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Bashir Goth is a veteran journalist, freelance writer, the first Somali blogger and editor of a leading news website. He is also a regular contributor to major Middle Eastern and African newspapers and online journals. Close.

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Bashir Goth is a veteran journalist, freelance writer, the first Somali blogger and editor of a leading news website. more »

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Obama Should Turn His Eyes Toward Cuba

There is no quicker way to improve AmericaŹ¼s image than bring a speedy end to the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

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bmcks Author Profile Page:

If America has any brains left, close Guantamino, buy all 'Cuban-Americans' a muzzle to shut them up, and have lunch with Fidel; all energy experts say corn will never work as a energy source. Only sugarcane is powerful enough.
And hey Cuban-Americans: the Cold War is over. If you want the return of Batista, then you're no good also.

arjay1 Author Profile Page:

Closing Guantanamo implies that there is no such thing as an international criminal preying on humanity and that is a fundamental myth of 'rights' advocates and world anarchists who profess to protect unlimited individual rights. Muslims, Hindis, and Hebrews are not exempted from the definitions of crimes against humanity as specified in the Rome Statute, in spite of what their Scriptures tell them. The mistake at Guantanamo is that it was reserved for sociopathic entities suspected of 9-11 crimes against humanity and not reserved for entities engaged in crimes against humanity in general. Chemical traffickers, female or child slavers, and genociders of many forms all qualify as sociopathic suspects engaged in crimes against humanity.

The European belief that such people caught in a defined environment of crimes against humanity are innocent until proven guilty and should not be detained somewhere is an absurd, irrational distortion of human public safety. It is equivalent to saying that plaque-carrying rats are entitled (ie: have rights) to leftovers in Parisian or Berlin garbage cans. At some point, a facility like Guantanamo or several of them will be needed as globalization continues. Guantanamo may have been a recent American social innovation but the criminal suspects there were bred all over the world and they are a world problem as are all crimes against humanity perpetrators.

saharabdulla Author Profile Page:

Well pointed indeed, USA through Obama and his assistants must implement the chane philosophy localy and outside the home, this includes Cuba and most of the countries which were just punished in he past as they did not obey the big brother!!
Arab World deseves a lot especialy peace talk between Israel and Palestinian autherities, the Middel East require a full recovery and treatments from extremism and this can only be done by solving main issues starting by peace talks between Israel and Arabs then military withdraw of American troops from Iraq.

Enrique-I Author Profile Page:

Congratulations Barrack Obama. Your victory and that of African American people is proof to Cubans that one should never lose hope. Thank you. Your election is the most significant event in American history since its founding, at least for me.

Hopefully you will approach Cuba with great care and consideration. When I refer to Cuba I mean all Cubans, not the tyranny built on top of Batista's.

Hopefully you will not do with Castro what Truman did with Batista in 1952, when the present tragedy began.

Now is the time to end US support of Latin American dictatorships forever.

Were it not for the US system of democracy, or the one that Cuba had prior to Batista and Castro, how might Cubans ever expect to elect someone like you or to determine their own destiny?

Hopefully the full human rights of ALL Cubans in the diaspora will be first and foremost on your mind in carving a new era that will issue in the healing of the wounded US-Cuba relationship.

Once again, congratulations for your accomplishment against what were seemingly impossible odds very few years ago, and congratulations to the United States. Thank you. You have given me hope.

walterlx Author Profile Page:

Cuba is a small country, a proud country, but it is not pleading for assistance. What Cuba wants and need is to be treated with respect. Cuba needs improved relations with Washington, and it would be good for the United States as well. How absurd that Cuba, our close neighbor is the only country on the PLANET for which people in the United States need a permission slip from the federal government to go for a visit. Why can't we learn to accept Cuba's right to have its own social and political arrangements? We don't try to tell Saudi Arabia what kind of system it should have. Or China. Or Vietnam. Why must Cuba be held to a higher standard than any other country on earth? It's time and overtime to simply accept Cuba's right to be whatever it wants to be, without demand that it meet whatever standards Washington cares to establish for it?

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