New Words For 2008

Australians are voting online for a "Word of the Year" from a list of new words to be included in the dictionary: among the frontrunners, "Chindia" and "globesity." Create your favorite new word of the year that tells us something about trends in your country.

Posted by Lauren Keane on January 14, 2008 9:30 AM

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Dr.R.P. :

Evangelitics: Pandering to the religious right in a political race.

anonymous :

Uh yes,

Americans...The United States Government, is ridiculous if they think that they aren't torturing people both within the United States and elsewhere around the world. Taking personal digs via using allusions or inferences to specific names of Maine citizens as official diplomatic language and using them against other countries legitimate valid concerns ain't gonna solve anything baby.

Me & Bobby McGee :

BUSH-A-LIES: those who would co-alite to make war for words that have not been spoken:

We continue to be led to believe that Iran's President threatened to "wipe Israel off the map", despite never having uttered the words "map", "wipe out" or even "Israel." To quote his exact words in farsi:

"Imam ghoft een rezhim-e ishghalgar-e qods bayad az safheh-ye ruzgar mahv shavad."

That passage will mean nothing to most people, but one word might ring a bell: rezhim-e. It is the word "Regime", pronounced just like the English word with an extra "eh" sound at the end. Ahmadinejad did not refer to Israel the country or Israel the land mass, but the Israeli regime. This is a vastly significant distinction, as one cannot wipe a regime off the map. Ahmadinejad does not even refer to Israel by name, he instead uses the specific phrase "rezhim-e ishghalgar-e qods" (regime occupying Jerusalem).

So this raises the question.. what exactly did he want "wiped from the map"? The answer is: nothing. That's because the word "map" was never used. The Persian word for map, "nagsheh", is not contained anywhere in his original farsi quote, or, for that matter, anywhere in his entire speech. Nor was the western phrase "wipe out" ever said.Yet we are led to believe that Iran's President threatened to "wipe Israel off the map", despite never having uttered the words "map", "wipe out" or even "Israel."

These days, Freedom's just another word for nothin left to lose(Kris Kristofferson, Me& Bobby McGee)

Patrick :

Yankocracy: bastardized version of real democracy whose true purpose is to make a country a client state of the United States under the guise of liberating it.

the-world-in-heat :

Suggested new terms in English:

1/ Globothermalize (v): Heating up the world
2/ Globofloodize (v): Flooding the world
3/ Globooverpopulatize (v): devastating the world with massive overpopulation, while world babymaking machines are running in full speed
4/ Globoyellowize (v): flooding the entire world with chinese
5? Globodarkbrownize (v): flooding the entire world with S.A

Darden Cavalcade :

hemaspheroids: an inflammatory condition brought about by interpreting all world events in relation to their negative impact on the Western Hemisphere

the-world-in-heat :

the-world-in-heat :
Suggested new terms in English:

1/ "ALLAH-ACKBARIZE" (v): pray allah and go out to behead an innocent person as commonly found in middle east when a murderous islamic killer has done to an innocent individual such as a child, a woman, an old man, a kidnapped victim, etc.,
2/ "SHEEPIZE" or RABBITIZE (v): a person, a nation, a world who/which hides he/its face in shame or in the sand when seeing China does bad things to other nations such as as invade Tibet, Vietnam, Urghur Muslim nation, Mongolia, Russia, India, Cambodia (i.e., China forced Khmer Rouges to murder their own citizens) and staying iddle and keeping mouth shut to observe these kinds of chinese violence, while begging chinese favors to get few yuans to bring home! or seeing China poisoned the world with chinese poisons such as formaldehyde, dimethyl-glycol, melamine, and heavy metals found in "Made in China" products worldwide...


the-world-in-heat :

Suggested new terms in English:

1/ "ALLAH-ACKARIZE" (v): pray allah and go out to behead an innocent person as commonly found in middle east when a murderous islamic killer has done to an innocent individual such as a child, a woman, an old man, a kidnapped victim, etc.,
2/ "SHEEPIZE" (v): a person, a nation, the world hides he/its face in shame or in the sand when see China does bad things to other nations such as as invade Tibet, Vietnam, Urghur, Mongolia, Russia, India, Cambodia (force Khmer rouges to murder their own citizens) and stay iddle and keep mouth shut to observe these kinds of chinese violence

the-world-in-heat :

Suggested new terms in English:

1/ "globalhotize" (v): the "world is in heat"!
2/ "globalgarbagize" (v): the world is turning into piles of garbage of all sorts: spiritually, mentally, physically, behaviorally
3/ "chinpanzeese" (v): the acting like a a chinese liar and behaves like "monkey business"-oriented object
4/ "camelize" (v): acting crazily like a murderous muslim
5/ "binladenize" (v): acting murderously and dangerously like a bin Laden murderer

Reader 4 :


a condition that occurs when people persist in watching television although no new material is being written or broadcast


a condition found primarily in human males where in they watch television rebroadcasts and appear unable to receive any other sensory input while engaged

AMviennaVA :

Well the Post did not like the word so I will try a different spelling.

I know it is not new, but it is still applicable:

B_U_S_H_I_T: What GWB says and his supporters parrot and defend.

mohammad allam :

jugarist-the person who can manage anything by using sources.

Levent Alkan :

these two messages are for globesity
with v-b, this is particularly for visité with gloves for medication

1. atonements are not to be predetermined or not to be asked either
2. it is a matter of one's heart's peace, till peace there shall be exclamations
3. one cannot damage his party to ask for atonement from his counterpart
4. one cannot commence it but one can remind it
5. if one damages his party, he shall be healed
6. parties are invited to heal their domestic wounds

artificial means are not accepted, Way of Isis is not accepted.
human labority cannot be hidden under Goat's Coat.

take the millions to somewhere else then apply artificial earthquake
and delepidate the buildings, then build new ones with todays wisdom.

humans are different than cement iron sand glass houses.
humans live on Earth, buildings related with history are subject to change.

every one has the right granted to live and leave with Life and Death
others have not a right to murder one another to have him left.

exclusion is not accepted, anathema is not in today's civilization.
Prime Minister is responsible for unbroadcasted plans and krank religious applications

it is not in Prime Minister's government to apply death to peaople on a land.
this is why Ottomans were canceled, recently.

and Ahmet did not murder with sword, he replied to those who attacked.
but he could not reply those who poisoned Him, there is eternal justice within unity.

as in Orthodox Church, there are faults and apologies.
so there cannot be low-profile speeches for Justice of Unity, subject to Education.

governors are subject to Council Concordance
low-profiles of governors are subject to attainments and Council Management
personal health and health of family relations are to be adhered.

Levent Alkan :

yag satarim bal satarim
ustam Olmus ben satarim

i sell butter and honey
with Dead One's MAstery

if turban is golden ratio in French
if turbance is golden flux and presence
if disturbance is disharmony
if turban is for education and protection of golden presence
if turban is for education of Grace that MAry had before marriage by John
if turban is what nuns put on day and night
if Anatolia is a land of priests and nuns and monastries
if Ahmet was educated by a christian
if invitation to prayer was from an Ethopian
if Grandsons of Ahmet are resident in churches
if Respectful Osman and His Son Orphan are resident in monastry

then we shall have less electromagnetics radioactivity
and less white flavour sugar

then we shall have education at university
with virtues, literature, signs and wisdom

a son cannot make a civilization where his father cursed
a son can make a civilization where his father seeded for course of education

it was just a ring stolen that made course "curse"
and just a ring granted that made "curse" course.

it is just French-educated scholars and lawyers that are against turban
this is not related with Phoneicians, is it?

till we have established the worths on words,
we shall have corporal verbalizations too to communicate and comprehend

and it shall be with education that they shall not be for seperation
but for fluency of speech and freedom

Wife of President Sarkozy, Bruni is a name of a scholar
at astronomy maths and linguistics, turban is in Snails and snails are for logarithm in astronomy.

so it is linguistics, virtues and astronomy

heads and ears of lawyers astronomers doctors and scholars were covered,
later substituted with artificial hair.

and this is no different from what are applied today
ah when i named President Sarkozy, my words changed.

there are electromagnetic radioactive ideas and verbalizations too
it is a matter of magnetics and peace, and at every university there is a schedule

numerous lectures have been canceled because of vital and fatal reasons
and we have to speed up, maybe with speed-train to Eskisehir, of Spain.

who were in Enquisition for Galileo,
is "Galileo" for Celtic Lion or Woman and Lion?

Levent Alkan :

common wealth : come home Elder of Family, we are getting exalted.

Levent Alkan :

is this Keira Knightley's Golden Man Atonement?
thanks for two-messages option and opportunity.

it is Milky Knight LAdy's Atonement, similar to PAper of Father Mother.

BobL-VA :


So, is there any truth to the rumor this site is going to change it's name? I'm anxiously awaiting what I can only assume the new name will be. My best guess is it will be, "POSTGLOBAL & THE HEAVILY MEDICATED." 5 gold stars to PG for being able to filter out very disturbed posts.

BobL-VA :

Words that should be in the OED.

Hillinate: An attempt to make people believe your character is superior to a person you are currently married to.

Obamanate: The selling of change for the sake of change with little to no factual basis for change or probable outcome.

Edwardanate: A message designed to make working class people believe you are one of them when you clearly are not.

Rudyinate: Stating over an over again you are a hero and no one believes it.

McCaininate: Once past your prime the attempt to influence people into believing senility has no bearing on competence.

Huckinate: The use of comedy to avoid political discussions.

Romneyinate: Spending huge sums of money to put out a message very few people care about and then whine about it.

Thompsoninate: Trying to convince people when you do nothing and have done nothing you should be rewarded for it.

hayati doymus (LA) :

if LAdy Diana was granddaughter of Churchill
if Churchill was a member of Common Wealth that sponsored Crusaders to Jerusalem

if World Trade Center Twin Towers were of Common Wealth
who did attack to World Trade Center in New York then at Yom Kippur dates that are in the Orbit of Messenger by Mercury of mind and tradesman?

and why was LAdy Diana in relation with Egypt whose was was a man in Society of Finland? where is Prince Charles? who is John of Ephesus then?

Levent Alkan :

if LAdy Diana was granddaughter of Churchill
if Churchill was a member of Common Wealth that sponsored Crusaders to Jerusalem

if World Trade Center Twin Towers were of Common Wealth
who did attack to World Trade Center in New York then at Yom Kippur dates that are in the Orbit of Messenger by Mercury of mind and tradesman?

Levent Alkan :

with this ear and eye that i have today
i may say with "ma" is for Mother "mutter" and "ba" is for Father "vater"

Barak Obama is "varak of bama" that is PAper from Father Mother
also PAper from Blind, also Hound of FAther Mother.

BAraka is House BArn, House of FAther Mother, Child of NAzareth.
if Queen Elizabeth greeted with Jesus of NAzareth

where is Bethlehem Jerusalem? and Who is Jesus of Jerusalem?
if Ramses of Egypt made war against NAzareth like lions, who is Leonardo da Vinci then?

is this Exodus of Moses to Jerusalem?
is Jesus of Jerusalem Moses? if this is Moses, why is he named as Jesus?

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was a Coptic Christian also.
what was the crusaders to Jerusalem for then?

why did orthodox not forgive catholics on the way to Jerusalem crusaders?
letter by letter,

Levent Alkan :

how Barack Obama can be a Christian
is what i have read in the newspapers

His Father is known after Ahmet, from Kenya
Kenya is near Ethopia of NAzareth of Adis Ababa

is this why Jewsus is black?

the verbal invitation to prayer was after a dream
of an Ethopian who was a friend of Ahmet.

teacher of Ahmet, son of uncle of His wife,
was a christian too.

TOYTOAPECHTHXWPA – "May this please the people"

fudd :

Hypocracy: A government that ignores all previous promises as soon as it takes office. Synonym for a government dominated by the Republican party.

Idiocracy: Also a synonym for a government dominated by the Republican party.

Vic van Meter :

Arguementastisis (noun): A condition whereby the reality of a situation is filtered through various sources and supplied with a detractive counterpoint, never constructive, before allowing an otherwise reasonable person to decide on an issue for himself or herself. Often used by political agencies to denigrate their citizens' intelligence.

E.G. America and Iran were going to resolve their naval disputes in a civil manner, but the situation suffered from arguementastisis.

E.G. The arguementastisis of global warming has increased debate on an issue of which there is no credible scientific debate.

E.G. The issue of Middle East arguementastisized, leading to the mental retardation of all involved individuals.

E.G. Other nations of the world cannot offer better ideas for global problems than the United States due to the onset of arguementastisis, leading them to blame them for the world's problems without providing a more viable solution.

E.G. America's arguementastisis makes it unable to solve its Iraq war position because its citizens cannot receive unbiased information.

E.G. I was going to tell you about illegal immigration, but I watched too much CNN and caught arguementastisis.

find a definition to this new word :


Mike :

Once again, PostGlobal earns its reputation as one of the premier sources of anti-American propoganda.

We get four responses to the question and three of them are anti-American screeds. This is actually an improvement, as most of the time, every response is an ant-American screed.

You see, the pundits used by PostGlobal are strident haters of America. That's why we get the same echo chamber of undifferentiated America-hating.

"Why do they hate us?" Because, all "they" and "we" hear are the same tired and predictable voices, as tired and predictable as a Sean Hannity, Keith Olbermann or Rush Limbaugh.

David and Fareed: Why do you limit commentary to a single point of view?

JRLR Top Commenter:

Here, in Outsourcistan, is to be found a common condition known as Petrophilia, i.e. the primary or exclusive attraction by a person, from early prepubescent youth, to a type of substance known as fuel (see gasoline). A person with this attraction is called a petrophile.

Petrophilia can be responsible for clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning. In such cases, according to standard medical diagnosis manuals, petrophilia may be accompanied by a family of symptoms, such as persistent, intense fantasies, aberrant urges, or behaviours involving arousal to nonhuman objects, more particularly inflammable liquids (see petromania).

The term petrophile is also used colloquially to denote those who indulge in, and are accused or convicted of, gas abuse (see petroffenders).

The cause or causes of petrophilia is/are not well understood. It is unclear whether it stems from genetics or learned behaviour. Behavioural learning models suggest, however, that a child who is the observer of inappropriate behaviours on the part of petrophiles learns to imitate and is later reinforced for the behaviour (see petrabuser).

Although there are no known therapies for treating petrophilia, many therapies are available for treating the behaviour of offending petrophiles. Such therapies do not affect a person's attraction to petrol, but some are very effective at preventing re-offending behaviour.

Of late, a growing number of petrophiles have been known to indulge in global warminizing. Global warminizers, generally men, can be seen engaging in short amorous affairs with a cause they cannot or will not espouse.

RELATED TERMS: Petrofied, Petrorasty, Petrolita syndrome, Petrophiliac.


Age disparity and age of consent in petrophilia
Petrophilia in television
Petrophilia in films
Petrorastic filmography
The Journal of Petrophilia


Abdalah SS, Blockade FT: The role of fantasy in the treatment petrophilia. Arch Gen Petrophilia 21:785-791, 1971

Pagan A. ZJ. et al. (2006). "Petrophilia" (requires registration). Journal of the American Petrophiles’ Association. 468, 4197-4210.

Pavlov, Anton. (2002). Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children From Petrophilia. Cambridge: OIL Press. Discusses the perception and reality of petrophilia. ISBN 0-9433-2046-5.

Scrotum, Heinz, A Moral Philosophy for the Petrophile, Free at Last, 2007.

Vice, B.I.G.. (1999): The Petrophile They Called a Monster. Moose Jaw: Pink Floyd, Canada. ISBN 0-6238-1144-7. (Book about a court reporter who had petrophile relationships with 2500 stations; includes interviews with the owners who reflect on these relationships.)


Explaining Petrophilia – from a medical point of view

Diagnostic criteria for Petrophilia in DMS-XV

"In search of an etiological model of petrophilia," Mein Kempf

Treatment to Reduce Petrophiliac Interests

Treatment to Decrease Attitudes and Beliefs Supportive of Petrophiliac Behavior

"Is petrophilia a mental disorder?" - Discussion in Archives of Substance Abuse Behavior

Guilt in Petrabusers

How Petrophiles Become Global Warminizers

Petrophilia is not a crime - An opinion piece by I. M. Al Forett, editor of Petrophilia Unlimited

MIHE: Beyond the Blackhole Affair -- The reality of protected petrophilia and petrorastic networks

MikeB :

"racism" - What, at long last, we see under the cover of the paternalistic Democratic leadership once they are genuinely challenged by the poor minorities they have so long claimed to represent.

"Uncle Toms" - The deluded fools receiving street money from people like the Clinton's. These are no different than the "bucks" used by slave owners to hunt down runaway slaves; swine that will do anything for the illusion of being close to the center of power.

"revolt" - What the Democratic Party is about to experience when they discover that minorities see the leaders for the white honky's that they are.

Keith :

My word: "politicrack"

When one gets so involved and obsessed with a political figure / cause that it consumes their life.

PenKuhn :

Televisocracy. This was coined by Lech Walesa, ex-president of Poland. I heard it a few years ago (as 'Telewizjokracja') when he gave a speech at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, Missouri. Walesa said, in Polish, that in the West we don't have democracy any more, but televisocracy. I didn't notice how the translator translated his actual words, because I tried to ignore her. Walesa speaks very plain Polish and she tried to make him sound (at that point in time) her idea of 'statesmanlike' -- mealy-mouthed and greasy.

elizabeth6 :

meddlamia ------consistent interference in the affairs of others

Zoltan :


This is our current political system in most "western" countries. Very different from "democracy", although sometimes referred to as "representative democracy" or "parliamentary democracy".

"democracy" comes from the Greek, demos=people and kartos=power. Today, the power goes to those elected, and who then do what they can to continue being elected. See the revolting European Constitution, now called Lisbon Treaty, that was rejected by referendum by the French and Hollandaise people, and that is now passing through - guess what - the elected parliament to avoid the power of the people (demos-kratos).


Mohamed Khodr M.D. :

My suggestion would be: "superficilization", a term that describes the new western motto of "I don't think, therefore I'm civilized". Anyone who studies the west's domestic or foreign policy finds that both the politicians and masses are mentally interned by a media driven "thoughtlite" (another word) "toys r us" domestic passion and a foreign policy of "bombs r us". Is there any intellect left in the west?

crispin sartwell :


Tom ODonnell :

There are "group nouns" for many things--a "flock" of birds, a "pride" of lions, a "gaggle" of geese.

Don't lawyers deserve a "group noun"?

I suggest a "menace" of lawyers.

Doubtless works in Australia!

Michael Eure :

My favorite word for the New Year is "solastalga" coined by an Australian to mean "homesickness without moving". The drastic change in Australias environment is making some Aussies very sad he says.
The worst drought on record, the dying of coral reefs, and the rationing of water, is all a part of this condition. Sad news indeed but I believe the whole world will come in contact with this condition soon.

Doug Terry at :

Ubiquterian: noun

This is a person who always seems to show up in public places or other gatherings, no matter where you go. A ubiquterian is also a person whom you would rather not see, but always seem to run into. This person is almost always pleased to stop and share idle chat or ask what you've been doing since last you spoke, two days ago. The ubiquterian seldom stays at home and prefers any type of party or public gathering to being alone. He or she usually has a lot of time on their hands because he or she does not work at a regular, scheduled job. Other eras have had their own versions of the ubiquterian: see, bad penny.

jhbyer :


Patrick :

PNACofascism: Islamofascism's alter ego.

fudd :

Huckabilly: A Huckabee supporter

felix random :

nanocryptic, the way to describe chenney's world view or the contents of your bank account. also can be used to describe the extra fine print in credit card statements and cell phone contracts.

William Jorgensen :

Petrophobia: noun. a morbid fear of increasing fuel prices, usually recognised when individuals avoid paying attention to fuel prices by averting their eyes when pumping gas.
Iraqify: verb. describing a country, person or object that has been nearly obliterated before being sliced and diced; as in "Honey, could you iraqify that beef for the bbq, I think Stan has some trouble chewing steak."

Dan K. :

Best by far is "Victimocrite" coined by Stephen Colbert. As in Sen. Larry Craig, Sen. Vitter, any number of "Bushie" administration officials, etc.

Brian Folkins-Amador :

ANNOYSEATING (pronounced annoy-zee-ating): so annoying it makes you sick. Think of Barry Manilow singing R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Pisrael :

Pisrael: The combined state of Palestine and Israel formed as a natural outcome of the one-state solution.

Fred Evil :

Don't forget 'Bushy' alternate spelling 'Bushie'

It stands for those who have an unreasonable expectation of being allowed to do however they so please, be it legal or illegal, be it moral or immoral.

Alternate definition - Someone with a wholly unhealthy respect for George W. Bush. Someone who thinks Bush is infallible, incapable of lying and incapable of doing wrong. Someone obeisant or sycophantic to George W Bush. Someone who disregards facts and common sense in their rush to defend George W. Bush from his own words or actions.

Marjorie Streeter :

Econophobia. Given the alarming reports about the state of US economy, this pretty much explains itself.

John Carl Leone :

Chavez não vive no passado. Chavez vive em um país pobre e em seus trajes são exibidos os trajes de seu povo.

Andrew Einspanier :

Bushantasy - Name of Bush's soon to be erected Presidential Library

Andre Pachter, USA :

Biodevastation and deforestation diesel....

Biodevastation refers to biofueled food inflation and world hunger.

Deforestation diesel to biodiesel made from palm oil.

Agrofuel is another good word, already advocated by environmentalists opposed to the menace masked in green.
Agrofuel drives home the point that cropland is being allocated to grow fuel instead of food.

-Andre Pachter, Editor
China Confidential

Andre Pachter :

Biodevastation and deforestation diesel....

Biodevastation refers to biofueled food inflation and world hunger.

Deforestation diesel to biodiesel made from palm oil.

Agrofuel is another good word, already advocated by environmentalists opposed to the menace masked in green.
Agrofuel drives home the point that cropland is being allocated to grow fuel instead of food.

-Andre Pachter, Editor
China Confidential

Susenjit Guha :


Hope and Barack Obama has become synonymous.

All the talk of hope and change by other Presidential hopefuls, have been co-opted from Obama.

It is not only that an Afro-American is for the first time being considered electable, but a certain knee jerk reaction of sweeping change is being noticed in the US.

Whether it is just a knee jerk fad among young voters and recent immigrants, time will tell.

But it is sure that most Americans are hoping for a paradigm shift------which is hoping for real change------in the way they are perceived by the rest of the world.

And they are tired of listening to old tunes played with different instruments. They want to listen to lyrics and music which is fresh and raw.

And the rest of the world does too.


this is an interesting site about words
(including chindia)

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