how the world sees america

Press Coverage of How the World Sees America


The New America Foundation: The 'W' Generation
The Event Mainpage and CSPAN Coverage

Gallup Interview with Amar, on USA Today

Darshan TV

World Politics Review

CNN Turk Interview with Amar

Close Up at the Newseum on CSPAN


BBC's "The World" Radio Interview

WBAI's "WakeUp Call"

WNYC'S "On the Media"

NPR'S "All Things Considered"

On Point with Fareed Zakaria and Robert Koehane: Windows Media or Real Player


Council on Foreign Relations: Changing America's Foreign Policy
Live Discussion: David Ignatius and Amar on Anti-Americanism
Religion Writer: Part I, An interview with Amar on British v. American religiosity
Religion Writer: Part II, An interview with Amar on religion and anti-Americanism in Pakistan
World Politics Review: An interview with David Ignatius on the Launch
Sree Sreenivasan: 'On the 23-Year-Old Global Reporter'
Indian New England: 'Voicing the World's Ire'
Harper's: On Amar's Interview with Ahmed Rashid
The Harvard Crimson : 'Big Men on Campus'


University of Chicago

Columbia University

The New School


Berkeley School of Journalism

South Asian Journalists Association

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