/outputs while shifting resources from areas of surplus to areas of shortage, or b) owns or controls the means of production and distribution. By the way, the current bail-out proposals do seem to lean toward b) (…and I assume we’re in agreement that we both prefer a representative democracy and free market?).

If by some chance you have any knowledge of economics (as unlikely as that may be, given your use of ‘communist’ as a simplistic expletive), google ‘Obama’ with ‘Chicago School’ and ‘Economics’…you might be surprised at the identity and qualifications of his key economic team.

I think that through their actions and performance over the last eight years, the Republicans have forfeited their moral claim to the Presidency this election cycle. Perhaps a stint as the Loyal Opposition will change their focus from attaining “The Permanent Republican Majority”, to what they said was the theme of their convention: Country First.


I think McCain should have chose Cindy over Sarah Palin as VP. Cindy is probably more intelligent and understands the foreign and domestic issues we face far better than Palin. John Must be kicking himself in the rear end for not choosing Mitt Romney as VP. My question though is: How do the GOP's leading female Senators/reps feel about McCains pick of Palin now? They've gotta be like come on, I'm way more qualiifed than former Ms. Alaska. "Country First" didn't happen this time, I would call this "Country's Worst" - VP pick since Quayle. How can we have a VP candidate that 65% of the counrty is smarter than? and I'm being generous.


Sir, if you think Sarah Palin isn't qualified to be Vice President, then don't vote for her. That's the way it's done in a democracy.


To Open your Eyes: Your statement just shows that you are dumber than dumb.


Let's give Sarah Palin a chance and see how she does in the debate against Biden. Who knows, maybe we will see something funnier than James Stockdale...


Mr. Zakaria knows a great deal about global issues (economic, military, diplomatic, and environmental) and he knows a good deal more about American foreign policy; as it relates to the Muslim world and the Middle East in particular.

But he knows absolutely nothing about America, its history, and the context and full extent of its racialist social; and world view. From that perspective Sarah Palin is a godsend to the McCain campaign, and absolutely vital to any hope he has of defeating Senator Obama.

Now of course the vulnerable, ignorant, right-wing white woman is wholly unqualified to be either Vice President of the United States or the Governor of any state in this Union save Alaska, or maybe Delaware. But that’s not the point, she’s white, a woman, a “wing-nut”, and she’s most importantly, “menaced” and “threatened” by Senator Obama. And as such, the only way she (and the rest of white America ) can be “saved” from the evil clutches of the Muslim, the Negro, the radical foreigner, is for the decisive majority of the electorate who are white (and socially of her same class) to vote for Senator McCain and not for Obama, (remember, the Negro, the Muslim, the foreigner).

This is why she was selected by Senator McCain, and it was and is a brilliant choice. Governor Palin’s functional qualifications for the office of Vice President or President in succession are irrelevant to her ability to motivate white voters to see her as the embodiment of what and who they are, as opposed to what the Senator from Illinois is (remember, the Negro, the Muslim, the foreigner).

She both sharpens the race, and constantly signals to the white electorate that this race, is about race, class, and difference. She emphasizes every day and in every way that Senator Obama is an uppity, aloof, and distant Negro, who thinks he’s better than “us” and who thinks he’s better than he actually is.

The Senator has tried to proactively neutralize this feeling in non-southern white voters of the battleground states (e.g., Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan); by treading on eggshells in dealing with McCain-Palin. And he has faced some criticism from his own supporters for not being “tougher” with Senator McCain, and on the Republican ticket (i.e., Ms. Palin) in general.

But Senator Obama is rightly afraid that if he were to “….tell the truth, like it is, and they think its hell…”, like Harry Truman; he would face a backlash of anti-Negro feeling for McCain-Palin, and the Republican ticket, specifically the vulnerable and “menaced” white woman VP would gain swing state white working and lower middle class supporters.

So qualified or not, it’s not relevant. Governor Palin is a brilliant choice. It completely defuses and defeats the potential of an “attack-dog” thrust against the Republican presidential ticket, by a Negro, Muslim, and foreigner. It completely obscures the millionaires’ club challenge to the Republican ticket because of McCain’s multi-millionaire heiress wife. And it instantly solidifies and energizes the “wing-nut” Republican base, who have never trusted Senator McCain to be a true, God fearing, Confederate Battle Flag waving, Born Again, Evangelical, white man.

Source please?:

Mr. Zakaria,

I am in complete agreement that Palin is unqualified to be VP.

Do you have a source for your exerpt from the Couric/Pain interview?

It sounds exactly like what Tina Fey said while impersonating Palin in a SNL skit this past Saturday night.

I was courious if Palin actually said it, so I checked the transcripts of the interviews on CBS's website and it's not there.

Please let us know if Palin actually said it and what's your source.

Thank you.


sarah is a reflection of most americans; same who gave us bush and want some more of it because she's just like them. make sense?


I've read most of the comments here but two stick out. The first is from the person who claimed to be a graduate of an ivy league school in international affairs. The second from the person who said not to vote for "communists."

As to the "communist" issue. With the nationalization of the banking industry, buddy we are already there! But just admit that you can't vote for a black man and stop hiding behind the code word "communist" or "muslim." We all know just what that means.

As to the person who claims that Palin's citing of Russia's close proximity to Alaska is evidence of even a modicum of foreign policy experience- you're using that ivy league wit to offer a sarcastic rejoinder, right? Because if you are not- please understand that you are disgracing the rest of us ivy leaguers and our "aura" of intelligence. Palin thinks that the Russians are going to attack us by crossing the Bering Strait and her moose hunting skills are going to save us? She scares the hell out of me and, judging from the comments here, is giving the rest of America great pause.

As for McCain I think he is gravely ill right now and is refusing to release his medical records because of it. This will make Palin the President and God help us with the terrorists then. A vote for Obama is actually the safe bet at this point and it's difficult, after 400 years of white supremacy in North America, for white America to realize that their choice is between Barack and a hard place. But if you want to save America this is what you must do.


Oh yes, she is ready!
Sarah Palin has no foreign policy experience, but McCain has tons of them.
Obama has no policy experience either, so we're in big trouble if he becomes the president.
People, we can't compare Palin with Obama. It's McCain and Obama.



It is true that Palin has done some good things in Alaska but lets face it she is no way or ever should of been a quailfied candidate for Vice President. Sara Palin is so far over her head it's not even funny. I don't blame her this is the work of John McCain who's lost his mind. I'm a Vietnam vet and have a lot of respect for John McCain but his mental aquitity has gone south. John is scary he holds too many resentments just as I do about the Vietnam war except I do not believe in war in which he like war a little to much. If both John and Sarah gets voted in it will be a tragedy just waitng to happen. Shame on John McCain for show casing woman this way.


Thank you for having to state the obvious that so many Americans refuse to see.

The failures that the Republicans have given us in the last 8 years are beyond belief. Even before our recent financial debacle - Record Budget Deficits

One writer above said the Democrats were going to lead us to communism. That is hysterical as Republican Bush just pushed to buy so many private businesses after he and MacCain have pushed to eliminate the GlassStegall Act, created specifically after the Great Depression just to make sure this didn't happen again.

WAKE UP AMERICA ! Quit drinking the Republican Kool Aid. If you can't see what is happening it is your own blind ignorance getting in your own way. NO WMD's in a false war, Biggest Bank failures in our history, Financial Failures, Biggest Deficit in our history (even before the bailout), Americans being eavesdropped on by our own government. Afghanistan has just had a record opium poppy crop.

Thank you Zakaria for speaking the truth. Thursday night's debate will probably show the reality of how totally obsessed with winning and so totally irresponsible MacCain is for selecting Palin.

Etaoin Shrdlu:

"Of course, to the Media Chauvins for Obama all that matters is his great snake oil oratory skills. The media has anointed Obana as the second coming and the ONE!"

"Chauvins?" If you are referring to the man Chauvin from where the word came, it doesn't really fit. His allegiance to Napoleon after Bonaparte was reviled by France implies senseless devotion to a lost cause. If you meant "chauvinism," that would imply excessive nationalism. If you meant "male chauvinism" as you do further down in your rant, "chauvinist" would have been understood. But why do you capitalize that and not "Second Coming," a proper noun? And compound modifiers preceding the object they modify should be hyphenated, as in "snake-oil oratory skills," unless there one of the words ends in "-ly"--but it is a very clumsy phrase in any case.

The collective you trashed the best qualified choice for president -- Hillary. Male chauvinist media mavins just could not have a woman for president. Now you want to prevent a woman from becoming veep.

Who is the "collective?" What's more are they trashing or being trashed? And that is a misuse of the dash before "Hillary." It should be a colon. But now that we understand that you are referring to "male chauvinists" (again, no hyphens with the compound modifiers), these chauvinists are "media mavins." Since it is unlikely you are condemning the Mavin Foundation, I am guessing you mean "mavens." Again, this is misusage. A "media maven" would be either a enthusiastic follower of or expert on the media, while I presume you intend to indict the news media for sexism.

I sincerely do not think many in the media have anything against a woman as U.S. Vice President. In fact she was a media darling for four weeks. However, much like your sloppy, poorly considered blustering would cause me to not take your opinion seriously, Palin's missteps have called into question her intelligence and suitability to hold such an office.

Jay P:

Hey, what is wrong with John Mccain, he is a old man, a retarded candidate who picked a Stupid VP like Pallin to run with him. OMG, please bless our country... Let vote for Obama people.
I am sure the Mccain/Pallin will soon out of the American's mind after the election.


Dear Anonymous,

I find it curious that you label Obama an idiot and wonder about your criteria. Harvard apparently didn't think he was an idiot (but you probably have little regard for Harvard), and at one point he ran the law review. McCain was fourth from the bottom of his class at Annapolis. I would not call him an idiot, but I can't vote for someone who lacks curiosity and shows such poor judgment as to select Palin for VP.


The problem, Italio BeBlasi, is not a lack of foreign policy knowledge. Over time, that can be solved.

Sarah Palin does not exhibit any interest in or ability to really understand the intricacies of foreign policy or the economy. What is her background exhibits an ability to really absorb the details of a very complex situation, properly weight and analyze the opinions of "experts," and develop an effective plan of action?

Good leadership requires a lot more than not blinking.

ImaRepublican duhhhhhh:

If you vote for Obama we will all become communists like in that other Country, duhhhhhhhhhh... He´s a Muslim, I saw him in a robe once, duhhhhhhhhhhh... America is great, we don´t want to be Socialismists, duhhhhhhhhhh.... I don´t know, there´s something about his background that just isn´t right, duhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Palin has just as much experience as Obama does so there, duhhhhhhhhhh... Plus she´s feisty, I like her, duhhhhhhh.... Obama will take all the money from us and give it to the poor people, duhhhhhh... McCain will keep us safer from all the terrorismists because he is more better qualified to do that, duhhhhh...
Get real Republicans. All of you go home now and be quiet, it´s time for the smart people to take over and make everything o.k. again.

Barbara Shaw:

Some people will repeat anything they've been taught. But for anyone with half a brain:

Watch Obama debate McCain. Then watch Palin talking to Couric. If you cant make the distinction, you are beyond rescue!


It is a sad state when the people of the United States would risk having an unprepared person in a position that could place her in command of this entire country. She has to be coached through her interviews because she has no knowledge of BASIC world and US issues. If she were qualified, it would be a different story, but it is obvious that she is NOT!

Some may think that she is attractive, her glasses may be "stylish", she is a working mom and soon to be grandmom--many of us are. That doesn't make her ready to lead, or even assist in leading this nation. She has made a complete and utter fool of herself and of John McCain and the Republican party. Being white doesn't always make you RIGHT!

She's so bad that comedians don't have to make fun of her anymore, they just quote her and get the laughs! She is a joke and it is an insult that John McCain would make such a poor choice for running mate. And it is sad that she garnered support for the reasons that she did.


Not only do we have a woman who ABC reports as having attended six schools in six years (without distinction), we have McCain who graduated 894 out of 899 from the Naval Academy! This is the best they can do?

If we're going to talk sexism, why don't we say how the press and everyone has protected Sarah Palin with White priviledge? I mean, if she were Black or Brown, people would say her pregnant teenager indicated bad parenting and represented the worst social ills of society. If she were held to her own Christian fundamentalist principles, the sex before marriage/pregnancy of Bristol and obvious bad parenting on Sarah's part (you know she's not taking care of her 5 month old special needs child) would be noticed. Instead, she gets a free ride from everyone -- so it's no problem that she's a walking hypocrite (cut funding for unwed teenagers) and has a future son in law who calls himself a "%&*#n redneck"! Truly absurd and scary.

Boy, the Republicans-- as typified by these past eight years -- have nothing to offer in terms of intelligence, and seem to only have talent for reckless spending which benefits their own and robs the American people: Cheney's Halliburton has overcharged at least 108+ million! The neo-con goal of destroying government seems to be working. And since they can't legitimately win by good leadership, it's scary to read of their historic and current means of stealing votes:

In the meantime, Obama offers intelligence with humanity, integrity and congruence as a kind human being -- something we haven't seen in quite a while, and something after eight years of hatred, torture, war crimes and two wars we desparately need to heal our damaged reputation throughout the world.

Barbara Shaw:

Some people will repeat anything they've been taught. But for anyone with half a brain:

Watch Obama debate McCain. Then watch Palin talking to Couric. If you cant make the distinction, you are beyond rescue!


Puleeez - enuff about Palin, McCain said "find me a GOP reform candidate, that change sign the dems are using is working really good". So, muttering under their breath "u can't run on reform when your party is the incumbent", agents trecked high and low, night and day, scouring the country for a GOP politician who in some way could be connected to "reform" -- hence they arrived in Alaska and found Palin, if you squint and look at it sideways her record could have a little reform in it (fools gold).

Obama graduated near top of the class from Harvard Law, and has taught constitutional law - he knows more about the fundmentals of federal gov't than McCain, even after his 26 yrs (because McCain has always skated along relying on the good ol boy network, lobbyists and briefings for his direction). One thing you can say for granpa' McCain is that he is a military history buff.


I am an independent and voted for Republicans for many occasions. I understand that Obama is very green in terms of exercising power at national and international levels. But his intellectual capacity have enabled him to be a qualified player. He proved that in the epic battles against Hillary. Obama may make many mistakes during his, now seems to be inevitable, presidency, but he, far more than McCain, has the potential to achieve greatness in the Whitehouse.

The moment I heard that McCain picked Palin as his running mate, I know that McCain's chance of wining this election was doomed. Palin appeared to be a nice women. You'd be glad to have her as your neighbor, sit on the same PTA board with her, and even be glad to have her run your town. She may be able to glide through her governorship amidst the minor-league politics of a small and remote state. But she is not disposed to run a nation with an economy and a society so complex, not to mention the intricacies of international landscape that the U.S. President has to navigate.

It's rather disappointing to me that she did not know that she is not qualified for the VP office, or that she thought the McCain campaign would hand-holding her through this treacherous terrain of presidential election. Most high-school kids with a B- average would have the self-awareness that they would not waste time applying to Harvard, what make Ms. Palin think she would get lucky making it to the White House?

I am voting for Obama, but this is not against Palin. I only feel sorry to her.


Obama=communist? Hello??? What about McCain? Just because he's a POW and claiming that he will defend the land with his heart and soul, doesn't make him an angel who will restore the nation to the glorious reputable country of USA. And Palin? Come on....her answers are sooo not credible. I would rather watch "Are You Smarter than the 5th Grade" participants, because at least they only humiliate themselves... not the entire nation for the next 4 years. Wake up people!!


The question is over gov. Palin's preparedness for being V.P. in that she'd be 2nd in line for the Pres.
First let's talk about being ready to be in the executive branch of gov. with real authority and repsonsibilities/duties of governing a nation.
Palin - gov of an important (even if only strategically speaking) state. Made important reforms while in office. Mayor of city, made reforms while there as well. 2 important executive gov. positions in gov.
Obama - uhm well nothing, a US senator for less than one term. voted present most of the time when he did vote. Championed no major legislation, other than possibly putting a name on some legislation if it passed - something easily done by any and many Senators. The true test its what leg did he sponsor and see thru to signing. None.
Results: the GOP VP choice has more executive exp than the Dem. Pres choice.
Let's talk about foreign policy exp. shall we as you seem to focusing on?
What so called foreign policy experience did former Pres Carter have before he became Pres.? well he was gov. of Georgia and a peanut farmer? What foreign policy exp. did former Pres. Clinton have before he became Pres.? well he was gov. of Arkansas, a land locked small state with one of the worst education rates in the US. On a better note Reagan was gov. of Cali., one of the largest states and at least not landlocked, and he ended the cold-war... What was significant to these former Presidents and their success ro failure was their view of the US in the world and their ability to make wise decisions in a decisive manner. Some were successful like Reagan, others a failure like Carter (even Detente failed to materialize any meaningful change).
So what is the foreign policy exp. of Obama - well he was appointed by Senate to a comm. and vice chair of a subcomm. dealing with foreign issues so he might have read some of the briefings and listened over the tv to some of the debates for which he didn't show up. No more than many people in Washington DC. Did he visit Afghanistan or Iraq or other significant foreign power/nation and meet with dignitaries or heads of state much before he was in the end run of his presidential campaign? No.
Palin - well same as Reagan, Clinton, Carter, and yes even Obama. Yet wait she's the VP pick and this is comparing her to the Dems Pres pick... who is just as inexp. as she might arguably be.
McCain teh GOP Pres pick has many years dealing with foreign policy issues, leading the way on high profile significant foreign policy change(s). A very well respected US Sen on foreign policy issues. Visited many times many foreign nations and has spoken numerous times with foreign dignitaries and heads of state. He is much more exp and knowledgeable than Obama and yes McCain is much more well-respected and exp. than Sen Biden - who's been wrong on every major foreign policy decisions he's voted on (eve according to his own estimations).

Comparing the Dems picks to McCain/Palin is like comparing apples and organges only; Obama/Biden are more like a pair of unripened sour grapes, So chew on them apples!

If the american people are dumb enough to elect Obama (as you idiots argue they should) because he says the word "Change" a lot and they don't like W. Bush... then they'll get another malaise ridden presidency like Carter's was, as far as the econ is considered (or worse - his tax and spend policies will further the economic downturn into a true depression), and as far as foreign policy is considered we'll get bombed even worse by the terrorists and foreign travel for US citizens will be far more dangerous than ever before...

Marilyn, CA:

If the Old Warrior and his Arm Candy end up in the White House, it would be because 1) only the morons showed up to vote, or 2) the republicans rigged the election for a third time. So, let's give it a try once again and let's get the non-morons to the polls in November. This is a do or die situation, folks.

Steve S:

Senator McCain has shown himself not to have a liberal attitude towards women, but as a confirmed chauvinist who is'using' Sarah Palin, not for the good of the country but for his own purposes to get 'himself' elected.

His attitudes towards her show disrespect and even disdain. She is not his partner, but in his mind a gimmick.He has no desire to share respnsibility with her and certainly not to respect her opinions.

Watch the way he looks at her and talks to her.

Rather than a breakthrough for women, this is a
demeaning and heartbreaking experience.

Drew Knox:

When life becomes a parody, it's tough to remember whether these quotes are really from Sarah Palin or from Tina Fey, who is actually much brighter. What's equally distressing to Palin's obvious shortcomings is the number of knee-jerk, reactionary commenters who indicate (I hesitate to use the word "think") either that Palin is on equal intellectual footing with a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, or that ignorance of economy and world affairs are unimportant qualities of a President.

Ponder This:

One of the most ridiculas questions in all the Presidential polls is "Which candidate appears, or sounds, more "Presidential!"

If nonsense questions like this have any substance or meaning, or if they, indeed, reflect any degree of worthy perception by the public (regardless of party affiliation) about political candidates, why don't we ask the same question about Vice-Presidential candidates?

Let me be one of the first to pose this polling question to all voters, regardless of their political preferences.

Does Palin appear, or sound, "Vice-Presidential?"

I'm not sure what "Presidential" and Vice-Presidential appearences or sounds really are - can they be clearly and consistantly defined?

I know the sound of someone speaking when he or she is clearly over their head, regarding subject matter - when they are obviously hoping to substitute disjointed verbage for substantive, well-thought-out argument, or expression.

Imagine giving a job interview and listening (objectively) to a job candidate's answer like the one given by Palin.

Would you honestly shake her hand and welcome her into your company? Would you have no reservations about handing her your Human Resources Package?

Would you say, in all confidence, "Welcome to the company Ms. Vice President?"


Open Your Eyes: Do you really make $250k and not understand marginal tax rates? You would have to be making a bit over $250k to start feeling anything from top bracket tax increases; anything under that wouldn't be affected. I think you're trolling.


As an Arizona Republican, I'm even more embarrassed by the selection of Palin than I was by the selection of Quayle.

Sorry John, that was a ridiculous decision. Now I'm voting for Obama.


I share the exasperation that Mr. Zakaria writes about. How long do we have to endure woefully unprepared individuals plastered all over the media airwaves and newsprint? Like Governor Palin, Zakaria tirelessly defended the Iraq war until reality became too difficult to ignore.

I watched Zakaria making the rounds on the political talk shows (now he even has one of his own???) stammering, stuttering and doing his best Palin when pressed on the Iraq war and Bush doctrine. I also read countless articles in newsprint where Zakaria preached that America should get behind Bush's war effort or there would be no peace in the Gulf region and the world would be at risk if Bush's 3rd grader definition of democratization failed.

It is the zenith of hypocrisy for Fareed Zakaria to criticize anyone for lacking foreign policy expertise. Pot, meet kettle.

Fareed Zakaria GPS? Please.

John IQ Public:

Anonymous believes that where Palin lived is relevant because geography is one of the fundamentals of foreign policy.

What coherent evidence has Palin provided of having taken advantage of her proximity to Russia?

John IQ Public


McCain aides, pundits and even Palin's parents are talking about how Palin will redeem herself during the VP debates. It's too late. I'm alarmed and embarrassed at Palin's lack of understanding and depth. If she can't even discuss the financial crisis without babbling, then how is she going to get us out of this economic mess? Even if Steve Schmidt and his staff crams her with information for the debate and she comes off sounding confident and flawless, it's TOO LATE! It's clear she has been hidden all along because she talks absolute nonsense when she's not scripted. If McCain really wants to put country first, he should look out for America's safety and best interest. He should choose a new VP candidate who is competent should something happen to him.


He who knows not and knows not that he knows not- is a fool -shun him. Neither palin or mccain is aware of their lack of knowledge and capability, so let us keep them away from the white house. Mcain finished last in his class and palin took many yeares and 4-5 college to get a half ass degree.Please AMERICA, MAKE A BETTER CHOICE. we dont want to repeat GEORGE BUSH whom have proven to be a nightmare with his ignorance.

Ken Basington:

The argument that if Palin is unqualified, so is Obama is dead in the water. Lets face it: Obama is McCain's equal when it comes to foreign policy, and his superior when it comes to the economy. He showed it clearly the other day. He is a leader. Palin is incoherent and clueless. Compare the two? Its a non-starter.


A 72 year old nominee and a least qualified running mate. God forbidden, if they do win the WH, the Speaker of the House better get prepared to take over someday!


Vice presidential candidates should be chosen at least in part for their ability to run the country in the event of the president's unhappy demise. That held especially true for the Republicans in 2008. John McCain is 72 years old. His father died of natural causes when he was 70. His grandfather died when he was 61. So, John McCain chose Sarah Palin. Does she have the knowledge, experience and judgment necessary to run the country? In light of his choice, does he?

elmer fudd:

This is a once n a lifetime opportunity for us all, not just Sarah Palin. She reveals herself with each utterance. Her body language is faltering. If one listens closely she says nothing with phrases often unrelated. Never again will a major party nominate such a blithering idiot. There are whole subjects she has never heard of much less discussed. Her performace Thursday night will be reality TV at its best. It maybe painful though as the crowd will find it hard to refrain from laughter. Honestly many of you defending Sarah Palin here, are much more qualified to be Vice President than she is and many of you who are rally to her defense would fair much better than this junior varsity cheerleader against Joe Biden.


Thanks for pointing out the obvious. But the big question is where was the press 8 years ago when W started tripping up on syntax, spouting many of the same inane platitudes and demonstrating in plain sight, that he also has a weak intellect.

Read the transcript of Bush's press conference on the bailout.


Here are a few nuggets:

"My first instinct was to let the market work until I realized, upon being briefed by the experts...It turns out that there's a lot of interlinks throughout the financial system."

"then AIG came along and it — the house of cards was much bigger, beyond — started to stretch beyond just Wall Street, in the sense of the effects of failure. And so when one card started to go, we were worried about the whole deck going down, and so therefore moved, and moved hard."

The man just called our financial system a house of cards!! And yeah its nice to know that he now understands everything is interlinked!!

Clearly there is a double standard and the press is still covering for this dangerous fool. Shame on you guys!!!


McCain isn't hoping to get elected. He's come up with an idea for a new movie for Hollywood starring Jim Carey as John McCain and Paris Hilton as Sara Palin. This new movie that McCain is floating in Hollywood is to be titled 'Dumb'-McCain who finished 995/1000 at Annapolis and 'Dumber'-Palin who finished who knows where from who knows where out of Idaho,Hawaii, or Alaska. Dumb and Dumber will be a top grossing film for McCain and he should be commended for his creative thinking. The American public will love this film. I thank Senator McCain for all the laughs to come to the world thanks to this idea.


If this were a sitcom, it would be some of the funniest stuff on television today. Just watching Katie Couric trying to keep her head from imploding is hilarious. When the realization hits that this isn't a sitcom and that this Palin person could have even a finite chance of becoming president, the whole thing comes crashing down to earth very quickly. I'm experiencing severe cognitive dissonance -- I'm laughing until my face hurts, and I'm terrified all at the same time.

Nancy M:

I think most elections have been won on style over substance and to that end, Palin would win but McCain would lose.

They should just cancel the debates and have a runway walk-off, that's pretty much the level of depth most voters seem to put into picking their candidates.

M. Burke:

If McCain wants us to believe that in the whole of the United States Sarah Palin is the best qualified after him to become President of the United States he must think that most of us are brain dead. I would suggest that my dog is a more qualified candidiate than Sarah Palin. At most he could do no harm.


Only the Republican base can actually believe Palin is qualified to be VP. And to those folks I say that's why we are in the position we are now, because W wasn't qualified to be president either. Stop being contrarians and thinking that what makes you happy in life is to thwart the Democrats. Start seriously thinking about your country and the lives of your children. You shout patriotism and "country first" but your actions at the polls belie that. It's not your team that counts; it's the fate of the nation. To vote for a ticket that would insert Palin so close to being the President of the United States is so irresponsible it defies logic.

Open Your Eyes:

For all of you who think Obama is more "Presidential" please remember that he has spent the last 20 months campaigning for President. He has no executive experience. I live in Chicago, and he has done NOTHING for anyone outside of his own neighborhood. His ties to radical Socialists are frightening. His tax plan will result in massive unemployment (see posting from S.S. on Sept 29th). As for the debate, I'll say McCain won hands down. Obama supporters say the same for him. Who cares - it's two politicians taking jabs at each other. I've worked all my life to get to that $250K mark, and if Obama tries to take it away guess what I'll do? I'll walk into my boss' office and get just enough of an salary decrease to fall below it. So will a lot of other people who are just over that mark. We will find a way to keep our money!

Mwana Mwega :

I once applied to Google for a job. After the recruiter read my resume, she sent me an email praising my experience. When the oral interview came and she listened to me, she told me I didn't have the experience they were looking for. I never got angry.

I can't believe any right-thinking American would entertain Sarah Palin as the Vice-President of the U.S. I'm an immigrant currently residing in this great country and I think I understand more about this country more than Sarah Palin. She's so uninformed and naive. She'll be a big embarrassment to this country were McCain to be elected the president. If she was a smart woman, the McCain campaign would not be sequestering her from the media.

C'mon Americans! We hold you with a lot of awe. We have this feeling Americans do their stuff methodically and that's why this country is where it's today. Please don't elect McCain and Sarah Palin. A sophomore can engage in a more intelligible argument than Sarah Palin. She's a complete moron sorry to say. Tell the world Sarah Palin is not who Americans are.

I'm sure Americans would not like to be embarrassed by this woman when she goes to visit foreign countries.

And forget about the fact that Barak Obama is black. Look at his qualities and ideas and compare them with those of McCain and Sarah Palin.

And for those railing against Fareed, I would like them to respond to the issues he has raised in this article. Opponents don't seem to be doing this. They are engaging in parochial attacks.

BILL Asim:

Every time Gov. palin is interviewed, it is a joke, she has no clue, none,
Bush when he ran, used the pro life , pro gun and family values lines, and look where it got us,,
Id rather have Obama, 4 more years of a republican, will sink America more,,


Hmmm: So, all else having failed, you now call on Palin to simply quit, because you just don't like her (or what she represents, to you). Another brilliant dialectic. You bitter, knee-jerk Libs continue to embarass yourselves, and frankly, assist McCain/Palin in the process. If only you were half as intelligent as you fancy yourselves...

Barbara Shaw:

I notice that some Palin supporting die-hards have started the familar tactic of attacking the messenger when they dont like the message! People, just look at the facts...take a look at her interviews. If you think she qualifies to be a heartbeat away from the presidency you have set the bar very low indeed! Surely America can do better? We need intelligent, articulate and competent people to lead us. Arent our leaders supposed to be the best among us? Our nation faces complex challenges at home and abroad... and you want a woman who thinks the "bailout is about healthcare reform..." !!!


Everytime someone mentions how inexperienced and unqualified Sarah Palin is to be Vice President, McCain/Palin supporters feel it necessary to bring up Obama's experience to be President.

There is one thing that they fail to realize:
Obama makes sense when he speaks. He just doesn't memorize catch phrases that someone else puts on paper. Palin couldn't answer very simple questions during Katie Couric's interview. Can you imagine her sitting at the table with world leaders negotiating Foreign Affairs? I say no to a Puppet for Vice President.

With all the Protest occuring in Alaska against Palin, it does not appear that she would even be re-elected as Governor. Palin needs to look for a new job as a White House intern.


Palin is an IDIOT!!!!!

Vote with your brain:

To all who post...it is a noble thing you do to debate your opinions!

That is what's so great about our country.

Now...it is your DUTY when you voice your opinion to have researched first...not regurgitate words that you've heard on TV (FOX, CNN) (those who have...u know who you are!)(deep down..your saying the words and have no idea what the meaning is behind them...As they are leave your brain...you know you need to say them...but you DON'T KNOW WHY....hmmmm...). Sad.. :-(

Bay Area:

Mr. Zakaira--

Well said!! Thank you.

Christian not bigot:

I am amazed at the comparison of Palin and Obama. There is no basis. If Obama (a Columbia and Havard ) graduate were white, this race will be a landslide for him. He is better qualified than both Mccain and Palin.

I am not a Democrat or Republican but what I'm seeing on display in America today is suicidal bigotry. Its better to have an idiotic all white crew than an intelligent crew led by a biracial man. To my fellow evangelical Christians (I'm born again, spirit filled but not a bigot), have you realised that looking down on anyone because of their race is anti Christian? The bible says God made all men in his own image. No matter anyone's delusions, no race is superior to another in the eyes of God.

Please give me a break on all these issues of abortion and gay rights. Christianity as detailed in the bible thrived on persuasion not on force (legal or weapons). I do not agree with the liberals on those issues but instead of condemning a teenager who wants to abort, true Christianity is about showing love and persuading her about the alternative. Most of the so-called evangelicals excited about Palin are hippocrites (like the Pharisees and the saducees) who don't see the log in their eyes but want to remove a speck from someone's eyes.

Comparing a Havard/Columbia grad who taught constitutional law at the prestigious Univ of Chicago to someone who came 894th in a class of 899 and another who went to 4 schools to complete a 4-year degree?....bigotry is the only reason. Stop justifying bigotry with the bible same way some justified slavery with the bible in the past

Daughter of God

Dr Jackson:

McCaine would have been smarter to nominate Katie Couric for VP! She's well traveled, well read, knows the issues of the day, has traveled the world, and has met many world leaders.

Elizabeth Renant:

Ms. Palin's performance in her interview with Katie Couric was so staggeringly inept that without setting foot inside the White House she has already become a national embarrassment (something this country doesn't need right now) abroad. Countries like Russia and Iran, of course, are licking their chops at the prospect of the U.S. going from the mind-bogglingly incomptent Bush/Cheney regime, to the dangerously stupid one of McPain. Our allies - the UK, France, Italy, Spain, and all of NATO, are looking on appalled as they contemplate another term of polit-speak instead of real leadership.

If Obama were white and his name were Smith, this would be a landslide instead of now-dead heat, now slightly uneven contest. It is a tribute to the stupidity and inbred racism of Americans that they would prefer this incompetent crypto-fascist and a doddering fool who has changed his position on the economy six times in six months because he has no idea what he's talking about, to someone with brains who at least lives on Planet Earth where (most) of the rest of us live.

America, you elect McPain and you will deserve everything you and your grandchildren will get.

Gary Hartman:

Dear Senator McCain and readers:
Please help us. You might win the presidency. We need assurances you have the humility to right your own wrongs. Bush never could get out of a mess because he could never admit he was wrong. We need you to show flexibility. You can relieve us all of the horrific pain of seeing a most glamorous woman having to hide herself away when she should be an active supporter of yours and a mouthpiece for your policies. If you cannot put her in front of the media now, then now, get yourself a running mate who can both play to the cameras and also respond to the questions of the Fourth Estate guarding truth and protecting democracy, our media, print and TV reporters.
Thank you Senator John McCain

Poor old Palin she is criticised for her dress, her lack of experience, her lack of professionalism and her lack of oratory. For dress (really image) how would Gandi feature in this. How many marks out of 10 would you give him for dress. Experience and professionalism. Well Washington and New York are awash with experienced and professional people and what a dogs dinner that has left the American economy in. Oratory or as many of us call it Gift of the Gab. Maggie Thatcher was no oratore but what a Prime Minister she was. The best the UK has ever had. What does Palin have. Common sense. The economic outlook of a housewife who knows not to live beyond her means and a State that has a $5,000,000 budget surplus. I wonder how many other American States have that. I know California hasn,t and they have a really astute Governor.


What's more scary than Governor Palin as VP? Obama as President!

1st term Senator? State Senator? Community Organizer? Give me a break -- you have to be insane to vote for him. It shows the sad state of affairs in this country when someone so unqualified can be a candidate for President.

Wendy Stevens:

I actually talked to a man who liked Sarah Palin this weekend. What did he say? "She is feisty, energetic, independent and cute. Nothing about intelligent, experienced or well spoken. This reminds me so incredibly of the reasons Dubya was elected and it scares the Heck out of me. Hasn't this country learned the lesson of smarty pants, quick witted Republicans at the helm of this country.
It would be an embarrassment, for starters, to have her in the Oval Office and it would probably be incredibly dangerous as well. She'd be one heart beat away.
By the way, the Stockton Record, the newspaper in Stockton California, an extremely conservative community hit hard by the housing crisis has endorsed Obama. What a shocker that was.
I guess the only way the country can let McCain know what a stupid move this was is to get out the vote for Obama. Please, vote Obama!!!


Sorry you liberals don't like the labels but the facts don't lie. You look at the Communist Manifesto and then look at the platform of Obama and other Democrats. It is Communism. Plain and simple. Democrats call people names when others don't agree with them. Calling Palin moronic? Stupid? Give me a break. Look deeper into the past of Obama. Do yourself a favor. Keep an open mind. Don't be fooled by the Steven Speilberg/Hollywood production of Obama. Be very careful what you vote for. Look at the associations of Obama. Reverend Wright, Ayers, etc. This is not made up stuff. Do something contructive instead of calling another candidate stupid and a moron. Take off the blinders and look at what Obama stands for. Sorry. It is Communism.

Awilda Torres:

This election won't really be about the issues at hand, they will discuss them because they must, however, the point of the McCain Obama election is race. Did you notice that McCain did not once look toward Obama while debating? An as stated by the news media, it is no secret that McCain dislike Obama. If you don't beleive me remember that this year was the first time McCain rendered tribute to Martin Luther King, he opposed the implementation of the King holiday. As for Sarah Palin, she was too quick to respond to the request to be VP, she should be home taking care of her family especially her special need child.
She is totally out of touch with major issues facing the American voters. Go home Sarah!


All that counts is McCain loves her. You've heard him, 'she brings excitement to the campaign...' That's all McCain expects of her. If he wins the election she'll take care of all the funerals and anniversaries. He expects to live a long while. If he dies in office...well...the country will simply have to wait until she learns...


As a retired high school social studies teacher I can tell you that I know a whole lot more than Sarah Palin does about foreign policy, the economy and the fact that being next to Canada and Russia does not make you an expert....
Just for grins...my students also could have run circles around her answers to Katie Couric. Shameful.

Lou McKellar:

Regarding McCain's promotion to LTC- that's a rank for Air Force, Army or Marines. McCain's a retired Navy Captain- that's equal to a full Colonel in the other branches.

I'm certainly glad the media is focusing on Palin. After all, asking for a zoning variance for a carport is pretty egregrious! Of course, if she were the typical taxpayer, no one would bat an eye!

Marilyn Vierra:

Mr. Zakaria's points are all well taken-- I am still stunned at the vapidity of McCain's choice and marvel that anyone can tolerate the condescending lilt with which he, and now Palin, addresses us. But the most unconscionable part of this is that McCain has saddled the country with his choice-- Palin is uncategorically unfit to assume the presidency. It indicates a dearth of good judgment which can only be seen as continuing in the critical choices he would be called upon to make as president.


Demographically, I should have been a Clinton supporter. I was not. At one time, I was in the McCain camp. As the campaign progressed, I changed my tune. Any way this pie is sliced, there are well deserved barbs re:inexperience. The inexperience arrow has been shot at both candidates and their VP picks. They are all guilty to some degree. Taking into account the experience and judgment of all four, Governor Palin does not rate a grade. She is a virtual "No Show." This would be a lesser consideration if the stakes were not so high - severe global hostilities, an economic nightmare, a fiscal deficit disaster and Senator McCain's age/ health. As laughable as it is, a Vice President Palin could easily become President Palin. I would prefer a really bright 12 year old to a vacant VP who is unaware that she is unqualified. This explains her well concealed hubris and frightening overconfidence.


Obama is an idiot.


I am concerned about the level of deception surrounding Mcain and Palin. We have already gone through this for the past 8 years and it has cost over 4,000 lives. We never should have re-elected Bush for deceiving us about the weapons of mass destruction. Remember the attempt to impeach Clinton for lying about cheating on his own wife. Yet, somehow, Bush was forgiven for placing thousands o soldiers in harms way and the death of m any. If we are truly country first, we do need a change in world image, and honesty with the American people. I believe Mcain is taking advantage of of so many middle class/ blue collar workers who don't realize they will not see one cent of the tax breaks he proposes because they simply do not make enough money to benefit from it. Palin is gradually getting more exposed that she is deceptive in Alaska and uses her office to make issues personal with those who disagree with her. We just don't need any more of that stuff.

If Palin was so qualified, why does she need to briefed to prepare for the job? Other Governors like Bill Clinton, Reagan, Carter and Even Bush got out there in front of the people and had to be quick a study in world politics and how the Federal Government works. Palin is much like Dan Quayle. The only frightening thing is Mcain's age and potential health problems. Palin could finish a term but she would never be elected by the people.


She sounds like the beauty queen she is (with due apologies to other beauty queens).

She answers questions as if they were being asked by the MC of the Miss Alaska contest. Did anyone else see overtones of the American-kids-cant-spot-the-US-on-the-map-because-they-have-no-maps malaise?

Janice Winokur:

Forget all the arguments about education, experience, policies, and so on. Just read the transcripts of Sara Palin's interviews and look at the quality of her thinking. PLEASE.

American for Sanity:


Thank you so much for stating in no uncertain terms the truth that every thinking person in this country, whether Democrat, Republican, or Independent must acknowledge: Sarah Palin has absolutely no business being VP. It is utterly incidental that she is a woman-she is simply not competent to even think of having that job.

People-wake up! This country is on the edge of the abyss. Forget about terrorists-ideological "bombs" have done so much damage to all that was good about the U.S. that really the idea that terrorists will bring about the "downfall" of the U.S. is almost quaint!

One last thing-on the issue of being "Pro-Life" that conservatives use like a big political club on the head! Republicans have NOT been pro-LIFE-the have been pro-BIRTH!!! There's a big difference. If you don't understand that-please don't vote!!

This election is America's last hope!! Don't blow it!!


Is it me or does it seem that everyone posting on this site on behalf of mcCain tend to use phrases like "communism" "socialism" or other terms that with a simple swipe of the brush paints Obama as "unqualified".

Must the republican party continue to use the simpleton's political handbook to try to sway people who disagree with them?

I read the posts from Obama supporters who post coherent thoughts while MCain's supporter just use name - calling. Are we that stupid as a nation. I hope not..

Just an observation.


Palin is being judged by Palin's words. She's a moron. Plain and simple, after the debate last Friday Biden was there to add commets. Palin was in Philly eating ribs!!!! That was not the liberal press, Obama or anybody but John McCain's choice to keep her away and hidden. The McCain campaign is treating Sarah Palin like a moron, it's the only honest and smart thing they've done since her selection!!! LOL


Instead of debating Joe Biden; let's book her on the show "Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?" Although, sadly, we already know that she would be unable compete in that forum either!


What's the difference between Obama and Palin? Well, one of them can give intelligent answers to questions about economic and foreign policy, and the other cannot. Palin is not stupid, but she clearly does not know what she is talking about. Obama clearly does.


Frank Romano said: “Palin may not be qualified to lead but Obama is most certainly not ready to be our president. Obama was a hasty, hasty choice to make a political/media splash with shallow voters.”
Ramon Silver said: “Are we suppose to believe that Obama, who is less qualified than Palin, was the Democrats best choice?”

Mr.’s Romano and Silver, the actual issue is different. Obama’s qualifications have been judged by Democratic voters to be sufficient and, if he’s elected President, he’ll have been similarly judged by all US voters. That means discussions of Obama’s qualifications are moot—please direct questions of proper judgment to the American System of Representative Democracy.

Judgment of Palin’s qualifications, however, is quite different. The sole judge of her qualifications was John McCain, and her selection calls McCain’s judgment into question. Talking about a Presidential candidate selecting an inexperienced VP, well-known Republican Brain Karl Rove said “…it would be an intensely political choice where he said, ‘You know what? I'm really not, first and foremost, concerned with, is this person capable of being president of the United States?’”

So, advocate that Obama shouldn't be elected because of lack of experience. Point is, that judgment will be made by the entire American electorate, so comparison with Palin is moot (irrelevant...overcome by events).

Discussion of Palin's experience and qualifications is still relevant because of how it reflects on McCain's history of risky snap judgments.



I did not see the entire interview but saw some of the excerpts in you tube. This woman makes Bush look like an elitist intellectual. I can't believe anybody with a minimal amount of common sense would vote for this Republican ticket. If Sarah had any sense of patriotism she should accept that she is not remotely prepared for the VP job, much less for a possible presidency and bow out graciously. She has a lot of reading and learning to do and it will be in the country's best interest that she did all of it from the balcony of her home while contemplating her Russian neighbors and not at the Oval Office.McCain should be ashamed. By the way they hide her from the press I believe he is.

Walt Russo:

Sarah Palin is not qualified to be a VP and Barack Obama is to be a President? Please! Have you hit your head on the way to the bathroom in the morning?

Just look at the resume of your candidate, remove the name from it and party affiliation and tell me if that person is qualified, using your criteria, to be the next president. Now, do the same with Palin's resume and compare.

Fact that liberal media have swept under the carpet the discussion about Obama qualifications it does not mean that he made any gains in this matter. He is still just a law professor and community organizer turned politician.

Having said that keep in mind Fareek, that it is American voters who decide who is qualified and who is not. The State of Alaska voters decided that Palin was what the state needed and, juding by the results, they were right. For me that means much more than a call for change and hope.

Terry Woods:

If Sarah Palin had known about John McCain's role in the Keating Five Scandal she would not have accepted the role of Vice President.


This is not a case for McCain but food for thought about the proposed tax cuts for 95% of the middle class who earn more then 250K in a year.

Most people think gee I get to keep an extra few bucks every month. While in theory that is great there are a few things to consider first.

1. If you raise taxes on people who make over 250K per year these are typically the people who own small business and create jobs. If they have less money due to higher taxes it means they will have less money to invest in their business.

2. Less investment in small business means less job growth or a larger downturn in the number of jobs created.

3. Less money in the hands of business owners means lower job growth and job creation.

4. No jobs available when your company goes out of business - who gives a crap about tax breaks you have the lowest tax liability in the world NONE.

People if you honestly think that either candidate will be able to lower taxes I think you all are wearing blinders. The only place to pay back the debt of the DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS (which has a lower rating then the president)is to raise taxes on the working class. Dont be blinded by these politicians.

On another note:

The funniest thing about everyones discussions is the fact you compare the acheivments of Palin to those of Obama. This is one of the first times in following elections where you are trying to justify the level of readiness of the Number 1 person on the ticket to the Number 2 spot of the opposing team.

People start talking issues instead of using the stupid political tag lines each party has.

Ken Edwards:

Experience in absolute terms is overused.

McCain has the most "experience."

Obama would not deny that.

The issue here is whether Obama's experience, education and judgment make him ready to be President. By any non-right wing accounts the answer to that is yes.

4 years as a US Senator which followed years in the Illinois legislature which followed his mocked service in his community followed by, egads, a Harvard education. How unqualified. But more importantly, has his specific set of experiences put him in position to be qualified as President. Yes.

Palin's experience taken alone could be enough. Mayor then Governor combined with education and knowledge could be enough. But she is no where close to being in position to be a credible VP and, shudder, President. Regardless of her experience, she has shown zero ability to handle what is being asked of her.

Being smart and quippy and becoming the Goivernor of Alaska is a remarkable achievement. But that success in no way makes HER qualified. just listen.

It is not bald experience that matters. It is whether your experience has you prepared and whether you are prepared.

She is not. And embarassingly not at that.

Jindal, Pawlenti....smart and capable.

Political only grabs should spell doom.

frank gioia:

Hardliners...Why do you continue to embarrass yourself by defending her? Admit it-she isn't ready. And it would be fine if McCain was 10 years younger but he isn't. He's 72 yrs old and a 4 time cancer survivor. Palin won't just be the VP, she will be the VP with a very likely chance of becoming President within the next 4 years and SHE ISN'T'T READY. I agree, you can say the same thing about Obama but at least he has intelligence and education to fall back on. He was President of Harvard Law. That has to count for something in this argument. Obama's education counters his lack of experience where Palin's lack of experience is countered by her belief in creationism and her claim that living next to Russia bolsters her foreign policy experience. And with all the brillant people in the GOP, this was the best VP choice McCain could find? Out of all the people with Phd's and decades of experience, this is the BEST choice for VP? Hardliners-Stop it please stop it. It's a ridiculous argument. You'd be better off just admitting that you support Palin on pure partisan grounds. At least that argument could be somewhat defended.

John IQ Public:

Dear JP Vanderbilt and Jeff Crocket,

During Obama’s time in the Illinois State Senate he sponsored 823 bills. This is a far cry from merely voting “present” like Mr. Vanderbilt claims. Like Obama, McCain started his career in politics as a “voting member of a large body,” i.e., the House of Representatives. When he moved on to the U.S. Senate he consistently supported deregulation, which is largely responsible for our financial crisis—perhaps his greater experience is not such a bonus?

Davy Crockett entered the House nearly 200 years ago. Do you think that our country and the world are still the same as they were back then? What about automobiles, airplanes, nuclear weapons, the Internet? A simple frontier mentality is no longer what we need.

In any case, preparation is not always the same as years of experience. Although we may not agree with his positions, Obama can produce clear, considered responses to foreign and domestic policy questions; McCain flip-flops on the economy, and Palin speaks gibberish. Obama thinks before he speaks; McCain impulsively sings “Bomb, Bomb Iran,” and Palin lies about the Bridge to Nowhere. We can see Obama has spent time preparing to lead our country; Palin hasn't, and McCain’s health and impetuous style should make us all worried.

We’ve had eight years with an impulsive President who relies on his gut and simplistic solutions. He told us that his lack of preparation wasn’t important, because he had executive experience as the leader of a state that borders Mexico. He told us that his lack of knowledge wouldn’t matter, because he would surround himself with the best minds. Now look at Wall Street, look at how Iran is developing nuclear weapons, look at how Pakistan and Afghanistan are spinning out control, and look at the way while our military is stretched to the limit because it’s bogged down in Iraq. It's a complex world—no more simplistic solutions.

John IQ Public


"But she has never spent a day thinking about any important national or international issue,..."

This says it all. As far as experience is concerned, I don't think Obama has much more to brag about. However, from the speeches and interviews Obama has conducted, it is abundantly clear that Obama has given much thought to the national and international challenges this nation faces, sometime, in painful details.

Meanwhile Palin shows all the signs of a narrow and provincial mind with a complete lack of curiosity.

minister Zel:

To those who think Palin is qualified and Obama is not. Fascinating. They - of course - know better. Obama is, of course, better educated and more knowledgeable...but, of course, those making these statements know that. I suspect that there are some who would find qualities for which to justify voting for Hitler if he were running against Obama. It has little to do with character nor ability. It is their biases that they fight. But, that's their fight and their battle to wage. In the end, I believe that there are enough decent, honest people in the US who will choose wisely...and Obama will win.

The King:

Any muslim commenting on what women should be doing is hypocrisy.


Went from a PTA mom to Governor of a state and she did it on her own.

Fareed your critical thinking skills match your look

one big Dohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


You forgot her main qualification is that she has never had an abortion. She also believes in the "trickle down" theory of economics. Both of these will hold her in good steed when she is called upon to fulfill the presidency when people realize that John McC is senile.. Remember that DanQuayle was only 42 when he rose to the office. Sarah almost has much experience as Dan had at the time. John Kennedy was this age when he became president.
Thanks for the article saying what everyone thinks.


McCain has resorted to stunts to attempt to "change" the campaign for president. Obama has been steady and on track.. All I saw in the debate was a pathetic attempt by MCain to use the "liberal" attack method and it put me to sleep.

Yes, he got a bump after the convention by selecting palin, but that bump evaporated as soon as citizens began to realize that she has no clue..

So, McCain tried" suspending his campaign" and it backfired on him.. This stunt wasn't goping to fly, so let's trot out Palin with Softballing Couric and guess what, another loss...

Obama went on O'Reilly... let's have Palin face Matthews, Olberman, or even Brokaw,, any takers?? Yeah, I thought not....

Italo DeBlasi:

I keep hearing about change and more change. How can we have change if we expect our politicians to
be Washington experieced. Isn't this more of the same? Why should Sarah Palin be expected to have all this foreing policy knowledge. The Constitution actually discourages complex foreign involvement including binding alliances or special trade agreements. We need someone in Washington who is really in touch with the everyday individual in this country(or any country)My vote is for Palin because she is a fresh voice! She doesn't have to be eloquent, she just has to be genuine. Remember some of the most eloquent persons in the world have been tyrants.


Sarah Palin is a moron.


For McCain to have chosen Palin, not only was irresponsible, it was reckless beyond belief. It clearly shows how incompetent, irrational, and disturbing McCain is. He has shown himself to be unfit to hold the office he seeks. He Lacks the temperament, the judgment and the vision to lead this nation in the 21st century. McCain is a 20th century relic.


This is JUST SCARY! A FIRST-YEAR STUDENT IS going to give a more intelligent answer. This woman has to go home and take care of her kids, SHE IS A SHAME FOR AMERICA!!!! It si scary how MUCH MORE RIDICULOUS SHE IS THEN THE CARICATURE OF HER DEPICTED BY TINA FEY, MUCH MORE RIDICULOUS!!! If there are smart people on the McCain campaign THEY SHOULD PULL HER OUT FOR FAMILY REASONS!!!! SHE IS A SHAME!


This election seems like a rerun of 1988, where a Republican Presidential candidate selected an unqualified running mate to appeal to a narrow constituency.

Unfortunately for John McCain, that's where the similarity ends. Unlike George H W Bush, McCain doesn't have a popular president on whose coattails he can ride, and so far, Obama hasn't had a picture taken of him riding around in a tank.

So sorry for John McCain!

Obama '08!

Eileen :

I am so embarrassed for her. The 'cringe' factor is off the charts. And i think McCain is so sexist. His "she was fine" comment about her Pakistan comment and how he framed it as an inappropriate intrusion by the press showed, with other things, how insinificant she is in his eyes. I hate the way he treats her and also his wife--as in the South Dakota biker rally "beauty contest" thing. He is a pig.

First, I am curious to know if I were one of the few who noticed Senator McCain didn't look at Senator Obama during the debate? What was that about? Does he have political vertigo? Or, was Senator Obama an "Invisible Man" in the eyes of Senator McCain? Don't ask Gov. Palin as I doubt she would know what I am writing about. Now on to Gov. Palin, our Political "Queen for a Day."

Ok, so please explain why we have high school students (young men and women,) who are more knowledgeable and articulate about national and international affairs than Sarah Palin? For example, given how close Alaska is to Siberia, why hasn't she visited the land of distant cousins of many Alaskans? Think Russian communities and natives. How has she shown a willingness and interest to learn about the world which impacts Alaska--socially, economically and politically? As a governor she is absent without leave on such matters. From my perspective Alaska's future is not limited to oil, gas and fish. So, perhaps that is how many in the lower 48 see Alaska, including the Governor--the state is just a resource for the rest of us to use and abuse, including its people.

Obviously, she doesn't represent the best and brightest of Alaska. Personally, I have made several trips to Alaska and have met scores of genuinely brilliant, extremely well read and world traveled people out in the "bush". And, yes they have raised families too.

We need intelligence and education for the future of America, perhaps more so than experience and she just doesn't have the weight to deal with the world. When you don't travel and perhaps have a limited need to read, the world is just what you see on a TV. I wonder how well she knows the histories and cultures of Tlingits, Upiks, Aleuts and Athabaskans? (Those are native tribes in Alaska)

Alas my friends empty sound bites don't make effective policies nor do they promote confidence in leadership skills. Instead of having political hacks prep her with P.R. cheat sheets, she really needs acting coaches. Her performance is a little thin and Meet The Press is not a good place for a screen test. No offense to the RNC in St. Paul.

For the record she is a lightweight compared to many, if not hundreds of Republican women in politics, who were conveniently overlooked by McCain. Those leaders don't need cheat sheets nor cramming sessions. What a shame and sham Mr. McCain has made of things. Of course, it's America's and Democracy's loss.

As for Sen. McCain he sold his soul to a group of people who do not truly care about all of America and its collective future. Instead, they only care about the myths of the past, which direct their attention and purpose. If Palin and McCain are voted in, in the eyes of the world, it will represent a fatal failure of democracy at its roots.

Lisa LV:

I can NOT believe that people consider Obama qualified to be PRESIDENT. Considering what these same people feel about Gov. Palin's qualifications for VICE PRESIDENT...Obama wouldn't qualify for VP either. Yet he is their savior and answer to the world. Wow...such hypocrisy we are experiencing from the liberal left. Good luck USA if Obama is elected. You thought you lived in a Democratic state? Think again...if Obama is elected, it's socialism for sure!


A vote for Obama and the Dems. is a vote for Communism. Please don't vote for Communists. America is a great land that is having a few problems right now but going down the road to Communism is not the answer. Look at how they regret is in Venezuela and Cuba, etc.

Obama is running against McCain. Not Palin. I would rather have Palin president if I had to choose and have her learn on the job than to elect Communists. Please, for your childrens and their childrens sake, vote Republican. I don't like either candidate, but I can't vote for a Communist. Look at the background on Obama. Please do the research. His communist ties and giving money to strenghthen the Communist controlled UN, etc. Please, for the love of god, vote Republican.

jake l:

There is only one reason why mccain chose palin:


A simple set of thoughts for this train of comments:

1) I'm an Obama supporter. I have been since the primaries, and I'll be voting for him in November. This is not to bother anyone on either side of this debate as much as state clearly the point from which I'm starting.

2) The past eight years have been distasterrific in terms of foreign and domestic policy, including the persecution of two wars (badly), one of which we had no business fighting in the first place, and horrendous mismanagement of the economy and spending of the US Federal Government. Again, my opinion, stated for the basis of my line of thought here.

3) Though I am an Obama supporter (see point 1), I can see why some individuals would hesistate to vote for him, particular the very, very middle of the roaders, as it were. From talking to several of them that I know, they feel uncomfortable with the direction of the McCain campaing (we're getting there) but not sure about Obama, either due to his shorter time in office or because they see him as "too liberal." While I don't fully endorse this, I at least have an appreciation of the underlying sentiments.

4) More and more, the McCain campaign is shaping up to look like a repeat of the George W Bush years. In 2000, while I was not a supporter of McCain's (voted Al Gore), I at least had some respect for the person presented as campaigning in the primaries. I am aware that all politicians put on a show for us to some degree, regardless of party or mantra, but I'm simply trying to state my perceptions here. Unfortunately, in this campaign, either McCain has sold his apparent ethics and independence in favour of political success, or it was a facade to start. I am open to other lines of reasoning, but given his willingness to start following the current Republican leadership's platform, I don't see many other explanations.

5) Given all of the above assumptions, electing a Republican to the White House appears to me not only undesirable, but also actively counterproductive to the good of the USA and world around us.

6) I make no promises that Obama would be a perfect pancea to our national ills. We tend to expect a new President to be a shining beacon who magically fixes things for us, when in reality, managing this nation an its place in the world is a large and complex task. The next President, whoever he is, will make mistakes and likely do things that not even all of his supporters agree with.

7) Assuming, however, that all the above points are legitimate, I say to give Obama a chance. This is mostly aimed at the fence sitters reading this, I might add. We have a member of the party that has overseen such poor policy running for office (McCain), and we have an alternative (Obama). Both are highly motivated. We have given the Republicans and Bush two chances to run this country responsibly and justly (though I will admit for disclosure purposes that I voted against Bush both times), and in my opinion, they have squandered this. The party that has done this twice in a row does not deserve the Presidency.

8) One thing of which I am very sure is that if Obama is elected and turns out to be a weak or ineffective President (I think better of him, but again, this is my opinion), the Republican party will be waiting in four years to rip his Presidency to shreds.

We're risked nearly a full decade on the Repulicans and Bush, and it has not been successful. If you are torn, I suggest that you risk half of what we've already given the Republicans on the Democrats and see how it turns out.

Comments are greatly appreciated so long as they are respectful and thoughtful.



Hey, all you Country First folks,

I want, no I demand that all of you McCain/Palin supporters, join us who are actually FIGHTING THIS WAR. Enlist.

Put YOUR BLOOD, or that of your kids or grandkids, where your mouth is, rather than sitting on your ARSE, spewing McShame platitudes.

I am one of SEVEN veterans in this generation of my family, three women and four men. I submit to you my service is just as valuable as McCain's.

I at least know how many died in Beirut even if McCain is TOO OLD to remember (300, 400, 500(?)- refer to his debate comment). It was 241 and I found the Farsi speakers for that mission.

McShame hasn't done one thing for Vets and we know it. He voted against this generation's G.I. Bill. My son leaves soon for the Middle East and we ARE ALL VOTING FOR OBAMA!



GirlPower :

rosalala, chapel hill nc wrote:

As much as I agree that Palin is way out of her league,... Let's not skewer another woman who has in the very least, risen to govern a state in this country. The way that the media and the blogs fume, you'd think that misogyny is alive and well. I guess everyone thinks that any decent woman who'd been asked to run as VP would have just smiled, bowed her head, and said, "geez, I can't do that, I'm not good enough."

Dear Rosalala,

Please, please, PLEASE stop equating every legitimate criticism of a clearly unqualified political candidate, deserving of EVERY sling and arrow thrown her way, with an attack on women as a whole! If we, as women, want to play with the big boys, we had better get used to being treated the same ugly way. If we as women don't stop whining whenever the going gets rough, we as a society will never get past thinking about the sex of a candidate as a legitimate consideration.

It is rediculous to suggest that to criticize Sarah Palin is equal to saying that any woman asked to be VP should bow out!!! That said, as a woman, I am horrified and embarrassed that any other woman would vote (or advocate voting) for a ticket with THIS woman on it, just becuase a woman is on it. I am in disbelief that anyone, man OR woman, can defend her as a worthy candidate.


Having studied Russian and International Affairs at one of the nation's most prestigious universities, I find it extremely relevant that Alaska borders Russia. Try telling the Georgians or the Ukrainians that their shared borders are irrelevant.

One of the fundamentals of foreign policy is geography. Is it irrelevant that Hawaii is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? It wasn't irrelevant at Pearl Harbor.

I find it refreshing that Gov. Palin states the obvious. In the same way that Reagan was mocked by the press, Governor Palin is critiqued and minimalized. I think that many Americans are grateful for the common sense vision offerred by Palin that mirrors our own.

Having stated my credentials, the least impressive aspect in my mind about Sen Obama is his academic success in the Ivy League. There are not many admirable persons that I have met at the top of that ladder. It takes more than a healthy dose of elitism to climb to the top in that arena.


PS: Newsweek has been among the worst offenders in favoring Obama while trashing his opponents.

It seems most of the media is in a contest to see who loves Obama the most. Newsweek is near the top of the dung heap.

Most of the hacks working there could not swee the truth if it hit them in the face.


Hypocrisy. It ain't just for the proles anymore. Palin is not experienced. Obama is. These aren't the droids you're looking for.

I for one am shocked that Zakaria is an Obama supporter. His campaign has the best news and op-ed coverage that money can buy.

Then again, we have the insightful ruminations of one mileslong:

"It's clear that McSame's campaign didn't choose Caribou Barbie for her intellect or experience. McLame knew that middle- and lower-class neocons would vote with their penises if given a pretty face to look at."

Bravo, Democratics, Bravo! That's "Change you can believe in™"


I hope palin stay in the race until the end. palin is good for the democrats as well as for mccain and the republican party. Obama/Biden 08


The problem is not limited to Ms Paulin, it is pitiful to watch the interviewers repeat the cliches and avoid follow up questions that would put in evidence the lack of preparation on many politicians running for office. The debate between the presidential candidates showed a pitiful moderator unable to keep the candidates on track and demanding that they please answer the questions.


Palin was selected to help McCain become president. If he does, no doubt she will be rewarded with "spending more time with her family." She's a pawn and knows it - beauty queens like center stage - and she will be "richly" rewarded. Very smart lady.


George Robertson wrote:

"Palin is at least as intelligent Reagan, who served for two terms...she is at least as qualified as Reagan or Bush junior."

-That isn't saying much about American voters'
intelligence, George, is it?
First one, a Hollywood clown, consciously commenced the destruction of 60 years of socio-economic progress in America; the second, a moron born with a "silver foot" in his mouth,nearly completed it, albeit unconsciously.
All the more reason to prevent this Palin...person...from getting anywhere near the WH.


Tori asks how much Washington experience George Washington had. A darned good question!

And would you have voted for Abe Lincoln? He spent very few years in school, but was a voracious reader and student of history, law, the Bible, Shakespeare, and many other fields. When he was elected he had practiced law, served as a circuit judge, spent 4 years in the IL legislature and 2 years in the U.S. House of Representatives. As President, he spent hours studying military strategy so he could manage the War from his office. A great president without prior "executive experience."

What were Lincoln's qualifications for office? He was a brilliant politician with high ideals, a lifelong learner who changed his views as the evidence warranted, and approached the grave issues of his time with a patient pragmatism.

I hope I would have voted for him.


Palin sounds a lot like Bush did back in 2000,
spouting half remembered catchphrases in such an unconnected way that it often sounded like gibberish, which, as the last 8 years have shown, it was.


If Palin is unqualified to be vice president then Obama is more unqualifed to be president.

Obama has no executive experience. All he has is a great line of snake oil that the media has bought. No experience! No accomplishments. Just a track record of running for president for the last 15 years.

Of course, to the Media Chauvins for Obama all that matters is his great snake oil oratory skills. The media has anointed Obana as the second coming and the ONE!

There rthe media has taken it upon itself to trash his opponents and cover for his gaffs, shady dealings and questionable friends.

The collective you trashed the best qualified choice for president -- Hillary. Male chauvinist media mavins just could not have a woman for president. Now you want to prevent a woman from becoming veep.


There's no doubt that Governor Palin is not yet adept at political spin. But that is a learned behavior.

Come on! Political spin is ALL she knows! All she can do is spout political one-liners that the campaign speechwriters have scripted for her. Once she's off-script, she's a disaster. It's clear that she has neither the experience nor the intellect to speak intelligently about the issues--and that's not something that can be learned in a six-week crash-course.

It is entertaining to watch right-wing intellectuals (a bit of an oxymoron) like Kristol go through absurd mental gymnastics to try and justify her non-existent credentials. At least some still have the dignity to admit that the empress has no clothes.


Sarah Palin is obviously out of her league, enough for even conservative pundits to want her gone. Biden is also kind of a clown, but his chances for to obtain the presidency are slim, while Palin's are quite good. Now McCain certainly had the general public's confidence when he was a maverick, but making unfulfillable campaign promises ie that he will veto every bill with earmarks and choosing Palin as a potential vp certainly killed that. You can't be a maverick while basing decisions on political expediency because that is what almost everybody does.

Mike in Dallas:

Sarah Palin is not at all qualified for the problems that she would face as president. She is woefully uneducated, with only a journalism degree cobbled together from six mediocre(at best) institutions, has proven how completely unaware and unconscious she is in her very few guarded answers that the Republican "handlers" have allowed her to answer, and she was basically nominated only to excite the "base" of uneducated Dittoheads and evangelicals that get their "News" from Rush Limpblob and the extreme right propaganda machine! Her incredible lack of curiousity about the world mirrors the moron we currently have in the White House, a man who was a legacy C minus student at Harvard, where somehow he earned an MBA(I suspect he paid for it). Do we really want another idiot running our country? The vast failures of eight years of Republican stupidity and incompetence are there for ALL to see. I believe it is time we restored reason and intelligence to the highest office in our land, and I don't believe that we can find either in the Republican party anymore. And I say that as a former Republican who worked for the Reagan election in 1980. This party bears no resemblance to the Republican party in 1980, it resembles nothing so much as a certain party in Germany back in the 1930s!


willig posted:

Zakaria is more suited to writing jingles in greeting cards. Typical leftwing claptrap from a leftwing mazazine!


The following is from a right-wing magazine:

~ "If BS were currency, Palin could bail out Wall Street herself."

~ "Palin’s recent interviews with Charles Gibson, Sean Hannity, and now Katie Couric have all revealed an attractive, earnest, confident candidate. Who Is Clearly Out Of Her League."

~ "Like so many women, I’ve been pulling for Palin, wishing her the best, hoping she will perform brilliantly. I’ve also noticed that I watch her interviews with the held breath of an anxious parent, my finger poised over the mute button in case it gets too painful. Unfortunately, it often does. My cringe reflex is exhausted."

~ "Only Palin can save McCain, her party, and the country she loves. She can bow out for personal reasons, perhaps because she wants to spend more time with her newborn. No one would criticize a mother who puts her family first. Do it for your country."


Barbara Shaw:

Those who are supporting Sarah Palin today are the same folks who gave us eight years of Bush. Please understand that "Country First" includes finding the best people to lead our country. Its not just about flag pins. Are we so morally and intellectually bankrupt that we keep pushing an unfit candidate simply because she is "one of our own"? Sarah Palin has no national or international perspective. She may be "everwoman" but would you want everywoman to be your doctor or lawyer? No? Then why should the Vice Presidency be any less demanding? McCain insults country, flag, people and everything else that he claims to hold dear by nominating this woman. Enough already!

Bill Haberlach:

The choice of Sarah Palin for VP is more of an indication of John McCain's leadership judgement than her being completely unqualified for the job. McCain has played up his experience as a naval officer but has chosen the equivalent of a brand new ensign to be his executive officer on his aircraft carrier command.
What rational human would pick a person to be one heart beat away from the presidency that you won't let near the press for fear of her displaying her lack of understanding of national policy or foreign policy.
Sarah Palin's bravado is really frightening, especially if she believes she is qualified to be VP or President, God forbid. She doesn't know what she doesn't know, that's scary.




Cute Girl who took 6 years, and 4 college transfers to finish her BA.

VOTE FOR BRAINS: We need them more than CUTESINESS to get out of 2 Wars and the Worst Financial disaster since 1929.

OBAMA = CEO of the wealthiest, best managed Presidential Campaign in US History with upwards of $60million / month earnings.


If you think Palin is qual to be VP then you are from another planet. Just listen to her. Obama is clearly the the better. Senators are a higher grade than Gov's. Gov's run for the senate, if a senator run for a gov. it would be demotion for a senator to run for gov. something to think about.

Kennedy Easterling:

I have a hard time understanding what makes McCain more qualified to be the President because of his time in the military. Keep in mind he was a pilot, Officer and got shot down or should we say, a POW for many years (5 or more). During this time he was not in charge of any Sailors or held any command positions that requires him to make any decisions concerning the welare of others under him. Being a POW for that many years, yes took alot of sacrifice and dedication to survive that long. Upon his release from POW status he was promoted to LTC and if im not sure was discharged from there, still havent served anytime in charge of anything or anyone. So lets be careful when we state that he is ready based off his military experiences and leadership. I spent 26 years in the Army, does that make me qualified over someone who hasnt served. Thanks

Ken Easterling