U.S. Sneezes, World Catches Cold?

If countries around the world are doing so well economically, why are they still catching a cold when the United States sneezes?

Posted by Fareed Zakaria on January 23, 2008 1:49 PM

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Claude :

The answer is obvious. These countries depend upon trade with the US. If we don't buy their goods, their economies suffer.

YO! :

Anonymous & Conscience to the World:

Your hate for a people who are doing exactly what all capitalist societies have done is completely stupid and you should be ashamed of yourself for having such awful prejudices. We are all trying to survive on this planet, China is no worse than the rest of us.

Anonymous :

"Weak Dollar Fuels China's Buying Spree Of U.S. Firms"
Foreign Cash Ignites Political Concerns

Please visit:

REF: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/01/27/AR2008012702380.html





Vic van Meter :

I think our news agencies, with their desire to garner readership through interest generated by fear, has probably made more out of the situation than it is.

Look back through economic times. In any country. Any currency. You will see the currency and economic indicators both rise and fall throughout years. Remember when the Euro was struggling mightily against the dollar? The brick wall the Japanese Yen hit? Those are just two recent examples I can point out. If I may, perhaps I could inject a little common sense into the argument?

You hear a lot about the housing and dotcom bubbles buoying the American economy through other economic downturns and about all the reasons that the current financial turmoil exists. And all are true. For the American economic ship to be righted, the debt is going to have to be paid and the country will be forced to make some administrative changes. However, may I remind everyone that this is simply a slowdown now, with a possible chance for a recession. This is NOT unprecedented in American history, or ANY history for that matter, and it is not really that dire of a situation.

Perhaps the reason there is such a shocked reaction to American slowdown is because it has been in overdrive for so long that people are prepared to prophesy doomsday after a President runs up our international credit card. The American economy was destined to eventually slow down someday. So let's not get our knickers all knotted just yet.

On to the question at hand. If China or India's economy likewise slowed down, we would also feel it in America and Europe would feel it there. That is simply the way global economics work. If investors put money into some country's industries and the industries begin to tank, some investors will retrieve their money and others will ride it out. No country is ever immune to the financial issues of the other if they interconnect their economies.

So the question is rather strangely worded. Other economies are doing well. Some are doing well because America was doing well. Now America's economy is slowing down and those other markets will feel it. But that never meant that the United States economy was the end all head of the global financial basilisk. I am sure that if the Euro suddenly faltered, we would notice here in America.

Economies roll like the tides. Sure, Bush certainly greased the chain for us with his astronomical spending coupled with ridiculously low taxes even during a financially crippling war, but if you had any common sense, you would have shrugged and said it was a long time coming. It happens in the United States. It will happen in your economy.

Let's take a deep breath here, people. The United States economy is gargantuan, so other economies will sympathize with it, but five or ten years from now most of us probably will not even remember having written about it.


Hello American voters:

Kennedy family only has one good and valuable guy to the nation to remember is President John F Kennedy!
Unfortunately the rest never prove to the nation they can do much or at least can help the Americans to cope with difficulties such as: dealing with China, recession, wars in middle east and wars with terrorists!

I hope one day someone in the corner of the USA can give birth a kid as good as president J. F. Kennedy to lead the nation!


mohammad allam :

The reason behind is the dominance of dollar in the market of world currency. with $250 billon dollar deficit American economy is bearing the burden of the wars.let the down of dollar as major currency there will be no cold to the world economy if America sneezes.

Anonymous :

Hello David Ignatius:

This place should not allow people to post junky Chinese symbolic messes here!
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Prince Charles will not attend Olympic games: Tibet rights group





Anju Chandel, New Delhi :

Because, as we know, cold virus spreads very fast !!!

Because, as we know, if you 'try' to 'treat' a cold, it goes away in 1 week and if you 'ignore' it, then also it goes away in 7 days!

Therefore, there is actually no need for the world to get the 'sneezes' (the Q should have been reversed).

And, hasn't the global stock markets responded in the same fashion? They have again bounced back. However, repeated cold and sneezes should be diagnosed and corrective measures should be taken ASAP. ... Probably the 'Stimulus' plan will just prove to be the same.

Yousuf Hashmi :

I put some questions to prominant bloggers like Mike-B, zoltan, Christina

1. Why WP editors repeating the question about Stock exchange by just changing the words. Remember they put up the question about the loan problem when the news was not fully broke. Do they have some inside news which they themselves are afraid to break.

2. If the problem was limited to bad house loans then some banks should be defaulted but why stock exchanges are effecting. Please note that all stock exchange indexes are average of all blue chip companies .

3.Why Fed Banks and stock exchanges are so close related. And always try to bail out each other

4. Why Finance people always keep their mouth shut and avoid any tranprent enquiry about it

5.Please do one exercise. find out a newspaper and tear out the page of horse racing and stock exchange. keep them side by side and read the comments of experts. do u find any resemblance

6. Stocks of a company supposed to perform on its financial performances. Which is directly dependent on its sales and profits. Bank loans on other hand are given to finance the projects. Those companies which are working sound for decades and showing steady profit how can it effect due to banking sector problem

If you note that WP editors are also exploring a link between various stock exchanges

Mountain Man :

"MikeB" must be a national columnist in disguise.
I am a columnist reading Junkie and I think the man writes as good as most of the best of them. Of course, I found nothing offensive in his take on the present state of the global catastrophe.

Back to the subject please, : :

"jawad :

oil is still being paid for by USD. The dollar's value is down and the price of oil is high. This means that the US sneezed when the immunity of the world economy is weak. So is it true that world economies are doing well?

January 25, 2008 12:08 PM "

The problem may be that the economy on paper doesn't reflect the real economy. I have heard that many banks don't trust the other bank's papers. Enron was a case in point. Italy's vibrant real economy
as opposed to it's poor 'on paper' economy is another example. so the trend will be to look
before you leap. and heavier sentences for those IMMORAL racketeering CEO's and accountants who would fool the hard working investor out of his life savings

qsea :

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在2002年2月9日星期六上午,韩立超和他的锦州金厦房地产开发有限公司违法雇佣锦州市城乡建设委员会和锦州市凌河区人民法院的人(2002年,院长是李学民,凌行非执字第53号。写的名字是柴跃新的名字,没有写柴凤翀的名字)等,滥用职权,以违法占有和牟取个人房地产私利为目的,他们为了破坏社会主义社会制度和社会秩序,他们为了黑社会集团的建设项目和牟取黑社会集团的利益,他们为了垄断我们私有房地产价格、为了无偿榨取我们私有房地产的剩余价值、为了无偿掠夺我们私有房地产的收益和为了抢劫我们的合法权利,聚众持20支枪和携带抢劫工具(其中有人持有公章),大约有30人参加,恶意违法强行砸毁辽宁省锦州市文化局离休干部柴凤翀(辽北学院大学毕业)唯一赖以生存的私产一楼三间正房(占地建筑面积为41.2平方米,是1997年4月依法购买的合法的私有房地产),他们违法侵入我们私有住宅,并入户暴力抢劫走我们家中一台燕牌缝纫机、一个铁床、铁暖汽片和木制门窗等财物,我们家的私产房照没有被他们抢劫走,至今未签协议(他们抢劫前无任何证件)并未返还我们的私有财产,他们故意危害我们生命安全;他们改建成20层商品住宅楼房并违法售出(盖违章建筑。用我们家和前院共800平方米,盖门市房和20层商品住宅楼房,第1层私房的市场销售成交价格约为每平方米1万元以上;第3层以上商品住宅市场销售价格约为每平方米0.25万元),改名为:吉庆大厦,他们牟取个人和公司的商业私利;在2004年5月开始,锦州市公安局的人违法落户他人,造成我们家停产停业,无自己的房住,无生活来源;沈阳蓝天监理公司监理。我们唯一的家位于辽宁省锦州市凌河区上海路4段4-37号,是跃坤服装店,位于锦州市中心区和商业中心区;本私产楼房西邻广东路商业街第2段,南邻上海路,有合法的正式私产住宅房照(私产房照名字是柴凤翀,私有房地产的财产权利人名字是柴凤翀)和服装加工执照,事实和法律证明,我们家的个体服装加工企业现在和未来的商业利益巨大,姐弟三人被国营工厂的人以减人增效的名义下岗10年多,工厂不给生活费,无房住,我姐是有残疾的人,我们在自己的私产房屋中自谋生存职业,每月纯收入壹千元。事实和中国法律证明:我们50户原住居民的私有房地产的土地使用权(800平方米)价值巨大,我们家有整个私产楼房50分之一份的房地产收益,我们私产楼房的房地产开发收益价值巨大,其财产权利人是我们50户原住居民;我们家的一楼生产经营性私房是我们的合法私有房地产,事实和法律规定他的价值由5部份组成:第1项是,我们不受侵犯的合法权利(其中有:私有房地产权利,生存权利,居住权利,劳动权利,发展权利,合法物权,等等),第2项是,其建筑面积乘以第1层私房的市场销售成交价格,第3项是,私有房地产收益,第4项是,我们每年的生产经营性收益乘以私房的使用年限(未来的商业利益巨大),第5项是,私房的结构等其他有关因素。我们全家人为了维护中华人民共和国宪法和社会主义法律体系的尊严,柴跃新一直在依照《宪法》和法律,以书面的形式,公开到各级有关部门举报和控告这个抢劫房地产的私人帮违法犯罪集团入户抢劫我们家私有房地产和家中财物,举报他们渎职侵权违法犯罪,举报他们违法转让、违法出让、违法申请和违法审批我们原50户私产楼房土地使用权的事实,要求锦州市公安局和市人民检察院及时依法立案和提起公诉,追究他们的民事赔偿责任、行政责任、违宪责任和刑事责任,要求陪偿损失、停止侵害、消除影响和恢复名誉,要求依法返还我们家的一楼私产3间正房和家中财产,要求依法恢复原状和返还原物,撤销他们的证件,依法吊销他们的工商营业执照,审计其收支,确定其和其入户抢劫的性质,要求签字和盖公章的书面答复,均未果。柴跃新当时就对这些抢劫犯们说:“事实和中国党纪国法证明,你们没有我们50户原住居民私产住宅楼房的‘土地使用权证’、‘建设用地许可证’和‘房屋拆迁许可证’,如果你们有了这3个证件,是你们渎职侵权违法犯罪的证据,你们不是拆迁人,我们私产原住居民不是被拆迁人,是不是赵明鹏指使你们从事这种具有黑社会性质打、砸、抢和杀,我已经向赵明鹏的上级举报过了,你们的这些违法犯罪行为是危害公共安全和损害公共利益,你们严重地破坏了社会主义社会秩序和社会主义制度,是严重的刑事犯罪。”他们向我们要上级以书面的形式单独批复,让我找上级的人来纠正他们的违法犯罪行为,让我们向抢劫我们私有财产者妥协,他们自己不会纠正自己的违法犯罪行为;否则,不立案,不撤证,不依法律返还我们家的私有财产,长期拖延依法返还我们私有房地产的时间。在锦州市,在首要恐怖分子韩立超的组织、领导、策划和指挥下,从事有组织的持械入户暴力抢劫我们私有财产的违法犯罪行为,这个暴力抢劫我们房地产的私人帮都是由什么人员参加组织成,在持械入户抢劫后不立案与不给我们书面答复?!他们为什么要与为什么能完成这套持枪入户暴力抢劫我们家私有房地产和家中财物的违法犯罪程序(1.抢劫私有房地产;2.盖违章建筑;3.销赃;4.违法办证;5.不依法立案;6.不依法返还私有财产;7.不书面答复;8.继续从事违法犯罪经营活动)?!在我们依法到各级有关部门举报他们违法犯罪之后,以韩立超为首的能不立案的私人帮违法犯罪集团为什么要与为什么能聚众持20支枪入户抢劫我们私有财产?!他们是否是具有黑社会性质的犯罪集团?韩立超是否是黑社会组织头目!?事实和法律有明确规定(即:刑法第294条和其司法解释)。2。 柴跃新在锦州市2高中高中毕业后(是考入的),1980年9月参加全市统一公开招工考式合格(入所成绩排在第2名以前),考入事业单位锦州纺织工业研究所(是市财政全额拨款的事业单位),是国营工人,有事业单位国营工人编制,有市财政拨款;在1984年8月,柴跃新在锦州市冶金机械局职工大学大专毕业(是1981年9月 考入的,是本单位第1个考入大学的人),在1985年被评为本单位的先进工作者,在1986年5月通过锦州市人事局举办的全锦州市统一公开转干考试合格后,转为正式国家干部,有事业干部编制和锦州市财政全额拨款,柴跃新是全所唯一的最年青的在编的正式国家干部,是第1个转为正式国家干部的人;柴跃新在1989年7月被评为助理工程师。在1991年5月至1991年10月,柴跃新被锦州纺织工业研究所的主要领导成员口头通知:“柴跃新,从今以后,在锦州纺织工业研究所上班没有你的职务和职位,没有你的工资和生活费,不上班回家没有你的生活费,你必须和全所人员一起到锦州市合成纤维厂去,他们都已经被转过去了。”他们没有向我们出示任何书面证明材料,没有经过我们同意,没有任何协议书,柴跃新在1991年10月至1993年5月同全所人员一起被人单方面地强行违法逼迫转到锦州市合成纤维厂(中型国企),我被分配到机修车间工作;当时,我没有同意,也没有听说其他人同意去锦州市合成纤维厂。在1993年5月,柴跃新被锦州市合成纤维厂和机修车间的主要领导成员口头通知:“柴跃新上班没有你的岗位,没有你的工资,下岗回家没有你的生活费,1分钱不给你。”他们没有向我出示任何书面材料,没有任何协议书;我为了生存被他们违法逼迫转到锦州光学仪器厂(小型国企),之后,柴跃新又被锦州市光学仪器厂的主要领导人以减人增效的名义逼迫下岗回家,不给我生活费,他们拒绝向我出示书面材料。事实和法律法规证明:中国是社会主义法治国家,柴跃新在事业单位锦州纺织工业研究所工作,有锦州市财政全额拨款和有正式事业干部编制的正式国家干部柴跃新的干部档案,是柴跃新的不受任何侵犯的合法私有财产权利的产权证,是柴跃新的合法物权、合法权利和合法利益的证明,在辽宁省锦州市,大约在1991年5月1日以前,正式国家干部柴跃新的合法的有市财政全额拨款的事业干部编制,被人以违法占有和牟取个人私利为目的,被人用滥用职权、徇私舞弊或者玩忽职守的方式违法违规侵占和抢夺了;他们的行为既违反了中国的实体法律,又违反了中国的程序法律,是共同犯罪案件,他们的行为触犯了《刑法》第397条的规定(即:滥用职权或者玩忽职守国家机关工作人员,致使公共财产、国家和人民利益遭受重大损失的,处3年以下有期徒刑或者拘役,情节特别严重的,处3年以上7年以下有期徒刑),是刑事案件和公诉案件,符合公安局和检察院立案标准的规定,是团伙作案,是知法犯法,是属于作案情节特别严重的,是严重的刑事违法犯罪,是综合性的比较复杂的共同犯罪案件,他们的行为严重破坏了社会主义的社会关系、社会秩序和单位的工作秩序,严重损害合法权利者和合法利益者的声誉,造成恶劣社会影响,致使在编正式国家干部柴跃新的合法事业干部档案、合法权利、合法利益和合法收入(工资)遭受极其重大损失,这个私人违法犯罪团伙持械侵占和抢夺柴跃新的事业干部编制的行为与持械抢劫柴跃新的合法的私有财产有什么异同?!他们为什么要与为什么能完成违法抢劫和侵占柴跃新的事业干部编制后,拒不及时依照法律立案和提起公诉,拒不依照法律返还柴跃新的事业干部编制,拒不依法以书面的形式答复?!柴跃新在2005年4月才发现被人侵占事业干部编制,柴跃新在2005年5月依法到锦州市人民政府与 中共锦州市委信访办、锦州市档案馆、锦州市财政局、锦州市劳动和社会保障局、锦州市人事局、锦州市公安局和锦州市人民检察院等有关部门举报,要求及时依照法律立案和提起公诉,要求立即依照法律返还柴跃新的有市财政局全额拨款的事业干部编制,要求依法恢复原状、返还原物、恢复名誉、陪偿损失和停止侵害,彻查这个侵占柴跃新的事业干部编制的私人帮违法犯罪集团成员,依法要求依照法律追究这个私人违法犯罪团伙的民事责任、行政责任、刑事责任和违宪责任,依法要求他们及时投案自首,要求及时依法书面答复和如实上报,要求依照法律返还柴跃新的第1套合法的完整的有事业编制的有市财政拨款的原始正式国家干部档案。 他们拒绝柴跃新查我的档案被人非法改动和我的事业干部编制被人侵占的问题。柴跃新有事业编制的正式国家干部档案已被人违法改动!同时,柴跃新一直在以书面的形式向各级有关部门报警和举报,到市内各有关部门查询锦州纺织工业研究所(占地面积约4千平方米)和锦州光学仪器厂(占地面积约6千平方米,在2002年后改制)的国有资产原来和现在的存在形式,查询柴跃新的全市招工考试和转干考试的合格分数的原始档案,查询是什么人和根椐什么把柴跃新违法转到锦州市合成纤维厂,查询都是什么人和在什么时间参加违法改动柴跃新的事业干部档案,要求书面答复,均未见到。在1991年5月,柴跃新听人说,在锦州市纺织工业研究所,约有24人有事业单位干部编制,约有50人有事业单位工人编制;没通过我们同意,就被人转到锦州市合成纤维厂工作。《档案法》第24条规定:“档案工作人员玩忽职守,造成档案损失的,涂改、伪造档案的,构成犯罪的,依法追究刑事责任,造成损失的责令赔偿损失。” 一切违反宪法和法律的行为,必须予以追究。在锦州市,一个私人帮违法犯罪集团受雇于一个现行的罪犯,连手违法侵占和抢夺了柴跃新的事业单位干部编制,违法犯罪者他们抢劫了合法者柴跃新的合法权利和合法利益长达17年!只有私人帮违法犯罪集团联手违法犯罪,他们才能完成抢劫正式国家干部柴跃新的事业干部编制这套违法犯罪程序;只有包庇和纵容他们的人存在,他们才能长期保持不立案和不给我们书面答复。3。柴跃新依宪法和法律要求撤销个体户韩立超锦州市人大代表资格(是2003年2月当选的)。 抢劫我们私有财产者韩立超等人被及时依法逮捕,承担他们应当承担的法律所规定的持械入户抢劫的刑事责任后,我们家的私有房地产自然就依照法律返还了! 4。在2001年10月,锦州市图书馆被锦州市市长拍卖给韩立超(约占地3200平方米,成交价约3500万元,是公益事业用地;该馆在1981年后全部重新建设过一次。2001年6月至2004年8月市长是赵明鹏,之后任辽宁省科学技术厅厅长。期间,赵明鹏是否也有涉黑行为?!事实和法律有规定。),该馆位于我们家东邻。我们锦州市文化局家属50户私产楼房和我们的土地使用权(在1980年竣工入住,占地面积约800平方米,有约350平方米前院,是住宅用地。800平方米全部用于改建成门市房。)是韩立超个人收购,韩立超的建设项目是个体户在我们50户私产住宅楼房所在地改建商品住宅楼房(改为个体户的商业用地),牟取个人商业私利。在锦州市,在2001年12月,个体户主要罪犯韩立超雇佣一个私人帮违法犯罪集团的成员,违法侵入我们家的私有住宅,向我们要我们家的一楼私产3间正房和私产住宅房照,我们没给他们。我们要求他们出示我们50户原住居民私产住宅楼房的土地使用权证和房屋拆迁许可证(他们至今拒绝向我们出示这些证件。我要求把这些证件送到锦州市人民检察院作司法鉴定。事实和法律明确规定我们每一个人都有在自己的居住房屋通过合法劳动维持合法生存的权利),与新盖楼房图纸,他们说:“都没有(这符合事实和法律规定);是个人收购;新楼建9层,地上第1层与第2层建门市房,第3层以上建商品住宅楼房。”我对他们说:“新楼建10层以上,成本低!依法办事,依德办事。”在他们非法收购我们私有房地产期间,我们家的猫被人打残,楼房供暖被人停,房顶被人砸,楼房被人限期停电,有人用他们的黑社会绰号等方式恐吓我们家人,他们破坏了我们依法安居乐业的生产和生活秩序。柴跃新为了维护社会主义法律体系的尊严和维护社会公平正义,在2002年1月中旬到北京国务院信访办、中央审计署和人大信访办举报过他们拍地和违法收购我们私有房地产的问题,我回家后,有未穿警服的陌生人(有人自称是法院的人,自称是贺宏海,也有人自称是国家机关单位的公职人员,自称是李书文,自称是张英杰,还有人拒绝表明身份,但是,他们都明确地向我们声明受雇于韩立超,与个体户韩立超是雇佣关系,都拒绝出示任何证件)违法侵入我们家住宅,让我到他们的专用车上谈,他们拒绝向我们出示证件,我没去。我对他们说:“事实和党纪国法证明,你们都不是我们私产房屋的拆迁人,你们犯违法侵入我们私有住宅罪,你们的具体行为严重破坏了社会主义社会秩序和社会制度,你们触犯了刑律,是严重的刑事犯罪分子,你们是知法犯法,你们是在打击报复举报人柴跃新。你们这是在强迫交易并恐吓我们合法权利者。你们为什么要与为什么能联手继续从事违法犯罪行为?是什么人包庇和纵容你们?我再依法一并举报他们。我们不怕你们‘打、砸、抢、杀’,我们不怕黑恶势力联手绑票,不怕黑恶势力联手抢劫我们私房和私产房照,不怕黑恶势力联手打击报复我们合法权利者!我们还会依照党纪国法向你们的上级举报你们的渎职侵权违法犯罪行为,直到你们依法承担违法违纪责任。”在2002年2月10日,我们到当地锦铁派出所报过警,控告他们持械入户抢劫。事实和法律明确规定:他们没有权利单方面改变我们50户原住居民私产住宅楼房的权属关系,也无权改变该楼房占有的土地使用权的用途与权属关系。 5。柴跃新,在1960年出生,在1997年6月东北大学机电一体化本科毕业,在1993年11月被评为机械工程师,从事过机械设计和维修机器等项工作。 6。在2002年,在锦州市地区,我们家的私有房地产是第1个被人持械入户抢劫的,我们家是第一个被这种违法犯罪集团成员抢劫成锦州地区特别穷困户。我们全家人永远保持热爱伟大的祖国,热爱伟大的人民,热爱伟大的中国共产党;永远保持遵守中国党纪国法;永远保持依法走社会主义道路!!我们全家人坚决相信,在法律规定的时间内,及时依照法律立案和提起公诉,接到依照中国法律规定给我们的关于这个私人帮违法犯罪行为的书面答复。柴跃新依照中华人民共和国宪法持之以恒地支持建成社会主义法律体系、建成社会主义和谐社会和建成法治政府,及时预防和根除各种非法的、非科学的和非理性的行为和意识! 7。柴跃新一直在依法向锦州市委书记佟志武、市长刘志强(原锦州市委副书记)、市人大主任褚光宇(在2002年,他是锦州市委书记)和锦州市公安局局长王立军举报这一入户抢劫案,要求面见他们,要求他们把参加持械入户抢劫我们家私房的韩立超等人、违法批证的人和侵占柴跃新事业干部编制的人移送到锦州市公安局和市人民检察院,要求他们及时依法立案和破案,要求及时依照法律公开审判,同时公开审判这些违法犯罪人员的结果,撤其证,要求他们依法签字和盖公章的书面答复,要求他们依法如实向上级汇报这一入户抢劫案,均未果。王立军在2005年2月被选为锦州市副市长,主管司法工作,在2004年10月之后,原锦州市工商局局长刘伟被提升为锦州市常务副市长,原锦州市财政局局长被提升为锦州市的副市长,原锦州市主管财政的副市长赵凤义改管城市建设。柴跃新一直在依法要求锦州市城乡规划建设委员会主任李锦徐撤其证,通知其涉案人员投案自首。柴跃新一直在向锦州市文化局局长赵振新举报,要求他通知涉案人员投案自首! 8。从2001年12月7日他们私人和公司非法收购我们合法原住居民的合法私有房地产开始,法律明确规定:“城市房屋的产权与该房屋占有的土地使用权实际权利人一致,除法律、法规另有规定的以外,不得分离。房屋产权转移时,该房屋占有的土地使用权应当同时转移。”“单位申请领取‘房屋拆迁许可证’必须提交‘国有土地使用权批准文件’”。因此,在私房者(有占有、使用、收益和处分4项权利)与非私房者双方未签订私房买卖或房地产置换协议以前,非私房者(即:非私有房地产权利者)无权出让、转让、申请和审批私房者占有的土地使用权。所以事实和法律规定:韩立超和他的锦州金厦房地产开发有限公司等都无我们原住居民私产楼房的土地使用权,所以他(它)们都不是拆迁人,我们有合法私有房地产的原住居民都不是被拆迁人;他们(或它门)没有资格申请审批各种所需证件,也没有资格到锦州市城乡规划建设委员会申请行政裁决,他们(或它门)都不是申请人,柴跃新不是被申请人,他们的行为开始是一个个体户的私人买卖我们50户私有房地产(财产权利人是我们自己)的个人商业行为,非拆迁行为,被雇佣的锦州市城乡建设委员会的人无职权裁决(2002年,锦建裁字第17号不发生法律效力,是他们渎职侵权违法犯罪的证据。其上没有写柴凤冲的名字,写的是柴跃新的名字),被雇佣的锦州市凌河区人民法院的人不是执行公务行为、不是执法行为、不是从事强制拆迁私产房屋行为、是渎职侵权违法犯罪行为,即,宪法、法律和行政法规都没有赋予他们作价、申请行政裁决、准许行政裁决、申请强制执行或准许强制执行的权利,柴凤冲全家人是这一楼私产3间正房和家中财物的唯一的合法权利人,也没有赋予他们行政裁决或者执行我们合法私有房地产的职权和程序,他们以持枪入户暴力抢劫柴跃新一楼私产3间正房的名义,实际持枪入户暴力抢劫了柴凤冲的一楼私产3间正房和家中财物。对于他们这种持枪入户暴力抢劫行为,法律明确规定由公安局和人民检察院立案和提起公诉,人民法院审判。事实和法律证明,韩立超和他所雇佣者的持械入户暴力抢劫行为触犯了中华人民共和国刑法第263条(即:入户抢劫的、抢劫数额巨大的或者持枪抢劫的,处十年以上有期徒刑、无期徒刑或者死刑,并处罚金或者没收财产)、第397条(滥用职权)和第245条(即:非法侵入他人住宅)等条文的规定;他们的行为违反了中华人民共和国宪法的规定,他们的行为既违反了中国的程序法律,又违反了中国的实体法律,是既遂犯罪,是现行的违法犯罪行为,他们完成了持枪入户暴力抢劫我们私有财产的所有违法犯罪构成要件,他们是知法犯法,所以事实和法律规定,他们承担持械入户暴力抢劫我们私有财产和渎职侵权违法犯罪的民事责任、行政责任、刑事责任和违反宪法的责任;他们的违法犯罪行为严重损害合法权利者和合法利益者的声誉,造成恶劣社会影响,作案手段嚣张,社会危害性极大,极大地破坏了法律所规定的社会关系和单位的工作秩序,致使我们家的合法私有财产和合法利益遭受重大损失,造成我们无房住、自谋生存职业被人抢夺和跃坤服装店停产停业的严重后果,是刑事案件和公诉案件,符合公安局和人民检察院立案标准的规定;法律条文规定处罚他们10年以上徒刑至死刑,属于数罪并罚和从重处罚,是他们应当承担的刑罚,他们全部违法所得的权利、利益和财产应当依法收回,所以,我们依照法律要求依照法律判处他们死刑,并依法收回他们的全部违法所得的权利和利益,同时永远保持依法追究这个私人违法犯罪集团成员的民事责任、刑事责任、行政责任和违反宪法责任,按照《刑法》第55条、第56条和第57条的要求规定,要求对韩立超和参与入户抢劫人员剥夺政治权利终身,以维护中华人民共和国宪法和社会主义法律体系的尊严,维护社会主义法治秩序,维护我们的合法权利和合法利益;我们适用法律和法规正确,举报指控的事实清楚,证据确实、充分,举报程序合法,依据法律认定被告人韩立超等人的罪名成立,依照法律实事求是的要求也就都是合理合法和公平公正的要求;无论何时,无论何地,无论遇到几种类型的私人帮违法犯罪团伙用何种方式违法犯罪,我们永远依法保持不撤诉,我们永远依法保持在全世界范围内通缉韩立超和参与抢劫我们合法权益的人。柴跃新在2004年5月,依法到锦州市城市建设投资发展有限公司查询锦州市图书馆的土地使用权被人拍卖的问题,同时查询“委托拍卖合同”,到锦州市城市建设房屋拆迁安置有限公司查询“委托拆迁协议书”;到锦州市公用事业与房产局查询我们家私房的档案,同时查询违章建筑“吉庆大厦”的“商品房预售许可证”,被工作人员拒绝查阅和拒绝书面答复。“房地产转让、抵押时,房屋的所有权和该房屋占用范围内的土地使用权同时转让、抵押。”“任何组织或者个人不得侵占、买卖或者以其他行式非法转让土地。土地的使用权可以依照法律的规定转让。”“违反法律和行政法规的合同是无效的经济合同,无效的经济合同,从订立的时候起,就没有法律约束力。”事实和法律规定:非原住居民者无权利出让、转让、申请或者审批原住居民的私有房地产。我们多次向锦州市文化局局长赵振新举报。9。我母亲是小学高级教师,我父亲是离休干部柴凤冲(已故),我们全家人永远不放弃《中华人民共和国宪法》和法律赋予我们家人依法追究韩立超等人刑事责任的权利。依法要求这个抢劫我们家私有财产的私人违法犯罪团伙成员及时投案自首。10。这个买卖房地产的私人帮,为了牟取高额房地产私利,用违法的方式作价9.9万元或置换3楼以上一户52平方米,以远低于法律所规定的合理价位强迫我们交易不成,改成聚众持枪入户抢劫我们家一楼私房和家中财物。我们原吉庆社区的工作人员不承认我们全家人是本社区的人,参与抢劫我们房地产者成为吉庆社区的人;我们每年都依法到原锦州市凌河区锦铁街道吉庆社区,到锦州市民政局举报,举报我们家被私人违法犯罪集团持械入户暴力抢劫成锦州市的特穷户,要求他们依法如实上报,未果。 11。在2004年10月,韩立超对我说:“他用钱雇佣他们抢劫我们家的私有财产,让我支付这笔出场费;一楼都卖出了;原50户私产楼房的土地使用权证是锦州市国土资源局地籍处在2002年10月15日改变权属关系并补发给他的。”我当时对韩立超说:“韩立超,你带相关证件和你所雇佣的有关人员到锦州市人民检察院首先确定这笔出场费的性质和投案自首,柴跃新已经向各级人民政府有关部门举报和控告你们持枪入户抢劫我们私有财产和合法权利。”他至今拒绝去投案自首。柴跃新一直在依照法律对指使和参与抢劫我们合法利益和合法权利的人讲:“事实和法律规定,你们违反了中华人民共和国宪法规定,是严重的刑事犯罪分子,你们分别犯有多项符合公安局和人民检察院立案标准的罪行,1)犯滥用职权罪,2)犯违犯法律制造公文罪,3)犯违犯法律持有和使用枪支弹药罪,4)犯恶意违犯法律暴力毁坏他人私有财产罪,5)犯违犯法律暴力侵入住宅罪,6)犯持枪抢劫罪,7)犯暴力入户抢劫罪,8)犯巨额销赃罪,9)犯长期从事高级综合谋杀罪,10)犯长期违犯法律危害我们生命安全罪,11)犯残酷打击报复举报人罪,12)犯长期违犯法律破坏我们生产经营罪,13)犯恶意长期违犯法律侵占我们合法私有财产罪,14)犯组织、领导黑社会性质的组织罪,15)犯违犯法律转让我们土地使用权罪,16)犯违犯法律制造证件罪,17)犯涉嫌金融诈骗罪,18)犯严重危害公共安全罪,19)犯恶意毁坏我们名誉罪,20)犯残酷打击报复控告人罪,21)犯严重破坏社会主义社会秩序罪,22)犯玩忽职守罪,23)犯聚众持械抢劫罪,24)犯恶意违犯法律抢劫事业单位正式国家干部编制罪,25)犯恶意长期违犯法律侵占事业单位正式国家干部编制罪,26)犯指使他人谋杀罪,27)犯指使他人抢劫罪,28)犯雇佣他人抢劫罪,29)犯违犯法律申请审批证件罪,30)犯违犯法律批准发放证件罪,31)犯为他人谋取违法利益罪,32)犯违法雇佣杀手罪,33)犯故意违犯法律篡改事业单位正式干部档案罪,34)犯违犯法律瞒报罪,35)犯违犯法律包庇罪,36)犯违犯法律纵容罪,37)犯徇私枉法罪,38)犯违犯法律制造法律文书罪,39)犯违犯法律转让他人私有房地产罪,40)犯买赃罪,41)犯违犯法律从事生产经营罪,42)犯违犯法律毁灭证据罪,43)犯违犯法律申请审批土地使用权证罪,44)犯违犯法律批准发放土地使用权证罪,45)犯违犯法律申请办理房屋产权证罪,46)犯违犯法律受理发放房屋产权证罪,47)犯违犯法律从事暴力打、砸、抢、杀罪,48)犯违犯法律申请审批房屋拆迁许可证罪,49)犯违犯法律批准发放房屋拆迁许可证罪,50)犯违犯法律申请审批建设用地规划许可证罪,51)犯违犯法律批准发放建设用地规划许可证罪,52)犯违犯法律申请、审批、批准、发放、粘贴拆迁合法私产住房公告罪,53)犯违犯法律暴力拆迁合法私有住房罪,54)犯违犯法律强行盖违章建筑罪,55)犯违犯法律出售违章建筑罪,56)犯栽赃陷害罪,57)犯违犯法律制造司法文书罪,58)犯违犯法律申请审批建设工程施工许可证罪,59)犯违犯法律批准发放建设工程施工许可证罪,60)犯违犯法律申请审批建设工程竣工验收罪,61)犯违犯法律审批核准建设工程竣工合格备案罪,62)犯敲诈勒索罪,63)犯积极参加以暴力、威胁或者其他手段有组织地进行违法犯罪活动,64)犯积极参加具有黑社会性质的组织活动,65)犯国家机关工作人员包庇黑社会性质的组织,66)犯国家机关工作人员纵容黑社会性质的组织进行违法犯罪活动,67)犯故意违犯法律建商品住宅楼房罪,68)犯故意违犯法律侵犯我们私有房地产罪,69)犯故意违犯法律把私人住宅用地改变为他人商业用地,70)犯违犯法律申请审批安全生产许可证罪,71)犯违犯法律批准发放安全生产许可证罪,72)犯违犯法律故意伤害罪,73)犯违犯法律暴力垄断房地产市场价值和价格,74)犯违犯法律抢劫和侵占他人合法权利,75)犯违犯法律抢劫和侵占他人合法利益,75)犯黑恶势力连手从事恐吓合法权利者行为,76)犯黑恶势力连手从事强迫交易行为,77)犯违犯中华人民共和国宪法规定,78)犯私人帮违法犯罪集团成员连手抢劫事业单位正式国家干部工资,79)犯私人帮违法犯罪集团成员连手违犯法律恶意毁坏和抢劫原住居民的合法店铺,80)犯私人帮违法犯罪集团成员与他们的包庇和纵容者连手故意保持长期不立案并且故意妨碍司法公正,81)犯失职罪,82)犯妨碍司法公正罪,83)犯为了黑社会集团公司的建设项目和为了牟取黑社会集团的商业利益而聚众持械入户暴力抢劫合法权利者的合法权利和合法利益,84)犯滥用职权参加私人帮违法犯罪集团持械入户抢劫他人合法的私有财产,85)犯严重破坏社会主义社会制度罪,等等。”如果有人愿意事实求是、公平公正、合理合法判断此类事件,任何一个能够认识相关法律法规条文文字、有行为能力和有意识能力的正常人,都能够依照中国法律和党纪的规定判断出私产房屋和该私产房屋占有的土地使用权与土地,此三者必须同时转让,不得分离转让,分离转让是有人违法犯罪的证据;都能够既合法又准确地判断出任何一个单位(包括事业单位、企业单位、公司、集团、组织、个人,等等)必须首先依照法律规定,第一步从合法私产房屋的合法所有权人手中取得了该房屋的合法所有权之后(必须同时有依法转让私有房产双方签定合法的书面协议书),才有资格持有该房屋的所有权证书到行政机关去申请审批该私产房屋占有的土地使用权证书,第二步必须在依法审批发放该宗土地使用权证书之后,才有资格到行政机关去申请审批该私产房屋占有土地的建设用地规划许可证,第三步必须在依法审批发放该宗土地的建设用地规划许可证之后,才有资格到行政机关去申请审批该私产房屋的房屋拆迁许可证书,第四步只有依照法律取得合法的房屋拆迁许可证后,才有资格成为房屋拆迁人,否则,不是合法的房屋拆迁人;都能够既合法又准确地判断出合法私产房屋的非合法所有权单位不是在拆迁法律中所规定的拆迁人;都能够既合法又准确地判断出合法私产房屋的合法所有权人都不是在拆迁法律中所规定的被拆迁人;都能够既合法又准确地判断出非合法所有权单位和合法所有权人都不是拆迁当事人、都不是行政相对人;都能够正确地判断出他们的行为既是违法犯罪行为又是具有黑社会性质的暴力抢劫行为;都能够既合法又正确地判断出是哪些部门和哪些级别的哪些人员违法教唆、指使、利用、参与、包庇和纵容他们从事违法犯罪;都能够既合法又正确地判断出是哪些部门和哪些级别的哪些人员为什么要与为什么能长期利用、包庇和纵容这两种违法犯罪集团成员抢劫和残害我们合法权利者;都能够正确地判断出他们的行为既符合公安局和人民检察院立案标准的规定又是严重的刑事犯罪;都能够正确地判断出没有经过法定事由和法定程序,任何人不得改变私有房地产的所有权属性,否则,单方面改变所有权属性就是违法犯罪行为;都能够既合法又准确地判断出只有破坏社会主义社会制度者、破坏社会主义社会秩序者、恐怖主义者和黑社会集团,才会暴力抢劫合法权利者的合法权利和合法利益,同时,长期保持不立案和不及时依法给予书面答复;都能够既合法又准确地判断出他们是古今中外罕见的、穷凶极恶的黑社会集团;都能够既合法又准确地判断出我们是在维护世界和平、维护社会公平正义和维护法律的尊严;都能够既合法又准确地判断出黑恶势力连手谋杀我们合法权利者。我们全家人既是合法的公民又是遵守中国法律和党纪的公民,我们具有受法律保护的不受任何侵犯的合法权利和合法利益;我们在全世界范围内,为了维护中国社会主义法律体系的尊严,为了维护合法权利者和合法利益者的合法权利和合法利益,我们依照中国法律和党纪永远保持公开举报、控告和通缉所有指使和参加抢劫我们合法权利和合法利益的人!直到韩立超和参加抢劫者被依照法律缉捕,并承担刑事责任和民事赔偿责任,及相关的违法犯罪责任,无论什么人包庇和纵容这两种违法犯罪集团成员!12。柴跃新在2005年7月18日,19日,8月19日,24日,25日,26日到市公安局要求见王立军和书面答复,我未见到王立军,我见到了其他接访人,我再一次把举报书交给接访人员,我在接访处被未穿警服的数个陌生人(他们自称是锦铁派出所的民警,其中有一个自称是李长明,一个自称是高晓军)违法用力推出,让我到他们的专用车上谈,他们拒绝向我出示证件,我没去;我对他们说:“事实和党纪国法证明,你们是知法犯法,你们的姓名是什么?是什么单位的?是什么人指使你们在锦州市公安局院内接访处帮助以韩立超为首的抢劫犯们绑架我的,并阻止我向王立军举报韩立超等人入户抢劫?是哪个黑社会成员雇佣你们绑架我的?你把他找来,我要见他,王立军是否帮助抢劫犯韩立超销赃与落户口?是什么人帮助韩立超销赃、落的户口与不撤证?我要求王立军带他们去投案自首,并撤销落户证及相关证件,我已向他们的上级举报了他们的违法犯罪行为;以韩立超为首的这个黑社会组织成员王立军为什么要与为什么能既不及时依法立案又不及时依法给我们书面答复,是哪些级别和哪些部门的哪些人教唆、指使、利用、参与、包庇和纵容这些违法犯罪行为和集团违法犯罪?事实和中国党纪国法都有明确规定,更高级别的人员为什么要与为什么能涉嫌长期利用、包庇和纵容高级的渎职侵权违法犯罪涉案人员,使得他们长期保持不立案、不撤证、不依法给予书面答复、不投案自首、不依法返还我们的合法权利和合法利益。柴跃新一直在依法以书面的形式向辽宁省公安厅、辽宁省纪检监察机关、公安部、国土资源部和中央纪检监察部等有关部门举报和控告你们这些渎职侵权违法犯罪者和抢劫犯”柴跃新当时就到锦州市各有关部门举报了他们的违法犯罪行为,依法要求王立军给我书面答复,未果。13。柴跃新在2004年9月,到锦州市各有关部门,依法要他们批给锦州金厦房地产开发有限公司的位于我们50户私产楼房的“建设用地规划许可证”、“国有土地使用权证”、“房屋拆迁许可证”和“商品房预售许可证”等证件的复印件,并要求他们签上名字和盖上公章,我拿去到锦州市人民检察院作司法鉴定,并依法确定审批证件人员和抢劫我们私房人员的行为的性质,他们至今不让我看并不给我。 14。《刑法》明文规定这个抢劫我们房地产的私人违法犯罪团伙的行为是:1.入户抢劫,2.持枪抢劫,3.聚众抢劫,等等。他们入户抢劫我们家的动产是:一台燕牌缝纫机等家中财物 ;抢劫不动产是:一楼私产3间正房和该房屋占有的土地使用权,还有门窗。15。例如:理论上讲,如果给原住居民一宗799平方米的平整土地,免去土地费和各种税费,商品住宅楼房的成本价格是每平方米0.08万元,一户原住居民的一楼私产正房市场销售公平公正成交价为160万元,那么,该户原住居民雇合格施工队用这160万元能盖2000平方米的商品住宅楼房,新楼房的市场销售成交价为每平方米0.25万元,则,销售收入为500万元;如果抢劫房地产的私人帮以10万元强迫该户居民交易不成,改成聚众持枪入户抢劫,可见抢劫该原住户居民价值几百万元的私有房地产。16。综上所述,略叙梗概,未能全一;然则,意思等齐,核实可观,余言不赘。字字声声,实事实说。抢房何太极!实名公开报警、举报和控告人柴跃新,两袖清风,一介书生,俯仰无愧,清白守法,合法和守法公民,公正无畏,勇于敢依法阻止和举报他们渎职侵权违法犯罪行为,先天下之忧而忧,为人民服务,依法保家卫国,维护社会公平正义,柴跃新写于2005年10月1日以前。 完!另注:我们为了维护中华人民共和国宪法和社会主义法律体系的尊严,为了伸张正义,依法在锦州市各有关部门举报之后,在2002年1月中旬,柴跃新依照法律公开到北京中央人大信访办和审计署,以书面的形式,举报过他们拍卖锦州市图书馆土地使用权的问题和他们私人违法收购我们私有房地产的行为;在2002年2月10日,我对我们全家人说:“事实求是地讲,事实和法律证明,中国是社会主义法治国家,我们依照法律举报和控告的是抢劫我们私有房地产的具有黑社会性质组织违法犯罪,只有破坏社会主义制度者、恐怖组织成员,黑社会集团才会联手持枪入户抢劫离休干部柴凤冲的一楼私产3间正房和他的家中财物,我们遇到以韩立超为首的私人帮违法犯罪集团以杀人越货的方式联手持枪入户暴力抢劫我们私有财产,这是古今中外罕见的违法犯罪集团,这个具有黑社会性质的违法犯罪集团在他们违法犯罪之后能不立案,证明涉案人员级别高,涉案人员所在部门多,非一般的私人帮所为;如果这其中有一个部门的人员依法行政,他们都不能完成这套违法犯罪程序;只有存在更高级别人员包庇和纵容这个有组织的违法犯罪集团,他们才能长期保持不立案和继续从事违法犯罪行为,保持不立案的时间越长,参与违法犯罪者的级别就越高;如果以韩立超为首的私人黑帮在刑事法庭的被告席上被公开审判了,他们在法律规定的时间内承担了刑事责任,我们的私有财产权才能依法返还;黑帮势力越大,我们全家人越是要持之以恒地向伟大的中国工农红军学习,不怕山大,不怕路长,不怕举报难,不怕这个违法犯罪集团不立案,不怕这个黑帮势力范围大。我们始终保持依照党纪国法走社会主义道路。我们如果遇到违法拍卖土地、违法转让土地、违法出让土地或违法转让土地使用权的人和事,如果遇到抢劫房地产的私人帮违法犯罪集团联手持枪入户暴力抢劫我们家一楼私产3间正房和家中财物,我们都不用害怕;这个抢劫房地产的私人帮违法犯罪集团的势利越大,我们全家人越是要依照中国党纪国法行正!在锦州市,这个私人帮违法犯罪集团行为是否是具有黑社会性质的违法犯罪集团行为,中华人民共和国刑法第294条和其司法解释有明文规定。黑恶势力越大,我们越是要依法公开报警、举报和控告他们的违法犯罪行为。依照中国党纪国法,众所周知,这个私人帮违法犯罪集团所犯罪行,并非仅仅是持枪入户抢劫我们家私有房地产1项罪行!”在2002年3月以前,柴跃新对恐吓我们的人说:“渎职侵权违法犯罪,私人帮借房屋拆迁之名,行抢劫原住居民房地产之实,之后又名利双收,古已有之;黑恶势力连手持械入户抢劫私有财产,非他们首创;他们毁坏的不只是我们的名誉和财产;举报私人黑帮违法犯罪事实的人和有巨额私有财产被抢劫的人可能遇到的事情,我们既听说过,又见过,不怕黑恶势力连手绑票、入户抢劫私房和抢劫私产房照,等等。转告他们投案自首!抢劫房地产的私人违法犯罪团伙与非抢劫房地产的私人违法犯罪团伙相比,有什么异同,事实和法律有明确规定,世人皆知黑恶势力连手作案的特征。我们全家人不惧怕任何方式的黑恶势力连手打击报复!”在2002年4月,柴跃新依照中国党纪国法又到锦州市(市人民检察院、市中级人民法院、市委市政府信访办和市人大信访办)、辽宁省(包括人大信访办、政府信访办、高级人民法院和高级人民检察)和中央人民政府(包括国务院信访办、全国人大信访办、最高人民法院信访办和最高人民检察院信访办)各级有关部门公开以书面的形式举报过一次。有抢劫和违法犯罪者,必然有报警和举报者;所以,必定有依照中华人民共和国宪法和法律及时立案、破案、审判和判决者,维护法律法规秩序者,保护合法的权力者、合法的权利者和合法的利益者。 私人违法犯罪团伙公开违法犯罪和持械入户抢劫我们合法的私有财产;我们依照法律,公开报警和举报他们违法犯罪和持械入户抢劫事实,要求他们立即停止违法犯罪和投案自首 !? 我的工厂管理人员对我说:工厂没给柴跃新缴纳医疗保险金和养老保险金。事实和中国法律有明确规定:“具体行政行为”是指“在行政管理活动中行使行政职权”;什么是“非具体行政行为”(不含抽象行政行为),什么是具体持枪入户抢劫行为,什么是具体渎职侵权违法犯罪行为,什么是“非行政管理”,什么是“非行政职权”,什么是“非法律文书”,什么是“非行政裁决书”,什么是“非执行通知书”,什么是个人行为,什么是单位行为,什么是滥用职权,什么是违法的文字材料,什么行为是执法行为,什么行为是政府行为,什么行为是房屋拆迁行为,什么行为是执行公务,什么行为是“非执法行为”,什么行为是渎职侵权违法犯罪行为,什么行为是黑社会垄断行为,什么行为是黑社会对举报人进行打击报复行为,什么行为是集团恐怖主义行为,什么行为是具有黑社会性质的持枪入户暴力抢劫行为,什么人是行政相对人,什么是商业利益,什么是公共利益;普通商品住宅楼房的成本价为每平方米0.06至0.10万元,黑社会组织的形成过程、黑社会组织的作案过程和黑社会组织对举报人进行打击报复过程,黑社会性质的组织成员组成结构特征,私人帮违法犯罪集团是否是具有黑社会性质的犯罪集团,世人皆知;在《最高人民法院关于审理黑社会性质犯罪的案件具体应用法律若干问题的解释》中有明确规定,法释[2000]42号,自2000年12月10日起施行,在《最高人民法院关于审理抢劫案件具体应用法律若干问题的解释》中有明确规定,自2000年11月28日起施行,法释[2000]35号。柴凤冲的冲字是音译,冲字代替羽字旁加中字的字。柴跃新依照法律要求:把科学发展观、建设社会主义和谐社会和法治政府的具体内容写入中华人民共和国宪法。遇黑恶,谁害怕?!打黑恶,吾不怕!举头见太阳,低头寻根基;举报加预防,抢权何太激?!法律保吾房,黑帮施杀机!吾权何时还,依法问青天!?辽宁省,锦州市。 柴跃新 写1万 汉字遇 人观看 举报书,报真案;违法者,被审判,守法者,才平安;正义在,天地间,秉公办,打黑案,为我们,保平安;依法办,必立案,公开审,公平判,依法律,惩罪犯;依宪办,原物还,有工作,又居安。私人帮,被审判;韩立超,是主犯;打砸抢,聚众抢;持枪抢,入户抢;刑事犯,公诉案;抢私财,超百万;销赃额,超千万;犯数罪,一起判;服刑期,超十年;作案期,长五年。集团犯,同案犯,共同犯,故意犯,犯中犯,抢权犯,渎职犯,侵权犯,失职犯,教唆犯,纵容犯,持久犯,抢劫犯,刑事犯;抢工资,重罪犯;抢私房,案中案;抢中抢,抢数权;刑事案,公诉案;集团抢,是大案,黑帮抢,是要案;包庇犯,不立案。风潇潇,路漫漫;吾报警,被抢劫;吾举报,被谋杀;吾控告,被残害;抢吾权,十九年;生存权,工作权,居住权,财产权,编制权,使用权,占有权,收益权,权中权,合法权。求真理,观本质;讲真话,有建言;最高者,是法律,学法律,用法律;除黑恶,我们敢!依法纪,还吾权!吾字代表我、我们。声明:柴跃新写的所有《举报和控告书》,只涉及与中国法律和党纪规定的有关系者,不涉及与中国法律和党纪规定的无关系者,只在提供免费刊载处如实和全面刊载,柴跃新不付费、不收费,为了依照法律公审黑社会,为了媒体依照法律公开监督;如果有人篡改柴跃新写的《举报和控告书》的文字内容,则由篡改人承担全部违法犯罪责任。谢谢收看!敬请把此《举报和控告书》转给中共中央集体领导阅!我们为了维护中华人民共和国宪法和社会主义法律体系的尊严,为了维护社会公平正义, 为了维护社会司法公正! 柴跃新依照党纪国法公开报警、举报和控告时间是从他们违法犯罪开始,至今,他们还在从事违法犯罪行为,他们没有立案、没有提起公诉和没有给予依法书面答复,他们没有依法返还我们家的壹楼私产三间正房,没有依法返还我们的合法权利和合法利益!!!

jawad :

oil is still being paid for by USD. The dollar's value is down and the price of oil is high. This means that the US sneezed when the immunity of the world economy is weak. So is it true that world economies are doing well?

D. Hodara :

As long as our societies will place material success as the goal to be obtained at any cost, we shall be experiencing lots of negative surprises.
Indeed the U.S.A. have squandered a lot of their enormous wealth and possibilities, with administrations interested in their being elected or reelected with short term views and ignoring the long term interests of their country and population. This is why they are now considered as a superpower in decline. But as they still represent on their own - for the time being - a very large percentage of the world economy - about 30% - the world still gets a cold when the U.S. sneezes.
The strange fact is that as long as the economy is on the uptrend, no one seems to worry about the bad management of governments and financial worlds. They accept the excesses as a normal issue and as soon as the downturn begins, everybody loses their composure and are panicky - forcing government to intervene to help the culprits who have created the problems.
In the last five years the stock markets have moved up tremendously, and everybody seemed sure that it would continue - ex. the previous Fed chief and the present administration. The fall is a small part of the previous appreciations of the markets, yet one feels the economies are in jeopardy. In fact, it is not the fall which is responsible but the absurd attitudes of those who manage our destinies and should have prevented the excesses which the rise of the stock market have created.

http://www.thestar.com/comment/article/297250 :

An additional problem resides in the fact that a prolonged and escalating military adventure abroad tends to stimulate the military industry at home, entwining it with the industrial fabric until it becomes the very warp and woof of our economic life. As American author Chalmers Johnson recently wrote, this is "a form of slow economic suicide."

Alas, another paradox.

Yousuf Hashmi :

Being non finance person a finace topic attracts me most.

what I do not understand that what magic US reserve bank has that once it reduces its interest rate then world market start climbing. Does it mean that most of the industrial tycoons of the world manupilating their legal or illegal money from US

Reacting the markets is a natural phenomeon and it is not limited to NYSE . We have seen that if Japanese stock market goes down then the effect is felt as far as European markets.

Although it is always claimed that Stocks do represent the financial strenth of the country but unfortunately it looks like that it is more or less a gambling unit where the selected people find a ground to make billions with out making any effort

jawad :

They caught the cold because they lost their money they invested in US financial markets. When banks all over the middle east report loses or decreased profits, it is because the cheap loans they gave the US markets.

However, we see many people will continue to support the US financial market no matter what. as we saw, the Saudi prince gave a 12 Bs$ to Citigroup and Singapore gave 6B$s,which equals to the total loss that financial company suffered from the housing bubble thing

Sajid Ansari - Pakistan :

It's just psychological reaction in world share markets and nothing else.

As for as US economy is concerned it WILL go down as along as US administration keeps on spending multi-trillion dollars on killing more than a million innocent civilians in Iraq and half-a-million in Afghanistan which proved to be totally unproductive for US Tax-Payers.

Yes, it proved to be very much productive and revenue generating for 'some' who are squeezing Iraqi Oil wells, which was 'their' main plan and purpose behind 9/11 and "looking for WMDs" in Iraq which they could not find as there were NO WMDs at all. So 'their' economy is booming and 'they' have gained a lot no matter even if country's(US) economy goes down.

Where are those who cry to fight for US interests...?

Back to the subject please, :

it was a fart.

Cristina :

Very very suspicious this levent alkan personage personage. Very much, really. There is a pattern and this is no over-analysis..for those who reads a dot is a letter.

Beebee :

oh was that a sneeze? felt more like a fart to me!

jwh :

Nice, you'r using my quot,"When America sneezes..., introduced it 2 years ago. The main reason why this huge economy collapses is the fact that today there are more liemericans the americans. Government officials gave a good example over the last 10 years in how to cheat the public, and all the public did was start cheating back.

Robert James :

This old saying(when America sneezes the world catches cold) is rubbish. . The economies of the world are somewhat interdependent but they are not dominated by the USA.

China and India are very prosperous. If the Shanghai Exchange has a correction it will be because it is long overdue. Its stocks are overpriced but it will not be because of the good ole USA.

In Australia our economy is growing too strongly. Our Reserve Bank is contemplating putting up interest brakes to slow it down.

The American economy is becoming clogged by regulations and obstacles that impede growth. Your infrastructure is failing. Your debt is getting out of hand. Your Presidents and Congresses have failed to develop clearly formed startegies that have long term goals. It is inevitable that your economy will lose some of its significance. If you wait long enough you will get very sick.

Best of luck with your myths.

Shiveh :

It is psychosomatic! Stock markets around the world resemble Las Vegas casinos more than they do economic barometers. Gamblers try to guess the direction of the market and often put down their bets based on tea leaf predictions! therefore, few months ago a Chinese hick up shook the markets, and this week an American sneeze was enough to move Dow Jones about 300 points in both directions on the same day! Contrary to the popular belief, in this case it is not the economy stupid!

Candice :

There is absolutely no limit to our protracted hubris. The Chinese GDP is up 11.4% this evening, and, despite the European market's downturn, the Euro is still enjoying it's first real era of global prestige - unlike our own gilded mirror backed by billions of empty promises. This is nothing more than a sympathy cough; the world is no longer limited by our economic health, and unless we learn to see ourselves as only part of a global economy, we will shortly find the American Dream has moved to the middle kingdom.

Cristina :


In order to formulate your question, which seems be common sense, you assume that countries around the world are doing economically well. Brazil is lagging behind among the BRICs. Based on what parameters this premise was established? Or is it just vague and generalised assumption in order to avoid naming perhaps half dozen of countries, if much? If the latter is true, this is a little cynical or would be intentionally provocative underlying? hum?

Cristina :

Interesting this one! It looks like some analysts, economists and loggers alike decided to ask or discuss the same question and, curiously, reusing the same well-known expression.

The US still is the leading economy, so it's somehow common sense that whatever happens to its economy is likely to affect the immediate others. That seems to be an unquestionable argument. Then the problem, in my view, real questions were not asked yet. For instance, what is the root cause of this sneeze? if someone thinks that I have the wrong issue in mind, please explain me why. US is like that outpatient who thinks he has nothing and others try to tell him what do, or invent him diseases an sort f malaise, but he is strong and still can walk up the stairs in one breath...despite the first stroke when he was 40 something. After all, no more smoking or drinking. Only socially.

Zoltan :

MikeB : "Classic capitalism allows individuals to create new products and sell them at a profit. A perversion of that idea is the "corporation" a sort of fake individual."

In french, that's called "personne morale" while a human being is called "personne physique".

Funny you should mention that, as these "moral people" are all but moral. They're greedy Machiavellian nuts. I remember a marketing guru talking about "perceived quality", meaning that it was OK to make junk products as long as the client didn't realise it, and thought he was buying top notch gear. It was in Europe though.

"the problem is not "capitalism" nor "free enterprise", it is run-away corporate corruption"

This might be the point where we differ: I think that run-away corporate corruption is an inherent part of capitalism. If you swap lots of millions of money around, human beings being human beings, corruption is bound to happen. If you let capitalism on the loose, it will always happen. The only solution is, I think, that capitalism is reined-in. The Tobin tax might be such a leach, but it would probably kill capitalism as a such. Which I won't regret.

MikeB :

Zoltan - with all due respect, the problem is not "capitalism" nor "free enterprise", it is run-away corporate corruption, the sport of excess we were warned about by one of the chief proponents of capitalism, Thomas Jefferson. Classic capitalism allows individuals to create new products and sell them at a profit. A perversion of that idea is the "corporation" a sort of fake individual. There were corporations, even in early times, but they were limited in scope, the corporate officers were reponsible for the actions of the corporation, and those corporations were run by the inventors. Modern corporations are run by investors, and a particularly criminal class of people, with MBA's that have no relationship to the invention, beyond huckstering it. So, we see CEO's hiding evidence that a choloresterol medication made by their company is not just useless, but leads to death, merely so they can cash in millions of dollars in stock options. We see boards or corporations, like that of Enron, being rewarded with millions or hundreds of millions of dollars in stock options that are completely unresponsible for the illegal actions of corporate officers that they are supposedly over seeing. These are, admittedly, usually American perversions, but they have been exported. It is like the mortgage mess, subprime packages that were put together by Wall Street investors that were designed to defraud people, festering bombs. I apologize that we allow these sociopaths to roam the streets. In any civilized country, that CEO would be on trial for first degree murder and those "investors" would be institutionalized or in prison.

Zoltan :

What a bizarre world-view. If it wasn't for JRLR, MikeB and Berry, I wouldn't bother answering. Not that I'm sure they appreciate, but such long times exchanging views creates relations. Call me romantic.

Well, so, there are 2 possible answers:

1) the infamous sub-prime mortgages are a US creation, true, but these were packaged in a way that made it impossible to know where and what they were, and then sold around the world. SO when the cheating unfolded, the rest of the world discovered that they had been sold junk. If you like you're sneezing analogy, the "virus" was created in the USA and exported all around the world. When the virus became active, after some incubation period, it was too late for all. The activation was done by the rising rates.

2) the problem is not so much the USA as capitalism. Of course, capitalism is most vehemently defended by the USA, and the USA is the flag-ship of capitalism, but capitalism exists all around the world. This capitalism depends on cheap fossil energy, so when this source drys up, capitalism collapses. Every-where. The sub-prime mortgages are only the spark that ignites the powder, or the sand corn that grips the mechanics.


The above question reminds me that some people resent being alone, whenever they find themselves in deep trouble. It is as though for them to see others suffer made their own suffering somewhat less intense, particularly if they can claim to be responsible for other people’s pain. That is, no doubt, quite an interesting psychological reaction for one to name, describe and analyse.

Anatole Kaletsky wrote, recently: we are witnessing “a decisive shift in the centre of gravity of the world economy towards Asia after five centuries of financial, economic and therefore political dominance by Europe and America.” (“The London Times” online, January 17, 2008) It is my opinion that the current US crisis will only accentuate that shift.

It is indeed easily conceivable, alas, that the US one day sneeze, catch a cold, develop pneumonia and die, while the rest of the world survives and moves on… Have not such tragedies happened in the past? Has not History a tendency to repeat itself?

MikeB :

The world? Not Europe, at least not really. Europe has pretty much innoculated itself from our experiment, our suicidal jump off the cliff of "globalization". I guess you don't read much European press that isn't in English, but Denmark completely paid off it's national debt as of the first of this month. Sweden is on line to sometime this year. Norway hasn't had one is sometime. The economies of most of Western Europe, outside of the U.K. and France are doing just fine. Their markets are experiencing some upheaval over the destruction of America, but that is something they have expected.

The economies Asia, on the other hand, are completely dependent upon a parasitical relationship with the U.S. and our demiss is going to cause them no end of grief, especially since Europe doesn't appear to be in any rush to jump off the free trade cliff like we did. They will attempt to open African markets, without much success. The short term result will be political upheaval, attempts to expell the U.S. from influence in the Far East, and very likely military action by China as it invades Taiwan, and takes disputed territories from Vietnam, the Philippines’, and elsewhere. The Middle East will experience something of an economic boom, as Amercian corporate headquarters and corporate officers relocate in places like Dubai. Likewise, you can expect Canada to join the E.U. and, in our lifetimes, there will be calls by Canada to build a border fense to keep out desparate U.S. illegal immigrant workers.

berry, ecuador :

Re: If countries around the world are doing so well economically, why are they still catching a cold when the United States sneezes?

Maybe the best answer is the old saying: "If you owe the bank $100 that's your problem. If you owe the bank $100 million, that's the bank's problem."

For many years, the U.S. has been borrowing astronomical amounts of money in order to sustain a voracious apetite for consumption. Later, to buy overpriced houses. And, lately, to finance some very expensive wars.

Who is the banker? Indeed, there are many bankers all over the world: sovereign funds, exporters willing to accept U.S. bonds as payment for their goods, individuals keeping their savings in the world's largest economy.

For several years, those investors from around the world knew the American economy was unsustainable, but kept lending money to the U.S., and kept waiting and waiting, and waiting for the U.S. government to send some signals that it was willing -and able- to regain control of the economy. Until last year, when it became clear that the Bush administration was more interested in starting WW3 than in the cutting the huge deficits.

Call this a crisis of confidence: the flow of money to the U.S. slowed down, enough to cause a crisis of liquidity and a credit crunch last summer. Instead of addressing the causes, the Bush administration and the Fed reacted by cutting interest rates, and the huge investment banks went out shopping aroud the world, looking for more money. They only bought more time.

Now, we are there. The world's economy is upside-down, with old lenders turned borrowers, and old borrowers turned bankers.

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