UN Action in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe's chaos has brought about unprecedented cooperation in the UN, with even China and Russia switching sides to condemn Mugabe's government. So -- what should this united UN DO to force change?

Posted by David Ignatius and Lauren Keane on June 27, 2008 11:11 AM

Readers’ Responses to Our Question (19)

Sierra Leone People's Democratic League (PDL) :

Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity (HCI-FPFS)
Vice President of the Republic of Zambia
Independence Avenue, Lusaka
Zambia 10101

Tel : +260 1 266147/262094
Fax : +260 1 266092

P.O. Box 30135

Dear Hon. Banda,

Condolence Message on the sad demise of President Levy Mwanawasa of the Republic of Zambia!

It is with feelings of deep sorrow that, we, in the Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity (HCI-FPFS) have heard the sad demise of Dr. Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, SC, the President of the Republic of Zambia and offer our heartfelt condolences to you, the government and entire people of Zambia. Please extend this condolence message to the bereaved family who at the moment is going through some difficult times in their life.
In the death of President Levy Mwanawasa, we have lost a gentleman of rare charm and refinement. We are sure those left behind in steering the affairs of Zambia will worthily maintain the noble and respectful traditions of African solidarity. May the deceased rest in perfect peace and may God Almighty grant him more of his supreme mercy in all times of his resting period, and also give the people of Zambia and all of Africa the strength to bear this great loss. Amen.

Thank you
Sincerely Yours,

Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh
President of the Hugo Ch Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity (HCI-FPFS)
For and on behalf of the HCI-FPFS officials and members.



18B Guard Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa.
Tel: 00232-76-766854/232-22-222550
Email:freedomsal@yahoo.fr; salpedel@caramail.com.


« Anyone who sought to illegally overthrow an elected government in Africa must be condemned. »

By democratically elected President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, H.E. Robert Mugabe.


In the early hours of Wednesday, 6th, August 2008 a gang of power-hungry, rogue and narco-khaki men of the Mauritanian security usurped power and overthrow the democratically elected government. President Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdallahi and Prime Minister Yahia Ould Ahmed El-Ouakef were detained in the coup. The criminals and enemies of humankind have also seized Mauritania’s radio and television stations, which have both been use to broadcast hate, anti-black, undemocratic, stupid and fascist messages.

Undeniably, there were attempts by narco-politicians to undermine the baby democracy and Constitution of Mauritania. However, a military coup and assassination of basic human rights and democratic freedoms by a gang of power-usurpers tagging themselves “STATE COUNCIL” is no way justifiable; it is undemocratic, stupid and unacceptable. Before these unfortunate events, there were already mechanisms applied by the elected President to divert political crises by naming a new government and sacking top commanders of the military, police, paramilitary and presidential guard force who were accused of condoning with the activities of international narcotic drug cartels; attempting to turn a considerable number of Mauritanian youth into narcomen; helping drug traffickers to influence Mauritanian law makers with narco proceeds; and attempting to taint the international image of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania as a narco-trade-transit centre. They were also accused of championing anti-blacks motivated speeches, decisions and bureaucracy, contrary to the new Constitution of Mauritania, which banned slavery in that country.

As an affiliate of the Green Charter International (GCI), for peace, democracy, human rights, freedom and dignity, we, in the Sierra Leone People’s Democratic League (PDL) condemn vehemently the “narco-military coup against the elected government of President Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdallahi in Nouakchott, as well as other unconstitutional actions and decisions which followed it. We demand respect for the 2006 Constitution, the only legal documents recognised everywhere as the Mauritanian people’s Constitution. We demand for an immediate restoration of constitutional order and the democratically elected government of President Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdallahi, without any amendment other than to give way for the restoration of the elected government.

The coup in Mauritania is worst than genocide; it is a dangerous precedent and act of banditry which must be reversed for the sake of peace, democracy, security and stability in Africa. Credible sources from Mauritania intimated the PDL that, the coup was planned and well-funded by drug cartels and king pins. It is now with the civilised world to reject the junta in Nouakchott not only in words, but also with action to reverse the coup.

Coups are no longer fashionable to Africa or elsewhere, hence the junta in Nouakchott is an evil force that characterises itself through intimidation, terror, criminality and assassination of democracy and constitutional order. The junta must be indicted for the following charges and convictions:

1. Plotting with international criminals against the democratically elected government in Mauritania.

2. Staging a criminal coup and replacing constitutional order with rogue junta and usurping power against the will and aspirations of the Mauritanian people.

3. Establishment of a police state instead of democracy, the transfer of the authority to criminals surrounded by drug cartels and mafias.

4. Annihilating the achievements of the democratic elections held in 2007 and persecution of the elected president and Prime Minister.

5. Attempting to transform Mauritania into narcotics and narcotic business transit.

6. Massive intimidation of members and supporters of the democratically elected government.

7. High treason.

The fate of Mauritania must not be left in the criminal hands of people whose outlook is stupid and whose perceptions are negative unprogressive. They hate anything democracy or freedom. The junta is Nouakchott is a gang of empty political and military rogues, unprincipled and evil men.

With the above, we call upon the international community to act quickly if it is sincere in its supports for democracy and freedom in Africa; as well as combating the proliferation of narcotics and narcotic businesses on the continent. We believe the situation in Mauritania should worry every good person because if no action is taken now, we are afraid that the next targets for these mushrooming drug traffickers would be Sierra Leone and Guinea Bissau where the activities of these criminals are a serious threat.

We call upon the United Nations Security Council to meet urgently and discuss the coup in Mauritania and taken all necessary actions to ensure restoration of the democratically elected government and constitutional order. We call also the African Union, Arab League, Maghreb Union, Organisation of the Islamic Conference to suspend Mauritania membership in these Organisations until the junta goes back to the barracks where its rightfully belongs. We also call on all countries with diplomatic ties to suspend such relationship until democracy and constitutional order return to Mauritania.

We did it in Sierra Leone in 1997/8 and, and we must do it now in Mauritania to forestall coups in anywhere.

Democracy, not mobocracy!


Bockarie Kai Kai

PDL Secretary for Information and Mass Mobilisation

For PDL.

Sierra Leone People's Democratic League (PDL) :




The Sierra Leone People’s Democratic League (PDL) wishes to bring to the kind attention of our African brothers and sisters on the continent and the diaspora, the tragic news of a terrorist assassination attempt against President Evo Morales of the Republic of Bolivia.

We know Evo Morales was democratically elected, having contested the 2005 election and won landslide victory to become the first indigenous son of the soil to lead the Bolivian nation as President and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Bolivia. The election was free, fair, honest and transparent, and a role model we believe would guide the United States in the coming November presidential election, and not to repeat the kind of the 2000 Florida coup, which disenfranchised the American people and imposed George Bush as President against the democratic will of the people.

Evo Morales seeks to transform Bolivia to a modern society; to change that country’s bogus independence into real freedom; and to help lay the foundation for a prosperous Bolivia, for the happiness of present and future generation of Bolivians.

The United States, particularly the Bush Administration however, is opposed to the progressive programs and activities undertaken by the democratically elected Government of President Evo Morales, and is resorting to political blasphemy, economic sabotage, un-diplomatic witch-hunts, vilification, lies and incorrect media propaganda and conspiracy theories, in order to destabilise the Government in La Paz; and to restore the outdated oligarchy bandwagon of narcotic drug-money launderers and king pins, oppression and plunderers.

We know since the democratic ousting of the degrading and dehumanising oligarchy regime in 2005, there have been numerous assassination attempts to murder President Evo Morales by forces hostile to peace, democracy and development in Latin America. We know there was a Super Puma helicopter lent to President Evo Morales by his Venezuelan counterpart, President Hugo Chavez. We know that helicopter transported the Bolivian leader to the South of the country on Sunday, 20th. July, 2008 and same helicopter was supposed to return the President to the Administrative capital of La Paz. Only an hour after President Morales disembarked, the helicopter took off for refuelling before it went down ablaze, killing all persons on board, including four Venezuelan military personnel and a Bolivian senior official from the Armed Forces.

Unless it is proven otherwise, the Sierra Leone People’s Democratic League (PDL) holds the belief that the Bush Administration in Washington and its underlings bear complicity in that assassination plot against the Bolivian leader, only a month after another dastardly and terror attempted assassination against President Morales was foiled on June 19.

As an affiliate of the Green Charter International (GCI), for peace, democracy, human rights, freedom and dignity, it is natural that we, of the Sierra Leone People’s Democratic League (PDL) condemn in the strongest term possible attempts aimed at the assassination of a leader of a sovereign independent nation and member of the United Nations. We therefore, wish to register our strong condemnation against recent attempts to assassinate President Evo Morales, as well as the death of five persons as gruesome, cowardly and dastardly act of terrorism which must be condemned by all sane thinking people. We express deep sorrow and condolences to the competent authorities in La Paz and Caracas. We also express our sorrows and condolences to family and friends of the five personnel who perished in the terrorist plot.

We are aware of the Bush Administration in Washington, numerous direct and indirect approaches, including intimidation, threats, funding autonomy regimes, organising opposition protests and using US based laughable instruments like the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), USAID and even multi-national companies to destabilise the elected governments of Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Nicaragua. The US has also set in motion a terrorist outfit, known as Plan Colombia ostensibly to help fight the narcotic trade in the Americas, while in actual fact, the activities of this campaign prove the contrary. Instead of cooperating with Governments in the region to fight the evil, Plan Colombia protects right-wing narcotic cartels and aide the seditious, spurious and diabolic activities of those terrorist groups against the democratically elected Governments in Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Nicaragua.

For long there have been complaints by civil groups, observers and friends to the international community about the US destabilisation agenda in Latin America. The US is not interested in the peace, security and stability of Latin America, but instead concerned itself with entrenching its economic, political and military strategic interests in that region. We are worried by indications that the current criminal agenda, diabolic and ill-thought-out campaign spearheaded by right-wing narco-politicians for autonomy in the resource-rich regions of Latin America could be exploited by the United States to further its heinous crimes against the people, up to full-fledged politico-economic oppression, deprivation, degradation and dehumanisation, as well as environmental carnage.

The attempted assassination plots against President Evo Morales are all too clear. We have witness in recent times the responds of the international community, particularly the United Nations to the assassination attempt at President Hamid Karzai, the Western military carved and imposed Nazi-Fascist dictator of Afghanistan. Like the Zionist enclave foisted on Iraq, Hamid Karzai does not represent the democratic will and aspirations of the people of Afghanistan, but a mere tool, errand boy and subservient to international imperialist terrorism.

We are shocked that, a meeting of the United Nations, at least the Security Council has not been conveyed to discuss on these developments in Latin America with a view to condemn US terrorist agenda against that region. The numerous attempts on progressive leaders in Latin America are orchestrated by the US and its allies in that region, who know nothing about democracy and who seek to rule by mafia and oppressive regimes. They want not only to rule by means of terrorism but also to destroy the current peace, unity and stability of progressive nations in Latin America.

Those familiar with the antics of the Bush Administration in Washington and long-range-western media campaign of distortion and incitements are not surprised to know that the US is behind all the cowardly and terrorist attempts to destabilise democracy and constitutional order in Bolivia. The same also can be said in Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Belarus and other countries the US is leading a destabilisation effort for domination, control and merciless plundering of resources owned by the local people.

The United Nations would be sending the wrong signals to the free world if no action is taken now to arrest US terrorism in Latin America. The world should unite in condemning those unending assassination attempts against President Evo Morales as acts of terrorism which must not condoned by any member-state of the United Nations, let alone a Security Council member.

We call upon the civilised world to exert pressure on the Bush Administration in Washington to abide by its obligations under international moral Law to respect the rights of other member-states of the UN to independence, democratic self-rule, freedom and dignity.

We wish the elected Government of President Evo Morales all the courage in this crucial time and extend our solidarity and support in resisting US imperialism, conspiracy theories, political slanders, vilification and subversive attacks.


Amadu Bailor Bah

PDL Secretary for International Solidarity and Cooperation.

For and on behalf of PDL members at home and the diaspora.

jarob :

The Rome Statute has defined many forms of genocide (extermination for ethnic reasons), democide (extermination by a government for political reasons) and apdicide (killing for sociopathic reasons) as Crimes against Humanity. If the proofs of Crimes against Humanity exist for the Zesuru and their elitist tribal rulers, why is the government of Zimbabwe considered legitimate by other people at all? Shouldn’t the absence of Crimes against Humanity in any of its forms be one of the principal tests of political legitimacy, rather than Domestic Jurisdiction possession of power making the elite a legitimate structure? The UN definition of Domestic Jurisdiction does not automatically confer state sovereignty on the Zesuru simply because they occupy northern Zimbabwe by force. The use of democide further erodes Zesuru Domestic Jurisdiction legitimacy and creates a condition in which national sovereignty no longer exists. This has been true of Kosovo, Iraq and Myanmar as well.

The dominant tribe of the Zesuru has at this point failed virtually all tests for Domestic Jurisdiction and the Harari enclave should no longer be considered a legitimate sovereign state. The adjacent countries of South Africa, Botswana, and Mozambique have already suffered greatly because of the expulsion of other tribes from Zimbabwe and can legitimately invoke Article 56 of the UN Charter. If Mugabe does not have the authority of Domestic Jurisdiction and has committed Crimes against Humanity, he cannot be considered the head of a sovereign state and any means used to send him to an international detention facility like Guantanamo is a legitimate expression of Article 56.

Mohamed MALLECK,Swift Current, Canada :


Behen : are you asking the UN to 'act-act' like Narendra Modi in his Gujrat anti-Muslim barbarity?

Stick to issues that you know about and don't make a fool of yourself.

Sierra Leone People's Democratic League (PDL) :




“The depth of American culpability for Haiti's misery is immeasurable. At every stage in the first Black republic's history, the U.S. has attempted to snuff out not just the spirit of the people, but the people themselves. In the current era of occupation by American surrogates, Haitians are denied the elemental necessities of life, such as food and potable water. Because the Americans and French willed it so, Haitians "would have to forget that they were human beings deserving of rights and respect; they would still be dipping water from gutters and puddles”.

”It may come as a surprise to many more Europeans than to American white people that a great many intelligent and sophisticated people of African ancestry are convinced that there are important classes of whites who are conspiring to wipe them off the face of the Earth”. by John Maxwell (BAR).



The powerful but undemocratic and unbalanced 15-member United Nations Security Council in New York is about to disgrace itself again and throw its credibility into the gallows as it prepares to wage US/UK heinous war against the people of Africa. Within a week another anti-black, inhumane and vicious resolution has been drafted and presented to the world body, this time for more harsh sanctions against Africans in Zimbabwe.

Unfortunately, the architects of the proposed wicked, race-hateful and unwarranted sanctions towards the “black race” are the same hoaxed who are currently embarked on a criminal, unjust and heinous campaign against Arab civilians in Iraq, with the United Nations Security Council turning a malignantly blind eye and deaf ear to this modern holocaust crime against humankind. Few days ago, the United Nations Security Council was duped to tow Western imperialist designed anti-black motivated pressure in an attempt to abort constitutional order in Zimbabwe. A moved many Africans on the continent and the diaspora described as total violation of basic international principles that guarantee Zimbabwe the right to sovereign independence and self-determination, and to defend these cherished principles when they are attacked. It also harmed the credibility of the August Body and exposed it to public scorn and ridicule.

The reasons behind the sanction juggernaut against blacks in Zimbabwe are quite obvious. It is not about morality, justice, democracy, freedom or human rights as the US, Britain, France and their boot-lickers may want the international public to believe as the real motives toward the African nation. On the contrary, it is all about stealing, robbing and depriving blacks in Zimbabwe of their inalienable rights to ownership of their only God-given lands on earth, and to frustrate the democratically elected Government of the ZANU-PF’s food security objectives, which include boasting the agricultural sector of the economy to ensure food self sufficiency for Zimbabweans and for export to neighbouring sister African states.

In their unabashedly attempt to misuse the United Nations Security Council in the service of their short-sighted and misguided agenda for Africa, the US, Britain, France and their blind followers have now resorted into a wicked campaign aimed at demonising Zimbabwe. Referring to the leadership of President Robert Mugabe as illegal and undemocratic is as ironical as it is also highly hypocritical, to say the least.

We need not to rehearse here how these self-designed prophets of democracy prostituted with the concept in Iraq with its tragic consequence threat to peace and security. The ongoing anti-blacks campaign in the United Nations, spearheaded by the US, Britain and France is dangerous and constitutes a wanton violation of independence, sovereignty and self-determination of member-state of the world body. It is also a dangerous threat to peace and security, and a terrible violation of UN Charter and moral principles and norms of international law and civilised standards of behaviours.

There are of course additional factors behind the current attempt by the imperialist empire to manipulate the United Nations Security Council to dehumanise the Zimbabwean people for democratically re-elected Comrade Robert Mugabe, the legitimate President and Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Zimbabwe. We challenge the Word Body to be honest, fair and just within itself and tell the world with convincing evidence (not the Western imperialist designed anti-blacks fanaticism), the crime, besides advancing and defending constitutional order, that the ZANU-PF Government led by President Mugabe has committed to warrant attempt to obstruct Zimbabwe’s democratic culture.

For the sake of knowing the truth against Western imperialist grisly lies, deceptions and race hateful fabrications of evidence against Zimbabwe, we declare the following that:

1. Zimbabwe is a free, sovereign and independent nation led by Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

2. The ZANU-PF led by Comrade Robert Mugabe fought a just liberation war against ruthless colonialism, obnoxious apartheid and won genuine independence and real freedom for Zimbabwe and Africa.

3. Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe is not a King, Prince, Sheikhdom, Sultan or Emir and he is not keen to become any.

4. Comrade Robert Mugabe is a grassroots freedom fighter who does not compromise the dignity and integrity of black people for a life of opulence and immorality.

5. Comrade Robert Mugabe is democratically elected, loved and supported by the Zimbabwean people.

6. President Robert Mugabe is not a betrayal to the conscience of black people anywhere; he is not even an agent or collaborator of illegal land grabbers and big-time business interests as we see for instance in Sierra Leone and elsewhere, where the rich natural resources of the country are being channelled to develop foreign banking regimes at the tears of the mass of the people.

7. President Robert Mugabe does not run a “satellite state” in Zimbabwe as his detractors do in other parts of Africa, pawning the dignity of their people into the hands of foreign criminal adventurers on the continent.

8. The legitimate and democratically elected ZANU-PF Government of Zimbabwe represents national dignity and pride for blacks everywhere on the continent and the diaspora, and an affront to foreign hegemony, extension of colonialism, oppression, degradation and dehumanisation of Africa.

9. The legitimate Government of Zimbabwe led by President Robert Mugabe constitutes no threat to its neighbours, the US or any one EU member-state, and has no territorial ambition beyond the defined national independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Zimbabwe.

10. The legitimate Government of Zimbabwe led by President Robert Mugabe is a strong advocate of peace, security and against the designing, production, stockpiling and use of weapons of mass destruction; and has not hide behind diplomacy to express its condemnation of the ongoing US/UK led invasion and holocaust war against the people of Iraq.

11. The legitimate Government of Zimbabwe led by President Robert Mugabe is a strong defender of constitutional order, and is not known to supporting the violent overthrow of Governments; and historical facts show that, the Southern African nation stood behind Sierra Leone against the infamous coup of 1997 that brought the brutal military junta of Major Johnny Paul Koroma to power.

12. The legitimate Government of Zimbabwe led by President Robert Mugabe is making frantic efforts to fight terrorism at all levels, and it is on record that in 2004, Zimbabwe saved Africa from another genocide when she helped to abort an attempt by a group of European mercenaries funded by British financiers, including Mark Thatcher (the son of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher) against the government of Equatorial Guinea in order to remove its President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

13. The Constitution of Zimbabwe called for elections into the office of the Presidency, House of Parliament, Senate and Local Government Councils, be held this year, and these were arranged and conducted peacefully, fairly, democratically and independently on March 29, and without donor funding. The results from the process according to the Zimbabwean Election Commission (ZEC) gave the MDC 99 seats and ZANU-PF 97 in the Legislature. While none of the candidates for the presidency received the constitutional requirements to be declared winner and President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, and therefore a run-off was required.

14. A date was set for holding of the presidential run-off election on June 27, between Comrade Robert Mugabe of ZANU-PF and MDC presidential candidate of bit-time business interests. Only less than a week to the date scheduled for the run-off, the MDC decided to stay away from the contest on well trumped –up allegations. The strategy of the MDC candidate to obstruct the process did not meet constitutional requirements, because the Constitution of Zimbabwe spelt it clear that a notice of twenty-one (21) days must be given to the ZEC by any candidate who may want to withdraw his candidacy in the presidential elections. This was not done by the MDC.

15. The run-off went peacefully and the final results declared by ZEC gave Mugabe another mandate to lead the Southern African nation.

We see no cause for murmuring as the Zimbabwean people have spoken loud and clear. If the US, Britain and France really seek democracy in Zimbabwe why then the deliberate attempt to undermined the Constitution of that country, which is the bedrock for democracy in any part of the world. Why these apostles of democracy shying to comment on the MDC anti-Zimbabwean activities and instead indulged in condoning the deceptive manipulations of the so-called opposition MDC.

For the US, Britain and France to call the MDC leader President of Zimbabwe is tantamount to coup d’etat and we, in the PDL condemn in no uncertain terms any attempt by outsiders to meddle in the internal affairs of African countries, not alone to sit in air-conditioned boardrooms overseas and try to dictate to Africa who should be President and who should not.
For countries like the US, Britain and France to have powers of veto in a world body like the United Nations is unfortunate and an affront to the 21st century civilisation.

We call upon the good people of the world to resist these inhumane, vicious, unjust and heinous practices of the imperialist world in United Nations against countries that love peace, freedom and prosperity.

Genuine democracy has its roots from the Constitution which guarantees the rights of citizens to vote and be voted for in national elections, and not dictation from outside. Peace comes not from intimidation and control, but from respect for international moral principles and respect for the rights of others. We join with all those who seek to build a society that respect and treat others equally with dignity; settle conflicts peacefully through the mahogany table; promote freedom, justice and democratic culture, and protect the environment against pollution, degradation and contamination. We call upon world leaders, friends and good people to exert pressure on the US, Britain and France to end their race-hatreds for black people and for Africa.

We call upon the civilised international community to condemn the proposed sanctions against blacks in Zimbabwe as criminal attempt to dehumanise the African continent.

With the above we state our position on Zimbabwe in clear terms!

Down with imperialism!
Down with the agents of doom!
Down with terrorism and all terrorists!
Down with racism!

Zimbabwe Must Live!

Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh

Leader and Chairman of the Sierra Leone People’s Democratic League (PDL)

For and on behalf of PDL members at home and abroad.

Zimbo :

If PDL of Sierra Leone are so proud of Mugabe's acts and claim to promote the will of the people of Africa, they obviously havent been to Zimbabwe or they would have seen how he has reduced his own people to absolute povertey and misery through total opression.

Deng :

To PDL, may God of Africa bless you and your future, you are the brave African that I can read his/her word, thank you very much my love goes to you. Africans have been murder and slaves by white people for so long and their dignity had been ignored. I hope you will be a king of Africa one day in life and thanks once again.

BobL-VA :

Tinker Bell, Tinker Bell, it's good to see you posting again. I've so missed your fantasy posts that have no basis in reality. My only question is why do you now go by the names of Bah and Sankoh?

D.H. :


African unity and loyalty should not cover crimes and famine in a country which was always capable of feeding its people, until the disastrous Mugabe's megalomaniac administration.

Deng :

what's U.N by the way to intervene in Zambabwe when the failed to stopped blood shed in middleeast and watchs Bush continuing murdering innonsense Iragis.

mohammad allam :

The very first question is where the sovereignty lies of a nation?in people of the nation or an organisation.second question is whether UNO trying to be a Superstate or just an organisation of Help and third question is ,Is UNO charter allows such intervention ?
On the basis of these three questions the fate of Zimbabwe should be decided.
Zimbabwe like other African nations witnessing the role of Imperialism swings in full circle.In African continent the seed of imperial migrating population force was well sown.The question of rich and poor was hidden in the name of racial discrimination.When after independence any goverment tried to change the equation of wider inequality between rich and poor through redistribution of means of production,there started a uproar by the wealthy european migrated population force in the name of racial descrimination.This racial descrimination was went in full circle in south Africa under migrated population force,but there was no cry for a longer period of time.Only later on due to powerfull force oF NAM UNo acted but not direct intervention militarily.Then why this time the military intervention sought by western media and friends of migrated population force?
In an era of democracy let the poeple to decide the matter Uno can only assist not interven.If UNO will intervene then what is the use of democarcy and sovereignty.Other hand MR Mughabe also allow the people of play there role in the goverment formation.He ruled on ZImbabwe for more than two decades ,let now assume that he is ready to accept the wish of people honurably.other wise like Third world nation mentality that they become ruler till death should not be in MUghabe mind.
In a world of loosing supporter of the masses the UNO should not try to be a superstate which created to meet the need of five brother of the world to rule.But be an assistant to help the people and nation to develope and free from this five muscle brothers.
The work of UNO In Afghanistan and IRaq was dubious.How this organisation put Iraq under mandoratory of That powers which was not allowed to use powers in initial stage.And the nation which obliged to obey the order of the UNo.in my opinion UNO turn into an spying agency to facilaiate the attack of Iraq by making Iraq a defencless state for American and allies.Is UNO wants the same accusation again.
The UNO should do is that it send clear signal that International community will not tolerate any fraud in demcratic exercise of the people.And to ensure this UNO send observer from third world nations not from those nations which wanted intervention at any cost.The second thing that UNO should do is to engage in humanitarian aid in zimbabwe and use the diplomacy by taking support of African UNION.It works with African nations and try to find a solution .UNO should not start ringing alarming bell on the shout of opppostion leaders,as the case of all third nations oppostion parties are to get power by hook and crook.Also see what the opposition doing.
At last it is easy to destroy but very hard to reconstruct .Its ok you destroy Zimbabwe but who will run for help_the UNo.

Anju Chandel :

This so-called "united" UN should not only "jaw-jaw" but "act-act" too - just do it !

Yousuf Hashmi :

UN should stick to its human aid role through food and education programs.

todays chaos in zimbabwe are the bitter fruit of the actions taken by colonising the area before the birth of UN

Zimbabwe is the classic example of the after effects of colonisation. do not see the Zimbabwe as a solo case, where ever there was a colonosiation to raise the stake of then super powers we see the same chaos.

If any body remebers the days of sixties then he can recall how the same Mugabe was being treated in world capitals.

The problems of Zimbabwe is not only Mugabe. If today robert Mugabe leaves then what any body thinks that the Zimabwe will turn a welfare state. no it will be more chaos,more blood shed,more corruption.

the people talking about the sanctions. they must open up the map and see the zimabwe. that is any way a land lock country neigbouring mozambique and south africa. the borders are not porous, they do only exist in maps. so how you will control the sanctions. remember the white rule days when there was sanctions in those area.

this is unethical to write but let the event takes its course. let the people understand the basic rules of the governing and let them choose their own destiny. the thrust of democracy is increasing day by day. soon we will find a positive change emerging from the inside, that will be a genuine chane.

Sinnar K :

All countries must be treated equally for responsibility for death and destruction to the weak. Zim, Sri Lanka, USA, etc

daniel :

This united UN should put forth troops and work together toward helping Zimbabwe correct its problems, otherwise "unprecedented cooperation" (of this UN) means nothing.

Roism007 :

Do nothing

UN did nothing when millions were killed in Sudan, as recently as 250k + in Iraq so why all of a Sudden grow balls and prove that they are man enough?

BobL-VA :

Normally, I would be in favor of sanctioning Mugabe and his "so called" government, but these aren't normal times. The US has zero moral high ground to condemn any other country given our on going occupation of Iraq and our recent history of torture and human rights violations.

Is Mugabe any worse the Bush? That's a relative question and depends on the criteria you use to define worse. Who is repsonsible for more deaths? Bush wins hands down. Who is more tyrannical? Flip a coin. Who deserves to be out of office and promptly deposited in a jail cell for a very long time? They both do. Hence, is Bush any better then Mugabe on balance? Probably not and therefore we have no room to cast stones at Zimbabwe or any where else I can think of until we clean up our own mess.

Zimbabwe should be left to the countries that still have some moral integrity left to decide what, if any, would be appropriate in terms of sanctions. I know this precludes most of the planet, but at least Sweden, Norway and Denmark wouldn't look hypocritical in telling Zimbabwe how to act.

D. Hodara, Monaco :

Zimbabwe should be suspended from the UN and Robert Mugabe and his government declared illegal, and their foreign assets (!) frozen.
The African nations should also strongly condemn the illegality of the run-off election, and South Africa and its president, who have supported Robert Mugabe until now, should join the African nations in their condemnation.
To see a prosperous and self-sufficient country, which produced enough minerals and food to feed its people, be ruined by a government which has been ruling it since its independence without consideration as to the welfare of its people is really a sad sight.

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